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S E C T I O N   1.2

13,500,000,000 - 4,998-4,000 BSW4
The Great Hyperspace War sets in motion events that will reverberate through the ages...

"The complete history of the Old Republic would fill a thousand libraries...

Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith" (1996)


4,998 BSW4

The Gotals of Antar 4 begin to use a half dozen different species of beasts for short distance transportation.
: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 24]

Naga Sadow places himself into suspended animation in a specially built chamber, in preparation for a new Sith golden age.
“The Essential Chronology.”

Odan-Urr begins to teach a new interpretation of the Jedi Code at his library/school on Ossus, one that emphasizes emotional control. Urr believes that any emotion, even positive ones such as love and loyalty, can blind Jedi to the will of the Force. In time his teachings come to be adopted by the entire Order.
“SW RPG II: Power of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 7]


4,996 BSW4

The ‘Jedi Shadows’ are formed, a secretive band of Jedi Knights who devote much of their time to gathering information on the users of the Dark Side of the Force, including the Sith. They are often charged with infiltrating Sith territory in order to gather information.
“SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Companion.”


4,995 BSW4

The Klatooinian Trade Guild is formed.
Conjecture based on Smuggler’s Log supplement in
"Star Wars Adventure Journal #11." Borrowed from Nathan Butler’s Timeline Gold. Nathan Butler: This assumes that the Smuggler’s Log entries are set about a year after ROTJ, which is derived from Platt’s mention of the Pentastar Alignment in The Official Star Wars Adventure Journal #5’s Smuggler’s Log.


4,756 BSW4

Many more Rakatans begin to emerge from their underground shelters. But these Rakatans are as violent as the warlords of the past , and soon they inaugurate a new age of warfare. Eventually, the tribe of the Rakatan known as "The One" will emerge as the strongest of them all.
?Knights of the Old Republic." Entry by Josh Ehrnwald.


4,700 BSW4

Another Sith Holocron comes to the attention of the Jedi at around this time, the last to be found for centuries.
: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 79]

In response to discoveries that the Sith are an outgrowth of their own Order, the Jedi begin to establish a loose hierarchy. A group of trusted Jedi Masters begin meeting in a Jedi Assembly to discuss galactic affairs and the Jedi’s role in them.
“SW RPG II: Power of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 7]


4,600 BSW4

Odan-Urr becomes a presider of Jedi assemblies, a post he will hold for the next six centuries.
“Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith” and “The SW Encyclopedia.” [Page 215]


4,597 BSW4

The Duinuogwuin Willm Lywin is born.
“SW Adventure Journal: The Most Dangerous Foe.”


c. 4,500 BSW4

A fierce series of wars occur on the world Mon Calamari (then known as "Dac"), between the surface-dwelling Calamari and the underwater Quarren. The primitive Quarren were jealous of the more advanced Mon Calamari, and were driven by a fanatic pride. The Quarren, despite the overwhelming odds, fight until only just over a million of them are left – all prisoners of the Mon Calamari. In the most daring social experiment of their history, the Mon Calamari attempt to civilize the Quarren and bring the two races to an equal level. They ruthlessly separate the Quarren young and teach them relentlessly for a decade, then return them to their elders. The younger Quarren were forced to defeat and kill their recalcitrant elders, then restart their civilization and tie them with the Calamari in an uneasy peace that continues into the Imperial era and beyond.
“SW RPG: Death in the Undercity.” Date is conjecture.


c. 4,470 BSW4

Freedon Nadd, a Jedi apprentice of unequalled enthusiasm and dedication, approaches what he believes to be the end of his apprenticeship and promotion to Jedi Knight. However, when the time comes, the Jedi Masters refuse to grant him the title. Stunned at this contradictory action, he seeks the advice of Master Matta Tremayne, who tells him “some things you must find in yourself.” She will not tell him what is keeping him from Knighthood. Enraged, he murders Tremayne, steals a ship, and flies toward the worlds of the former Sith Empire.
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 69-70]


c. 4,465 BSW4

After several years of searching, Freedon Nadd comes upon the planet Yavin IV. He briefly battles the Massassi, which by this point have degenerated into savages – but his vicious ways with the Force awakens memories within them. They bring him to the ancient temples, where he finds and revives Naga Sadow from his cryogenic slumber. Sadow spends the rest of his natural life training Nadd in the ways of the ancient Sith.
“The Essential Chronology.”


