Last updated September 9, 1997


  A Praxis-style shock wave was added to the Death Star explosion, as in ANH. This time, the wave shoots toward the camera as the Falcon flies out of frame.

  The camera pans up from Vader's body to a shot of ships releasing fireworks in the sky, as in the original.

The cut to a second group of X-Wings and fireworks is replaced by a fade to fireworks over a Cloud City building. The camera follows a cloud car decending to reveal the same exterior shot as the new croud listening to Lando's warning in ESB. A second cloud car flies by and the camera follows it up and left over another building.

  A quick diagonal wipe reveals an overhead shot of the celebration in Mos Eisley. A T-16 Skyhopper flies into the frame and away from the camera as people wave from the filled street and the tops of buildings.

  As the camera moves left we see Coruscant at night. High in the sky a platform leads to an awaiting air bus. The camera moves to the left and we see tall building in dark purples, blacks and browns.

  The shot moves all the way to the right and we see some kind of public square where a stormtrooper is "body-surfed" (possibly involentarily) through the crowd. In the background, we see a statue of the Emperor pulled down as the crowd cheers. The camera moves up and left to show move fireworks which fades back to the original Endor fireworks.

  After the camera pans down, we see a new shot of Ewoks playing long horns and drums. Rather than the original 'Yub Nub' celebration song, a new more somber John Williams composition plays hilited by a pan flute and then voice.

  The next shot shows Rebels and Ewoks dancing in a circle around a bon fire.

  After an original shot of Ewoks treehouses, there's a new overhead shot of some treehouses and a platform where some Rebels are dancing.

  The rest of the celebration scene video is unchanged except Luke's hug with Han was moved until after Lando's hand gestures demonstrating his escape to Chewie.

  A previously unused shot of an embrace between Luke and Wedge has been inserted before Han hugs Leia.

  As in the other SEs, some music was repeated to allow for extra Special Edition credits.

The film ends with the 1-800-PHONE-THX phone number as part of Lucasfilm's THX Theatre Alignment Program.

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