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S E C T I O N   1.1 (part b)

24,000 - 5,000 BSW4
The story begins, as we travel from the Big Bang to the Great Hyperspace War...

"The Old Republic was the Republic of legend, greater than distance or time. No need to note where it was or whence it came; only to know that . . . it was the Republic....

Star Wars (novelization)" (1976)


c. 24,000 BSW4

The first Old Republic explorers and settlers to leave the Core Worlds colonize an adjacent region that they name the Colonies. Many of these planets become just as industrialized and wealthy as their old - world counterparts, though the antiquated term "Colonies" stuck. Among the planets in "The Colonies" are Arkania, Balmorra, Borleias, Carida, Talasea, and Teyr. The Tapani Sector is located in The Colonies, but by tradition, it is considered a respected part of the Core Worlds community. Elite and ancient noble houses rule much of the sector, though border planets called the Freeworlds are slowly encroaching on house - held territory. Planets of the Tapani Sector include Fondor and Mrlsst.
Conjecture based upon "Essential Guide to Planets and Moons." [Page xv]


Hosk Station, located near the planet Kalarba, is built to be a supply and maintenance facility for the Republic Navy. It is an excellent choice because of the proximity to the new colonies, while the moon's low gravity proved convenient for capital ships coming in to dock. The system's asteroid belts provided a convenient source of metals and ores.
Conjecture based upon "The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels." [Page 66]

The Jedi decide to take a more active role in galactic society, using the Force to aid in peace, justice, and order. Operating out of the Judicial Department under the office of the Supreme Chancellor, the Jedi gradually evolve from mere scholars and magicians to organized guardians of peace and justice. Finally, after facing threats such as the Dark Jedi Schism and the Legions of Lettow, a corps of Force-wielding guardians known as "Jedi Knights" are formally established. They battle interplanetary criminals and settle cosmic disputes, becoming legendary throughout the galaxy. Legend later has it that the first of the Jedi Knights learns the moral use of his power from the Caamasi race. The deeds of the Jedi become famous. Aided by the Force, they come to be respected and honored throughout the galaxy. They are known as scholars, warriors, and philosophers. They are all these things - and much more. The Jedi spread across the galaxy, protecting the Republic and watching over its many systems.
"Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace." The Caamasi mention is from "Vision of the Future." Indications from the movies are that the Jedi were around at least as long as the Old Republic. Also information from "Star Wars Roleplaying Game - 2nd Edition" [Page 138] and "SW RPG II: Power of the Jedi Sourcebook." [Page 6] The -25,000 BSW4 year date has always been drawn upon Obi-Wan Kenobi's line in Episode IV - 'for a thousand generations . . .' The Jedi being delegated under the Judicial Department is from the 'Episode I Scrapbook'. Note, throughout the saga, Chancellor, President and Chief of State is used as the title for the executive of the Republic. One assumption, as all three titles could be used: Chancellor of the Galactic Senate, and President of the Republic. Chief of State could by a summary of both. In addition, titles could be used according to cultural traditions.

Not long after the introduction of the Jedi Knights, they form a 'code' to live by, to prevent young Jedi being drawn to the Dark Side of the Force. Ever seeking knowledge and enlightenment, a Jedi never uses the Force to gain wealth or personal power. Because hatred, anger, fear, and aggression are made up of negative energy, Jedi apprentices are instructed only to act when they are at peace with the Force. Jedi should seek non -violent solutions to problems. Sometimes fighting is the only solution, but Jedi are encouraged to find alternatives. Jedi cannot allow evil to occur by inaction. A Jedi must do anything possible to stop the forces of darkness.

Jedi are
the guardians of
peace in the galaxy.

Jedi use their powers to
defend and to protect,
never to attack others.

Jedi respect all life, in any form.

Jedi serve others, rather than
ruling over them, for the good
of the galaxy.

Jedi seek to improve
themselves through
and training.
"Episode I Scrapbook."

Another code of the Jedi:

Emotion, yet peace.
Ignorance, yet knowledge.
Passion, yet serenity.
Chaos, yet harmony.
Death, yet the Force.
"SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Companion." [Page 143]

The Exploration Corps is formed, a branch of the Jedi Knights which is essentially a traveling training academy despite its name. During the Old Republic, the ExplorCorps was made up of Jedi padawans and their instructors, and provided these students with a chance to experience other cultures and civilizations first-hand. Many students encountered species they had never seen before, while others met species that no one had ever encountered. The ExplorCorps provided Jedi trainees with the chance to experience all the diversity of life throughout the galaxy, while reinforcing the belief that all species shared the same needs, desires, and dreams. The starship Chu'unthor would serve as the primary vessel of the ExplorCorps for many years, until its eventual loss at Dathomir.
Conjecture based upon "Wizards of the Coast Website."

The Medical Corps is formed, a branch of the Jedi Knights which is similar in many respects to the Agricultural Corps. The MedCorps was comprised of students of the Force who were in training, and provided treatment and consolation to the sick and infirm of the galaxy. Underlying this humanitarian goal was the idea that Jedi padawans needed to understand that fragile nature of living beings, and that the will of the Force was the guiding principle in the life and death of all beings. Unlike the AgriCorps, the MedCorps maintained only a few dozen students and their instructors at any given time.
Conjecture based upon "Wizards of the Coast Website."

The Educational Corps, a branch of the Jedi Knights, are formed. The Education Corps are similar in many respects to the Agricultural and Medical Corps. The EduCorps was comprised of students of The Force who were in training during the Old Republic, and educational services to the underprivileged children of the galaxy. Underlying this humanitarian goal was the idea that Jedi padawans needed to understand that living beings needed to understand certain facts about their galaxy.
"SW RPG II: Rebellion Era Sourcebook."

