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this was the Snivvian word for "you." (HNN5)

U kulle rah doe kankee kung
this Huttese phrase translated into Basic as "You are my kind of scum". (GMR4)

U wamma wonka?
this Huttese question translated into Basic as "Are you going to pay for that?" (GMR5)

this blue housekeeping droid was employed in Jabba the Hutt's palace on Tatooine. The droid was later used to warn J'Quille that he was being blackmailed and was about to be killed. (TJP)

this was a series of housekeeping droids produced by Publictechnic during the New Order. Short in stature, the U2C1 was made from hardened-plastic components, with long, pleated hoses for arms and spindly legs. These droids lacked a torso, with the head and neck meeting at the housing that contained the leg servomotors. The original series of U2C1 droids were quite reliable, although not extermely durable. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, it was learned that crimelords had modified the programming of U2C1 droids employed by hotels to suck up jewels and credit chips. (JE, EGD)

see U2C1 (AEG)

this was a model of old, out-dated, orbital loadlifter that was equipped with a four-stage primary thrust sequence. Han Solo's training officer used one to help his cadets gain emergency landing experience at the Academy. It was during Han's own test that he earned the nickname Slick, after Alexsandr Badure rigged a U-33 to all but self-destruct. Han was able to bring the vessel to a near-perfect landing despite the problems he encountered, although he scared his instructor almost to death in the process. Although durable, the typcial U-33 was prone to problems with its reservoir-locking mechanisms, which often stuck in one position and kept the landing gear from fully extending or retracting. (HSL)

this silver-plated protocol droid served the Royal House of Alderaan for many years. U-3PO was with Leia Organa on the Tantive IV when it was attacked by the Devastator. U-3PO was captured, and reprogrammed by the Empire for espionage purposes. (CCG2)

this was the map designation used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems to identify one of Gentes' primary industrial centers. General Grievous launched a massive attack on the location, during the height of the Clone Wars, hoping to gain control of the administrative center and conquer the planet. Using a huge military presence to literally scare the native Ugnaughts into a surrender, Grievous was able to take control of the industrial facilities with virtually no loss of life or resources. This gave the Trade Federation the opportunity to quickly take over the processing of resources without having to rebuild the facilities. (SWGG)

very little was known of this race of Aqualish, since much of the society of the planet Ando was dominated by the Quara and Aquala races. While the Ualaq had fingered hands like the Quara, but have four eyes instead of two, like the Aquala. Like the Quara, the Ualaq preferred to live on land, rather than in the ocean. (PH)

Ualaq Pride
the Confederacy of Independent Systems claimed that this mercenary gang was hired by the Old Republic through a group of Andoan loyalists, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. In direct violation of the Treaty of Raquish, the Separatists claimed that the Ualaq Pride used airstrikes to harass Andoan civilians, ostensibly to force the Andoan government to split from the Separatists and rejoin the Republic. (SWI67)

this was one of the most common male names used by members of the Ithorian race. Although most Ithorian names were not used for a specific meaning, historians found that this name meant "starlight". (GCG)

this planet was the primary world in the Ua System of the Centrality. The native Quor'sav were nearly wiped out when offworld colonists - most of whom were mammalian - introduced a virus to the planet. While the colonists' biology allowed them to be immune carriers, the avian Quor'sav were quickly stricken by the virus and died. (GMR5)

Ub Ruur
see Crash, The (DN1)

this was the Huttese pronoun for "you." (GMR5)

Uba I
this world, the first in the Uba System, was ravaged by radioactive firestorms after the Old Republic attempted to curb the technological advance ofd the Ubese people. The Republic's pre-emptive attack actually detonated Ubese weapons stores on several worlds, including Uba I. The planet was wiped clean of any atmosphere it once had. (SESB)