c. 4,450 BSW4

Freedon Nadd comes to a primitive world called Onderon, on the (then) outer edges of the Republic. He subjugates and rules over the planet, bringing to the walled civilization of Iziz (Onderon’s only city) the dark power of the Sith. He institutes a policy of banishing criminals (those who would not worship him) out into the lethal jungles of Onderon to die. The policy backfires, however...

SW RPG Tales of the Jedi Companion” [Page 72] and “The Essential Chronology.” [Page 8]


4,400 BSW4

Chamma begins his service as a Jedi Knight. His first mission as a Jedi (answering a distress call on the planet Athiss) is a total disaster: Attacked by a spirit of the Dark Side, he panics and turns to anger to destroy the beast. Convinced the Force had betrayed him (it gave no warning of the creature), he abandons his fellow Jedi and spends the next century in seclusion on the barren planet H?ratth. 
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 21]


4,398 BSW4

Freedon Nadd dies on Onderon.
Date locked by the Mos Espa Timeline.


4,350 BSW4

The Beast Wars of Onderon begin, a battle between exiled criminals and the Dark Side ruled city of Iziz.
"Tales of the Jedi" and "
Tales of the Jedi: The Freedon Nadd Uprising."


4,300 BSW4

Chamma?s solitude on H?ratth is disturbed by the arrival of a Miralukan Jedi named Noab Hulis, who explains to him what happened on Athiss a century before. The creature that had attacked him was an escapee from the fall of the Sith Empire, and he and two others had lured Chamma and his two friends there in hopes of breaking them and turning them into new Sith acolytes. The reason the Force had not warned him or aided him was because the Dark Side had momentarily disconnected him from the Light. Chamma breaks down into tears as he realizes the Force had not betrayed him ? he had betrayed the Force. Noab then adds that his defeat of the one dark being had scared off the two others, saving the lives and souls of his friends. He offers to take Chamma to Ossus to restart his training, and the fallen apprentice gratefully accepts.
"SW RPG Tales of the Jedi Companion." [Page 22]


c. 4,250 BSW4

The Vultar Cataclysm occurs, another struggle between the Light and Dark Sides of the Force.
Date locked by “The New Essential Guide to Characters.” [Page 12]


c. 4,200 BSW4

The planet Tatooine is settled by offworld miners. The oldest city on Tatooine, Anchorhead, is established near the site of a very deep well. When the ore mined from the planet proves substandard, many miners abandon the newly-created colony. This pattern is repeated over thousands of years.
“SW RPG II: Secrets of Tatooine Sourcebook.” [Page 17]


c. 4,197 BSW4

The Gank Massacres occur, a struggle between the Light and Dark Sides of the Force.
Conjecture based upon “
Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith.”


4,156 BSW4

Thanks to a buildup of toxic pollution, the few agrarian areas of the city-planet Taris are gripped by famine. The rich citizens hoard food, leaving the poor to starve. Class warfare soon escalates to civil warfare, and after much destruction and death (in the millions), the surviving poor are permanently banished to the horrid Undercity of the planet. Lost during this war is a self-sufficient colony founded just prior, a “Promised Land” beneath the Undercity and tended by droid workers. The banished poor hope against hope that someday, this Promised Land will be rediscovered.
“Knights of the Old Republic.”


