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If they can't handle the traffic on the trial why would I want to pay for the service. (by bcmadding)

Nah - I'm way too much of an Internet guru to submit to such a thing now. I'm sure if I really need to see it, I can find it elsewhere. And I don't need Episode III spoilers. :p (by Destiny)

No certainly not. This wealth of Lucasfilm (the site) should be SHARED with the fans. Are millions upon millions of dollars in profit not enough for this company? (by Two Wolves)

I will not be subscribing. I see no reason to pay for what is essentially a movie advertisement. (by Tm Covington)

Reluctantly, yes I will try....but I have no credit card so I don't know IF you can!!! If George Lucas every complains about paying his bills ... just remind him that WE pay ALL HIS BILLS, AND OURS!!! (by Darth Vengeant)

I will be subscribing. I figure it is about the same cost per year as a magazine subscription and it will provide some interesting news. (by Ken)

No, I won't be subscribing because I can't afford it. (by SithapprenticeDJ)

I probably won't be subscribing. By the time I go through the exchange rate (it's around the $50 mark) it's getting too expensive just to access some material on a website. I'll just wait till it comes out on the DVD Extras... (by Mark Thomson)

No, cuz you'll be able to download the stuff from other places. (by chris)

I will not pay for something that should be free to all Official Fan Club members. (by Jar Fett)


I did subscribe. It's only 20 bucks a year, and the extras are worth it. My guess is that most of the nay-sayers who are griping the loudest have already signed up as well. (by Shane)

Yes, I'll be subscribing. Mainly because I'm lucky enough to be able to afford it. I realize that they (Lucasfilm) are a business and that their primary concern is making money. It's unfortunate to see everyone crying and making such a big deal over this. This is how the world works - nothing's free. (by Raoul Duke)

As much as I love Star Wars (a self-professed die-hard fan), I will not be paying to access information that will be coming out later. More than likely, the spiffy deleted scene will finally appear on DVD when Lucas fails to listen to his fans (again!) and releases (only!) the "ultimate editions" of his saga. (by Michael)

If this is successful soon EVERY other movie site will want us to pay for content (And since most of them don't have the enormous amount of material Star Wars does), why encourage the studios with this money making excuse. (by TheVerb)

No way am I gonna pay. If I thought the money was going to pay for a new writer and director, I'd pay twice that though. (by Chris)

I will wait to see if the coverage on EP III is better than that on AotC. If it is, then it may be worth my money. I will not pay for the same small 'teasepoons' that we were given on EP II. (by Raggo)

No, I won't be subscribing. The Control Ship deleted scene should have been on the DVD to begin with. The fact that it wasn't and they're putting it on Hyperspace proves that making us pay isn't just to cover their costs. Lucasfilm has more than enough money to pay for a webcam and other odds and ends without charging us for it. (by Anyonymous)

Unless the performance improves significantly within the next few days, I will not subscribe. It appears that they were not ready for the launch and should have expected the load. What will happen the first time they, say, post Teaser A for EpIII? If I pay, I want guaranteed access and speed. Sorry guys. (by Darth Scorpio)

I think I throw enough of my money away for this cause already. I don't need to spend more on updates that I was already promised thru the Star Wars Insider. (by Johnny Sparks)

No I will not subscribe, because I am a fan that goes to see the star wars movies 30 times when they come out, and I think that is enough money for me to have to pay. Lucas makes a killing at the theaters when the movies come out. Why does he want to have to charge all of us star wars fans like that? (by Tony Hawkins Jr.)


I am thinking of subscribing but I was hoping that there would be some sort of free preview so we know what we will be paying for. Now that they want my card number before I can see anything I am rethinking even considering joining. It will likely turn out to be no for me. (by Alpha Zenith)

Oh boy ! I can get live streaming of Padme brushing her teeth! There is no way I am going to pay for this. I spend enough on SW. It's so obvious anymore that it is not about the story - it's about how much money he can milk from the fans. At some point you have to say "enough is enough - stop taking advantage!" (by Darth Brak)

Hyperspace is going to be a good service. People want the spoilers, so why not pay $20 to get them. We all have spent $20 on far less worthy things, I'm sure. We love Star Wars, so let's fork over the cash and get some great, exclusive content. It's not any different than paying for a magazine subscription, except it's online and not in print. I'm not a Lucasfilm salesman, so I'm not trying to convince you. But you will be missing out if you don't get Hyperspace. :) (by Yancy)

There is no way I'm going to pay for the membership to The Insider and the Web. I hope many fans say no to this and Lucas will open it up to all fans. Rich or poor! He is discriminating against those Fans without a credit card who love Star Wars. (by George)

I won't. Number 1 reason - $$$. I'm already going to shell out $8+ a few times to see Ep III in theaters, plus $25+ for the DVD, and later $50+ for the Original Trilogy DVD set. Lucas is already a billionaire, why does he need more? Besides, the Deleted Scene - the Number 1 reason to subscribe - is unfinished, and the rest will be probably leak on the net elsewhere, if not eventually from Lucasfilm itself. And that's if I want Spoilers. Three strikes, hyperspace is out. (by Old_benny)

I won't be subscribing because it appears that the service is not compatible with the Apple Safari web browser. If Lucas won't support the fans who made helped make his movie trailer the largest download in history then I won't be able to support his new web service. (by Brian)

