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Catching Up With SW: The Old Republic

Posted By Mike on March 25, 2012

It's time for our weekly TOR round-up and, as always, we start with updates from the official Star Wars: The Old Republic site.

First up, Principal Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller presents a new Developer Blog that breaks down the crew skills in the upcoming Game Update 1.2.

The lead-up to Game Update 1.2 continues with a new Developer Dispatch video on the Legacy System...

The SWTOR.com community area includes your Weekly Patch Note Update (patches 1.1.5c and 1.1.5d), news that the scheduled maintenance on March 27th will not require any downtime, and the weekly Friday Q&A. Here's the lengthy intro from this week's Q&A post, but make sure to click here for the full read.

"We?re back with some answers to your questions from the development team. As always, in some cases we?ve combined multiple questions into one. We have also edited some questions for clarity.

We?ve seen lots of questions throughout the community focused on the release of Game Update 1.2, especially after its release to the Public Test Server. To help answer some of those questions, next week?s Q&A will be devoted to Game Update 1.2, with questions drawn from across the Forums. With plenty of questions to choose from, we won?t be opening a dedicated Q&A thread for the subject. After next week?s Q&A, we?ll open another thread as usual.

Looking forward to future Q&As, we had some feedback from the development team which we wanted to share. While questions about future potential features in the game are always welcome, many times the answers will be non-specific, as development is always fluid. We don?t want to disappoint you with continuously saying ?soon? in reply to these questions.

Instead, the development team would appreciate more questions about features or systems currently in the game, or questions about the philosophy behind why development decisions were made. The development team feels they can really give you some in-depth answers to these sorts of questions, and overall we feel they will be more interesting answers than talking in vague terms about future features. This is not an attempt to shy away from questions about any aspect of the game, but rather a request to delve deeper into design philosophies and to get some more information on how things currently work in-game.

To sum up: a special Q&A next week drawn from existing Game Update 1.2 questions and back to the usual Q&A format the week after. As for this week, if you want to discuss any of the answers in this Q&A, please use this Forum thread!"

While Star Wars: The Old Republic has been gaining subscribers, World of Warcraft has been loosing them. According to a post at Gamasutra.com, Blizzard admits that some of the lost subscriptions are due to TOR.

Massively's Eliot Lefebvre explains why he plays the popular GFFA MMO.

And finally, from Mesh and Melody:

"We wanted to let you know that Stacy (SWTOR: Akaavi Spar) has signed and donated items for two upcoming auctions. The first auction is the Annual AUSXIP Charity Auction between 21-27 March 2012 to benefit the Starship Children's Hospital with 10 signed items and a Skype chat.

The second auction with 50+ items will take place April 21-28, and it will benefit Save A Kitty, Inc, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity based in Acton, just outside Los Angeles. In this round items will include memorabilia for Superboy, SeaQuest, Kindred: The Embraced, SALT, Prison Break, The Young and the Restless, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

More details at:

Thanks Mesh and Melody!

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