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Flashback: Denver 1999

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US/Dutch statistics




Brian Linder, Joe Wiles, Josh Griffin and Scott Chitwood


aren't you a little small for a Stormtrooper?


They let us enter the main tent over an hour in advance, because it was raining so hard.


Anthony Daniels did a great job entertaining the crowd while we were waiting for the show to begin...


Josh (from the Force.net) and I were interviewed for 60 Minutes.


Josh Griffin and a battledroid. Josh is the guy on the right side :)


Ahmed Best in Tent B


One of the most hilarious interviews of the whole weekend.


I managed to get his autograph!


Pernilla August was interviewed next in tent B.


She was constantly apologizing for her Swedish accent :)


Josh and I together with Kevin Rubio, the creator of 'Troops'