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known to his owner, Thune, as Uthre, this bulky droid was a variant on the 3PO line of protocol droids. U-THR served aboard Thune's light freighter, the Faceted, as a co-pilot and companion. It was discovered that U-THR had once been owned by Deckland Carper. After Thune killed Carper in order to collect the bounty on his head, U-THR found himself in Thune's possession. She considered the droid nothing more than a tool, which made U-THR question any loyalty he might have felt to her. U-THR was something of a fussbudget and a perfectionist, and disliked it when Thune changed plans without notifying him. Thune liked the droid because of its immense data storage capability, something which allowed her to have almost instant access to a wealth of information. After Thune captured Kaj Nedmak, U-THR found that Kaj actually liked the droid, not just the fact that it was useful. When Thune stabbed Kaj in the heart with a knife, U-THR realized that it could no longer serve Thune. When Thune wasn't looking, U-THR gave Kaj a blaster with which to stun Thune, then helped pilot the Faceted in order to rescue Celia Durasha and Treytis Prash. After they turned in Thune to the authorities, U-THR agreed to join Kaj and Celia as a "free-trader," a description the droid preferred to "smuggler." (SWJ14)

this company designed droid components for large-scale droid manufacturers, as well as the droid controllers used on the vehicles of Go-Corp and Go-Corp/Utilitech. (CSA, FTD)

a Jawa word that is roughly translated to "come here" or "Hey!" depending on its usage. (SW, CCG)

this star was the central body in the Utos System. (CCW)

this beverage, produced on the planet Merisee, was brewed from toz grains. (PG3)

Utoz House
this was a generic term used to describe the multitude of Merisee bars which served local variations of utoz. (PG3, OE)

this brand of utoz was popular in the Elrood Sector, and was brewed in great quantities on Merisee. The natives of Elrood Sector considered Utozz to be something of a delicacy, but many visitors to the sector found it barely drinkable. (PG3, OE)

Utozz Prime Breweries
this brewery was the major producer of Utozz in the Elrood Sector, during the height of the New Order. (OE)

this ancient man was a Sith warrior, wounded during the Great Sith War. He was brought back to life by Rin Shuuir. (TOJC)

Utris M'toc
this Imzig was a member of Cloud City's Wing Guard during the adminstration of Lando Calrissian. He was above corruption, and worked hard to expose the less-reputable members of the Wing Guard. (CCG5)

this Jokhalli warrior was the leader of his people, during the years leading up to the Battle of Endor. It was Utrop who was defeated by Lando Calrissian in a game of Divot, and who later helped Lando escape the bounty hunters searching for him under the rules of the Duff-Jikab, after Lando was captured by Quaffug the Hutt. When Utrop demanded that Lando allow him to kill Quaffug, Lando initially refused, and was forced to fight Utrop for the rights to Quaffug's life. Lando managed to defeat Utrop, but forced Quaffug to free the Jokhalli. (BHSW)

this urban planet was located several light-years from Coruscant. (CCW)

this wily Sullustan owned Uttak's Inn in The Puddle. He maintained peace in the hotel with a BlasTech A280 rifle. (HAS)

Uttak's Inn
this sprawling, single-level motel was owned by the Sullustan Uttak, and provided shelter to those smugglers and other being who visited The Puddle. (HAS)

this was one of the many Bothan clans. Affiliation with the clan was indicated by the suffix 'tvo added to an individual's family name. (GCG, WOTC)

this was a common name among the Menahuun people. (UANT)

this race is native to the planet Uukaablis. While technologically primitive, the Uukaablians have developed a large amount of medical skill and knowledge. Various factions of Uukablians waged a civil war for many generations before their leaders agreed toa a ceasefire. All weaponry was placed aboard a cargo ship and launched into the system's sun. Shortly after the war eneded, the Uukaablians began dying of a disease they had never seen before. It was discovered, after decades of research, that the disease was caused by a microscopic germ created as a biological weapon during the civil war. The disease was quickly arrested, and the Uukaablians spent the next thousand years rebuilding their world and developing a vast medical knowledge base. They were untouched by the Galactic Civil War, but learned of the New Republic from the crew of the FarStar, during its search for Moff Sarne. The average Uukaablian stands over two meters in height, but has small features. Large, elliptical eyes dominate their small heads, which have thin noses and a lipless mouth. Their chins are studded with small, bony knobs, and their four-fingered hands are thin and delicate. In addition to their skills with medicine, the Uukaablians are also polite and diplomatic, and won't let a silent moment slip by without filling it with conversation. (KO)

this is the native language of the Uukaablian race, and seems to be a derivative of Huttese. (KO)