Uba II
this world, the first in the Uba System, was ravaged by radioactive firestorms after the Old Republic attempted to curb the technological advance ofd the Ubese people. The Republic's pre-emptive attack actually detonated Ubese weapons stores on several worlds, including Uba iI. The planet was wiped clean of any atmosphere it once had. (SESB)

this world, the first in the Uba System, was ravaged by radioactive firestorms after the Old Republic attempted to curb the technological advance ofd the Ubese people. The Republic's pre-emptive attack actually detonated Ubese weapons stores on several worlds, including Uba III. The resulting explosions were so great that they cracked the planet's crust, and gravity eventually ripped the planet apart. The orbital debris eventually formed an asteroid ring between Uba II and Uba IV. (SESB)

Uba IV
this world, the first in the Uba System, was ravaged by radioactive firestorms after the Old Republic attempted to curb the technological advance ofd the Ubese people. The Republic's pre-emptive attack actually detonated Ubese weapons stores on several worlds, including Uba IV. Unlike the rest of the system, however, Uba IV maintained an ability to support life, and the surviving Ubese people migrated to the planet. (SESB)

Uba V
this world, the first in the Uba System, was ravaged by radioactive firestorms after the Old Republic attempted to curb the technological advance ofd the Ubese people. The Republic's pre-emptive attack actually detonated Ubese weapons stores on several worlds, including Uba V. The planet was wiped clean of any atmosphere it once had. (SESB)

this alien race has an inborn fondness for children of any race. (RM)

this was the form of sign language developed by the Ubese people. It was their primary form of communication, with the spoken lanugage of Ubese being used when speaking with off-worlders. (ANT)

this planet, the primary world in the Ubertica star system, was located near the Uba System. It was populated by those Ubese who fled the destruction in their home system. Many of the planet's urban areas were destroyed during the New Order by the forces of the True Ubese led by Savax, who sought to wipe out the yrak pootzck Ubese living on Ubertica. The attack was halted when an Imperial fleet wiped out Savax's forces. (SESB)

a humanoid aliens whose language has a metallic soundthe Ubese people are native to the Uba System. Millennia before the Battle of Yavin, the Ubese were a relatively isolated race with a highly-sophisticated culture. When the Uba System was discovered by the Old Republic, traders began bringing high-tech devices to the Ubese. They hoarded technology and learned to reverse-engineer much of it, developing their own forms of higher technology. The desire to obtain more technology began to splinter Ubese society, and their drive to have better technology split them even further. Delegates of the Old Republic soon discovered that the Ubese were producing technologies which had been outlawed by the Republic, and realized that much of it was military materiel designed for large-scale devastation. In an effort to curb the Ubese advancement, the Old Republic launched a pre-emptive strike to bring a halt to the production. Unfortunately, the Republic's attack exploded Ubese weapons stores on every world in the system, destroying Uba III outright and wreaking radioactive devastation on Uba I, Uba II, and Uba V. Only Uba IV remained marginally viable, and many Ubese were forced to survive there. The semi-toxic atmosphere forced them to wear specialized filtration masks, and altered their physiology in many ways. Those Ubese who survived and lived on Uba IV became known as the "true Ubese." Those that chose not to live on Uba IV migrated to the Ubertica System. These Ubese were shunned by their brethren on Uba IV as being too soft to be "true Ubese," and became known as the yrak pootzck, a term which indicated their impure parentage and cowardly ways. (ROTJ, SESB, AE)

this was one of the written form of language developed by the Ubese people. It was a secondary language to Ubeninal whenever two Ubese were speaking to each other, and was reserved for discussions with non-Ubese beings. (ANT)

this division of the Empire was considered part of the Intelligence agency, and was responsible for overseeing all activities of Intelligence. (HTTE, ISB)

this was a version of gunboat that was produced by the Trade Federation for their fleet of warships, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. (JSF)

an Alliance Corvette destroyed in the Javin Sector following the Battle of Hoth. (TIE)

Ubrickkian Industries
this large manufacturing company makes repulsorlift vehicles of all sizes, from the 9000-Z001 landspeeder to huge, luxury sail barges. It also has several military designs that gained Imperial notice, such as the Floating Fortress. (SW, SWSB, EGV)

