Last updated Tuesday, Aug 26, 1997


  The overhead view of Mos Eisley from the cliff was replaced by a similar shot with slightly different city shape, a purple sky and some air traffic.
  The landspeeder entering Mos Eisley was cleaned up (like the rest of the landspeeder shots) and is noticably lower to the ground than in the original. A large number of CG "scurriers" can be seen running around getting clear of the landspeeder and making jabbering noises. (These are not womp rats.) A ship crosses in the sky.
  A Mos Eisley street is shown. To the left, some Asp droids (originally featured in "Shadows of the Empire") are loading cargo into a transport. In the foreground, another Asp is being pestered by a floating droid. The Asp gets frustrated and bashes the other droid to the ground.
  Luke's landspeeder enters the scene, the shot moves to the right and more of the new Mos Eisley can be seen. In the sky, a few ships (Imperial Landing Crafts) land and take off, including Dash Rendar's Outrider (again, from "Shadows of the Empire").
  We see a ground view looking down a street with pedestrian traffic along the side of humans, Stormtroopers, another lumbering Asp droid and three bouncing scurriers. Luke's speeder heads down the street away from the camera.
  The landspeeder passes behind a large ronto carrying two Jawas. A swoop (yet another "Shadows of the Empire" creation) nearly hits the front of the ronto, which rears up like a horse. This throws one Jawa off the back and the other Jawa falls still holding on to the reins and swings from side to side.
  As the landspeeder approaches the checkpoint, a Ronto passes the foreground, replacing the small astromesh droid from the original.
  Another floating droid floats by during the portrait shot of the weak-minded stormtrooper who Ben influences.
  As the landspeeder moves along, a ronto stands in the background.
  Another overhead shot of Mos Eisley is shown. As the landspeeder crosses the frame, two more rontos can be seen below what could be the crashed ship spoken of in "Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina".
  A man walking his ronto passes in front of the landspeeder as it moves toward the cantina. The blur effect under the speeder has been removed.
  As the speeder comes to a stop, the man walking his ronto can be seen moving away over Luke's shoulder.
  The motionless dewback in the first shot of the cantina doorway has been replaced by a CG version who moves his head from side to side. Another Imperial transport moves in the sky and two new human patrons have been added entering the bar.
  As the heros enter the cantina, the dewback "barks" at them twice.

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