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What would you give George Lucas for Christmas?


For Christmas, I would give GL one day where he does not have to hear about how he's "ruining Star Wars"! (by Idgie)

A captain picard action figure :P (by EwanMcLover)

Slimfast (by bob)

A membership in the We Love Flannel Club, with a special letter from Al Boreland. (by Lau-ra Anu)

A big thank you card and my collection of Star Wars books (by Beaux Martin)

A Pizza (by Not Drakeling again)

A moo cow (by Mara Solo)

Dunno..*shrugs* (by Congrat J.M.)

The key to Santa's shop! Waaaaait.. (by Chief Elf)

A plaid shirt and jeans (by Sy Snootles)


A statue of himself (by jawaswag)

A comb; If he already has that, then Love and Understanding (by John Gleim)

All my hopes that Mr. Lucas can create a truly dark and moving epic with Episode 2 (by David)

A DVD deadline (by Matt Torix)

A Flannel Thong (by RussDog)

The Death Star (by Alec Jones)

A great big pat on the back for all of his fantastic ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (by Allen)

a tofurkey (by doug)

A trip with family and friends far away from star wars and the business. I would wish him some time off and enjoy the holidays with those closest to him. (by Chris Sanders)

One day away from everything - his cell phones, people, questions, e-mails, fans. Just one day of relaxation and peace. (by Craig Webb)


Just For Men hair and beard gel...nevermind (by Tiene Leche)

Masamune blade (by Dobrze Fimowic)

A pat on the back for making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up after seeing the forbidden love trailer. (by stewart heed)

Just the sincere and absolute thanks from a loyal devotee...and the curses of all my friends who are sick and tired of hearing me go on about your wonderful epic! (by Lindsay)

A nice vacation to the Tunsia desert. (by Jaded S.)

An antique Grandfather clock (by Joseph)

Anything he wants...he did give me SW! (by Bail-AnBillies)

My life (by Jeff Richter)

The Kingdom of a Galaxy Far, Far Away... (by Dave Gilmour)

Cell Phone that rings with Jar Jar's Voice (by Bill B.)


A SOLID-colored shirt, contact lenses, razor--oh look, George looks human! (by a SOLID-colored shirt)

The Life Time Achievement award. (by Paul Green)

A Raise! (by Rick Mcallum)

I would give him a long enough life to make episodes 7, 8 and 9. Because youve gotta ask yourself what happens after episode 2 and 3 what then! (by DarthShine)

A pencil - for writing 7th 8th and 9th episode. :( (by Andrijana)

A fashionable shirt (by Scott Ellis)

Another one of those groovy checked shirts of his!!! (by gwazi)

A vintage red binder (by Gabe)

Ideas for a sequel trilogy. (by Coleman Miller)

The same gift that Jesus Christ gave me. (by Layton)


A Thank You and Spaceballs! Cause' it is funny (by Reti the Toydarian)

What would a rich guy like that possibly want? his movies to be completed, perhaps? (by 1001 jedi nights)

Hand made flannel scarf (by Jedi Kyre)

A big hug (by erfmen)

A great big thank you for all his hard work. (by Abe)

A Santa hat (by Jason B)

Pan: cook breakfast for kids (by Robert Wiersma)

Nobel physiology and medicine prize for his mother for giving birth to George (by regiment500)

George Lucas could purchase El Salvador, why would I buy him anything? On the other hand, HE could buy ME a new car or two. There's more happiness in giving after all... (by DarthQuixote)

A copy of the star wars holiday special (by dave )

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