Ubrikkian Frigate
developed and manufactured by Ubrikkian Industries, this frigate found widespread use as a patrol ship among the Hutts. Measuring 250 meters in length, the Ubrikkian Frigate required a crew of eightry-one to operate, and could transport up to forty troops and 300 metric tons of cargo. These vessels were armed with twenty Escort quad laser cannons. (TF)

Ubrikkian Private Shipwrights' Contract
this division of Ubrikkian Transports designed and produced a variety of luxury watercraft. (GMR7)

Ubrikkian Trade Tower
this immense, obelisk-shaped building was the headquarters of Ubrikkian Transports' primary operations on the planet Tatooine. It was located at the largest intersection in the city, where the Outer Curved Street met Spacers Row and the Straight Street. (IWST)

Ubrikkian Transports
this corporation was one of the original non-voting contributing sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority. Ubrikkian Transports was awarded the chassis design contract for the Empire's Imperial-class repulsortank. (CSA, SWJ9)

Ubrikkian Yards
the shipyards where Ubrikkian manufactures its repulsorlift vehicles. (GG7)

this woman served as one of Prince Isolder's personal guards during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, and had served the royal family of Hapes for two generations. (DJ)

this small clan of Ugnaughts lived in the city of Tal'cara, on Kothlis. (SPG)

this was the Colony's name for the Unu hive. (DN1)

this was one of the many Bothan clans. Membership in the clan was denoted by the suffix 'bun added to an individual's family name. (GCG, WOTC)

this Imperial Lady held onto dreams of the rebirth of the Empire in the wake of the Battle of Endor. She was working under Hethrir to try and establish the Empire Reborn, supporting Hethrir by purchasing slaves from the Firrerreo. Like many of her kind, Ucce had managed to stockpile a large amount of credits following the downfall of the Empire, and still maintained a decent income despite the New Republic's plans to cut her off. She eventually purchased Lusa and Iyon's wyrwulf child. (CS)

this was the Snivvian word for "Old Republic." (HNN5)

this acronym was used by Alliance military forces to indicate a "universal cutting tool," otherwise known as a lightsaber. (T1)

this immense, white-skinned humanoid was one of the Old Republic's most notorious criminals, although he was never brought before a judge and jury to be tried for his crimes. Uda-Khalid was known to kill entire populations in order to obtain power over the people and their resouces. He cared little for life, except his own, and desired only more power and control. Uda-Khalid was distinguished by the row of short horns which ran back atop his skull from his forehead, and the long, drooping, black eyebrows which framed his huge face. The Jedi Council was alerted to his actions, and the lack of prosecution against him, and dispatched Mace Windu to bring him to justice. Uda-Khalid, however, wanted nothing to do with being taken in for justice, and challenged Windu to one-on-one combat. Unfortunately for Uda-Khalid, Windu's lightsaber training was impeccable. In a swift flourish, Windu speared Uda-Khalid though the heart. Uda-Khalid's reign of terror was over. (T13)

this Imperial Colonel served Moff Disra as a member of the Intelligence agency. It was Uday who discovered that the recording of an alien ship provided to the Empire by Carib Devist was actually a compilation of two records. The recording had originally been doctored together by Han Solo, in an effort to discover the location of Bastion. (VOF)

Udeon, Camon
this man was the leader of the Alliance cell on the planet Gerrard V, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. Imperial HoloVision reported that Udeon shot and killed a messenger from Imperial Admiral Jion Trynn, offering the rebels a chance to surrender. Admiral Trynn, as reported by IHV, had no choice but to bomb the city of Harazod from orbit in order to eliminate the threat of further violence. (SWJ3)

this Mando'a command, from the verb udesiir, translated into Basic as "Take it easy." (OWS)

this was the Mandalorian verb for "to rest" or "to be peaceful." (OWS)

this Kubaz bounty hunter was among the group that was hired by Eugene Talmont to locate Han Solo, in the wake of the Battle of Yavin, so that Talmont could use the prestige of capturing Solo to gain a better posting than Tatooine. One of the many offspring of Queen Zabin, Udin suggested that the bounty hunters take Grubba the Hutt to Kubindi, as a way to capture Han Solo. Solo, still on Tatooine, learned of Udin's plan from one of his hive-mates, and pursued them to Kubindi. (MIS5, MIS6)