4,150 BSW4

The Hapes Consortium, or Cluster, is first settled by pirates – the Lorell Raiders – who seize beautiful women to be their mates. Male domination would continue for a few generations.
Conjecture from “The SW Encyclopedia.” [Page 124]


4,068 BSW4

Queen Amanoa of Onderon is born.
"Tales of the Jedi."


c. 4,059 BSW4

Jev Sunrider serves the Jedi as watchman of the Darada system on the edge of the Core Worlds.
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 17]


c. 4,050 BSW4

The Hyabb-Twith Campaigns take place between the Jedi and the Nelori Marauders of Dachat at the Hyabb-Twith Corridor (a disputed parsec on the spinward arc of the Core Worlds that had been embroiled in conflict since the birth of the Republic). Jedi Master (and master swordsman) Arca Jeth plays a key role in resolving the conflict.
Conjecture from "
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 18]

Jedi Knights decimate the male Lorell Raiders of the Hapes Consortium. Women take control of the cluster, and the inherited leadership title of Queen Mother is initiated. The first Hapan Queen Mother makes Hapes the capital of the Hapan Cluster.
"The Courtship of Princess Leia
,” "SW RPG: Cracken's Threat Dossier" and “The SW Encyclopedia.” [Page 124]

Czerka Corporation helps to establish the then-latest mining colony on Tatooine, centered around the community of Anchorhead. Many unfortunate encounters with the indigenous Tusken Raider tribes in the area over the next century will inflame relations between the Czerka colonists and the Sand People, almost to the point of open warfare. As the years pass, the local ores will gradually peter out, forcing the colony to once again become abandoned until another entrepreneurial group takes up the task. The Jedi Knight Sidrona Diath settles on Tatooine during this attempt to colonise the planet.  His son, Dace Diath, is trained in the ways of the Jedi while living here.

?SW RPG II: Secrets of Tatooine Sourcebook,?  [Page 18] and ?Knights of the Old Republic.? Josh Ehrnwald: It seems likely that the colony resided in by Master Sidrona Diath and his son would also be  the most recent one leading into the years of KOTOR; Anchorhead's size in the game suggests at least a century of growth.



4,048 BSW4

Drokko Kira, father of Modon and grandfather of Oron, is cast out of Iziz. He promptly joins the Beast Lords.
"Tales of the Jedi."


4,040 BSW4

Novar is born into one of the wealthiest families of Iziz.
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 70]


4,028 BSW4

Novar gains acceptance in the court of King Ommin.
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 70]


4,022 BSW4

Netus serves the Republic as a member of the elite rocket – jumper corps.
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 97]

Carthas, a wondrous city located on the planet Benja-Rihn is beset by a swarm of savage beasts, but is saved from destruction by the mysterious Tet-Ami.
Star Wars Tales #13."

The Orb of Passage, an unusual stone, is discovered by the mysterious Tet-Ami. The Orb, nothing more than a round pebble in appearance, contained the power to control time.
"Star Wars Tales #13."


4,021 BSW4

Jedi Master Mroon Jassa begins training Jedi at his compound in the Truuine system.
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 24]

Andur Sunrider is born on Darada. His grandfather Jev, watchman of the Daradan system (at the edge of the Core worlds) begins to train the lad.   
Conjecture from "
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 17]


4,020 BSW4

Intrepid explorers and traders from the Brentaal League begin forging hyperspace routes deep into the Expansion Region. They create a string of colonies to provide the League with new resources for a booming economy back in the Core Worlds.
“SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi
Sourcebook.” [Page 152]


4,018 BSW4

Oron Kira is born on the planet Onderon.
Date locked by Mos Espa Timeline.

Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma are born on the planet Alderaan. Their mother is a Jedi who instructs them in all things -- except in the ways of the Force. She doesn?t think she can maintain enough emotional distance to be a good master to them.  
"Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith" and "SW RPG Tales of the Jedi Companion."

Upon the death of his father, Ommin takes the throne of Onderon and marries Lady Amanoa, daughter of a wealthy noble. Like the kings of Onderon before him, he begins to study the ways of the Sith under the tutelage of Freedon Nadd.
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi RPG Sourcebook.” [Page 72]


4,017 BSW4

Netus leaves the military, dedicating himself from that point on to politics. He would eventually become a Senator.
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 97]

Keval Raffaan is born on the planet Chandrila.
“SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi
Sourcebook.” [Page 150]


4,016 BSW4

Galia, daughter of King Ommin and Queen Amanoa and heir to the throne of Onderon, is born.
"Tales of the Jedi."

