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this being was one of the four members of the gang known as the Slams, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Ukiah served as the group's expert on weapons and defense systems at the time. Several years before the Battle of Geonosis, Ferus Olin impersonated Ukiah in an effort to infiltrate the planet Romin and located Jenna Zan Arbor. Slam and his gang had gone underground, but suddenly turned up on Romin at the same time as Ferus and the Jedi. (JQ8)

the primary race native to the planet Ukio, Ukians had a strong fear of the unknown. Rumors tended to get them overly excited, and sudden or unexpected events left them rattled. They were a species of hairless humanoids, with green skin and thin, red eyes. Many beings thought that they appeared to have been assembled incorrectly, being gangly and awkard when they moved about. Despite their appearance, the Ukians were very strong. They were known for their skills in agriulture. (TLC, LCSB)

Ukian Farming Bureau
this body, formed as part of the Ukian government, oversaw all the farming activities performed on the planet Ukio. (AE)

Ukian Overliege
this Ukian is the leader of the planet Ukio. Each Overliege serves a term of ten years, and the most productive Ukian of each period is offered the position to be the next Overliege. (LCSB)

a major agricultural center for the New Republic, Ukio was the primary planet in the Ukian system. In the year leading up to the Clone Wars, Ukio and the entire Abrion Sector seceded from the Old Republic, providing the Separatists with a source of foodstuffs and giving them a measure of self-suficiency. Many years leater, it was attacked by Grand Admiral Thrawn and forced to surrender before being recaptured by the New Republic. It was attacked by the Star Destroyers Chimaera and Stormhawk just prior to Thrawn's attack on Coruscant. A large planet, Ukio has a mild climate and minimal seasonal changes. In centuries past, the planet was covered with lush plains, but modern farming techniques have turned it into a well-managed gridwork of fields and fallow. Each of the three major continents on the planet are strictly maintained, and crop rotation procedures are a matter of Ukian law. (TLC, LCSB, HNN5)

Ukla-na vissa crai!
this was a lament used by the Yuuzhan Vong to call for the assistance of Yun-Yammka, the Slayer. (FH1)

Ukon Eyste
this male Gran was part of the large contingent that lived on the planet Malastare during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. He was also a known criminal and hitman, and had a death sentence on his head in six star systems. A bounty for his capture was issued by the Republic Security Force shortly after the Battle of Naboo, and Jango Fett managed to claim the bounty when he traveled to Malastare to meet with the Dug crimelord Sebolto. (BH)

this was a common name among the Elom race. (UANT)

Fabritech's starship power modulator. (ISB)

this was the eleventh planet in the Coruscant System. A frozen ball of rock, Ulabos was characterized by the immense rings of ice and rock which surrounded it. (SBS, PH)

this was one of the more common names given to Dantari individuals. (UANT)

Ulaha Kore
this female Bith was studying the Jedi way on Yavin 4, during the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. A musician of exquisite skill, Ulaha was also a gifted tactical analyst who aided in the Jedi's attempts to understand the tactics of the alien invaders. Ulaha was named to the strike team which was sent to Myrkr to locate and destroy the queen voxyn, but was badly injured during their "capture" when a Yuuzhan Vong warrior stabbed her in the back with a coufee. Her injury wasn't severe, but the blade punctured her lung and there was little medical attention her fellow Jedi could provide during their transport to Myrkr. Upon reaching Myrkr, Ulaha took the Exquisite Death and tried to escape the Yuuzhan Vong warships in orbit around the planet. Her escape was assisted by YVH 2-1S, which detonated a huge explosive in space, destroying itself in order to distract the alien warships. Unfortunately, the Exquisite Death was captured by Yuuzhan Vong picket ships. Ulaha Kore caused the ship to self-destruct, in an effort to take out as many Yuuzhan Vong ships as possible. She died in the explosion. (JE, BP, SBS)

