Last updated Tuesday, Aug 26, 1997



  The Alderaan explosion was replaced with a new effect where the a large ring blasts out horizontally while the main round mass of the planet explodes in place and then hurdles outward in all directions. This is a similar effect to that used in Star Trek 6 when the Klingon moon Praxis explodes. (The word 'Praxis' is actually used in the ANH:SE credits.)
  As in the original, C-3P0 describes in detail that there are seven main power sources for the tractor beam and that the loss of power at any single location will disable the beam. This dialog is missing from several of the video releases.

When Han chases the group of stormtroopers, the original "dead end" has been replaced by a new shot of a docking bay filled with dozens of stormtroopers and a TIE fighter.

  During the close-up shots of Leia firing at the stormtroopers across the chasm, her gun makes a bang sound like a hand gun. The sound is normal during the long shots of Leia firing.
  The stormtrooper dialog "Close the blast doors" as they chase Han and Chewie has been added. While this shot has been missing in some video releases, it was in the original film. In the original, the line was spoken with the same voice as the line "Open the blast doors". However, in the SE a different voice speaks the line.

  As the Millenium Falcon leaves the Death Star hanger, the familiar thruster visual effect was added.
  During the TIE battle with the MF leaving the DS, the targeting computer makes many new beeping sounds. (Much like a late-1970s arcade game.)
  In the original, the Falcon flies underneath Yavin which takes up the top half of the screen. For the SEs, a new CG Falcon passes to the right of visually enhanced planet Yavin.
  The Rebel troop on his lookout tower now sees a new larger CG Falcon which flys by, makes an arc and lands on a landing platform in front of one of the temples.
  The original Massai temple entrance was a contrete wall with an opening in the bottom. The new shot shows a new matte painting over the top half of the frame. A new floating troop transport is shown entering the base.

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