After spending a dozen years studying the fine art of diplomacy at Ov Taraba, one of the cities most prominent and expensive universities, Novar is appointed assistant to the King’s aide (a position he received due more to his father’s connections than to his own accomplishments).
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 70]


4,015 BSW4

Around this time, the Ukatis system is interdicted by its own King. He prefers to keep his people starving and poor, and closed off from the galaxy at large, the more easily oppressed. The Galactic Senate attempts to negotiate a peace settlement, but as happens all too frequently with the bureaucracy, the discussions go absolutely nowhere. So the brash Jedi Padawan Jolee Bindo decides not to wait any longer. Quite the young hellion (even to the Jedi Council), foolish and eager to take on the galaxy, Bindo always does things his way. With the help of a partner (Andor Vex?), he acquires a ship and begins smuggling food and water to the Ukatis system, through the blockade.  

However, not all of his food and supplies are exactly acquired by...legal means. Many of them are "liberated" from those well off enough to afford a small loss, yet who are unwilling to contribute to the liberation effort. Jolee considers it to be "a tax on the greedy." At one point, however, his luck runs out, when he and his partner are intercepted by an Ukatian frigate and are shot down over the planet. Although, this incident turns out to be quite the turn of fortune for the Jedi, as he first meets his future wife not long after the crash.

"Knights of the Old Republic." Entry by Josh Ehrnwald. Dating approximate, but is placed shortly before the First Sith War, considering that Jolee returns to the Jedi ranks to fight alongside his fellow comrades during the conflict.


4,014 BSW4

Jolee Bindo decides to begin training his wife in the ways of the Force, despite the Jedi Council's initial misgivings against such a course of action. They feel that to train one so old -- despite the precedent that would soon be established by Nomi Sunrider -- would pose too great a risk for the individual to fall to the Dark Side. Nonetheless, Jolee and his spouse continue to enjoy many years of marital bliss.                            "Knights of the Old Republic." Entry by Josh Ehrnwald.


4,013 BSW4


Vici Ramunee is born on the planet Alderaan.
“SW Adventure Journal: The Most Dangerous Foe.”

After several years of manipulating and undermining his mentor, Tolo Kad, Novar is promoted to minister of state.
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 72]

As he grows up, young Ulic Qel-Droma becomes driven to succeed at any cost. The Alderaanian Royal Court, where his Jedi mother served, often treated him with disdain and pity. Derisive looks and whispers seemed to follow him everywhere, and he became obsessed with proving his worth. In each subject he studied, he would gain the respect of his teachers and fellow classmates ? only to become bored and move on to something else. He deliberately avoids trying to learn about the Force for the time being, as he doesn?t want to be seen ? or to feel ?  as if he were riding his mother?s coattails.

?SW RPG Tales of the Jedi Companion.? [Page 34]


4,012 BSW4

Around this time, young Jolee Bindo begins journeying with another fellow Jedi named Andor Vex. The Force was said to have "swirled like a hurricane" around Andor, prompting many Jedi to believe that a great destiny awaited him...a mythos of perceived infallibility which, unfortunately, Andor himself soon began to buy into. During one particular trip, Andor and Jolee are captured by Dimean raiders led by a politically strong lord named Krant. Upon being hauled up to the bridge of their ship, Andor's arrogance takes over. He begins demanding their freedom, lording his supposedly enormous "reputation" over all of the Dimeans, etcetera. Krant simply grabs him by the throat and tosses him down the nearest reactor shaft. However, the interaction of Andor's corpse with the reactor's energy controls sets off a chain reaction, destroying the Dimean forces and killing Krant. Jolee just barely makes it off their ship alive.  

So...Andor Vex's "great destiny" DID meet up with him, although not in a way he or anyone else could have ever predicted. This incident changes the political course of the entire sector for centuries to come.