Udine System
an asteroid-filled system located near Keller's Void. (SWJ3)

Udine, Willa
this woman served as the Captain of the Bravado III, patrolling the Kathol Republic shortly after the Battle of Endor. When her ship was damaged after being attacked , the closest ship to her position was the FarStar, which she believed to be the Lance of Endor. She believed that the New Republic was a brutal and imperialsitic regime, because of the attacks from the Lance of Endor, and refused their help but kept talking until more ships from the Kathol Republic could arrive and provide assitance. (KO)

this was a common component used to create the names given to Cerean males. In general, male Cereans given an individual name, which is added to the names of their father and grandfather. Complete male names are arranged based on harmony and cadence, but the literal meanings are arranged to ensure proper descriptions. The name Udo indicated a visitor, traveler, or wanderer. (GCG)

Udo Broxin
this Herglic was one of the first patrons of Ace Entertainment Corporation, and was also one of its most loyal. He always ran up a huge bar tab, but Gandin T'Noull let him slide because Udo's upbeat and sarcastic nature provided "free" entertainment to the other patrons. (WSV)

this was the Snivvian word for "payment." (HNN5)

Udrane Galactic Electronics
this small corporation produced a wide range of computerized tools for mechanics and technicians. (EGW)

this planet was the site of a rare Alliance victory against the Scimitar Assault Wing. The battle left the Scimitars, known also as the White Death, severely short on ships and pilots. (ISB)

a yellow, E-series droid C-3PO and R2-D2 encounter on Kalarba. He, along with his pals 2-E and Q-E, used to run the nursery in their town. However, they were sidetracked by Mister Vuldo and retrained to build illegal blasters. U-E was destroyed by Vuldo when he resisted the orders to build the blasters. (DRO)

this moon was the second satellite in orbir around Genarius, in the Cularin System. During the Old Republic, a pair of Twi'leks tried to scout the planet's resources, but were overcome by the poisonous gases in its atmosphere. However, their two droids kept on running, and eventually built several cities on the moon. Under the guidance of QS-2D, with the help of Riboga the Hutt, Uffel became known for its manufacture of specialty droids. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Uffel found itself under attack by the alien invaders. Only the timely intervention of the surviving members of the Iron Knights saved the planet from subjugation. (LFC, OWS)

this was a position of political power among the Ugnaughts, with each ufflor serving on the Terend Council. (GG2)

this money-hungry Ugnaught was a native of Cloud City, and was one of the multitude of information gatherers working on the outpost during the Galactic Civil War. (GG2)

based on the floating facility known as the Ugnaught Surface, this was the largest manufacturer of Ugnaught floatboats during the early years of the New Republic. King Ozz was rumored to have secretly acquired a majority ownership of Ugboat, although no proof was ever found. This rumor was tied to Ugboat's jump in profits after Ozz declared that any blood-fued between Ugnaughts anywhere on Bespin had to take place on the Ugnaught Surface. (PH)

Ugbuz was the alpha male of the Gamorrean Gakfedd tribe on Pzob, until the Eye of Palpatine picked him up. He then became indoctrinated as a stormtrooper squad leader. (COJ)

this was one of the New Republic agents who was injured by Talak, during the theft of meleenium from the Qua'Tahc mines by Rani Quanic and Ostan Atur. (SWJ10)

