Last updated September 9, 1997


  After Jabba's henchment leave the palace, we see a medium shot of a heard of CG Banthas shuffling through the desert.
  The shot fades to a more distant one which continues to move to the left and over a sand dune we see the original shot of the Sail Barge and the Skiffs sailing by.

  The choppy movement of the single figure walking atop the Sail Barge in the original has been replaced by two new figures with smoother movement.
  A moving CG beak and tentacles have been added to each shot showing the Sarlacc.

  When the victims fall in to the pit, the CG beak lowers into the pit and opens wider to accomodate the original footage.

  The closeup of Chewie holding Han's feet and he hangs off the Skiff, we can see new CG ropes holding his feet in place.

  As Lando attempts to keep himself from sliding in, the beak pops up from the pit snapping meanacingly.

  Han's line, "It's all right. Trust me. Don't move." is now "It's all right. I can see a lot better."

  As in ESB, the blue has been added to Artoos panels during the exterior space closeup shot. (The panels are black in the original since the bluescreen technique used to combine film elements didn't allow the blue coloring.)

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