"Knights of the Old Republic." Entry by Josh Ehrnwald. Placed here prior to the First Sith War, owing to the length of Jolee's own personal Jedi training period.



4,009 BSW4

Zythmar, temple priest of the Massassi warriors of Yavin IV, enters an extended period of solitude that lasts until the Sith War.
“The SW Encyclopedia.” [Page 354]

Jev Sunrider, grandfather of Andur and Jedi Knight, leaves the family to pursue an evil force on Krayiss II. He never comes home.
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 17]


4,008 BSW4

The spirit of Jev Sunrider visits the teenage Andur to say farewell to his grieving grandson. His final words: ?It is up to you. You will play a part in the coming war. But do not resist the role the Force wishes you to play, for things are not always as they seem.?
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 17]


An alien pirate captain named Finhead Stonebone arrives in known space without a single possession and unable to speak Basic. He quickly took to illegal means of generating income, finding a gunnery position aboard a pirate vessel in the Vorc sector within a week.
"SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 99]


4,007 BSW4

Veni Ramunee is born on the planet Alderaan.
“SW Adventure Journal: The Most Dangerous Foe.”


4,006 BSW4

Finhead Stonebone assumes the role of first mate aboard a pirate ship, and eventually steals and embezzles enough funds to buy his own pirate marauder corsair, the Starjacker.
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 99]


4,004 BSW4

Carth Onasi is born.
“Knights of the Old Republic.”


4,003 BSW4

After a decade of manipulating King Ommin, Novar convinces him to take him on as an apprentice to learn his secrets of dark side magic.
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 72]


4,002 BSW4

Oss Wilum, a Vultan, completes his Jedi training under Master Arca on Stenness. He had initially begun his training under Master Garnoo, who died before the training was complete. He goes on to live with Master Thon on Ambria.
"Tales of the Jedi" and "
Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith."

Qrrl Toq leaves his homeworld for the first time.
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 30]

Andur Sunrider begins his Jedi training under Master Chamma (an old acquaintance of his father Jev) on H'ratth. Along for the ride is his new wife Nomi, and their personal droid Threedee.   

"SW RPG Tales of the Jedi RPG Companion.?  [Page 18]  


Reluctantly, Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma?s mother begins training them in the ways of the Jedi. The mechanically-minded Cay does okay, but Ulic excels ? for the first time he doesn?t have to expend all of his energy to learn something. He seems to be a natural in the ways of the Force. The more he learns, the more he wants to learn ? so much so that his mother begins to fear he?s getting too intense in his studies. She warns him that he may be missing the underlying meaning of the Jedi way and he?ll get himself in trouble if he continues on this course. He laughs off the notion, quoting the Jedi Code to (unsuccessfully) calm her down.

?SW RPG Tales of the Jedi Companion.? [Page 34]



4,001 BSW4

Kith Kark, a Gotal who?d come to realize he had no direction in life, encounters a group of Jedi apprentices while on a sightseeing excursion in the Truuine system.  Kith, sensing the inner peace and calm of the Jedi (a calm that appeals to something inside him), decides to follow them to the training compound of Jedi Master Mroon Jassa. The Jedi apprentices are welcomed, but Jassa ignores Kith. Shocked and offended, Kith declares that he wants to become a Jedi. No answer. When he loudly demands Jassa?s attention, the Jedi Master tells him ?By your own actions, you have proven that you are not ready to commune with the Force. Now I suggest you leave. Perhaps the next time you return, I will be ready to make a commitment.?
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 24]

Two years into his training, King Ommin becomes too ill to continue mentoring Novar. Luckily (and to Novar’s surprise), Queen Amanoa took Ommin’s place as mentor, bringing him through the next levels of Sith technique. In time, Novar grew in power, eventually becoming a minor dark side wizard. King Ommin’s Dark Side caused illness worsens, as his very bone marrow degenerates. His personal physicians construct a durasteel exoskeleton to support him and keep him alive. He goes into hiding to pursue Dark Side studies, leaving Queen Amanoa in charge of Iziz. Rumours circulate of his death, and he does nothing to discourage them.
“Tales of the Jedi RPG
Sourcebook.” [Page 68, 72]


4,000 BSW4

A huge droid revolution occurs on Coruscant, where nearly every droid on the planet rises up against its masters. Jedi Master Arca Jeth and many other Jedi on Coruscant help defend the planet's citizens from the malfunctioning droids. This event is later known as The Great Droid Revolution.
"Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith."