Ulan Bight
this was the deepest location on the planet Goroth Prime, located in the southern portion of the Ul'Husk Ocean. It was over 1,300 meters deep. (GSE)

this Imperial Lieutenant served aboard the Interrogator, under the command of General Parnet. (TFNR)

this was one of the many Bothan clans. Membership in the clan was denoted by the suffix 'lar added to an individual's family name. (GCG, WOTC)

Ulban Arms
this droid manufacturer, an division of LeisureMech Enterprises, produced a series of defense droids, including the Class 1 Defense Unit. (SWJ14, FTD)

this was the closest moon orbiting the planet Genarius. Its orbit was unusual in that it was always in the light of the Cularin System's suns, while the dark side of the planet was lit by the reflection of Genarius. Thus, Ulbasca's surface never experienced a true "night." The atmosphere of Ulbasca was based on oxygen, but traces of poisonous gases make the air unbreathable. Nevertheless, several species of reptiles existed on Ulbasca, feeding on sulfurous plants. These reptiles resemble short-legged snakes, and could grow to be forty meters in length. (LFC)

this Corellian thug was a student of an ancient Force-sensitive who tended to twist the Jedi Code to his own designs. Like his fellow students Kym and Renthor, Ulbert had no connection to the Force, but adhered loyally to his teacher's twisted version of the Code. His favorite tenet was "Peace through pieces," which was supported by the law "There is not motion, there is only pieces." Ulbert and his buddies lived aboard the Mynock 7 Space Station, and often harrassed the patrons of the Farrimmer Café. (SWJ11)

Ulcane, Meres
this man joined the Imperial Academy at the age of 17, not because he was smart or strong but because of an influential uncle within the military. After barely graduating, he was assigned to a demolitions squad which ordered into battle behind the lines in Alliance territory. He suspected that his commanding officers detested him because he got into the military because of his uncle, and that they were trying to kill him off. Seeing that he needed to get a quick promotion in order to survive in the military, Ulcane locked his entire team in a warehouse owned by the Alliance and destroyed it. Not only did he receive commendations for taking out a strategic enemy site, he was awarded for his bravery in surviving the assault when the rest of his team didn't. Ulcane managed to make several more upward movements within the military, although each promotion was accompanied by strange or unusual circumstances. He became a student of aline cultures during this time, primarily because he was treated as an outsider by his peers. Shortly after the Battle of Endor, Captain Ulcane escaped a mutiny aboard his own ship and fled to the Outer Rim Territories. There, he met another Imperial officer, and together they formed the Kaarenth Dissension. It was their goal to incite all the alien races of the Outer Rim against the fledgling New Republic. When he was discovered by Republic agents on Betha II, Ulcane fled to the Spawn Nebula, where the Kaarenth Dissesion had been hoarding starships for an assault on the New Republic. The agents tracked Ulcane to the nebula, where they discovered the fleet and its supporting space station. The agents managed to destroy the station and much of the fleet, and it was believed that Ulcane died aboard the station. (SWJ8)

Ulda Frav
Qrrl Toq first encountered the Jedi Knights on this planet, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. (TOJC)

this was one of the many Ansionian deities. (APS)

this word came from either the Old Corellian or Socorran dialects, and was used by the nomadic natives of Socorro to denote the rainy season experienced each year on the planet. During the period of uldyr, which lasted only two to three weeks, the winter's hard freeze snapped, and large amounts of moisture were quickly evaporated into the atmosphere. This led to torrential downpours, which turned the volcanic-ash deserts into a dangerous series of mudpits. (BSS)

see Upland Liberation Front (SHPT)

this man, a native of Andasala, claimed to be able to obtain any item a being could desire, with no questions asked. (GG11)

an elderly Dulok living in a cave near the Canyons of Mist on Endor. He had a taste for eating the lanternbirds native to the planet. Known as Ulgo the Magnificent, he was killed when he is accidentally knocked over a cliff by the wing of Warok's glider. Ulgo is dashed on the rocks by a gush of wind before he could splash into the river. (AT)

Ul'Husk Ocean
this was one of the smaller oceans located on the planet Goroth Prime. (GSE)

this was the term used by the Tusken Raiders of Tatooine to describe any Tusken youth who had not achieved adulthood. (VD2)