The Agricultural Administration was the primary organization, funded by the Old Republic, to oversee the production of food and the processing of agricultural products. The AgAdmin was supported by the Agricultural Corps of the Jedi Knights, which provided much of the manpower needed to bring agriculture to the far-flung worlds of the Republic.
Conjecture based upon "Wizards of the Coast Website."

The Concordance of Fealty, an ancient Jedi pact, is formed between fellow Knights. It was invoked whenever two Knights were forced to exchange lightsabers while on a mission. This act alone spoke to the deep respect and trust that could form between them. However, the Concordance was completed whenever the two Knights returned the lightsabers to their rightful owners. During this time, each Knight promised their undying friendship and loyalty to each other.
Conjecture based upon "SW: Emissaries to Malastare."

Hypertransceivers (precursor to the HoloNet), also called "hyperradio" is developed. The technology relies on a network of satellites to broadcast messages through hyperspace. Hypertransceivers allow for instant, real - time communication with any world in the galactic network (although not every system is serviced). The medium is limited to audio and video transmission.
Conjecture based upon "Star Wars Roleplaying Game - 2nd Edition." [Page 192]


c. 22,000 BSW4

Nubia is settled in the Galactic Core. An agricultural world, its' democratic government is but a cover for a Hutt syndicate. The planet is also known for Nubia Star Drives, makers of extremely high-quality starships.
"SW RPG II: Coruscant and the Core Worlds Sourcebook." [Page 118-119]


c. 20,000 BSW4

Many of the galaxy's first starship manufacturing companies are founded, including Alderaan Royal Engineers, Core Galaxy Systems and Rendili StarDrive. Alderaan Royal Engineers was most famous for its' luxury yachts, deep-space stations and exotic vessels. Core Galaxy Systems was one of the famed "founding shipwrights" of the Old Republic.
"SW: The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels." I did not have the book at the time, so this was copied word-for-word (with thanks!!) from James McFadden's Chronology.

The Etti, a near human race unites in opposition to the political and military policies of the Galactic Republic. They pool their resources and purchase several colony ships. Declaring the Republic to be "tyrannical and too oppressive," they leave the Core Worlds and follow several scout ships to a new world far removed from the reach of Coruscant.
"SW RPG: Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook."

As Coruscant prospers due to the hyperspace trade routes that develop around it, Metellos tries - with little success - to forge a hyperdrive trade route of its' own. Centuries of money are thrown at this, only to run into gravitational anomalies around a wide region of space that comes to be known as "The Unknown Regions." Its' people having plundered the environment in their efforts, Metellos falls into almost perpetual economic recession.
"SW RPG II: Coruscant and the Core Worlds Sourcebook." [Page 110]


c. 19,997 BSW4

The planet Neona experiences a geologic warming period, during which its polar ice caps melt, flooding the entire planet except for two ice-covered continents at the poles.
Conjecture based upon "SW RPG: Lords of the Expanse." With thanks to Nathan Butler's Timeline Gold.


c. 19,989 BSW4

The oldest of the Kooroo shrines are built. These ancient monuments were claimed by the Fellowship of Kooroo to be the original edifices built by Kooroo to focus the minds of his followers on true enlightenment. The Fellowship of Kooroo believed the enlightenment came in the form of telepathic abilities. The shrines consisted of a central, domed sanctuary surrounded by carved stone obelisks. The obelisks are all inscribed with runes and sigils, and their placement around the central building resembled the spokes of a wheel.
Conjecture based on From the Files of Corellia Antilles. Borrowed from Nathan Butler's Timeline Gold. Information also from "SW RPG Adventure Journal #14."


c. 18,000 BSW4

The Bureau of Ships and Services (BoSS) is formed, and will become one of the oldest institutions in the galaxy. It has its own customs, traditions, and unique personality. Most of the positions are filled through hereditary means. BoSS is as much a star - spanning tribe, as it is a civil bureaucracy. The Bureau of Ships and Services (BoSS) is the galaxy's record - keeper when it comes to starship and spacer information. It keeps extensive information on starship registrations and transponder codes, captains' flight certification, and upgraded weapons loadouts on all ships in the galaxy. It also keeps track of astrographical and navigational information as well as data on hyperspace routes used in nav computers. The bureau's databanks are continuously updated and transmitted to starports, systems, and enforcement agencies throughout the galaxy. BoSS has been the keeper of starship information since time began (or so it seems). It's not really a bureau attached to any government or other institutions like other bureaus, it does not owe loyalty to anyone.
Conjecture based on "SW RPG: Platt's Starport Guide." [Page 10]


c. 17,000 BSW4

Rogue scientists from Arkania move a group of Xextos from Troiken to the uninhabited Quermian system, where the planet is terraformed and the scientists genetically tinker, gradually turning the Xexto into a species all their own. Within a few generations, the Arkanians leave the new "Quermians" alone and head out to new experiments.
"SW RPG II: Alien Anthology." [Page 93]

The first of the Alsakan Conflicts occur.
"The New Essential Guide to Characters." [Page 12]


c. 16,000 BSW4

Sith warlord - king Adas uses his knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force to conquer and subjugate his home world.
"SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Companion." [Page 72]


15,100 BSW4

The Anomids develop faster - than - light travel. The Anomids sought to develop advanced technology for the sheer sake of meeting the challenge, but they had little desire to actually leave their home system.
"SW RPG: Galaxy Guide 12: Aliens - Enemies and Allies." [Page 15]


c. 15,000 BSW4

Republic Fleet Systems is formed. The company is founded to design warships to counter the threat of Sith-backed uprisings in the distant corners of the Old Republic. In time, the company expands its operations to design exploration, transport, passenger, and colony vessels.
"The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels."

