Last updated September 6, 1997



  The original "flat-looking" 20th Century Fox logo has been replaced with their newer 3D version with a more colorful sky. The Fox music used is the same as that used in the original 1983 release, recorded specificly for Star Wars.

The original plain green "A Lucasfilm Limited Production" text has been replaced by their newer logo. It appears first as a green outline, is then filled with silver and then gold.

  When we come back to Jabba's throne room from the droid tortune chamber, the initial shot of Bib Fortuna beside the Max Rebo band is replaced by a similar one which quickly pans to the left to show Oola and the fat dancer in front of Jabba through an archway. This is a previously unused 1983 shot angle of the fat dancer's 'high stepping' moves.

  The band is no longer playing 'Lapti Nek', but we hear the end of a new song by an expanded band. This song features a new green frog-like creature playing an electronic flute-harmonica. Several shots from the original 'Lapti Nek' are interspersed among the new sequence.

  As this song finishes, a previously unused shot shows Oola arching and then bowing. There is a close-up shot of Jabba, who demands, "Do that again."

  A new CG character named Joh Yowza (a yuzzum) barks out an introduction to the song. He is speaking a non-'Basic' language, presumably Huttese. He then brings in the band, with the equivalent of "2, 3, 4..."

Behind him, you can see two new band members: a Bith on a wind instrument, dressed in a black turtle-neck and a Rodian playing something like a saxaphone. (This Rodian is dressed in red and black and is the first we see in the SW universe who isn't wearing the same outfit as Greedo.)

  The song (known as "Jedi Rocks") begins with a few measures of horns, and then jumps into a Sy Snootles solo. Sy is redone as a CG character that dances and has articulated lip movement.

She is accompanied by three backup singers: a humanoid woman of unknown species with markings like Star Trek trills along with a few horns on her head and big red hair, a Rodian in a red bikini outfit and a white Twi'lek (white like Bib, as opposed to green like Oola) wearing black leather strips.

  There is a new percussion section made up of a couple of Weequay pounding on oversized drums.

  A few original shots are intermixed with the new ones, including the closeup of Boba Fett as a Jawa passes by in the background, the shot of Droopy McCool playing as Max Rebo waves a finger back and forth, and the closeup of Oola and Yarna d'al Gargan (the fat dancer) passing each other.

A shot showing Oola on the dance floor from behind Jabba is included which is slightly different than the one in the original. The new shot shows Oola to the right of the frame doing a high kick. Boba Fett has been added in the foreground passing from left to right towards the stage.

  Joh joins in with Sy to make the song a duet. We get a shot of each singer with their mouth an inch from the camera.

  There is a new medium shot of Oola flipping her chain like a whip towards the camera.
  As the song reaches a climax, some new shots of Oola resisting Jabba's advances are interspersed with some of the original shots.

  When Jabba releases the trap door and Oola falls screaming, the song stops abruptly as the band looks down and Sy lets out an "Uh-oh!"

  There is new footage showing Oola (they brought back the actress who played Oola 14 years ago for these new shots) sliding into the Rancor pit. She lands on her back, rolls to her knees and looks around the pit nervously. One of the original shots of the crowd looking down through the gate is shown, then a new shot of Oola looking up at the onlookers. (This shot replaces the one of Jabba sliding forward waving his arms in satisfaction.) Another original scene of the henchmen looking down through the grate is there and then the shot cuts to a new closeup of Oola's face as we see her spot the Rancor and let loose her final scream.

  As Jabba says, "At last we have the mighty Chewbacca", we see a closeup of Boba with the red-haired and Twi'lek dancers at his side. He is propping himself up with his arm against the doorway, leaning in towards the redhed.

Once Jabba knocks over Threepio and things begin to get tense, we again see a shot of Boba brushing the chin of the redhed in farewell, then leaves the frame to move into position on Boussh.

  The song Max Rebo's band plays once the Boussh deal is done can still be heard during the entire scene where the Gammorean gurads take Chewie to his cell, and for the first half of the Jabba's Palace exterior shot before Bubbo grabs his snack and burps.

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