Uliar, Chas
this man was twenty-two years old when the Outbound Flight Project was destroyed, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. Uliar later served as one of the Directors of the Managing Council, charged with making all the policy decisions relating to the survivors of the Outbound Flight Project. In this position, Uliar was effectively the leader of the entire group of survivors during the years leading up to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. When a Chiss-led group of beings arrived at the location of Outbound Flight and was detained by Jorad Pressor, Uliar and his Councilors were somewhat angry that they had not come directly to him. This anger was added to the already-present hatred he felt toward the Jedi Knights, for their lack of action in trying to protect the Outbound Flight Project and its thousands of non-Jedi. Uliar also didn't like the fact that Bearsh and his companions were in group, although he failed to put his finger on what was wrong until it was nearly too late. After Bearsh and his companions trapped Uliar, Dean Jinzler, and Aristocra Formbi, Uliar realized that Bearsh was not a Geroon, as he claimed. Instead, Uliar recognized that Bearsh was actually a Vagaari. After the Vagaari threat was eliminated, Uliar and his fellow survivors grudgingly agreed to accompany the Outbound Flight Colony to Nirauan, staying as far away from the New Republic as they could. (SQ)

this was a common name among the Saheelindeeli race. (GORW)

this planet was located in the Corporate Sector of the galaxy. Fiolla barely escaped from this planet after a mission went bad, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (OWS)

Ulicx Vinaq
this Devaronian merchant won a huge amount of credits from Imperial Governor Desh during a sakresh match. In retaliation, Desh stashed a crate of Imperial weapons on Vinaq'a ship, then issued a warrant for Vinaq's arrest. Desh claimed that Vinaq had stolen the weapons from his own armory. A 2,000-credit bounty, plus salvage rights to Vinaq's ship, was placed on his head. Vinaq was recognizable because of the multitude of facial piercings he sported. (GG10)

Ulig Abaha Limited
this was a small starship manufacturer based on the Corporate Sector. (CSA, PP)

this was a valuable gemstone found only on the planet Kip. In addition to its value as an industrial abrasive and its lustrous beauty, ulikuo stones held a revered stature in Kip's history. (HNN4)

Ulion System
this largely uninhabited star system was located near Kuat, and served as one of the two main staging for passenger traffic which was inbound to the Kuat Passenger Port. (PSPG)

Uliss, Tam
this Corellian man was a noted industrialist and corporate executive who made a fortune on Ansion during the years following the Battle of Naboo. He was also an opportunist, and when he was approached by Shu Mai to help fund the growing movement of certain planets to secede from the Old Republic, Uliss saw an opportunity to create a separate corporate empire of his own. Uliss, like many Ansion businessbeings, was frustrated and upset with the continual revisions which came from Coruscant to the laws and regulations of the Republic. He agreed to help Shu Mai in her efforts to bring about the secession of Ansion from the Republic, hoping that the Malarians and Keitumites would follow shortly afterward, in accordance with the alliances with Ansion, therby causing a chain reaction of secession. However, when Ansion agreed to remain part of the Republic, Uliss grew impatient and edgy. He demanded immediate action from Shu Mai, who saw Ansion's loss as just a bump in the road to full secession. When Uliss pressed harder, Shu Mai decided that his usefulness had come to an end. On a walkway between the Bror Towers on Coruscant, Shu Mai trapped Uliss in a small force field, then destroyed the supports for the walkway. Uliss fell to his death, the victim of an apparent structural failure. (APS)

this was the ancient Nazzari religion, enforced by the government, which had three basic tenets: first, the preservation of the group over the individual; second, the segregation of the Nazzar from the remainder of the galaxy; and third, the elimination of any other form of religion or cult which undermined the beliefs of the Ulizra. The number 14 played a large role in the Ulizra, as there were 14 unique sects of the religion, all led by a theocratic king. The Great Structure, the basic guidelines of the Ulizra religion, had 14 vens, each indicating a different level of religious and academic achievement. (TOJC)

