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What are the reasons for your decision?


I'm not subscribing because all the info will have leaked, so I'll get all the stuff for free. (by Darth Blade)

No I will always be a Star Wars fan but this....I hope its NOT a trend. (by Harry)

I won't be subscribing, primarily because the content offered isn't very interesting. How many hours a day am I going to sit watching a web-cam? How many times do I need to watch a rough-cut of a fight scene? I don't get the impression that there is anything in "Hyperspace" that isn't already available or will become available via other outlets. It could cost $2.00 to sign up and I would still give it a miss. (by Philip)

No. Because eventually it will be become available to the masses over time. (by W. Hubbard)

I won't. I shouldn't have to pay for their Public Relations, which is what it is. Content destined to sell the movie and make millions in return. (by Sir Gerry)

"Meesa no wanna pay for no starwars.com. Okeyday? Maxi-big ripoff!" (by Gordie Hassenfuss)

I will subscribe after reviewing the Hyperspace site. Lucasfilm owes nobody anything (except, of course, its working employees, who are owed a paycheck.) Fans have to remember this. I'm really disappointed, because I've always tolerated that small group of fans who are "professional whiners and complainers," but this Hyperspace offer has really brought them out in force. There is a group of fans in any genre, SW, LOTR, Matrix, etc., that will complain no matter what is done. Kind of sad. (by ValleyRailz38)

On the one hand, I hate having to pay to see what is essentially a marketing campaign, especially if things will end up on the web anyway, or if the things I am paying for aren't interesting. I've tried to preview the new site, and nothing is working. I will probably wait and see if that improves at all before making a decision. (by Maggie)

Yes. Think it would be cool to see how Ep3 is coming along. And I am interested in the other features as well. (by Eric Silberberger)

Sorry no. While I understand that 20$ isn't much to pay, and we have spent more in that past, but that's exactly the problem. We have. And lots more. It's almost ridiculous that we should have to pay Lucas so that he can promote his film to us! I never had a problem about paying for the merchandise in the past, but everyone has their limits and this is mine. Never the less, I thought the Internet community was about FREE information for ALL, not only for those who have the means to afford it. (by Tarkheki- Jedi Dug)


I will not subscribe to Hyperspace for two reasons. First, I simply do not want to pay the money. Second, I want to remain spoiler-free for EP3. I was nearly spoiler free for all of the other movies, and I want to keep that going for the last one. (by Jeff Jensen)

No Way. My enthusiasm for Star Wars right now doesn't warrant me dishing out the cash when I can either run to the mag store and buy the insider, or find what I want on free sources. sorry George, not going along this time. (by Joe)

No way I'll spend money on information I can get for free, I'm not that desperate to line Lucas' pockets more....and we need the original trilogy on DVD in its original form! (by Alan)

No - I'll get the news elsewhere for free anyway. (by Count Doodoo)

I am definitely subscribing. Already have as a matter of fact. $20 for one year is no big deal. Looks very cool! (by Ekenobi)

Nope, I'm not going to pay for it. As long as I get a chance to access the same information eventually, then I'll be OK. Besides, I'm going spoiler-free for III, so I wouldn't use a bunch of those features anyway! (by Darth Doug)

I think I may wait until I renew my Insider subscription. We'll see. I'll also base it on how long the exclusive stuff remains exclusive, and how much never makes it public. though I think for August of next year when they announce the title, I may have to know that ASAP.... (by obi-shawn)

I think I will subscribe. It's not like the movie studio will get the money. Lucasfilm is an independent (if somewhat successful) company and I don't mind it. Also, there won't be much as far as spoilers (I'd think) and I want Ep III to be as surprising as I can get it without closing myself in a vault for 2 years. I'll take the jump. (by Bill Gauthier)

No, george already has half my money! besides, This might even stop me from seeing too many spoilers. (by Jason)

My parents say they're not going to pay for this, so I can't, anyways. They're not really Star Wars fans. (by Jenna_Kaaltar)


I can't stand the idea of having to pay for being a fan and a supporter. We, the fans are so unique in terms of marketing, because we are the best possible "propaganda" a company or a project can have, because we are actually saving them money; we are the ones, that create "the force of the brand" due to our enthusiasm for StarWars. (by Darth-Judy)

I'm probably going to, though I can't get in there today because it's overlogged. You can combine the subscription to Hyperspace with Star Wars Insider for $40.00 and that's just too good a deal to pass up. (by Ray)

NO WAY!!! I am not going to help Billionaires become Zillionaires!!! (by yoda1537)

Subscribing. Seems like a reasonable price. Besides, after all the free information we got from Episode II, $20 seems like a small price to pay. How many people get daily information about SpiderMan II or Harry Potter III? (by Gary)

You people think you're entitled to everything that you want just because you're fans? That's the most absurd thing that I've ever heard. No one is entitled to these exclusives, not you, not me, no one here, no one at the Official Site. They didn't have to give us this stuff. They didn't have to make these items available for us. But they did. They gave us these privileges, and if you don't want to take the opportunity to view them, that's fine. But don't think you're entitled to anything. (by James T. Skywalker)

