Last updated Tuesday, Aug 26, 1997



  The original flat, motionless, 20th Century Fox logo has been replaced with their newer 3D version with moving lights. The Fox music used is the same as that used in the original 1977 release.

The original Lucasfilm text has been replaced by their newer logo. It appears first as a green outline, is then filled with silver and then gold.

  The scene where R2-D2 is captured by Jawas now opens with a new digital matte painting of an orange sunset sky and then panning down to the shot of R2 rolling along a dried out riverbed. The original scene appears to be during the day, but the new scene has been darkened to make it appear to be dusk.
  The sky has been darkened during the shot where the Jawas are carrying R2 up the hill to the sandcrawler.
  During the last shot of the sandcrawler driving beside the cliff, the sky in the upper right has been darkened and stars are visible.
  The scene where the stormtroopers find the escape pod opens showing one stormtrooper looking to the left, another to the right through macrobinoculars and a third riding a new CG dewback to the right. An Imperial shuttle (slightly different than those in ROTJ) is taking off behind them. The shot follows the dewback to the right. Two troopers walk towards and past the camera and another stationary dewback and rider can be seen in the backgroud.
  The camera angle changes and we see the two troopers now walking away from the camera. The dewback in motion turns and follows the troopers with its tail swishing in the sand. This dewback is then followed by two more stormtroopers.
  The camera angle changes again to show basically the same shot that starts this scene in the original. This time, there are two dewbacks at the top of the hill, one yawning and another moving forward slowly. The pan to the left, and the "Look sir, droids" is unchanged.
  The shot of the Sandcrawler approaching the Lars farm was redone. The original showed the Sandcrawler in the distance, while the new shot shows a close up with the vehicle moving down a small slope. As it drives past the camera, the view zooms in to the top front of the vehicle. This was not a computer generated shot, but was a model from the Lucasfilm archives.
  The scenes showing Luke's landspeeder were touched up. The noticable "vaseline smudge"/"force field" (as Lucas calls it) effect under the speeder has been removed and the shadow made sharper. In some scene's, the landspeeder appears to be slightly further off the ground than before.
  The transition shot showing Ben's house has been replaced. The new shot shows his house on a hill, with smoke coming out of the chimney, a moisture vaperator and a bird circling overhead.
  In the cut-shot before the board room discussion, the Death Star is not standing motionless, but is rotating to the east on its polar axis..
  As Luke's landspeeder climbs the hill to the lookout point, the bottom of the craft is visible, no longer blocked by the rocks..

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