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Description & Product Info | Light Order | Light Chaos | Dark Order | Dark Chaos | Artwork | Screenshots | Concept Art


Light Chaos yearns to charge headlong into the fray! Their explosive fireballs can be devastating. In Lava tiles, they are nearly invincible, as the intense heat will wither all enemies.


Light Chaos God
Once ascended to the throne of Gaia, the Light Chaos god is unmatched in his intensity. He can incinerate enemies with an immense fury woven into the firestorms he throws their way.

Light Chaos Demigod
The Light Chaos Demigod bestows heat and light to the world. In battle he is a fierce opponent. Although the creatures of his domain follow him loyally and will take his direction, he chooses not to forcefully rule over them; for their nature is like his: wild and untamed.

Fire Elemental
The Fire Elemental can singe its enemies with its Fire Blast attack, and using such erratic moves makes it a dangerous and unpredictable foe.

Light Chaos Juggernaught
The Light Chaos Adept is always charged for battle. This Champion rides atop his Juggernaut ready to fight for its creator, whether it be in the World Map using spells or in the Arena simply smashing through his foes.

Light Chaos Dragon
The Blaze Dragon is a Champion for the Light Chaos realm. Like the Frost Dragon, it can fly far, has an impressive breath weapon and dive attack, among other melee magic.s it possesses.

Light Chaos Giant
The Fire Giant is a fearsome and mighty Champion of Light Chaos. It can inflict serious damage in battle with both magic and melee attacks; and its ample health gives it incredible durability.

Light Chaos Genie
The fiery Light Chaos Genie is a cunning Warrior, and like all Genies, it can hover and avoid certain ground obstacles in the arena. Although it is not suited to withstand heavy attacks by enemy Champions, its telekinetic abilities allow it to throw objects, and it can "blink" to avoid being attacked.

Light Chaos Giantess
As a Warrior in the Light Chaos realm, the Giantess is intense in her hunger for battle. She is also able to heal herself in combat and can stun her enemies, allowing her to deliver sharp blows.

Light Chaos Centaur
This Sentinel for Light Chaos, the Centaur, is also proud but passionate in its loyalty to its realm. It can lay traps in combat and hurl magic attacks or use its ram attack to inflict a good deal of damage.

Light Chaos Unicorn
Light Chaos Unicorns are also faithful Sentinels able to cross gaps in the World Map. These creatures also have a powerful magic blast and long-range magic attacks they shoot from their horns. Wild yet honorable, they serve their Master willingly.

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