The Anomid, a peaceful humanoid race native to the Yablari system, begins supporting the Republic. The Anomid are born without vocal cords. This requires that the immature Anomid wear complex masks that synthesize the sounds necessary for communication with others. These masks are very large, covering all but the Anomid's eyes and forehead. They dress in long, hooded robes made from pure dendrite. Most Anomids have pale, translucent skin and wide eyes, and their ears are large and leaf-like in shape. Anomids have six toes on each foot. Their technology is fairly sophisticated, and the Anomid have become very wealthy selling it in the galaxy.
"SW RPG: Galaxy Guide 12: Aliens - Enemies and Allies." [Page 15]

The Golden Age begins, a period of unrivalled peace and prosperity in the galaxy. It lasts until around a century before the Battle of Yavin. During the golden age of the Old Republic, the planet Trulalis was a thriving cultural center boasting one of the finest liberal arts schools in the galaxy. Today, however, its days of respected theatre and drama have long passed, and only a few scattered remnants testify to its former glory.
"SW Adventure Journal." Many people comment "How this long period can be a 'golden age'?" Well, although major conflicts do occur in the Galaxy during this period, they are not all encompassing wars such as the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War.

The planet Dahrtag is settled by a religious order sickened by the way intergalactic civilizations are growing into each other. This order sets aside parts of their world for various cultures and invites them to bury their dead there according to their native traditions. Over the millennia, Dahrtag becomes known as Necropolis - "City of the Dead."
"SW RPG II: Alien Anthology." [Page 25]


14,000 BSW4

Holocron technology is developed by the Sith.
Conjecture from "SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Companion." [Page 79]

The Vultan civilization blossoms, progressing from a feudal agricultural economy into a thriving trade and high technology center.
"SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Companion." [Page 103]

The Herglic trading empire settles Lamuir IV. Shortly thereafter, they desert the planet.
Conjecture based upon "SW RPG: Lords of the Expanse." With thanks to Nathan Butler's Timeline Gold.

The reckless, thrill-seeking Sneevel race is discovered by Duros scouts. They are only at the interplanetary-travel level at the time, exploring their home system in what seems like submarines with rockets attached. The Republic quickly introduces them to hyperdrive, however.
"SW RPG II: Alien Anthology." [Page 100]


13,720 BSW4

The Herglic trading empire crumbles.
Conjecture based upon "SW RPG: Lords of the Expanse." With thanks to Nathan Butler's Timeline Gold.


13,000 BSW4

After thousand of years of activity, Hosk Station became a base in search of a mission. The former colonies had become stable worlds, and galactic trouble spots increasingly cropped up in areas close to other supply stations. Therefore, the Republic sold the station to civilian interests. The station's close proximity to several influential systems allowed it to become a center of commerce and political influence.
Conjecture based upon "The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels." [Page 66]

The Ailon Nova Guard, an ancient military service, begins its history and traditions. The Ailon people are militaristic, devoted, and highly focused on professional military service. Soldiering has a deep religious meaning to the Ailon, and all able-bodied Ailon serve at least a five-year term in the Guard.
"SW RPG Adventure Journal #15."


12,770 BSW4

The Herglics resettle Lamuir IV.
Conjecture based upon "SW RPG: Lords of the Expanse." With thanks to Nathan Butler's Timeline Gold.


12,720 BSW4

The Tapani Sector enters into what is later known as the Colonial Era (0 - 1012 by their domestic calendar), during which the first colonists settle the region and begin trading with the Herglics.
Conjecture based upon "SW RPG: Lords of the Expanse." With thanks to Nathan Butler's Timeline Gold.


12,500 BSW4

Slavery becomes common practice in Twi'lek society.
"SW RPG: Platt's Starport Guide." [Page 154]


12,000 BSW4


The planet Ord Mantell is settled by the Republic as a military outpost. ("Ord" is an outdated acronym for "Ordnance / Regional Depot").
"The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons."

The first sighting of a four-armed, two-legged, methane-breathing species in environmental suits is made on the outer fringes of galactic civilization. The aliens become known as "Morseerians" after a colony they establish. They will not reveal their real species name or their homeworld's location, killing themselves instead.
"SW RPG II: Alien Anthology." [Page 88]

The Galactic Museum is built and opened on Coruscant in the heart of Republic City.
"SW RPG II: Coruscant and the Core Worlds Sourcebook." [Page 13]


11,708 BSW4

The Tapani Sector enters into what is later known as the Twelve Kingdoms Era (1012 - 5372 by their domestic calendar), during which power shifts from Pelagon to individual planets, which become organized into regional kingdoms. It is during this time that the first settlements of the periphery worlds are created as a buffer zone with Herglic space and first contact is established with Mrlssti.
Conjecture based upon "SW RPG: Lords of the Expanse." With thanks to Nathan Butler's Timeline Gold.


c. 11,500 BSW4


A Sith Holocron is created. In time, it will fall into the hands of Odan-Urr.
"Tales of the Jedi: The Sith War." Urr said it contained knowledge "dating back a hundred thousand years and more."