Why would I PAY for old Bantha Tracks material? Doesn't that seem stupid? From what I saw it seems like $ for nothing: I won't be bothering. (by Joe)

"Dangerous and disturbing this puzzle is", "Do or do not, there is no try", "Do not underestimate the power's of the Emperor (Lucas)", "Use your feelings you must", "If (Lucas) escapes, more (people) will rally to his cause", "This site, a long time have I watched". (by GeneralAussieOneKenobi)

I will subscribe to it because I believe it means participating even closer in the 'last big thing' that is out there for us StarWars-maniacs: Feverishly waiting for EpIII like the little boy I always become when thinking of StarWars. :*) (by Glubba the Hutt)

Well, I'm trying to, but it looks like the folks at Lucasfilm royally dropped the ball! I just tried signing up. However, the option I plan to use - the $40 Insider/Hyperspace package - isn't available. When I called the customer support number, I was told the page was still being worked on and that I should try again in a few hours. Huh? They announced this something like a month ago, and it's not ready? What gives? (by Rob)


This is a ripoff. Most of the interesting stuff will be on the web very soon after. Many people believe all that Lucas care about is making money, this will not help him quiet this reputation of his. (by Zykalus)

NO! NO! NO! I will not pay for news, most of which was free to began with. (by Lordoftheringsconvert)

I see this as a crossroads for the internet. If something like Star Wars has to justify charging its viewers for content, then what about news websites? Not just movie news, but real news? ESPN? Aint-it-cool-news? If this catches on, it could spell the beginning of a darktime for the Internet. Counter argument is that the internet is just another free market. If few people pay for it, then it will be deemed unprofitable and could return to free service. I have a bad feeling about this. (by Anakin_Solo73)

Maybe if I didn't have to buy every 2003 Action Figure on eBay, I might've had $20 extra to subscribe. (by Affejungen)

At first I thought it was absurd, but more and more sites are making users pay. CNN.com has a pay service, too, and I don't hear ANYone complaining about that! I won't be subscribing, however. There are plenty of SW books and sites to keep me satisfied. Lucas makes his money though, boy! (by Justin)

A big no. The only reason to go to that site is to cure boredom and take a trip down memory lane from time to time. If it were 5 dollars a year, they would make more money and lose less fans. I'm sick of rich people rattling off 20 dollars as if everyone can afford it. To the creators of the page it seems affordable because they're filthy richs, embedded in a rich society in CA. 20 dollars is gold to most of us now. (by Jesse Hopkins)

No, I won't subscribe. I've spent literally thousands of dollars on Star Wars merchandise over the past 25 years, and this feels like a slap in the face to me, and Star Wars fans everywhere. I've given enough money to the Lucas Empire. Now I'm expected to pay for what used to - and should - be free. No way. (by Ryan)

I just signed up. Sure, I don't like the idea of paying for content that ought to be free, but everyone who'd be reading this message wants this stuff (and you know you do). Besides, what's another $20 on top of the already hundreds I've put into this franchise over the course of my life? (by ClarkKent)

Pay for exclusive content? This is such a bad idea that I find it hard to believe Mr. Lucas would allow it to happen. (by Edward Bain)

No freaking way. For one, the deleted scene isn't out until after preview. Another thing, since they use iBill you have to give them credit card number before you can even try the trial! (by William)


Yes, I did subscribe. I fully support the only SW site I know where the people running it aren't embarrassed of their own fanship. (by Go-Mer-Tonic)

This is a travesty. Have we all not spent enough already to deserve a quality, no-pay site? I guarantee the regular, non-subscription site will become worse and worse with pop-ups and content limits (as it has up to this point) in order to convince people to pay. Enough is enough! I will not subscribe. (by David A)

I took a second look at this whole thing, and I will be saying no and wait to see if all the goodies keep coming in. (by Zenith)

I don't wanna sign up but man through star wars into it and it gets so tempting. As a Jedi should I will try to widthstand the temptations of the DARK SIDE (by Cregg)

Unless I don't have to pay for it, I will not subscribe to Hyperspace. Why, exactly, do I have to pay for content I got free for the last two episodes? Lucasfilm seems to be having no problems raking in the dough, so unless George needs some pocket money for plaid, I won't be paying for my Episode III trailers, thank you. (by Darth Meatloaf)

It's an odd comparison, but I've been paying 10 bucks a month at DavidLynch.com for 2 years; I've been able to chat with the director a few times, but Hyperspace is a relative bargain. I'm kinda surprise it took Lucasfilm this long to figure out a way to prevent fansites from getting copyrighted. (by RW)

I can't help but feel like they are making a last ditch effort to suck as much money out of the fans as possible over the next 3 years considering EP3 will be the last StarWars movie to be made. But, I may join just to see the on-set stuff. Hope it's worth the price. (by RASTROX)

No...I want the movie to be a total surprise. I avoided all the web content for Ep 1 & 2 and still knew too much. (by fjk1138)

I will never pay for information that should be free anyway. (by Asky)

I love Star Wars too much NOT to subscribe. I enjoy learning about the behind the scenes stuff, so for a little over $1 a month, I'll subscribe and get daily updates. If Lucas was simply just a greedy guy as people are implying than why hasn't he released a simple DVD version of the original Trilogy yet, just to milk us again with a super duper version again after Ep3 is done? (by EJ)

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