Ulkop Securities
this specialty manufacturer produced a range of personal voice scramblers, during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

this was one of the many Strike-class cruisers that made up the front lines of the Imperial Naval fleet. (XVT)

Ull Murub
this Sullustan was one of the many Force-sensitive individuals who were trained at Luke Skywalker's Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4, during the early years of the New Republic. However, he longed for more than the "boring" exercises he learned there, and chose to leave the academy and return to his homeworld of Sullust. Once there, however, a Dark Jedi discovered his presence and lured him to the Dark Side of the Force. (GORW)

this CR90 corvette was sent by the Alliance to assist in the Battle of Bakura. (TBSB)

Ullgusta, Armennion
this artist was labeled an "enemy of the Empire" during the height of the New Order. Ullgusta was known to frequently visit the Swain Import/Export Emporium on Socorro. (BSS)

Ullok's Underground Guide to Bespin
this unofficial travel guide provided beings of the galaxy with a wealth of information about what to see and do on the floating cities of the planet Bespin, including Cloud City. (NEGV)

this Swokes Swokes was one of the twelve Caliphs who lived in the city of Thousand Thousand, on the planet Makem Te, during the height of the New Order. (GORW)

this was a common name for Ewok females. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology. (GCG)

according to Ewok legend, this tree spirit used her branched to catch falling Ewoks. Her name was often shouted by falling Ewoks. (GCG)

this Sullustan served as Dromo the Hutt's chief assistant, during the height of the New Order. When a shenbit bonecrusher overturned Dromo's caravan during a safari on Barab I, Ullumub was forced to hire a group of offworld mercenaries to recover him. (GORW)

this educational Doctor was the author of several treatises one the various uses of persuasive techniques. (CSA)

this criminal was noted for his use of disruptor weaponry. He was active on the planet Garban during the early years of the New Republic. (GUN)

this bird was hunted for its tasty flesh, and was often stuffed and roasted. (SWJ12)

this was once of the many names given to Duros females. The meaning of this name was lost over time. (GCG)

Uloitir Sea
this body of water is located about 14 kilometers outside of Corint City, on Pirik. (SWJ10)

Ulqib MicroTronics
this electronics and programming operation was unique in that it didn't actually produce or manufacture goods. They analyzed other company's products and create packages for customizing them, such as droid customization kits. Ulqib was one of the original non-voting contributing sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority. (CSA, GFT, AEG)

Ulta Center
this luxurious conference center was located on Rondai-2, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Because many of the galaxy's wealthiest and most influential beings held conferences and meetings at the Ulta Center, its owners provided some of the galaxy's most sophisticated security systems to ensure its guests were safe and free to move about. Located in the city of Dal, the Ulta Center boasted its own private landing pads, and no being was allowed to enter the Center unless they were already pre-screened and part of a known party. Reservations were absolutely required, and guests from different parties were kept separated to esnure their privacy and security. The Ulta Center was the site of a conference of galactic leaders some seven years before the Battle of Naboo. Passel Argente discretely hired Magus and a team of bounty hunters to assassinate the leaders, but their plans were thwarted by a group of Jedi Knights led by Qui-Gon Jinn and Adi Gallia. (SOJ)

this was one of many planets on which the Alliance maintained a base during the era between the Battles of Yavin and Hoth. Most of the planet's semi-tropical landmasses were set aside for agriculture, with much of its industry based on the export of luxuriously-scented flowers and plants. Darth Vader emerged from hiding on this planet, following the Battle of Yavin, hoping to gather information about the pilot who destroyed the first Death Star. Unfortunately for the Alliance team on Ultaar and for Vader himself, Valance the Hunter discovered the base first. He destroyed everything he found, leaving nothing behind in his own search for Luke Skywalker. (OWS, MC21)