The Kathol species (also known as the Precursors) develop a device called the Codex, which can detect, quantify, and even manipulate the Force. The activation of this device draws the attention of a highly powerful Dark Jedi, who sees it as a means to increase his personal power. He travels to the Kathol home planet (later named Kathol, after the race) and uses his Force abilities to enslave the Kathol. This action goes not go unnoticed by the Jedi Knight Halbert, who calls for a contingent of fellow Knights to bring down the Dark Jedi's reign. The ensuing conflict between the Jedi Knights and the Dark Jedi and his Kathol followers leads to the activation and overload of one of the Kathol's two launch gate, gigantic, orbiting, biomechanical constructs which act as jumpgates or hypergates to propel Kathol vessels through hyperspace. The overload causes the gate to explode. The explosion actually warps the fabric of hyperspace and the Force (since the Force is inherent in the form of the galaxy), which simultaneously tainting the region with the Dark Side, thanks to the death of the powerful Dark Jedi. The warped space comes to be known as the Kathol Rift. (During the explosion, much of the Charr Ontee servant species is "flipped" into the realm between normal space and hyperspace, known as "Otherspace." They will come to grow there, later being discovered as the "Charon.") The Kathol species, fearing what will happen to their world now that the Rift has been created, take their life essences and place them inside a Lifewell to survive the coming millennia. In the meantime, a clone/supercomputer creature they have created (which will later be called DarkStryder) will remain on the world creating new organisms to repopulate and terraform the ravaged landscape. Halbert, for her part, will go into a trance until the Kathol are released to reclaim their world. The DarkStryder will be stranded on the world, though, as the second launch gate is damaged beyond DarkStryder's capacity to repair. With the Lifewell effectively channeling the life energy of the Kathol into one area, the Force becomes even more warped in the region, creating a highly localized bubble of sorts around the planet Kathol, which allows sentient species on the world to easily learn and use a type of Force power known as Ta-Ree. DarkStryder, of course, is self-aware, and realizes that it can rule the world without the Kathol. It puts the hibernating Halbert into stasis and then, seeing how the Lifewell can interact with the Force, DarkStryder eventually begins taking small portions of life essence and placing them in biological weapon devices, which will come to be called DarkStryder technology. The devices have amazing offensive and defensive powers, but once used, they go "dead," as does the life essence that was originally some poor Kathol being. Thus, DarkStryder begins its long period of creating various servant species on the planet Kathol, longing for a time when it can somehow find a way off of the planet for itself.
Conjecture based on Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game --"The DarkStryder Campaign: Endgame." Borrowed from Nathan Butler's Timeline Gold. NB: Yes, I know that DarkStryder is referred to as being engineered to live for "centuries," yet the Kathol were said to have flourished "millennia ago." This would put the timing of this major series of events in question were it not for the specific statement that Halbert has been in stasis for millennia. We must then assume that DarkStryder has simply outlived its original specs, which makes perfect sense, given that the Kathol were to awaken far earlier than they actually will be. I have placed the event during the period of the Great Schism, simply because it seems like the Dark Jedi's actions are so similar to that of the Dark Jedi who found the Sith Empire that it could very well be an intended parallel.


c. 10,000 BSW4

The planet Ammuud is colonized from seven ships (The names of the seven ships were Reesbon, Tikeris, Owphrin, Melchett, Almowri, Odoon and the Glayyd) departing from the planet Thokos. The seven original colony ships evolve into seven ruling clans, with each clan headed by a hereditary patriarch, or "Mor." The opportunity to move Ammuud forward vanishes when the clans fall into partisan rivalry and open warfare. The two worlds lose contact, and Ammuud is soon forgotten by Thokos.
"The SW Encyclopedia" [Page 303] and "The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons."

A young warlord named Vall Kumauri seizes several dozen star systems in an attempt to forge an empire in the outlaying regions of the Republic. His upstart fleet was surprisingly effective thanks to the Kumauri Battleship; a revolutionary capital ship developed in the outer systems and modestly named after the young would-be Emperor. The Kumauri Battleship, practically the last series in the line of Cal - class battleships, was a terror in its' day due to its primary weapon - the huge mass driver slung over its main hall. This weapon tractored asteroids and other space debris into the rear end of the huge armored cylinder and shot them at tremendous speeds out of the canon at the front. During this period of time, shield technology was unable to stop this type of weapon. A well - aimed asteroid could level an entire city, while a large asteroid could completely upset the ecological balance of the planet. Kumauri's empire imploded within a few years, but the Kumauri Battleship lived on as a legacy to his efforts. The ships of this line saw service in hundreds of navies, including the Republic starfleet that defeated the Kumauri Empire. Only when planetary shielding became practical and widespread was the Cal - class warship rendered obsolete as a terror weapon.
"SW RPG: Cracken's Rebel Operatives." [Page 84]

The Great Library, a vast intellectual establishment is founded by the Ropagu near the city of Ebyl, on the planet Ropagi II. It contains many years' worth of Ropagu history, including some parchment scrolls and paper texts. The majority of the staff is comprised of 18 specially-programmed droids, although a few Ropagu are also on call. However, there is little information on galactic history in the Great Library, since the Ropagu have kept out of the political battles of the larger community.
"SW RPG: Twin Stars of Kira."

Graaa'shad, a fire - spirit, lived deep down in the lowest levels of the Kashyyyk forest. Legends claim that one day the Graaa'shad captured the Wookiee warrior Urothko, and prepared to kill him. Lucky for Urothko, the elder Stalpaac intervened. Stalpaac shot the spirit with a bowcaster quarrel, and then the two Wookiees launched an attack on the spirit. Graaa'shad quickly retreated and fled, screaming that one day it would get revenge. In the aftermath of the battle, Urothko pledged his life to Stalpaac, since the older Wookiee had risked his own life to save him. The story of Urothko's rescue quickly spread to other villages, and the tradition of the Wookiee life - debt was created.
Conjecture based upon "SW RPG: Thrawn Trilogy Sourcebook."

The planet New Plympto is discovered by Corellian traders, and first contact made with the native Nosaurians. The Corellians find a welcome export in the narcotic ji rikknit (processed from rikknit ovum sacs), and the Nosaurians prosper on this illegal drug trade.
"SW RPG II: Coruscant and the Core Worlds Sourcebook." [Page 114]

According to Yuuzhan Vong legend, the god Yun-Yuuzhan created the Vua'sa as the very first incarnation of a Warmaster. A beast designed specifically for war, the Vua'sa commanded the entire Yuuzhan Vong army until a brave Yuuzhan Vong warrior stepped forward and defeated the Vua'sa. From that point forward, a Yuuzhan Vong had served as Warmaster, and would continue to do so until another creature could defeat him. Over the millennia, the Vua'sa became extinct.
Conjecture based upon "SW NJO: Edge of Victory II - Rebirth."