No. I'm going spoiler free anyways, but I think it's a slap in the face to the fans. This is the last Star Wars film and I don't think anyone can honestly look at this and see it as anything more than just milking the fans. (by drkfathr1)

No, I won't be getting it. I had considered it briefly, for about .0032 seconds. I already have too much money invested into the Star Wars phenomenon. I have a multi-thousand dollar toy collection, $35K in college loans (I went to college to learn blue screening, prop and set design, robotics) all as a result of the movies. That gave me a closer connection to Star Wars. This little, and I mean LITTLE, tidbit of info is hardly worth it. I'll wait and get it from another fan for free. (by jedi_master_sal)

I won't be subscribing. The hyperspace concept is great- having a free site with this sort of info on it would be invaluable in terms of promotion and winning over disillusioned fans. (by Wigglepuppy)

This stuff isn't important enough for me spend $$ on.. let alone the amount being asked for.. (by jason)

I would like to subscribe, but the site is apparently overloaded. Doesn't speak well of the service, does it? (by Pete)


If it was anymore than $20, I would complain, but I think this is a fun idea. I spend a lot of time at work surfing the net and to have a new source for Star Wars info is always great. A web cam and daily logs on how the new movie is coming sounds great to me. I don't collect toys so giving lucas an extra $20 for the years of enjoyment he has given me isn't a bad deal. (by Paulinnate)

Pay us to see our marketing and advertising plugging E3?.... I don't think so. (by TGstw)

No, just not worth it for the content (by Crimsonfx)

I guess I will be, but only because its Star Wars. I really don't like the idea of paying for something that was once free, but perhaps there will be something available to compensate, like subscriber only merchandise or something. Let's cross our fingers and hope for the best. (by Thomas Carrieri)

I'll pass. The stuff I visit SW.com for will be free after a couple of weeks anyway. Personally, after being a fan since the 70s, I've already spent a TON of money on books, toys, games, etc. And since my kids now follow the films, I'm sure I haven't stopped lining George's pockets. But I think it's the height of arrogance for him (or his people) to see us all as just another revenue source. (by Woody)

I have decided to. I really like the Banth Tracks flashbacks, diary and webcam. Also, it's only $19.95 and get's my wife and kids off the hook for a Father's Day Gift. (by edi-the-jedi)

Diary of episode3 and the webcam on the set of episode3 that's so awesome and lucas. I was never really a true fan of star wars until I saw episode2 with my friend. after that I got posters and figures dvds cans so hell yea I would pay so keep up the good work I can't wait for episode3 in 2005. (by andy thornton)

I don't subscribe to any website where you have to pay for content. I've already paid for the Insider, and the set diaries and the like don't really do much for me. If they are included on a DVD, which most of this probably will be, then that's cool. But paying extra for it when it will be free in a few weeks just seems a little much. Besides, I don't visit the official site much anyway, the content here is much better! (by saberwielder76)

NO! Anyone who believes they will really see anything SPECIAL for Episode 3. Lucas ALWAYS keeps those cards as close to his chest as possible. WEBCAM? Has anyone ever looked at webcam stuff. What crap and again it will really show you only as much as they are willing to let you see. REMEMBER when you send your credit card details -They'll Know Everyone... EVERYONE. (by Monsoontide)

I am not going to pay, I don't see why we have to pay $19.95 to see that stuff anyway. (by SK)


I will not be subscribing. After the movie I want all the details of FX, casting, problems solved, etc. etc. but I want the movie to be a surprise. I want the shock of storm - er, clone troopers on the side of the jedi and the sheer delight of seeing Yoda in action! How we screamed and cheered! Like being a kid again it was great! (by Nick Turner)

I will not be subscribing. Unfortunately, a set diary and a digital webcam -- while attractive -- won't get me breaking open the wallet for the credit card. This seems to follow in LFL's never-ending quest to acquire MO' MONEY, MO' MONEY, MO' MONEY! Everything Star Wars pretty much has a premium on it and there's a point where one has to draw the proverbial line in the sand and just say "no." Besides, the info they put on the site will be available in the "underground" & mainstream of SW site. (by Grand Moff X)

I can't decide when the site's down all the time! (by Graham Hancock)

I will probably subscribe, hey the cost is little- but remember the best stuff comes from the fans working on the picture. Mr lucas will be giving us what he wants us to see, which is usually not much. the best spoilers/inside info come from the fans not $20. (by jimbob)

I am trying to stay spoiler free, so why would I pay to be spoiled? (by Carrie Favela)

Being a 16 years old fan with little money, I think hyperspace is nothing for me. Though maybe I will share a username and password with some friends. (by famo)

Nobody gripes about paying for the SW Insider. Contrary to popular and romantic belief, the internet is not a free service nor will it ever be. (by Foxbatkllr)

Yes, Cause you guys hate it so much! :-P (by Evet Fros)

Paying for an ad? No thanks... I've bought movie tickets, DVDs, action figures, books....but not ads (by LordKev)

Costs as about as much as a deluxe action figure. Sounds like a deal to me. Folks want everything for free--except when they're doing some work, then they'll whine and cry if not paid. I get paid for my work, why shouldn't Lucas? (by Jedikalos)

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