In the aftermath of the Great Droid Revolution, ionization blasters are developed specifically to cripple droids.

?The New Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology.? [Page 15]

The first Republic settlers are brought to the planet Muzara by a colony cruiser from the Brentaal League. They establish a base atop one of the massive plateaus where they can oversee the agricultural enterprises planned for Muzara. The league intends to produce food on the planet for export to nearby settlements that are not yet self – sufficient.
“SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi
Sourcebook.” [Page 151]

Ssseeeeseetek, a Galidyn, is born on the planet Fyodos. He would become the oldest, strongest, and wisest of his kind on the planet. He would become the ruler of the Galidyn city closest to the Roh tribe of Fyodoi.
“SW RPG: Planets of the Galaxy: Volume 2.”

Churabba, a female Hutt with a cunning business mind, controls the Si'Klaata Cluster during this period of time. She was there when the Cult of M'dweshuu once again rose to power on Kintan. It was believed that she admired the Cult for its ability to galvanize the Nikto race, even as she sought to destroy it to gain control of the Nikto race. She ordered that the Cult's main headquarters be bombarded, killing off many of the Cult's leaders and leaving the Nikto people without a strong leadership. The Nikto then signed their support over to her.
: Galaxy Guide 12: Aliens – Enemies and Allies.”

The Duinuogwuin race makes first contact with the rest of the galaxy. An intense war breaks out on Coruscant between both sides, until Supreme Chancellor Fillorean and the Star Dragon known as Borz'Mat'oh are able to work out a peaceful settlement to the hostilities. To commemorate the end of the conflict, both sides founded the University of Coruscant, hoping to provide greater education and promote greater tolerance throughout the galaxy. This period of history is often referred to as the Duinuogwuin Contention.
Conjecture based upon “SW RPG II: Coruscant and the Core Worlds.”

Kevan Raffaan graduates from school on Chandrila, and hopes to enroll at the Diplomatic Institute on Coruscant, wanting to further hone his abilities and later go on to serve the Republic as a negotiator. Little does Kevan know: the Force changes his destiny, and he elects to leave the life of an average student, and apprentices himself to Jedi Master Ma’tien.
“SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Companion.” [Page 150]

By this point in galactic history, the Jedi training centers on Coruscant have formed the beginnings of a massive ziggurat – the beginnings of the Jedi Temple.
“SW RPG II: Power of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 141]

Old Corellian, or ‘olys Corellisi’, an archaic dialect still found in some sections of the Corellian sector and the galaxy, fades into extinction. There still exists a secluded sub-culture that insists on using the language, so as to remember the past and the Corellian forebears who helped open up the galaxy. Socorro, for instance, is a planet with a known Old Corellian dialect still in active use.
"Star Wars Adventure Journal."

Galactic explorers from the Old Republic make contact with Onderon. Off-world traders begin to arm the Beast-Lords with advanced weaponry.
"Tales of the Jedi."

The Tallaan shipyards are built. At the junction of a number of trade routes frequented by several space – faring species, among them the Herglics, Humans, and Sullustans, the Tallaan system has always been home to large communities made up of a variety of species. The Tallaan shipyards, orbiting the planet Tallaan, begin to become an internal cog in the interstellar operations of the Republic.
: Cracken’s Rebel Operatives.” [Page 50]

After spending a year back on Antar 4 reading up and learning everything he can about the Jedi, Kith Kark presents himself before Master Jassa ? and is again rejected.  For the second time, Kith leaves Truuine angry and unsure of his next step.

"SW RPG Tales of the JediRPG Companion.?  [Page 24]  

The card game Pazaak is developed. The basic idea of Pazaak was to acquire enough cards to reach a specific total (20 points). However, certain cards were only available on certain planets, so travel was required in order to obtain them.
Conjecture based upon "Star Wars Gamer #10."