Uukaablian MedCorp
this is the primary medical business that grew out of the Uukaablian research of medicine, and they were the developers of the Paravacc 1.X vaccine. (KO)

this planet, located in the Kathol Outback, is the homeworld of the Uukaablian race. It is a temerate world covered by forested moutnains. The average day on the world lasts 28 standard hours, and its year lasts 426 local days. (KO)

Uukaablis Trans-Systems
this corporation, based on Uukaablis, manufactured repusorlift vehicles. (KO)

this was a common name among the Sauvax race. (UANT)

this was one of the more common Kel Dor surnames. Its meaning translated into Basic as "singer". (GCG)

this Sil-ar Tiss'shar served as Viceprex Hirken's personal bodyguard at the Stars' End facility, during the early years of the New Order. His scales were a bright green color, with a red and white diamond pattern woven in. He had sharp teeth and a pink, snakelike tongue. Uul-Rha-Shaan grew up running weapons for a large smuggling ring on Tiss-sharl. He was introduced to the act of killing another being, actually did it himself, and found that he enjoyed it in a very short period of time. When his hitch was up with the smugglers, he set out on his own, becoming one of his planet's most famous gunfighters and assassins. His prowess spread throughout the galaxy, and he met every challenge with victory, defeating the likes of Meelto, Terrlarn, and Neena Garnet. In time, he was recruited by the Corporate Sector Authority, and he soon proved his worth by saving the life of the Assistant Advisory Undersecretary of Media. He was then recruited by the CSA's Secutiry Division, and was offered a huge sum of money to worked exclusively as Hirken's bodyguard. Uul-Rha-Shan saw the opportunity to guard the "soft, stupid human" as a way to earn lots of credits for little work. Years later, he was killed by Han Solo aboard Stars' End after the facility was launched into the air on a parabolic course. Uul-Rha-Shan set out to find and kill Han, then escape the plummeting central tower. However, Han was able to shoot Uul-Rha-Shan shortly before the tower crashed back to the surface. (CSA, HSE, GG12)

this man was a mercenary who questioned the usefulness of the reflective body gloves produced by Syncronics. (GUN)

manufacturers of the LAVr QH-7 Chariot command speeder, Uulshos has had limited commerical success. Many of their designs are unexceptional and are built for small planetary militias and defense forces. (ISB)

this name was common among Ithorian females. Although such names do not generally have meaning, Ithorians who studied their race's history learned that the name meant "gentle". (GCG)

these protoplasmic strips of nutrient matter are considered a delicacy by the Gand. Though something of an acquired taste, these ribbons come in a variety of colors, and are deadly to most other species. (IR)

Uumufalh Gunship
this Yuuzhan Vong warship was the closest analog to the gunships of the New Republic Navy. They were used to escort Suuv Ban D'Krid cruisers into battle, lending their support with forty plasma projectors and a wealth of dovin basals. Despite their size - measuring an average of 615 meters in length - the Uumufalh gunship did not carry coralskippers, and they lacked the ability to generate an interdiction field. These ships were crewed by 335 Yuuzhan Vong warriors, and could transport up to 840 troops and 1,380 metric tons of cargo into battle. (NJOSB)

this was one of the most common male names used by members of the Ithorian race. Although most Ithorian names were not used for a specific meaning, historians found that this name meant "slender". (GCG)

this Yuuzhan Vong female was a member of the Shamed Ones. She was part of the work force which was sent to Yavin 4 to assist the Shapers in determining the source of The Force. Uunu was responsible for raising and harvesting lambents, and trained Anakin Solo in their care while he was posing as a slave during his rescue of Tahiri Veila. Like many of the Yuuzhan Vong who arrived on Yavin 4, Uunu had grown up on a worldship, and had never seen a real world. (EVC, NJOSB)

this name was common among Ithorian females. Although such names do not generally have meaning, Ithorians who studied their race's history learned that the name meant "delicate". (GCG)