Ughok Snorg
this Gamorrean was a slave owned by Valis Lorn. He was used as an enforcer, and placed in charge of maintained the political and economic stability of the Ranis quarter of Andasala. (GG11)

this Ugnaught, a former slave and the leader of the multitude of Ugnaughts who lived and worked on Cloud City, discovered how to use the carbon-freezing technique on humans. He worked with Imperial forces, with E-3PO acting as an intermediary, to make the modification. This allowed Darth Vader to freeze Han Solo, and then freeze Luke Skywalker. (CCG5)

generic name given to any of the pieced-together fighters that are built by low-life techs in the Corellian Sector. Uglies are built from starship parts scavenged from any and all sources, and are built for firepower more than maneuverability. (AC)

Ugly Truth
this escape craft was maintain in the Coruscant residence of Hasville and Adray Terson, during the early years of the New Republic. It was placed within their dwelling in such a way that it could be easily entered, and an escape chute leading to the planet's surface allowed the craft to leave Coruscant on a moment's notice. Resembling a military landspeeder, the Ugly Truth was designed to sit on its drive section when not it use, pointing upward for swift takeoff. The craft was nearly appropriated by Viqi Shesh, who had obtained access to the Terson residence when Hasray Terson died at the hands of Deuna Ku. Unfortunately, she was unable to use the ship to escape her Yuuzhan Vong captors. Instead, Garik Loran and Bhindi Drayson took the ship for use as an escape craft, when Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker cut off their mission to Coruscant. (EL2)

this female Gamorrean was the owner and captain of the Zicreex. She dyed what little hair she had a bright pink color, and wore up to fifteen morrts attached to her flesh to indicate her endurance and strength. To accentuate her appearance, Captain Ugmush wore garish eyepaint and several diamond-studded nose-rings. In order to communicate with the galaxy around her, Captain Ugmush wore a transliterator around her neck. She preferred to have the translator speak Basic in the voice of Amber Jevanche, giving Ugmush a pleasing voice. (POT, SWJ14)

this was a common male name among the Gamorrean people. Like most Gamorrean names, it was essentially gibberish that indicated what a Gamorrean would do if you made him angry. (GCG)

a race of small, piglike creatures known for their mechanical abilities, the ugnaughts are native to the planet Gentes. There, the ugnaughts grew to become strong, efficient creatures, able to withstand a great deal of discomfort. However, the planet's hostile environment forces them to move elsewhere. Many tribes of ugnaughts were also stolen and sold or leased as slaves. One of the nearest planets to Gentes is Bespin, where they have become an integral part of the society on Cloud City. Ecclessis Figg purchased three tribes of ugnaughts and gave them the daunting task of building Cloud City. If they could do this, Figg agreed to give them their freedom and a place to live in the floating city. Of course, the ugnaughts agreed, and they worked extra hard to make Cloud City a wonderful place to live. They chose for themselves a series of lower city levels, creating burrows and tunnels to mimic the environs of their homeworld. The ugnaughts are great storytellers, and much of their history is collected and passed on in long tales. When the Empire took control of the station, the ugnaughts were left behind. They resented the Imperial presence on the station, and began rebelling against it. They caused all sorts of damage, and even tried to incapacitate Lobot so that the Empire couldn't use him to interface with the city's central computer. As a last resort, the ugnaughts began planting bombs around the outpost, and planned to set them off when Lando returned to the city and repaired Lobot. Together, they disarmed the bombs and forced the Imperials off the outpost. The ugnaughts were once again returned to the free status they desired. (ESB, JS, GG2, ISU, EGC)

this was the native language of the Ugnaughts. (ANT)

Ugnaught Mechanics Union
this union was formed on Cloud City, to ensure fair and equitable treatment of Ugnaught mechanics who were working on the floating city during the decades leading up to the Battle of Naboo. The original charter of the union was developed by Boss Ugnor, in cooperation with Ecclessis Figg himself. Years after its formation, the Union moved its primary headquarters to Ugnorgrad, on the Ugnaught Surface. (BH, PH)

