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The Landing Area
A picture by DiggerMole

Spheres lifting off

[August 18, 2001 - posted by Roderick]

A quick update with a picture by DiggerMole. Here's what he writes:

"Rod, Here's the controls sphere's lifting off from Genosis. DiggerMole" For those of you who forgot what this scene is about, here's part of an old spy-report on TheForce.net:

One picture has these enormous sphere-like ships that are coming out of the ground through hangars that are built into the ground. The sphere-like ships look like a cross between the Death Star, with the control tower of the Star Destroyer built on top of it. There are what looks to be dozens of these sphere ships coming out of these hangars, dotting the landscape. There are other ships nearby, but the sphere ships dwarf them. And there is what seems to be people (though I'm guessing battledroids) all in alignment, on the surface. Millions of them, all in this military alignment. This set of concept artwork is referred to as the "landing area."


Roderick Vonhögen, the Netherlands

AOTC Opening Crawl
A picture by Brenton Brookings

The Opening Crawl

[August 7, 2001 - posted by Roderick]

Brenton Brookings sent in this version of the opening crawl of "Attack Of The Clones". Here's what he writes:

"Hi Roderick, I'm glad to hear that your RSI is gone! I'd missed seeing all the great pictures. When I heard that the title of Episode II is "Attack of the Clones", I wondered how that would look in the opening crawl. Here's my version, using the text from previous spy reports on the opening crawl."

Good work!

Roderick Vonhögen, the Netherlands

Attack Of The Clones
The new title of Episode II !

The newly announced title of Episode II

[August 6, 2001 - posted by Roderick]

In a totally unexpected move, Lucasfilm has decided to release the title of the second installment of the Star Wars Saga: "ATTACK OF THE CLONES".

Of course, many people will immediately start to debate about whether or not they like the title. Here are my two cents: the new Episode II title is perfectly in line with the other cheesy titles we've become used to... It sounds like one of those "Attack of the Mutant Monsters from Mars" saturday-afternoon-movies, and that's exactly what George Lucas wants. I like it more than "The Phantom Menace" and it definitely beats "Episode II - Send In The Clones" :)

Roderick Vonhögen, the Netherlands

Obi-Wan on Kamino
A picture by Sithgoblin

'Now who's this Sido-Dyas these guys are talking about?'

[August 4, 2001 - posted by Roderick]

Here's a picture by Sithgoblin. It shows Obi-Wan wandering around in the Cloning facilities on Kamino.

Nice work. Keep those fan pictures coming!

Roderick Vonhögen, the Netherlands

Back Online!
"I knew you'd come back, I just knew it!"

[July 31, 2001 - posted by Roderick]

Hi everybody, Roderick here. After a LONG period of absence, I'm trying to start working on the site again. The last time I posted an update, was when I was preparing myself for a vacation in Italy. Between then and now, lots of things happened that took so much time and energy, that I wasn't able to work on the Virtual Edition. Real life is sometimes more important than the Internet :)

Anyway, I've got some good news: my RSI is gone. My involuntary break from the online world has given me lots of time to recover and I'm happy to say that I'm fully functional again :)

The bad news is: I'm terribly behind as far as Episode II rumors are concerned. Fortunately, Nathaniel Reed and Jom have been following the latest developments, so I think I'll drop by on the discussion forum to read up on all the news.

So how am I going to continue this website? I might create some new pictures, but I must say that I was very impressed with all the contributions you sent in when I was suffering from RSI. I also felt this was a great way to work together on this project: it enabled me to post updates almost every day. So I'd love to continue to post your Episode II artwork. Send me your virtual pictures, and I'll post them!

Roderick Vonhögen, the Netherlands

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