The HoloNet is built during the height of the Republic and is one of its greatest accomplishments. Using specially - developed hyperspace technology to link all members of the Republic in a real - time holographic communication network, the HoloNet relied upon a complex network of hundreds of thousands of transceiver satellites to transfer messages through hyperspace. Through the HoloNet, the President of the Republic could instantly address all member worlds, no matter how remote. The Republic used the HoloNet to encourage the free exchange of information and ideas, leading to great advancements in culture and commerce. However, the HoloNet was hideously expensive to maintain. Its use was commonly restricted to official Republic government functions and the largest corporations, yet it provided a vital sense of belonging and membership to the average citizen.
Conjecture based upon "Star Wars Roleplaying Game - 2nd Edition." [Page 192]

The recorded history of the Gran race begins in this era.
"SW RPG: Galaxy Guide 12: Aliens - Enemies and Allies." [Page 39]

An aborted rebellion occurs in the Galactic Republic. The captured criminals are exiled to the edge of Wild Space, where they eventually colonize the world of Adumar.
"X-Wing: Starfighters of Adumar."

The Akwin, an aquatic race indigenous to the planet Lazerian IV, evolve from a species of savage sea creatures.
"SW RPG: Twin Stars of Kira."

Republic scouts begin to explore what will later become the Rimma Trade Route. Abregado-Rae is one of the habitable worlds noted by the scouts, though colonization of that world won't begin for millennia yet.
"SW RPG II: Coruscant and the Core Worlds Sourcebook." [Page 36]


9,997 BSW4

The Fortress Barlos is built on the planet Pachi.
"SW RPG: Wanted by Cracken."


c. 9,990 BSW4

The first lightsabers are created. One of these will later come into the hands of Vima-Da-Boda, and from her to Leia Organa-Solo. The first lightsabers would later become known as archaic lightsabers. Unlike the elegant weapons of the Jedi Knights used during the last decades of the Old Republic, the archaic lightsaber was designed as a siege weapon. Using "frozen blaster" technology, these lightsabers required a separate power pack which was often worn on the back. Knowing that laser and blaster weapons could produce coherent bolts of light and energy, the ancient Jedi hoped to "freeze" the energy into a solid blade. These early lightsabers required tremendous amounts of power, which could only be provided by dedicated generators. Over the millennia, the Jedi Knights were able to miniaturized most of the components used in the construction of a lightsaber, most notably power sources, to create the simple weapon known to most beings of the modern era.
Conjecture from "SW: Dark Empire" and "The SW Encyclopedia." Information also from "SW RPG II: Power of the Jedi Sourcebook."


c. 9,500 BSW4

What in later times will simply be known as 'The Old Law' is written into the Hutt legal system. It states that, given sufficient provocation, a Hutt clan leader may challenge another in single combat without any legal ramifications. The victor is presumed to be in the right. The corpulent Hutts, who prefer to have others do their dirty-work, rarely stain their own hands with Hutt blood in such barbaric duels, but it has been known to happen. This law would become antiquated, and the custom rarely invoked in modern times.
Conjecture based upon "SW: Rebel Dawn." Sourced with thanks from Pablo Hidalgo's Star Wars Index.


c. 9,000 BSW4

The Jedi Knights build a massive underground library on Yavin IV, and a city around it. They tap geothermal energy to create a weather control system for the planet. Gradually, they transform the cold, barren world into a lush rain forest planet. Centuries later, for reasons unknown, the city is abandoned and falls into myth.
Conjecture from "SW: The Lost City of the Jedi." Ken said it was "thousands of years ago," but it must also have significantly predated the "Tales of the Jedi" period by a great degree.

Kilian was the name used to describe the human settlers who made their home on Kilia IV many thousands of years before the Galactic Civil War. The Kilians were originally a group of Core Worlds colonists who left their homeworld during one of the Old Republic's earliest expansion periods, and were stranded on Kilia IV. In the intervening centuries, they lost all their starship technology, and became isolated from the rest of the galaxy for more than 1,000 years. Only the chance discovery of Kilia IV by an Imperial scout force brought Kilia IV back into the galactic community. The Kilian society was feudal in nature, with several noble houses controlling communities of farmers and herders.
Conjecture based upon "SW RPG II: Rebellion Era Sourcebook."

The Tunroth are contacted by the Duros, and quickly accept membership into the Republic.
"SW RPG: Galaxy Guide 12: Aliens - Enemies and Allies." [Page 88]

The last known records of the Fraii Wys, an extinct sentient species, date back to this period
"SW: Tyrant's Test."


c. 8,000 BSW4

The Republic settles the planet Elrood. The first settlers find a world rich in basic natural resources-plenty of flora and fauna, a breathable atmosphere, good water, rich soil for crops, and some mineral deposits for mining and construction. The name Elrood is chosen to recognize the Senator who fought for the funding for this colonization effort.
"SW RPG: Planets Of The Galaxy: Volume Three." [Page 42]

Inexplicably, violent volcanic eruptions and seismic shifts wrench the planet Merisee. Weather patterns shift and temperatures change just enough to alter the air streams. The oceans calm and a land bridge connecting both continents of the planet emerge. This period is referred to as "the joining," and precedes a period of bloody warfare that will hang like a shadow over Merisee for a thousand years. First contact between the Teltiors and the Meris is violent (they both live on opposite continents).
"SW RPG: Planets Of The Galaxy: Volume Three." [Page 67]

Corellian pirates accidentally discover the Goroth system while on the run from a Republic frigate. The pirates begin smuggling technology to the curious natives of Goroth in return for various metals. (They are unaware of the hyperbarides on the planet.) An Ithorian herdship soon discovers the planet as well, however, and alerts the Republic.
"SW RPG: Goroth - Slave of the Empire." [Page 5]

A Sullustan shaman creates a cave painting based on a vision he / she had of the eventual rise of Palpatine.
Conjecture based on Galaxywide News Nets supplement in "SW RPG Adventure Journal #10." Borrowed from Nathan Butler's Timeline Gold.