Ugnaught Surface
this was the name of the floating city envisioned by Boss Ugnor, and eventually stablished in orbit around the planet Bespin. Located a kilometer below Cloud City, the Ugnaught Surface was created from left-over materials used to create Ecclessis Figg's floating city. In fact, it was Figg himself who donated the materials, in thanks for the hard work of the Ugnaught population. It was used as a base from which Ugnaughts could mine the ores and minerals used to construct the Cloud City facility at Bespin. Once the city was completed, the Ugnaught Surface became something of a refuge for those Ugnaughts who no longer wanted to live on Cloud City, nor return to their homeworld of Gentes. It measured a square kilometer in surface area, and contained artificial landscapes filled with swamps, marshes, and jungles that were reminiscent of Gentes. The city of Ugnorgrad dominated the largest of four sections of the Surface, and was connected to the others by tunnel-like transport tubes. Its bouyancy was maintained by a collection of tibanna-gas-filled bladders, and its bowl-shaped structure allowed it to collect condensing moisture from Bespin's atmosphere, which could be used to feed the artificial landscapes. When Lando Calrissian took over as Baron-Administrator of Cloud City, he promised to double the wages of the Ugnaught miners, provided that any tibanna gas mining on the Surface was halted. (PH)

Ugnaughts' Progress
this sweeping holodocumentary was developed Ars Fivvle, and described the history of the Ugnaught tribes which were brought to Bespin to help build Cloud City. Drawing from moer than fifty years of footage from the newsfeed Action Tidings, Fivvle spun an award-winning tale of how the bllod, sweat, and tears of the Ugnaughts made Bespin that planet it had become. Although Ugnaughts' Progress was limited to the newsnets of Bespin for many years, the liberation of Cloud City allowed it to be picked up by the media of the New Republic. The popularity of the holodocumentary grew rapidly, and it was seen from one end of the galaxy to the other in just a few years. (PH)

this was considered the capital of the Ungaught Surface facility, located in orbit around the planet Miser. Those Ugnaughts who retired from the workforce the built and maintained Bespin's Cloud City facility often retired to Ugnorgrad, rather than returning to Gentes, since they considered Bespin their home. They also believed that it was the Ugnaughts who made Bespin the tourist attraction that it became. Named for the legendary Boss Ugnor, Ugnorgrad was controlled by King Ozz during the early years of the New Republic. (PH)

Ugnorgrad Performance Hall
this was the main facility for Ugnaught-based music, drama, and dance performances, found in the city of Ugnorgrad on the Ugnaught Surface. (PH)

Ugnorgrad Swampway
this skimmer race course was created in the atmosphere of the planet Bespin, and was based out of the city of Ugnorgrad, on the Ugnaught Surface. King Ozz held an annual race along the Swampway, known as the Swampway 200, during the early years of the New Republic. (PH)

Ugnor's Thumbs
this was a mild expletive used by the Ugnaughts who lived and worked on Cloud City, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (PH)

a race of intelligent, single-celled creatures who came from a splendid world of incredible natural resources found in the Paradise System. The short-sighted Ugors quickly consumed all that the planet could offer, and they turned the planet into a toxic garbage dump. The Ugors, rathering than perishing the garbage they had created, adapted to life in the pollution. They moved off the planet, and began taking apart the planet in their home system in an effort to obtain more and more natural resources. They move about by exuding a series of pseudopods from their bodies, or by encapsulating themselves in special environment suits. Each of the pseudopods has a specific task - communication, movement, et cetera. The brain of the Ugor is located in the center of their body, and is made up of a huge number of molecular structures similar to brain cells in most humanoids. While limited in their abilities, the molecules have a faster access time than normal brain cells. Also, since each molecule has a specific function, Ugor brains are also quite adaptable. They seem to worship garbage and junk, and have gone so far as to persuade the Empire to allow them first access to all Imperial garbage. They consider other scavengers, such as the Squibs, to be business rivals that need to be eliminated. The Ugors tried to stop the Squibs from procuring a gravity-well projector during the Galactic Civil War, a device which the Squibs had planned to loan to the Alliance for use in dragging the Elusive out of hyperspace. (GG4, SH)

