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B. J. Rordan's Collectables
this old bulding, located in the Verena City starport on the planet Kirima, was owned and operated by Bren-Jules Rordan. Rordan used the business - which sold various bits and pieces of discarded junk - as a cover for his operations as head COMPNOR agent on the planet. (TSK)

this repulsorlift engine was developed by Incom Industries, and modified for use on cloud cars by Bespin Motors. Massive B/I repulsorlift engines were developed to keep Cloud City aloft in the atmosphere of the planet Bespin. (GG2, SWDB)

this Treadwell droid worked aboard the first starship Platt Okeefe piloted for the Klatooinan Trade Guild, the Brentaal Princess. The droid was destroyed, however, when Platt was forced to crashland on Tatooine. B-0B hadn't been properly stowed, and was dashed against the bulkheads. (PSG, SWG10)

a series of labor droids built by AccuTronics, the B1 was designed to perform heavy-lifting and manipulatory tasks. The B1 has become a necessary part of most spaceports, where it is used to load and unload bulk freighters and other cargo ships. The 1.5-meter droid was programmed to respond to the simplest of commands, and is incapable of learning from its environment. This eliminates the need for periodic memory wipes, reducing the operating costs associated with it. (RASB)

B-1 Worker Droid
see B1 (LOE)

this large power blaster was developed during the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. It was first used by the Barabels of the Wild Knights. (SBS)

this was a generic power converter produced during the height of the New Order, most often used to power starship turbolasers. (SWEIA)

B-12 Transport
one of the few specialty starship designs produced by Kuat Drive Yards, the B-12 was designed to transport bacta. Based on the designs of the Lancer-class frigate, the B-12 measured 238 meters in length, and required a crew of 26 to operate. It could transport up to six passengers and 600,000 metric tons of bacta. Many of these ships were modified to have a concealed laser cannon, especially at the height of the Galactic Civil War, to protect the ships from being hijacked. The central fuselage of the B-12 was made up of sixteen pressurized, temperature-controlled spheres, in which the bacta was transported to prevent spoiling. (TSIA. LOE)

this 613-series digger droid was owned by the Tredway family, and worked at the 24 Tredway mining facility until it was destroyed by Imperial Governor Parnell. B14 provided information on the injuries to Dena Tredway to Luke Skywalker. B14, along with B70 and P39, sacrificed themselves in order to allow Luke Skywalker, Gideon Smith, and Sidney Shortfang rescue Dena Tredway and take her to Ire Eleazari's asteroid for medical treatment. (JH)

B1-series Battle Droid
the armed footsoldiers of the Trade Federation, these thin droids were the mainstay of the Federation's armed forces. As in other situations that required a show of force, the Trade Federation spared no expense in designing these droids to fight their battles. The Federation's droids were built by Baktoid Combat Automata to resembled the dissicated skeleton of the Geonosians who were contracted to manufacture them. This fearsome shape stood 1.91 meters tall, was plated with white armor, and could carry and operate a wide range of weapons. A backpack mounted to the droid contained much of the droid's sensors and communications gear. They could be deployed in massive numbers by using MTT tanks to bring them to the battle site. The droids were stored in a compact, fetal position in long racks aboard the MTT, and were placed on the battlefield until a Droid Control Ship activated them. If there opponent started to turn back the battle droid force, they were programmed to call in reinforcements, such as destroyer droids. The Neimoidians placed battle droids in every area of their military, and distinguished their various uses by color. Red-shouldered droids served as security teams, blue-colored battle droids served as pilots, while yellow-shouldered droids are part of the command structure. Plain white droids were infantry and soldiers. At the height of its power, it was rumored that the Trade Federation had no idea exactly how many battle droids were under its command. Although the Trade Federation was ordered to stop production of these droids in the wake of the Battle of Naboo, production continued in secrecy on the planet Geonosis. Several improvements were made over the next decades, during which time the B1-series served as the design basis for the B2-series Super Battle Droid. The primary updates involved making the B1 Battle Droid more autonomous by eliminating the need for a Droid Control Ship and installing new programming. During the height of the Clone Wars, echolocation systems were added to augment the directional sense of the battle droids. With the end of the Clone Wars, all B1-series battle droids were issued orders to deactivate, as part of Darth Sidious' plan to consolidate military power and ensure the loyalty of his troops. (SW1, YJC1, IG1, CCG15, TCG1, SWI70, YDR, VD3)

this was one of the communications frequencies used by the underground resistance on Garos IV, during the early years of the New Republic. (SWJ2)

B22 Imperial
this hold-out blaster, produced by Merr-Sonn during the height of the Galactic Civil War, was generally considered the smallest such weapon ever produced. It was a powerful weapon, despite its size. Known as the Imperial or, in some circles, the Little Emperor, the B22 was originally produced for Imperial agents who needed an easily-concealed weapon. Its popularity led to the development of the 22T4 holdout blaster. (GUN, AEG)

this was the designation of the cloning sample of Luke Skywalker, taken from the hand he lost in the lightsaber duel with Darth Vader on Cloud City. The insane Dark Jedi Joruus C'baoth used this sample to create a clone of Skywalker, some five years after the Battle of Endor. (DFR, TLC)