The planet Malastare is colonized by the Old Republic, as it is positioned near the Hydian Way trade route. The Gran soon become the majority species on this world, leading to their taking over the planetary government. They treat the native Dugs as little more than slave labor, and the Dugs retaliate by going to war with them. The Republic steps in and demilitarizes the Dugs, leaving the warrior race extremely bitter.
"The Essential Guide to Alien Species." [Page 32]


c. 7,995 BSW4

The Baylin Cluster star system is established by Corellian explorers who discover the Goroth System, many millennia before the Galactic Civil War. It was located fourteen hours from the Goroth System by hyperspace, and was the nearest neighbor to Goroth Prime.
Conjecture based upon "SW RPG: Goroth - Slave of the Empire."


c. 7,700 BSW4

Continuing from their 'first contact', the Teltiors and Meris of the planet Merisee continue their sporadic warfare and abortive colonization attempts on the other race's continent. During this period, the conflict escalates into full-scale war.
"SW RPG: Planets Of The Galaxy: Volume Three." [Page 67]


c. 7,600 BSW4

Helped along by the Republic's Acculturation program, Goroth becomes capable of space travel.
"SW RPG: Goroth - Slave of the Empire." [Page 6]


c. 7,500 BSW4

Goroth is inducted into the Galactic Republic.
"SW RPG: Goroth - Slave of the Empire." [Page 6]


c. 7,328 BSW4

The Tapani Sector enters into what is later known as the Dynastic Era (5392 - 11,138 by their domestic calendar), during which warrior prince Shey Tapani rises from the Melanthan Kingdom to unite the sector in a series of bloody civil wars. He makes Procopia his new capital, while the twelve kingdoms reorganize as noble houses subordinate to his Tapani Empire. During this era, the Giju Route is stabilized, Tallaan and Neona emerge as trading worlds, Shey Tapani gives Mrlsst a grant to create a university to cater to the whole sector and all species, and the Tapani Sector joins the Republic.
Conjecture based upon "SW RPG: Lords of the Expanse." With thanks to Nathan Butler's Timeline Gold.


c. 7,308 BSW4

Shey Tapani establishes the Tapani calendar, which is later augmented to conform to Galactic Standard, just with local names. By the augmented calendar, as it is changed later, the Tapani year is 5412.
Conjecture based upon "SW RPG: Lords of the Expanse." With thanks to Nathan Butler's Timeline Gold.


c. 7,300 BSW4

A Corellian explorer named Rabaan settles on a planet in the Ishanna sector and names it after himself, the expedition's leader. Rabaan supposedly rejects the typical Corellian life of a spacer and chooses to remain on a planet. They thought the system was devoid of life, until they discovered the S'krrr living on the third planet in the system.
"SW RPG Adventure Journal #9."


c. 7,000 BSW4

The Sith lore library of Veeshas Tuwan on Arkania is opened. It serves as both one of the few Imperial records halls and as a repository for Sith lore. The great library covers more than five square kilometers, and bore down into the planet's surface for countless levels. In sealed chambers Sith sorcerers' conduct Dark Side experiments and transcribe Sith rituals for their own use. For the next several thousand years the library grows in both knowledge and physical size, eventually becoming too large for even the most experienced Sith Lords to easily locate the information they seek.
"SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Companion." [Page 131]

The Hundred - Year Darkness, a devastating war between the Light and Dark Sides of the Force, begins.
Date locked by "The New Essential Guide to Characters." [Page 12]

The Gungan race of the planet Naboo is driven underwater as a result of a fierce struggle for territory with an unknown race. In the deep waters, they discover a lifeform known as locap; a lifeform that burrows into the porous rock of the planet and siphons out plasma energy. The Gungans learn how to harness plasma from the locap with the aid of modified bongos. A vast underwater civilization begins to flourish.
"Star Wars Episode I: Incredible Locations."

Ten thousand years after their creation, the Quermians are discovered by the Old Republic. They are already on the verge of exploring the galaxy themselves, and the peaceful Quermians are welcomed into the Republic and vice versa.
"SW RPG II: Alien Anthology." [Page 93]

The Sith Lord Dathka Graush dies and is entombed on the planet Korriban, fifty or so years after he won one of the planet?s periodic civil wars and established a dynasty that ruled over two-thirds of the planet. He had literally had his heart removed and replaced with a Force-sensitive crystal, which some say accounts for his reign being excessively cruel even by Sith standards.
"Wizards of the Coast Website."

As a result in the war between the Teltiors and Meris of the planet Merisee, billions die as radiation and biological weapons devastate the rich farmlands. However, due to the need to survive, the Meris and Teltiors develop very advanced medical techniques. As the world faces final devastation, and with both populations on the brink of extinction, the races make a peace.
"SW RPG: Planets Of The Galaxy, Volume Three." [Page 67]


c. 6,997 BSW4

The first Republic and Tapani scouts survey Mrlsst, which is lacking in space travel technology.
Conjecture based upon "SW RPG: Lords of the Expanse." With thanks to Nathan Butler's Timeline Gold.


c. 6,900 BSW4

The Hundred - Year Darkness ends.
Date locked by "The New Essential Guide to Characters." [Page 12]


c. 6,300 BSW4

The Rabaanite, the name given to the human inhabitants of the planet Rabaan, develop a fairly rigid caste system that glorifies warriors. The warrior caste is highly regarded, due mainly to the fact that the strongest Rabaanite warrior is sent to the Combat Moon to battle the strongest S'krrr whenever a dispute between the two races arises. The Rabaanites frown on public displays of affection, especially among couples that have not been promised to each other. Upper-echelon Rabaanite warriors are awarded a red bandoleer. The best of these warriors is awarded a sunburst sigil that is attached to the bandoleer. The best of the combat artists is chosen to represent Rabaan in Combat.
"SW RPG Adventure Journal #9."


c. 6,000 BSW4

The Republic enters a time of history that will become known as the Manderon Period. During this time, a set of pistols is created on the planet Brentaal that would later be considered antiques when owned by the future jatz musician Fitz Roi.
"SW RPG Adventure Journal #4."