Ulte, Benoni
this man was considered "Socorro's Ambassador" at the Soco-Jarel Spaceport on Socorro during the Galactic Civil War. Ulte was also the highest-ranking bronwen of the Ibhaan'I tribe, which gave him a great deal of respent and control over the indigenous tribes. Benoni spent much of his childhood living in the desert, but emerged near Vakeyya to begin looking for clues about his Corellian ancestry. He was distinguished by his bald pate, and the thick braid of hair which grew from the right side of the back of his head. (BSS)

this Imperial-I class Star Destroyer was the flagship of the armada dispatched by the Empire after the appearance of the Alderaanian armory ship Another Chance, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Darth Vader had already stationed forces in the Graveyard of Alderaan, as a part of Operation Yavin Kill Two, but they managed to capture a team of Alliance agents instead of Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker. The Alliance managed to escape from the Graveyard with the Another Chance before the Imperial ship could disable it. (GA)

this rare gemstone was created by mollusks that lived in the oceans of Calamari. Ancient Jedi Knights used them as focusing gems in their lightsabers, a practice that was copied by Cilghal many millennia later. (L, KOTOR2)

Ultimate Instrument of Music
this was another name for the Mindharp of the Sharu, used by those who misunderstood the artifact's true purpose. (LCM)

Ultimo Vista
this converted Giga-class transport ship was produced many decades before the Battle of Geonosis. Original built as a leisure cruise ship, the Ultimo Vista ended up on Coruscant as a self-contained environment that moved across the face of Galactic City. The ovoid ship, distinguished by its black armor plating and hammerhead-shaped bridge, allowed its residents to live their entire lives without ever having to set foot on Coruscant's surface. This also allowed the thousands of residents to breathe fresh - albeit scrubbed and refined - air and drink fresh - albeit it recycled and purified - water. The Ultimo Vista was an exceptionally slow-moving vessel, and was nearly hit by Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi during their attempt to chase down Zam Wesell shortly before the Battle of Geonosis. (IWE2)

this incredibly-dense metal was used in the production of vibroshields and other forms of blades, since it could withstand high temperatures and maintain a razor-sharp edge despite heard usage. When connected to a power supply, ultrachrome became a form of superconductor, absorbing energy and shunting it aside. Kar Vastor used an ancient form of ultrachrome in the construction of his vibro-shields; the metal was believed to have been taken from the hull of the crashed colony ship which brought the Korunnai's Jedi ancestors to Haruun Kal. (SHPT)

Ultra-Frequency Laserwave
this highly-advanced, tight-beam communications medium was believed to have been developed by the Alliance, during the years following the Battle of Yavin. (MC35)

Ultra-Light Assault Vehicle (ULAV)
these small, unimposing speeders were used by the Empire for a short period early in the New Order, until it was deemed that they weren't instilling fear in their opponents. Originally produced by Sienar Fleet Systems, the seven-meter-long ULAV were fast and maneuverable, but lacked heavy armor plating. The Empire decommissioned them in favor of walkers, and stored them for later use. The Alliance, in raiding Imperial outposts, confiscated a great number of these ULAVs, and uses them throughout the galaxy. Each ULAV was armed with twin light laser cannons, a concussion grenade launcher, and a single medium blaster cannon. (RASB, AEG)

this was a dense weave of solid fibers, which was produced by the Verpine during the years following the Great Sith War. Ultramesh was exceptionally useful in the manufacture of lightweight body armor. (KOTOR2)

this was Power Products, Limited's portable, blaster power pack recharging kit. (GFT)

this cybernetic implant, produced by Traxes BioElectronics during the height of the New Order, used an ultrasound receptor to interpret the surroundings of an individual and provide a sonic image back to the brain. The Ultrawave was developed for use by blind people or beings who had diminished sight, allowing them to "see" what was around them. (GFT)

