Last updated Tuesday, Aug 26, 1997


  Inside the cantina, the closeup shot of wolfman from the original has been replaced by a new alien whose face looks like a cross between a donkey and lizard. He's drinking and wearing a hat.
  The original shot with wolfman looking at the thing that looks like someone's arm has wolfman replaced with an elephant-like alien. (In my opinion, the arm thing also needed to go.)
  When R2 and C-3P0 see the informant talking to the stormtrooper, a new dewback with a CG stormtrooper dismounting it was added.
  Han's original line to Greedo "Yes, I bet you have" is replaced by "I bet you have." At that point, a new shot is used showing the table and both Han and Greedo all in the frame at the same time. Greedo fires a shot into the wall (leaving no mark on the wall) and then Han shoots Greedo. This remix is designed to clarify what Lucas intended for this scene all along.
  A floating droid accompanies the stormtroopers on their door to door search.
  As Luke sells his landspeeder, through the doorway behind them a new ship can be seen swooping.

  When Han goes to his ship, he is met by Jabba the Hutt. This scene was originaly filmed in 1976 with a fat Irish actor in Jabba's place. The actor is replaced here by a CG Jabba who's younger and thinner than he is in ROTJ. The music used here is borrowed from Jabba's Palace in ROTJ.
  Han convinces Jabba to give him an extension on his debt and Jabba and his henchmen leave, followed by Boba Fett (played in the SE by former ILM employee Mark Austin) who pauses to survey the scene.
  A new overhead shot shows the Millenium Falcon lifting off and leaving the docking bay while stormtroopers blast away.
  In the original shot of the stormtroopers watching the Falcon, it makes a straight diagonal exit out of the frame. For the SE, this was replaced by a CG Falcon which fires thrusters and makes an arc out of frame.

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