The Queen of the Offens is born on the planet Casfield 6.
"The SW Encyclopedia." [Page 216]

After millennia of conquest, subjugating as many neighboring worlds as possible (whilst carefully avoiding Republic worlds), the Sith Empire reaches the apex of its territory and power. With no more enemies to battle, the Sith Lords inevitably begin fighting each other. For the next millennium, the Sith will drive themselves and their empire to the brink of self-destruction.
"SW RPG II: Dark Side Sourcebook." [Page 69]

Miralukan scouts arrive on Alpheridies, their chosen new homeworld after a long search. The Miralukan's original planet had begun to experience terrible geophysical and geochemical instability, and the peaceful species launched an intensive search for a new planet upon which to settle. Though not a perfect choice, Alpheridies possesses most of the criteria spelled out by the Miralukan leaders.
"SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Companion." [Page 129]


c. 5,996 BSW4

The Unification Gala festival first occurs, marking the high point of Tapani Sector's Capital Season. It celebrated the unification of the worlds of Tapani Sector by Shey Tapani. The hosting of the gala was switched to a different House each year, in order to ensure that no House obtained any particular benefit from hosting it.
Conjecture based upon "SW RPG: Tapani Sector Instant Adventures."


c. 5,528 BSW4

Sullustan scouts open a new trade route in the Tapani Sector.
Conjecture based upon "SW RPG: Lords of the Expanse." With thanks to Nathan Butler's Timeline Gold.


c. 5,500 BSW4

The Sikadian Gardens, a cultural landmark, are founded on the planet S'krrr. No modern technology is used to maintain the gardens, which were built on the site of an ancient worshipping ground. Several insect - shaped statues mark where a cult of S'krrr worshipped the insects, which they believed, were gods.
Conjecture based upon "Galaxy of Fear: The Swarm."


c. 5,200 BSW4

The Sith Lords Marka Ragnos and Simus fight for control of the Sith Empire; a conflict that is decided when Ragnos decapitates Simus. Simus manages to cheat death via Sith magic and is kept alive inside a jar.
"Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith."

The planet Kalsunor resists the predations of the Sith Empire. However, the Sith warriors eventually overwhelmed the natives during the Battle of Kalsunor, employing immense silooths to destroy incredible amounts of beings and property.
"SW RPG II: The Dark Side Sourcebook."


c. 5,100 BSW4

A hundred years after his victory over Simus, Marka Ragnos is declared Dark Lord of the Sith, beginning a century of iron rule. He only allows limited expansion of the Sith Empire, knowing full well the threat of the Republic outside the Empire's borders. Furious fellow Sith attempt to dethrone him, and Ragnos shrewdly lets the Sith attempt to deal with him. As long as they're concerned with him, they aren't concerned with expansion.
"Tales of the Jedi: Golden Age of the Sith" and "SW RPG II: Dark Side Sourcebook." [Page 69-70]

The Poss'Nomin civilization on Illarreen moves from the shores of the world into the better areas inland.
Conjecture based on Alien Encounters supplement in "SW RPG Adventure Journal #14." Borrowed from Nathan Butler's Timeline Gold.


c. 5,032 BSW4

The Ankura lineage of Gungans (distant ancestors of the future Gungan leader, Boss Nass) unites with the Otolla Gungans, who would later found the city of Otoh Gunga in Lake Paonga of the planet Naboo.
Conjecture from "Star Wars Episode I: Visual Dictionary."


c. 5,020 BSW4


Gav and Jori Daragon are born on the planet Cinnagar.
Speculation from "Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith."

Odan-Urr, a telepathic and long-lived Jedi Master, is born on the planet Thosa. A Draethos, he would later be known as the Keeper of Antiquities, and as such was entrusted as gatekeeper of the Sith Holocron and other potentially dangerous devices.
Speculation from "Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith."


c. 5,014 BSW4

Ikree, daughter of Emperor - King Prrit Qabaq of Nazzri goes into boqeri, a form of self imposed exile.
"SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Companion." [Page 29]


c. 5,012 BSW4

A period of strike, economic decline, and widespread starvation plague the planet Nazzri.
"SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Companion." [Page 29]


5,007 BSW4

The symbol of the Republic Navy is carved on a moon of the Academy of Carida. There it will stay until the moon itself is destroyed 5,000 years later by a prank of Mako Spince.
"SW RPG: Dark Empire Sourcebook." [Page 46] I assumed this Academy location to be Carida, it is not stated in the "Dark Empire Sourcebook." Another Academy location that is known is Raithcal Academy.


5,003 BSW4

Tapani mining companies begin shipping trillions of tons of valuable ore to the Core worlds annually.
Conjecture based upon "SW RPG: Lords of the Expanse." With thanks to Nathan Butler's Timeline Gold.


c. 5,002 BSW4

The Nazzar government begins to evolve from a monarchy to an oligarchical theocracy led by a king and 14 praefects, the heads of the 14 sects of the 'Ulizra', the state enforced religion of Nazziri.
"SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Companion." [Page 29]

Gav and Jori Daragon are offered the chance at becoming Jedi and going to the planet Coruscant to train. Leaving the decision to their children, Hok and Timar urge the children to take the opportunity. Seeing a large profit in prospecting safe and stable hyperspace routes, Gav and Jori turn down the offer.
Conjecture based upon "Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith."


