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Episode II - Hidden Images and Cameos

Written by Joshua Griffin

Many of you have already asked for us to post a definitive list of cameos and hidden images in Episode II. Well, here it is, soon to be complete with screenshots where available and directions to help you find the subliminal images, cameos and hidden objects tucked away within the recesses of the soon-to-be-released Episode II.

So here's the first draft, and feel free to any more we may have overlooked and screenshots to share with everyone:

SW2: Cameos and Hidden Images

Fan Film Director Justin Dix
A source today told TFN that not only is Justin Dix operating R2-D2 in Episode II, he's also landed a small part in the movie. Know the name? It's because he was part of the force behind the TFN Fan Film Bounty Trail. Justin Dix has also landed himself an unmasked extra's part so it will be interesting to see the charismatic young man onscreen in a couple of years. He's pretty tight-lipped about it all at the moment so you'll all have to wait until the film's release to find out more, sorry. Congratulations, Justin on your skills and abilities being put to such good use with the new film. I honestly had no idea that a fan-film could lead to working on the real deal. Hmmm, so what skills could I (Josh) show Lucafilm to get a small role in Episode II, too? Any need for a slightly overweight, blonde Jedi? It was worth a shot, right? Man, this must be a dream come true.

Anthony Daniels and Ahmed Best without Masks
This cameo was first mentioned in May and confirmed later by the Official Site. Timelord said this:

On the second day we filmed the nightclub scenes. As I said some time ago there will be quite a few cameos in this scene if you look closely. I didn't specifically say before, but I know that we'll be able to see both Anthony Daniels and Ahmed Best unmasked and as pilots. I vaguely remember that that was what they were supposed to be, but their attire wouldn't suggest a pilot. They were both well dressed in a green/grey type colored uniform which made them both look very respectable.

I said to George Lucas that after five films, I finally wanted to show my face in this movie," Daniels said. "So I'm also playing a character called Lieutenant Faytonni. I get to wear a nice costume but I can't say anything more about him. You will have to wait until the film comes out."

ILMer Rob Coleman
Long time spoiler fans might recall that Coleman has a small cameo in the movie as Senator Darsana.

Lucas Kids in SW2
Lucas' son Jett and his daughter Katie both have cameos in Episode II. Jett plays a Jedi-in-training and Katie is the dancer you might have seen in an On-Location with Ahmed Best. Check for screenshots here.

N'Sync Two Scene Wonder
Lucasfilm confirmed it. This is the one most are afraid of for sure.

Many are thinking that all of the N'Syncers are in the movie. Not true, so that may help lessen the pain. In fact, Justin is not in it. Surprised? There are only three of the five in the movie. A spy told us it is only Lance, Joey, and Chris. Don't as me why they know these names off the top of their head, they were embarrassed. That aside, know that they are Jedi in one scene and there was a brief second scene shot where they are in Naboo citizen garb.

You can definitely see them we are told.

Waitress named Flo
Scruff noticed something that gave us a chuckle. There is one picture that appears to be in a diner. The "waitress droid" has a nameplate on it's chassis with three Aurebesh letters: FLO. Can a waitress droid say "kiss my grits?" ;)

Avoiding Deer on Corusant
gerbilwaxer found this one first:

Check out the back of the cockpit behind Obi-Wan's head. There is a deer-whistle attached to his speeder! If you don't know, these are commonly put on bumpers of cars to warn deer to get out of the way. Are there flying deer on Coruscant? I got a laugh out of that.

Check out an image of it here!

Sebulba Shows Up
Beginning of Coruscant chase scene (aproximately 14 minutes) - Obi-Wan appears to get in the way of a flying (late) Ratts Tyrell and a Dug that resembled Sebulba. The Dug says "Jedi poodoo" sounding much like Sebulba at the end of the pod race. (he-guy)

Vader Shadow
Is it just me or was the first teaser poster for Episode 1 in Attack of the Clones? Remember little Ani's shadow forming the Darth Vader silhouette? Well, in Clones, when Anakin leaves Padme on Tatooine to find his mother, you see his shadow on the wall, and later his and Padme's shadow too. Ok, the form is not that of Vader of course, but it really reminded me of the poster. (JD)

Liam Name Cameo
The student at the Jedi Academy that Yoda tells to dim the windows is named Liam. Not much but hey.... (PhantomDave)

Tyrell is back?
Watched the movie yesterday while working out of town in Memphis. Anyway, I noticed tiny segments here and there throughout the movie of beings the same species as Rats Tyrell, the podracer who dies in Episode I. Not sure if they're truly related, but I enjoyed the thought of there being a smaller storyline in Episode I. Hopefully they continued it into Episode II. It would be nice to think that beyond the Skywalkers, Solos, Lars, Hutts, and Fetts, that other families in the galaxy far, far away have a place in Star Wars history... (TitoBob)

Quick Change
Not really a hidden image, but worthy of mention. During the struggle between Zam and Anakin, Zam glares up Anakin, who is just about to activate his lightsabre. When Zam does this, her face becomes a wicked reptilian creature, which explains why Anakin things she is a changer. (Toren Depor)

The Wilhelm scream
By now everyone who has seen Star Wars or Indiana Jones can recognize Ben Burtt's sound signature "UUAAAAAAHH!!" also known as the Wilhelm. This scream has appeared in more than 50 movies since it was first recorded in the early 50's. During the initial assignation attempt explosions, one of the guards screams the Wilhelm. (Toren Depor)

Luke's Landspeeder
If I'm not mistaken Luke's landspeeder is present in the back of the garage, although it is missing the windshield and possibly the left engine. It looks much worse than it does in Episode IV. I guess Luke fixes it up. (Toren)

Blue Milk Bonanza
When Padme brings some things for Anakin during the "I killed them" scene in the Lars garage, she is carrying blue milk, which is what Luke and the Lars drink during the dinner scene in Episode IV. (Toren)

Nick Gillard is a Jedi
When watching AOTC again I noticed that the arena battle with all of the Jedi, Nick Gillard is one of the Jedi. He's clearly seen behind Mace Windu or Jango Fett during there fight and he's taking out tons of Jedi by himself. Just thought it was cool to point out. I think the exact location is behind Mace when he splits away from Obi-Wan. for those that don't recognize the name, he is the fight choreographer of the film.

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