Uurbahhahvoovv Joiners & Artisans
this small guild produced some of Kashyyyk's most sophisticated and safety-conscious escape pods, during the last decades of the Old Republic. What made this group unusual was that many of these escape pods were homemade, designed to meet the needs and expectations of specific owners. These escape pods were then installed into other starships, replacing the stock escape pods with something more durable and reliable. (X3)

this Gamorrean was atypical of his species. He had a strong sense of honor and duty, and served as a lawkeeper on the planet Emmer during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He worked with the droid designated K4-06B, the only droid he respected. Uurk knew that Narloch was a corrupt being, but was sworn to uphold the laws of Emmer - most of which were enacted to Narloch's benefit. (ND)

this was the ancient Weequay name for Temptation Canyon, located in the deserts of the planet Sriluur. (SSR)

this experienced Jawa thief was known to the locals of Mos Eisley as Het Nkik's ugliest cousin. Uutkik brought goods back to his tribe from pilfering runs through the busy streets of Mos Eisley's spaceport. (CCG9)

Uv Gizen
this being served as one of Chancellor Palpatine's aides, during the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. (AOTCN)

this modified astromech droid served Uldir Lochett aboard the No Luck Required. Among the updates Uldir gave the droid was the ability to fly the ship alone in emergency situations. (EOV, GMR9)

this was a common name among the Sarkan race. (UANT)

this was one of the most famous Draethos individuals to hail from the planet Thosa. (UANT)

Uvena III
this planet is the primary planet in the Uvena System, a multiworld system in the Periphery region. Uvena III is the homeworld of the Shistavanen race. According to Rebellion, Uvena III is located in Sesswenna Sector. Note that Alien Encounters claims the Shistavene were native to Uvena Prime. (SCRE, MTS, XWN, REB, AE, SWJ10)

Uvena Prime
this was believed to be the homeworld of the Shistavenan race. (AE)

Uvena System Constabulary
this was the primary police force of the Shistavanen people, and maintained the peace and security of the Uvena System. (AIR)

Uvide Wheel
a casino game of chance in which a large wheel is spun around, and players place bets on its stopping position. (TME)

Uviuy Exen
this planet, located in the Shwuy Sector, was heavily re-armed by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. Reports indicate that the entire Imperial force there was equipped with light repeating blasters. (ISB)

this was one of the many Bothan clans. Affiliation with the clan was indicated by the suffix 'vys added to an individual's family name. (GCG, WOTC)

a huge tree which yields lustrous wood, uwa trees were native to Alderaan. (CPL, HT)

Uwana Buyer
this was the name of Talon Kaarde's personal yacht, used by Karrde and Tapper Quelev when they went to Tropis-on-Varont. It was a modified SoroSuub Luxury 5000 pleasure yacht, which Karrde had completely gutted and rebuilt. Only the original superstructure remained to indicate its roots. Easily the most luxurious and extravagant ship in his fleet, the Uwana Buyer was equipped with a full kitchen, gaming area, four staterooms, and its own spa. An upgraded hyperdrive and a set of Starchaser Mk. III sublight drives gave the incredible speed. It was armed with a pair of heavy laser cannons and an ion cannon. The Uwana Buyer could accommodate up to fourteen passengers and 150 metric tons of cargo, and required a crew of five to operate. Like most of the names used by Kaarde during this period, it was a somewhat farcical name meaning, "You want to buy her?" (EGC, SWJ1, GMR4)

this given name was commonly given to female human children throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this was the Snivvian word for "poetry." (HNN5)

this planet was a member of the Old Republic, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. It was one of the Republic's more powerful worlds, producing a large percentage of the agricultural resources consumed by the galaxy. (HNN4, HNN5)

this was the name used to describe the human inhabitants of the planet Uyter. (HNN5)

Uz Bonearm
a smuggler discovered by Salla Zend at the Byss Bistro, just after the New Republic launched its Viper Automadons against the Emperor's citadel. He joined Salla and Shug in helping the New Republic get free of the attack. He might be the brother of Nhazz. He was the owner of the Corellian transport ship Bespin Bandit. (DE2)

Uzalg, Wonn
this special attache' from the Alliance was dispatched to Kuat Drive Yards, after Commander Rozhdenst had made contact with Kodir of Kuhlvult. Fooled by all of Kodir's twisting of the facts, Rozhdenst and Uzalg agreed to ensure Kuat had an accident, thereby installing Kodir herself as the leader of KDY. However, there plans were crushed when Kuat began destroying the shipyards, rather than letting them fall into the hands of anyone else. Rozhdenst ordered the Scavengers to board as many of the capital ships under construction as they could to rescue them from the destruction. Many were saved, but many more were lost. (HM)

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