Ulu Ulix
this three-eyed, horned alien youth was the Padawan learner of Jedi Master Glynn-Beti, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. Ulu Ulix was assigned to guard young Boba Fett and the other orphans aboard the Candaserri, after they were rescued from Count Dooku's lair on Raxus Prime. Years later, as the Clone Wars drew closer to an end, Glynn-Beti and Ulix were dispatched to Xagobah to lead the forces that were laying siege to Wat Tambor's hidden fortress. Because the fortress - known as the Mazariyan Citadel - and much of the surrounding plantlife had been geneticalky altered by Tambor to serve as guardians, the clone troopers under her direction were unable to get close to the fortress. Tambot, meanwhile, continued to send droid armies into battle, relying on sheer numbers to overwhelm the Republic's forces. Ulu tried to singlehandedly penetrate the fortress by forcing Tambor's ramship to plunge into it, but his swoop was shot down before he could complete the task. Instead of falling to his death, however, Ulu Ulux found himself in the arms of Boba Fett, who had traveled to Xagobah to capture Wat Tambor for Jabba the Hutt. Ulu Ulix survived the crash, and returned to his Master's side to help with the defeat of the Separatists on Xagobah. (BF2, BF5, BF6)

this form of life evolved on the Yuuzhan Vong homeworld of Yuuzhan'tar, and was transported across the intergalactic gulf during their travels to locate a new place to live. Ulubs were grown for their unusual song, which provided a backdrop to normal Yuuzhan Vong life. (FP)

Ulum, Oren
this Imperial Customs officer was part of the team which worked at the Brentaal spaceport during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was fond of checking every cargo himself, to insure its accuracy. (SWJ2)

this ball of frozen rock and ice was the ninth, and outermost, planet of the Zug System. A single moon orbited the planet. (PH)

this was the Huttese word for "smuggler." (GMR5)

an Imperial freighter operative during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

meaning "pleasant", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

this planet, located in the Unknown Regions, was the homeworld of the Umaren'k'sa people. (FH2)

this alien race was native to the planet Umaren'k, in the unknown regions. Shortly after the Hemes Arbora migrated to Umaren'k, the rogue planet Zonama Sekot arrived in the system. The Umaren'k'sa culture was forever changed because of the encounter, absorbing a good deal of Hemes Arbora attributes. (FH2)

Umarian, Cade
this man and his brothers - Pano, Ferm, and Jole - were pirates who had been imprisoned by the Empire aboard the Devastator, until they were rescued by a team of Alliance agents who were also held aboard the Star Destroyer. (SWJ4)

Umarian, Ferm
this man and his brothers - Cade, Pano, and Jole - were pirates who had been imprisoned by the Empire aboard the Devastator, until they were rescued by a team of Alliance agents who were also held aboard the Star Destroyer. (SWJ4)

Umarian, Jole
this man and his brothers - Cade, Ferm and Pano - were pirates who had been imprisoned by the Empire aboard the Devastator, until they were rescued by a team of Alliance agents who were also held aboard the Star Destroyer. (SWJ4)

Umarian, Pano
this man and his brothers - Cade, Ferm, and Jole - were pirates who had been imprisoned by the Empire aboard the Devastator, until they were rescued by a team of Alliance agents who were also held aboard the Star Destroyer. (SWJ4)

this planet was located within the deepest portion of the Ghost Nebula, where it was bombarded by a wide range of ultraviolet light and radiation. The natives of the planet, known as Umbarans, could see into the ultraviolet spectrum. (VD2)

this outwardly humanoid race was native to the planet Umbara, and was known to have existed at the formation of the Old Republic. Umbarans were characterized by their pale, bluish skin and white-pigmented eyes. These beings were capable of seeing into the ultraviolet spectra of light, but had little vision in the normal, visible spectrum. In fact, an Umbaran could be momentarily blinded by a bright flash of normal light. It has been said that Umbarans had the ability to subtly influence and control other beings, and it was known that many Umbarans used their strange abilities in identifying hidden Jedi during Emperor Palpatine's Jedi Purge. Because a great many Umbarans used their influence to secure positions of power within the government of Emperor Palpatine, as a people they feared that some form of retaliation might occur when Palpatine was killed at the Battle of Endor. This led the Umbarans to flee deeper into the Ghost Nebula, although they maintained an invisible information network to monitor the activities of th New Republic. (VD2, SWI70, UANT)

