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What would you give George Lucas for Christmas?


A thing that he loves very much but I won't give him until 2006... (you can wait too George!!) (by Marfalump)

A "Jedi Master" hat (by Matthew Durrant)

Big, fuzzy pink bunny slippers...*shrugs* Hey, I want to see how funny he looks in it! (by Anna)

10 new plaid shirts (by Master Nick)

I just would say: 'Thank you for sharing the Universe kept inside your head' (by Boba Fett)

My bills. (by Edwin Bergeron)

The Plans I Stole for The Death Star..Sorry George (by James Hunt)

Love and friendship and a big thanks from modest (by Pete Pappas)

A Tickle Me Elmo, what else? (by Jeff S.)

Good health and happiness and my everlasting thanks for creating something that makes me feel eternally young! (by hucklebrook)


A gut buster. It looks like George has given into the dark... chocolates (by Tbone3000)

Academy Award for Best Picture for Empire Strikes Back (by Kardon Mossk)

My thanks for 25 years of fun (by Ken T)

A big thank you (by allan)

A Deathstar Replica (by Arun)

A very big thank you, and the adress of my SW web site! (by SithClan)

A star trek outfit (by SithLord)

A whole stack of notepads. (seeing that he writes the script with them) (by Amelia)

A gold metal bikini for Nat (by Chewblacka)

A Yoda Mask (by William)


A time machine to go into the future and bring us back the finished Episode II (by Me Kid)

Respect from the media.... (by Josh LaMorey)

A '30's hot rod! (by Chad)

Flannel shirts with his intials on it (by Mishan)

A Khyber Dartboard (by Adrien)

A Thank You letter for all the enjoyment I have had from his movies. (by JeremyGoss)

John 3:16 from the Gospel of John in the Bible (by Abijah)

Duct tape. The Force is like duct tape: it has a light side and a dark side and it binds the universe together. (by Zafra Fyn)

Nintendo Gamecube (by luke O)

A round-trip ticket to Coruscant... (by Angel Blue01)


Milk & Cookies (by rabid cow)

A Christmas card with a thank you note inside. (by Wolfie)

A vacation in the Carribean (by Meg Dillon)

The Oscars that The Phantom Menace deserved for Special Effects. (by Jonathan Ruiz-Lopez)

Immortality, so he could make Eps. 7-9, as well as Eps. 10-20 (by JPPrime)

A toy duck. And a cup of hot chocolate. Those EU authors seem to like it so much... (by Icefire Queen)

A wish...I'd grant him a wish if I had the power. (by sherry)

Air tickets to hawaii, so that he can give them to me and Natalie Portman and fly off to paradise (by darthmark)

A Full set of SW Lego + all of Kevin Smiths movies + Clerks Cartoon on DVD (by Kuma Chan)

Encourgement to do some more films for some of the best Starwars trilogy books like Jedi Search, Dark Apprentice and Champions of the Force by Kevin J. Anderson (by Jacob Rothfield)


A permanent houseguest, me. (by TsavongLah)

I'd give George my eternal gratitude for creating a Universe that I've grown up with. I'd also like to thank him for making the prequels, God knows he didn't have to. (by Dan)

My undying loyalty (by Chuck Baker)

My original movie ticket stub from Star Wars in 1977 (by Peter Rishaug)

A hub cap from a sand crawler, and 2 front row tickets to a pod race. (by John Siwy)

A big fat THANK YOU!!!! (by Jedibri)

A List of Star Wars Fan Autographs (by Lee Lee T)

I would give him a good present. (by starwarsgirl)

A list of charities that need help - it would make anyone feel good to be able to look at that list and actually know they could help :), and a star wars figurine (by Adventurous Jedigb)

All the happiness he's given me as a fan of his films. (by eXu)

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