Vima Sunrider is born to Andur and Nomi Sunrider on the planet H'ratth.
Conjecture from "
SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.” [Page 18]

Dace Diath?s Jedi training on Tatooine goes hard ? almost too hard for him for take. He abhorred the level of discipline he had to maintain, but didn?t want to fail and disappoint his father. His doubts plagued him, and Sidrona tried his best to encourage the boy ? those who worked hardest to attain their connection to the Force often proved the most proficient teachers. After a hard day of training in the Jundland Wastes, Dace is finally ready to give up altogether?then, as he meditates at the edge of the Dune Sea, he realizes that it?s his own doubts that are holding him back. Regaining faith in himself, he rededicates himself to his training and finds it goes a lot easier this time.

"SW RPG Tales of the Jedi RPG Companion.?  [Page 23]  

Matri Bey serves as the Governor of the Trans-Nebular Sector. She was more of a bureaucrat and less of a politician, and found that she was overwhelmed with the running of an entire sector. Governor Bey was unaware of the brewing trouble between the Corellians and the Aqualish factions that were mining on Goroth Prime, and was powerless when full-scale war broke out.
“SW RPG: Goroth - Slave of the Empire.”

D'Jar'Min, a military police force, is created by the Gorothite people to try and hold off any hostilities between the Corellian and Aqualish factions which controlled the hyperbaride mining operations on Goroth Prime. The name D'Jar'Min literally meant "Planetary Defense Arm.” Initially, the D'Jar'Min was little more than a symbol of autonomy for the Gorothites, but it evolved into a powerful police force.
“SW RPG: Goroth - Slave of the Empire.”

Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma?s mother sends the two young men to Master Arca Jeth?s training compound on Arkania, where he will continue their Jedi training. She does so worrying that one son might outshine the other, creating a dangerous rivalry. Cay laughs off the notion?.but as their training progresses, he begins to sense an ominous overconfidence in Ulic, and a growing frustration at the slow pace of Arca?s training. He tries to address his concerns, masking his feelings in humor.

?SW RPG Tales of the Jedi Companion.? [Page 20]

J'Kek D'rith Kalama, a Gorothite and member of the J'Kek j'ber, becomes the Rel'Kan of his people. It was Rel'Kan J'Kek who mediated the initial discussions between the Corellian and Aqualish factions which desired to mine hyperbarides on the planet. J'Kek struggled mightily to remain neutral throughout the negotiations, vowing to give each side equal opportunity to match the bids made for various mining rights. In this way, Rel'Kan J'Kek obtained great wealth for the P'Dar'Ken, but he was blinded to the fact that the Corellians and the Aqualish were gearing up for a confrontation which led to The Scouring. For his part in securing this wealth, J'Kek's supporters wanted him to be given the position of Rel'Kan until his death, but the P'Dar'Ken voted against it. Modern Gorothites viewed J'Kek D'rith Kalama as evil incarnate, for his part in The Scouring, and the insult of being tainted with "the blood of the J'Kek" was a venomous attack.
“SW RPG: Goroth - Slave of the Empire.”

Dylinium, a valuable ore, begins to be mined.
“SW RPG: Goroth - Slave of the Empire.”

Vici Ramunee begins her Jedi training
under Master Tannis, an Omwati Jedi Master who arrived on Alderaan out of the blue and expressed interest in Vici and her younger brother Veni. Their parents allowed the training only reluctantly, as they had been a great help to the family?s l?lahsh distillery. Veni is forced to remain behind for a couple of years while Vici goes on to the Jedi praxeum (academy) on Teya IV.
“SW Adventure Journal: The Most Dangerous Foe.”

Sundari, the hot, arid third planet in the Garos system, is settled as a mining colony. Sundari immediately began to trade with its sister planet, Garos IV, because the Sundars were dependent on an outside supply of foodstuffs.
“The SW Encyclopedia.” [Page 288]



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