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The Definitive IMAX Cut Scenes List

Posted By Joshua on October 31, 2002

John Doe once again after his original report comes through for TFN regulars. He had the opportunity to sit in a theater last night for the final technical run-down screening that needed to take place and in massive spoiler fashion, here is what we came up with as the definitive cut list for AOTC:TIE, starting from the beginning of the movie:

* The first scene with Amidala, Organa, Yoda et al in Palpy's office is gone.

* The portion where Jar Jar greets Obi and Anakin at the elevator up through the "awkward reintroduction" of Anakin to Padme was removed. The scene starts with Obi/Ani talking about how they're going to find the person responsible, etc.

* After Anakin makes kouhoun sushi and Obi leaps out the window, the end of the scene where Dorme' asks Padme if she's alright was trimmed off.

* A minor trim: the part where the assasin droid (to which Obi-Wan is clinging) tries to scrape Obi against the building was removed.

* The rest of the Coruscant chase remains intact, and WOW - it is simply breathtaking (if not a little dizzying on an 8-story screen)! This is a scene almost tailor-made for IMAX.

* In Padme's quarters, a minor trim of Anakin playing with the floating ball and (I think) the part where he says he's ready for the trials.

* The discussion between Obi-Wan, Mace and the floaty Yoda was removed.

* On the train, the tearful goodbye of Dorme was trimmed out of the rest of the scene (since I am a HUGE Dorme fan, I wasn't so happy about this). :)

* The library scene was completely removed.

* The very end of the arrival on Naboo (where they are walking down the long curved columned pathway was trimmed, as was the entire meeting with Queen Jamilla.

* When Anakin and Padme arrive at the Naboo Spa and Resort Island, there are quite a few minor trims - the part about "here, everything is soft and smooth" to the hand touch and back rub was clipped out.

* As far as the rest of the Naboo scenes go, the only ones that were left in were the dinner table scene (with some beautifully crafted digital pans to account for the reduced aspect ratios - it was 100% smooth and natural. At least we *think* that's what they did!) and a much abbreviated but significantly smoother fireplace scene. The "I'm haunted by the kiss you never should have given me" is one of the exorcised lines. No "sound of music", no picnic and no Shaak-riding.

* On Kamino, the portion of the scene where he heads back out to his ship to have R4 send a message back to Coruscant was trimmed out.

* Boba's firing of the Slave I cannons was trimmed out of the fight, but we didn't realize it after the scene was over!

* The Anakin "a sheet, a dream, a moan" - scene is gone. It goes straight to Anakin in his meditative "Vader-esque" pose on the balcony.

* On Tatooine, 3POs introduction of Anakin/Padme to Owen/Beru was cut (taking with it Beru's one and only line - sorry, Beru fans!)

* In the Confession scene, the beginning part in which Anakin comments about "the shifter broke. Life seems so much simpler when you're fixing things," was cut. NOTE: The ending of the Confession scene is the original ending (ie. without Padme's "...is to be human" line).

* Dooku's entrance into Obi-Wan's floating cell was trimmed off, as was the end portion about "it might be difficult to secure your release".

* The scene in Palpy's ofc where he manipulates Jar Jar to consider making the "emergency powers" motion in the Senate was removed completely.

* Yoda and Mace's conversation where Mace states that their abilities to use the Force are diminished was cut out.

* On Geonosis, there is portion of the scene after Ani/Padme exit the ship, and R2 wants to do the same. The part where C3PO and R2 argue, and 3PO says that he knows all about humans was trimmed off.

* The factory scene was shortened by numerous quick cuts and edits. A couple of the cuts we caught were the shots where C3PO hanging by his fingertips and the 1st "teaser" of molten metal where you see the cannister iris open and drop a load, only to find out that it wasn't Padme's container.

* The final battle, as far as we could tell, is completely intact and completely freakin' amazing now that you can actually see the battle going on in the background!

* A note: not a cut, but a switch: after Padme falls out of the transport and the trooper arrives to help her, it is the version where she grunts and just says "Uh-huh," when he asks her if she's alright.

Look for full reviews and staff reaction soon!

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