5,000 BSW4

At this point in galactic history, great portions of the galaxy had not yet been explored, and long-distance travel was dangerous and uncertain. Hyperdrive beacons were in use at this time, and hyperdrive explorers continued to map the galaxy.
Prologue, "Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith", issue #1.

An indigenous race that shared the planet Naboo with the Gungans is driven into extinction. The ruins of their civilization dot the landscape of the planet. No one knows why they became extinct-however, later Gungan and Naboo historians believe it was because they failed to respect the beauty and delicate ecological balance of the planet, and refused to live in tune with it.
"Star Wars Episode I: Incredible Locations."

In this era, the Jedi Order are a very loosely-knit group. Individual Jedi Masters run schools in which they teach several students at a time, while numerous Jedi wander the galaxy by themselves. The Republic's planetary governments are free to ask individual Jedi for help, but the Jedi are not bound by law to do so.
"SW RPG II: Power of the Jedi Sourcebook." [Page 7]

A former executive of Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC) forms Corellia StarDrive. Corellia StarDrive developed several exceptionally successful ship designs in both the civilian and military markets. Corellia StarDrive warships carried the flag of the Old Republic Navy, much to the chagrin of CEC.
"The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels."

Several watery worlds, including Drexel II, are wracked by a series of natural disasters. An unknown spacefaring race helps many of the inhabitants of those worlds escape to another world named Iskalon.
"SW Gamer: The Marvel Series."

Republic scouts explore the Epidimi System, and its planets Disim and Iri. The Republic explorers discover that both worlds had produced species of avian that had similar genetic structures. The Republic explorers tried to get the two species to mate, in an attempt to verify their genetic compatibility. The experiment was a success, and a new species was created from the union of the two. However, the new species flourished with greater intelligence, and they overran the two parent species, driving them to extinction. This new species, known as the Tarongs, now dominates both worlds.
"SW RPG: Galaxy Guide 12: Aliens - Enemies and Allies." [Page 83]

The Qieg, an alien species living in the Lan system, form a network of cacti settlements tied together with stone walls.
"SW RPG Adventure Journal #1."

The star Din in the Moddell Sector goes supernova. The event is recorded by ancient Sanyassans.
"SW Gamer #9: Endor and the Moddell Sector."

The star Ku'Bakai flares up, causing ecological disaster on Kubindi, and driving most of the world's dominant species into extinction.
Conjecture based on 'A Free-Trader's Guide to the Planets.' Borrowed from Nathan Butler's Timeline Gold.

The Duros discover the planet Adner and its native Adnerems.
"SW RPG Adventure Journal #11." Borrowed from Nathan Butler's Timeline Gold.

The Jedi face the Stennes Shifters. Realizing that the Shifters are a threat, the Jedi virtually wipe out their entire race of the Stennes species. (Not exactly the Jedi's most honorable moment.) This race of near-humans has the ability to blend into any crowd. They resemble short, pale-skinned humans with sunken eye sockets and no hair. Scientists believe that the Stennes Shifter is a genetic variant of the Stennes race. They were discovered by the ancient Jedi Knights, for the Stennes Shifters had a strange kind of Force sensitivity which allowed them to obtain energy from the Living Force. The Shifters can even "steal" the living energy from a nearby being, earning them the nickname "Force-eaters." Unlike other species, which can change their appearance, the Stennes Shifters are the only species that truly used their abilities to the disadvantage of other races. They are xenophobic in nature, partly because of their own inborn prejudices and partly from persecution by other races. Their homeworld of Stennaros has been bombarded several times since their appearance, in efforts to wipe them out. Unlike other species that can alter their physical appearance, the Stennes Shifters use telepathic manipulation to change their shape.
"SW: Customizable Card Game" and "Star Wars Adventure Journal #13."

Ood Bnar of the Neti race (a treelike species) is born on the planet Myrkr.
Speculation from "Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith."


(COMIC BOOK MINISERIES - Dark Horse Comics - Kevin J. Anderson - July 1996-February 1997)

On Korriban, time flows more slowly than on other worlds ?a side-effect of such concentrated Dark Side power. So while Jori Daragon was in the Sith Empire for only a few days (from her point of view), several months had in fact passed between the time she and Gav reached Korriban and the time she escaped.
"Wizards of the Coast Website."




(COMIC BOOK MINISERIES - Dark Horse Comics - Kevin J. Anderson - June - October 1997)

The Veeshas Tuwan Sith library on Arkania is attacked and destroyed by several hundred Jedi Masters.
"SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook." [Page 131]

The Sith Empire crumbled, and victorious Republic observers could be forgiven for the rosy optimism that ensued. For new star systems were explored, and new species were discovered and taken into the fold as the galactic government learned better ways to rule over diverse cultures and across vast distances. Centuries passed. No further contact occurred involving the dark leaders or remnants of the Sith, but the evil influence returned in a different and more insidious form than before - a cancer from within.
Excerpted from "SW: The Essential Chronology." [Page 7]

The earliest galactic records of Tatooine begin in this time. Most visitors to this planet only come because it is a convenient stop along the hyperspace trade routes of the time. This attracts the notice of pirates, and soon the surface of Tatooine is littered with debris from orbiting space battles. That debris is then quickly buried in sandstorms, to be discovered thousands of years later. The Sandpeople are horrified at the arrival of these outsiders - outsiders who so remind them of their distant ancestors, so long ago. From this point on, the Sandpeople hate all offworld arrivals and vow to kill as many of them as possible.
"SW RPG II: Secrets of Tatooine Sourcebook" [Page 17] and "Knights of the Old Republic."

The Galactic Republic, in recognition of the pivotal role the Jedi Order played in their defense during the Great Hyperspace War, cedes to the Order a substantial area of land on Coruscant in hopes they will build a fortress to protect against future invasions. The Jedi instead build meditative centers and training facilities there, refusing to create such a strong association between the Order and the Republic government.
"SW RPG II: Power of the Jedi Sourcebook." [Page 141]


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