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  The matte painting long-shot of the hanger is now before Luke brushes the underside of his ship's wing, since that's the start of a missing scene with Biggs. As the two are reunited and promising to catch up on old news, Red Leader approaches and wants to know if farmboy Luke can handle an X-Wing. Biggs assures him that Luke is the best pilot from the outer rims.
  A pilot crosses the frame's foreground in order to facilitate a cut in the original dialog where Red Leader talks about Luke's father.
  In the original, the Rebel lookout sees the leaving ships as small white blobs. The SE features much closer and more detailed CG X and Y-Wings leaving the moon over the treetops.

  The X and Y-Wings passing the planet Yavin are new detailed CGIs which pass the camera. The pilots inside the ship can be seen moving and R2 is shown in full color.

  In the original, the X-Wings approach the Death Star in a straight single file line. The new shot shows them approaching in a staggered pattern with new hydrolic sound effects as they "lock their S-foils into attack position".
  On the first approach as some X-Wings "cut across the axis to draw their fire", the initial shot showing the X-Wings diving is the same. However, the second shot which originally showed four X-Wings moving virtually straight down from the top of the frame to the bottom has been replaced with a new CG shot where the camera is behind the X-Wings and swoops in at a more gradual angle.

  The original shot with X-Wings passing by a firing gunner flying in a unison straight line was replaced with a CG version with the two X-Wings staggered slightly and an enhanced green glow as the gun fires.

  The next shot originally showed an X-Wing making a straight line retreat from the surface. It was replaced with a CG shot with an X-Wing making an upward arc, passing by the camera.

  The shot up Luke "pulling up" out of the explosion was replaced with a similiar, but more detailed CG shot.

  The lone X-Wing seen after the announcement that the "firing range is in seven minutes" has been replaced by a new shot with two X-Wings and some Y-Wings visible in the background.
  The original shot after a TIE is on Biggs' tail, but he "can't see it" showed a long shot of the TIE and Biggs slowly turning. This was replaced by a CG shot from behind the two ships maneuvering from side to side.
  The next exterior shot originally showed the TIE chasing Biggs straight across the frame from right to left. The replacement CG shot is from left to right and Biggs is trying to evade the TIE.
  In the original shot of Luke coming up behind the TIE, each ship moved one at a time from the top of the frame to the bottom. In the new CG shot, all three ships are seen.
  As Luke pursues the TIE, the originally moved from the top of the frame to the bottm, turning counterclockwise in unison. They now race from right to left, with the TIE banking one way and Luke banking the other.
  The pursuit shot of Luke and the TIE he "can't shake" was replaced by a closer CG shot with much more ship movement.
  The next exterior shot now has Luke banking more and other dog fights can be seen in the stary sky behind him.
  The shot of Wedge coming to save Luke through the TIE cockpit was replaced by a similar CG shot.

  In the original, this was followed by two shots: one with the TIE exploding and the next showing Wedge from behind. This is now a single exterior shot which shows Wedge enter the frame, fire at the TIE and hit it, the TIE explodes and Wedge flies through the explosion.

  For Red Leader's approach, the original showed two shots: one with two X-Wings flying toward the surface and second with a single X-Wing approaching the surface. This was replaced by an overhead CG shot with all three approaching the surface.
  The shot of Red Leader flying by the explosion caused by his shot at the exhaust port was redone, lighting up his ship much more than the original.
  After Han takes out the TIEs, the original shot with the Falcon flying upside down was replaced with a new CGI shot of the Falcon flying by right-side up making an arc out of the frame.
  The shot of the Rebel ships leaving the Death Star was replaced by a more detailed CG shot with more ship movement..

  The Death Star explosion was redone using the same effect as for Alderaan, except here the blast ring shoots into space vertically.
  The matte painting of the troops on the outside edges of the shot showing the awards ceremony hall has been modified to blend in better with the rest of the shot.


  All of the credits now scroll faster than they did in the original.

George Lucas is now listed as 'Executive Producer' after Gary Kurtz.

  For the first time in any release of 'A New Hope', James Earl Jones is given a credit for the voice of Darth Vader.

  The names of the actors who played Imperial officers and Rebel pilots are listed.

Many people are mentioned for their work on the Special Edition.

The music has been looped to accomodate the new credits.

The film ends with the 1-800-PHONE-THX phone number as part of Lucasfilm's THX Theatre Alignment Program.

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