Ugor Battle Wagon
this huge, doughnut-shaped warship was equipped with outdated autoblasters, pseudosonic beamers, and G-type rotolasers. While these weapons aren't very powerful in small numbers, the Ugors placed a multitude of them on each battle wagon. The combined firepower was impressive. The Ugors developed the battle wagon to attack and destroy Squib ships which jumped Ugor claims to salvage. (SH)

Ugor Salvage Company
this small waste-recovery corporation was founded by the Ugors, and was responsible for the manufacture of the Black Hole-class salvage dreadnaught. Like all such operations, they are loyal to the Holy Ugor Taxation Collection Agency. (GG4, SH)

Ugorian Spore-gruel
this is the preferred alcoholic beverage of the Ugor race. (SH)

this Republic Attack Gunship saw extensive duty during the Battle of Geonosis. (TCG1)

U'Han Swinol
this Bith was a musician who worked in the entertainment district of Coruscant during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Unfortunately, U'Han lost his primary gig and was forced to take a high-interest loan from Groff Haug. When he couldn't afford to make his payments, U'Han tried to skip town, and Haug put out a bounty on his head. Jango Fett claimed the bounty shortly after the Battle of Naboo, during his search for Jervis Gloom. (BH)

meaning "the within world" in the Yinchorri tongue, this was the name of one of the innermost planets in the Yinchorri System. It was associated with a variety of legends and myths of the spirit world, and was the site of the secret Yinchorri command center, from which they launched their attacks on the Jedi Knights a year before the Battle of Naboo. After the Jedi destroyed the base, the Yinchorri surrendered and stopped their attacks. (AOW)

Uhl Doaba'I
the name of this establishment means "peaceful place" in the Socorran tongue. It was considered the last vestige of civilization found within the city of Vakeyya before a traveler entered the open desert. The building which housed the Uhl Doaba'I was rumored to be over 2,000 years old, and it had been maintained by the Ibhaan'I shamen for many generations. A small group of shamen ran the establishment, and would put together an osma bag for a traveler who gave them a small donation of credits or food. (BSS)

Uhl Eharl Khoehng
this great, Old Corellian tragedy is generally regarded as one of the greatest in all the galaxy. It was first performed some 500 years before the Battle of Yavin. The title comes from the Old Corellian term, khoehng, which means king. The word eharl is a Socorran mythological term which refers to an elf or trickster. Thus, the translation of the title into Basic yields "The Trickster King." The story of the play begins with the death of a king and his handsome young son. It opens on a distant world, where the son must take the throne once occupied by his father. The son - known as the Edjian-Prince - decides to expand his father's holdings and orders much of the surrouding forest cut down. When the woodsmen fail to return, and no trees are felled, the Prince's subjects begin to whisper of uhl eharl khoehng, and the Edjian-Prince begins trying to contact him. He sends messengers into the forest with invitations, but none of them ever return. The people begin to rebel against the Edjian-Prince's follies, until he orders his soldiers to drive them all into the forest. No one, not the subjects or the soldiers, ever returns. The Edjian-Prince is left with just his aging hunt servant, and the prince then sends the old man into the forest, in a last-ditch effort to locate the trickster king. When the old man also fails to return, the Prince barricades himself within his castle walls, but uhl eharl khoehng was too smart for that. The trickster invaded the Prince's dreams and bade him to come into the forest, promising safe passage and a discussion of peace. The Prince awoke and travelled into the forest, hoping to restore his kingdom. However, uhl eharl khoehng tricked him, and although he was never hungry or thirsty, the Prince was forced to travel through an unending labyrinth of trees during a ten-year search for the trickster king. At one point, the spirit of the huntsman appeared to the Prince and told him that the trickster king had turned all the people of the kingdom into trees, unable to move or speak. The Prince was led to the edge of the forest, where he encountered the Eharl Khoehng for himself. The Prince was given a choice - to worship the Eharl Khoehng and have his kingdom returned, or die. The Edjian-Prince went mad, running back into the forest and setting fire to the trees, claiming that the burned-out trees and blackened soil were "...the only kingdom I deserve to rule, and the only kingdom that the Eharl Khoehng can claim." He then submitted himself to the Eharl Khoehng and mutters the famous last line, "Long ... live ... the king." (SWJ8)