Umbaran Shadowcloak
created by the natives of the planet Umbara, this cloak appears in visible light to be a shaggy, white drape with a high, stiff collar. To the Umbaran people, it was patterned with ultraviolet colors. (VD2)

this was the spoken language of the Umbaran race. (UANT)

Umber Banks
this location was the site of the final battle of the Wellte-ir Massacre. (SWJ11)

Umboo Lightstation
this was one of the many lightstations that marked the path of the Manda-Roon Merchant Route. The Umboo Lightstation was unique in that it was the only one of the lightstations that was maintained by humans, rather than being an automated marker. The Umboo Lightstation was the primary beacon for travelers who were flying to destinations within the Roon System. After Mungo Baobab was imprisoned by Governor Koong, he managed to escape from the Umboo Lightstation with the help of Noop Yeldarb. However, in the course of their escape, the lightstation suffered significant damage, and crashed into an asteroid. (DCAR, WOTC, SWDB, GORW)

Umboo Province
this was one of the many city-states that were created on the planet Roon. Much of the province was infected with the Rooze virus, several years before the Battle of Yavin, when Governor Koong of the Tawntoom Province tried to eliminate any opposition from the inhabitants of Umboo. An antidote was later distributed throughout the Umboo Province to counteract the effects of the virus. (GORW, DCAR)

Umbool Provincial Patrol
this was one of the many provincial police forces established on the planet Roon, after the death of Governor Koong allowed the provinces to have free rein over their territories. One of the first jobs performed by the Umbool Provincial Patrol was the clearing of the remains of Tawntoom Citadel, in an effort to locate any traps set by Koong. Once cleared, the Citadel would serve as the base of operations for the Council of Confederated Provinces. (WOTC, GORW)

Umgil, Hoddas
one of Nichos Marr's childhood companions. Together, they searched for Plett's Well, regardles of the warnings about the kretch. (COJ)

this Ithorian surname referred to a species of prickly, Ithorian shrub, according to historian who studied the Ithorian race. (GCG)

this species of prickly bush was native to the planet Ithor. (GCG)

a moist, cool world, Umgul is located in the Mid Rim. It is shrouded in dense fog and low-hanging clouds. Gambling is the primary economic force, and Umgul is the home of the Umgullian blob races. Its average day lasts 25 standard hours, and its year encompasses 361 local days. (JS, JASB)

Umgul City
this capital city of the planet Umgul is the site of the blob races. (JS, JASB)

Umgullian blob
used as racing animals for wagering, the Umgullian blobs resemble balls of phlegm more than a living creature. In reality, they are large, single-celled creatures with limited intelligence.There are many different kinds of blobs: domestic pets, racing thoroughbreds, and some with medicinal purposes. Their color and markings vary from one individual to another. (JS)

Umgullian Racing Commission
this was the committee which oversaw the control of blob racing, on the planet Umgul. (HNN4)

this was the Snivvian word for "hospital." (HNN5)

this was the Snivvian word for "help." (HNN5)

Umjing Baab
the Rughja bandleader of Umjing Baab and his Swinging Trio. (RD)

Umjing Baab and his Swinging Trio
this group of Rughja often performed rughja music at the Star Winds aboard the Queen of Empire during the years prior to the Battle of Yavin. (RD)

this dark-skinned, young woman was a native of the planet Contruum. During the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, she held the rank of Major in the New Republic military, and served on her homeworld as General Airen Cracken's chief adjutant. (UF)

this spinning planetoid was the smaller of the two moons that orbited the planet Sullust. Although it was incapable of supporting life, Umnub was extensively mined for ores and minerals by the Sullustans during the height of the Old Republic. The mines finally played out about a thousand years before the Galactic Civil War, and the Umnub facilities were abandoned. (GORW)

Umo Tamba
this being was a noted HoloNet critic, during the early years of the New Republic. It was Umo Tamba who dubbed the planet Zeltros as "the ultimate party experience." (GMR1)

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