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Will of the Force
this was the way the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic described the natural ebb and flow of the Force, movements that no Jedi - nor, for that matter, any Sith - had ever begun to understand. However, it was the Jedi who eventually gave themselves over to it, surrendering to its mystery while contemplating its effects.

Will, The
this was the term used to describe the collective hive mind of one of the Colony's hives. Each hive had its own Will, although the quasi-telepathic link between members of the hive only extended a short distance. Any single hive member who traveled away from its nest lost their ability to sense their hive and to communicate with other members. However, as long as there existed a "chain" of individuals, the Will of the hive was not broken. Thus, the collective mind could be extended well beyond the nest as long as the chain was unbroken. For centuries, individual hives moved as the Will of the hive dictated, and the Colony never overextended itself. When Raynar Thul joined to the Yoggoy and created the Unu hive, all this changed. UnuThul's deep connection to the Force seemed to create a Will of the Colony, which brought all the hive Wills together and allowed the Colony to expand almost exponentially. It was this expansion, and its implications, that worried the Chiss.

Will, The
the artificial intelligence in control of the Eye of Palpatine. It was the central mission control computer, and was programmed to perform all necessary functions according to Imperial doctrine.

Wing Tip Theel
this acquaintance of Han Solo and Lando Calrissian was an infamous slicer stationed on Algar. He was one of the few individuals who had cracked the central computer of the Algar Pleasure Dome.

Workers, The
this was the underprivileged majority which lived on the planet Apsolon, during the Old Republic. In the decades leading up to the Battle of Naboo, the Workers began to rebel against the control exerted on them by the Civilized minority. Through a series of industrial sabotage actions, the Workers began to crippled Apsolon's high-tech industry. Some fifteen years before the Battle of Naboo, the Civilized finally realized that they had to recognize the contributions of the Workers. The Jedi Knights were asked to mediate a planetary election, which resulted in the election of Ewane as the planetary leader. Despite the victory of having a Worker elected to rule the planet, the Workers blamed the Jedi for forcing them to hold neutral trials for war criminals.

Works, The
this was the name given to one of the many industrial sectors found on the planet Coruscant. Hundreds of years before the onset of the Clone Wars, The Works was abandoned by many of Coruscant's largest manufacturers, who found that they could build the same products cheaper on more remote worlds. The Works fell into disrepair, and many of its former inhabitants left to either follow the jobs or obtain newer housing. Over time, The Works became a haven for all manner of criminals, and most Coruscani refused to even go near the area. Fugitives from Nar Shaddaa were known to pass through The Works on a regular basis. The local police force claimed that the number of bodies buried within the warehouses and factories would qualify The Works as a cemetary. Interestingly, The Works was located to the south and west of the Senate District, and stood in stark contrast to the opulence afforded by the leaders of government. Many Coruscani would have gladly razed the entire area, but there existed little or no recorded information on who actually owned what within its boundaries. It was within The Works that the Jedi Order discovered a secret meeting place used by Darth Sidious and Count Dooku, during the height of the Clone Wars. Sidious had imbued most of The Works with the energy of the dark side of the Force, and it was here that he trained both Darth Maul and Darth Tyranus to be his apprentices. During the height of the New Order, The Works experienced something of a renaissance, for it was here that hundreds of TIE Fighters were produced every day in support of the Imperial war machine.

Worm, The
this site, located on the moon of Eskaron, was formed from the dessicated body of an immense space slug. Originally discovered by Likk Nibk, The Worm was a passageway through the moon which was formed when the slug died. Scientists believed that the original slug was more than 12,000 years old when it died. All internal organs and tissues had dissolved over time, leaving the interior of the tunnel covered with dried skin. A team of entrepreneurial smugglers established a starship race inside The Worm, during the last century of the Old Republic.

Wyrd, The
this group of Force-attuned Tarasin drew their strength from the Dark Side of the Force. The Wyrd was essentially a terrorist group, preying upon Tarasin and offworlder settlements and stealing supplies and children. As the Clone Wars dragged on, the activities of The Wyrd became more obvious and frequent, and many believed that they had become allied with the Sith. The Wyrd suffered many defeats during the Clone Wars, but their numbers continued to be replenlished, and even humans and other non-Tarasin races were accepted as members. It was hoped that the death of Dariana and the defeat of the Jedi Knights during the Clone Wars would give the members of The Wyrd their opportunity to rise to power and claim Cularin for their own.

Xi Char Cathedral
this was the primary manufacturing facility of the Xi Char order, located on the Xi Charrian homeworld of Charros IV.

Xim the Despot
a legendary, pre-Old Republic tyrant, Xim was a native of the planet Argai. As a youth, Xim was the heir to his father's holdings, and by the age of twenty he had conquered a number of systems by leading his father's pirate bands on raids. Xim grew to power by despoiling entire planets, collecting and selling slaves, stranding entire populations in deep space, and collecting enough armaments to support his goals. Xim ruled for about thirty years, until his despicable rule ended with his defeat at the Third Battle of Vontor, about a century before the formation of the Old Republic. Up to that time, Xim had conquered hundreds of thousands of worlds near the Tion Hegemony, and was planning to expand into Hutt Space. At this time, some twenty-five years into his reign, Xim's empire spread from the Maw Cluster to the Radama Void. As he began making incursions in Hutt Space, his forces were ambushed at Vontor and destroyed. Xim vowed to exact revenge on the Hutts, and launched two more attempts to defeat the Hutts. His forces were in the process of transporting a huge shipment to Dellalt, and this shipment became the basis for most of the legends of the Queen of Ranroon, the ship he was using to transport military materials to Dellalt. After the Third Battle of Vontor, Xim was captured and enslaved by Kossak the Hutt. When his death was announced several years later, the crew of the Queen of Ranroon scuttled the mission in the mountains of Dellalt, leaving the vaults Xim and built empty and awaiting the arrival of a new despot to take Xim's place. His empire held together for nearly a century after his death, before it broke apart into smaller pieces: the Kingdom of Cron, the Jaminere Marches, the Indrexu Confederaton, the Keldrath Alignment, the Thanium Worlds, and the Tion Hegemony were all formed from parts of his empire. Xim's insignia consisted of a bone-colored death's head with two sunbursts in its eyesockets. Over the doors to Xim's vaults on Dellalt read the inscription: IN ETERNAL HOMAGE TO XIM, WHOSE FIST SHALL ENCLOSE THE STARS AND WHOSE NAME SHALL OUTLIVE TIME.

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