this planet is surrounded by a ring of debris from a multitude of starships. It has a toxic atmopshere, and has no natural life. (SLS)

this name was common among Ithorian females. Although such names do not generally have meaning, Ithorians who studied their race's history learned that the name meant "joy" - or, more literally, "laughing dancer". (GCG)

an Corvette group destroyed by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this city was the industrial capital of the planet Af'El. (CRO)

an Imperial freighter disabled by Keyan Farlander near Orron III. (XW)

this avian creature was native to the planet Radnor. (JQ1)

Uj Cake
this was the informal name for a sweet, filling, amber-colored dessert cake that was considered the staple of the Mandalorian diet. Its full name was uj'alayi, and it was not uncommon to find it served at formal parties during the last years of the Old Republic. Uj cake was made from a dense, sweet cake that was created from ground nuts, dried fruits, and various spices. A thick syrup called uj'jayl was then poured over the cake and allowed to soak in, creating a sticky mass that was packed with nutrients and energy-producing sugars. The origins of uj'alayi came from the rations that were provided to ancient Mandalorian soldiers, and it was often said that uj cake was first cooked inside the helmet of a soldier before it was put up for storage. The modern version of uj cake was baked in a round pan, and wrapped well to prevent damage. Even in its unpreserved state, uj cake lasted for years because of its high sugar content. (RCHC, OWS)

this Bith and his brither, Ujii, joined the band known as the Twisted Rancor Trio just after Elinda, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. However, Ujaa wasn't much of a musician, and he was eventually fired and replaced by Loopa. (KOTOR)

this was the formal name of uj cake. (OWS)

this Bith and his brother, Ujaa, joined the band known as the Twisted Rancor Trio just after Ujaa, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. (KOTOR)

Ujin Voli
this Gotal crimelord formed the Antar Band and began preying upon the ships which followed the Sisar Run during the Galactic Civil War. Voli and his Band were one of the largest rivals to the Nalroni Sprax and his Black Sun operatives, after a proposed deal between them fell through. Since then, Voli has surrounded himself with the most vicious of associates, in an effort to keep Sprax at bay while hounding his every move. Voli's right eye was badly injured during a run-in with Black Sun agents, and was useless for seeing. He and his lackeys once captured Kalend Thora, shortly after she recovered the only copy of the Barani List from Limna Yith. He held her in his stronghold, deep inside Temptation Canyon on Sriluur, until she was rescued by mercenaries sent by Mal Biron. Ujin Voli fled to Yen-2 in an effort to recover the decryption sequence and unlock the List. However, the mercenaries followed him to Yen-2 and recovered the List before Voli could decipher it. Voli himself was shot down and killed by Guri, who had come to Yen-2 to recover Mal Biron's mercenaries. (SSR)

this was the Mandalorian name of the sticky, scented syrup that was used in the creation of uj cake. (OWS)

this is either a planet or a tribe of humans. (TT)

this man was an Imperial Governor during the early years of the New Republic. (GG11)

this Ugnaught smuggler maintained a small criminal empire on the planet Kothlis. The leader of the Ubskai clan, he was a rival of Maxeena Sov'lya, although they often performed work for each other. Ukert also owned the Reclamations Services, Incorporated smelting and recycling operation on Kothlis. Unknown to most beings, Ukert served as a go-between for the Alliance, obtainin weapons from the Botha Ammunitions Corporation and hiding them in recycling bins for pick-up by Alliance agents. (PSG)

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