B2-series Battle Droid
see Super Battle Droid (MBS)

a series of MerenData computer interface droids, the B2-X was a cubical module with incredible memory and operational capacities. The B2-C was essentially a portable positronic processor, produced to provide incredible amounts of computer processing power in a compact package. MerenData hoped to sell the B2-X to the Empire, but the Imperial Intelligence agency was disappointed with the personality glitches that plagued the early prototypes. (CSA, EGC)

this was a model of heavy-duty spot luma, produced for industrial use by SunnGunn. (WSV)

this huge, well-armored droid was a prototype designed by Loronar for navigational and tactical speculation. Despite its fearsome appearance, B3NK was also programmed for systems integration and computer operations. As a prototype, B3NK was untested, but was nevertheless assigned to assist Ki-Adi-Mundi in his search for Ephant Mon, Maj-Odo-Nomor, and his daughter, Slyvn. (PTR, HNN5)

a technical droid used by the Empire. (SWSB)

this droid was modified by Opo Chano access the mainframe computer of the Czerka Corporation's offices on Citadel Station, some forty years after the Great Sith War. B-4D4 was acquired by The Exile, as part of his plans to help Chodo Habat and the Ithorians expose Czerka's underhanded activities aboard Citadel Station. The Exile had Chano rework much of B-4D4's programming, and the Duros even gave the droid the ability to lie about its actions in order to achieve its goals. This allowed B-4D4 to infiltrate Czerka's headquarters with minimal effort, and the droid managed to acquire all manner of information from its corporate databases. The information was provided to Chodo Habat, allowing the Ithorians to expose Czerka's treachery. (KOTOR2)

B4J4 Droid
this is a model of Blujay security droid. It is equipped with a repulsorlift generator, so it can go just about anywhere. The B4J4 series was armed with a pair of heavy blasters, two stun blasters, and two grapple-cable shooters that fire ShrinCord. They were used by Santhe/Sienar Technologies to guard their headquarters on Lianna. (ML)

a series of labor droids. (TJP)

this large, spider-shaped droid was one of Mala's constructs. She left it behind in the spaceport on Centares, when she and a group of other bounty hunters gathered to see if Ban Papeega could discover the name of the pilot who destroyed the first Death Star. When Mala learned that the pilot's name was Luke Skywalker, she was hunted down by Vader's troops. After jumping from a cliff, Mala was rescued by B-6 and returned to her ship. They fled to Coruscant, but were shot down by an Imperial patrol. B-6 was damaged beyond repair in the crash, but Mala reused its parts in a trap meant to delay the stormtroopers who searched for them. (VQ)

B-7 Freighter
a transport ship manufactured by Loronar, the B-7 freighter measured 19 meters in length and required a pilot and gunner to operate. Armed with a single laser cannon, the B-7 could accommodate up to eight passsengers and a metric ton of cargo. The original B-7s were produced many decades before the onset of the Clone Wars. They required a long, slow run to get up enough power to enter hyperspace, and had some strange protocols for exiting hyperspace. (DARK, KO, YDR)

this 613-series digger droid was owned by the Tredway family, and worked at the 24 Tredway mining facility until it was destroyed by Imperial Governor Parnell. B14 provided information on the injuries to Dena Tredway to Luke Skywalker. B70, along with B14 and P39, sacrificed themselves in order to allow Luke Skywalker, Gideon Smith, and Sidney Shortfang rescue Dena Tredway and take her to Ire Eleazari's asteroid for medical treatment. (JH)

Incom Industries produced this plasma phase coil for use on starships, during the New Order. (SWJ2)

this Alliance datafile provided a unique code sequence which could be loaded into a skifter. The new code would modify the skifter's knowledge of sabaac cards, creating a database of frequency codes used by stormtrooper helmets. The chip could then be used to anticipate which frequency a trooper helmet would used for communication. (CFG)

this was the highly-secret HoloNet node provided to Admiral Termo by Grand Moff Tarkin, as part of a back-up plan to discredit the Alliance in the wake of the Battle of Yavin. Although Termo was unaware of it until establishing communication, the B90-478R node connected him directly to Emperor Palpatine. It was Palpatine who explained that the Death Star had been carrying a huge cargo of bacta, which was to be used on Delrakkin to help its people recover from an attack that would have been blamed on the Alliance. (MIS2)

this thin, humanoid droid was working for Movo Brattakin in the years prior to the Battle of Yavin. He passed himself off to C-3PO and R2-D2 as Brattakin's personal assistant, but he was much more than that. When Brattakin was killed, he put his own brain inside B-9D7's cranial cavity, effectively continuing his reign over various underworld elements while remaining a mystery long after his death. In this way, he manipulated Jace Forno and Olag Greck until B-9D7 was ultimately destroyed by Forno on Boonda the Hutt's moon. (DRO)

Baab, Fema
this woman served as a Senator to the Old Republic during the height of the Clone Wars, representing the worlds of Bajic Sector. One of the younger Senators of the era, Baab became one of Chancellor Palpatine's most loyal supporters. She was later appointed to serve as Palpatine's representative to the Delegation of the Two Thousand, but was unable to do much as many of the Delegation's members considered her nothing more than Palpatine's spy. (SWI72, E3, SWDB)

this Chadra-Fan worked as a double agent, skirting between the Alliance and the Hutts, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Based on the planet Ord Mantell, Baajik chose his allegiances based on where the credits were best. He sold out Phoedris Bos to his eggmate brother, Cypher Bos, during the bounty hunter's attempt to capture Han Solo. Unfortunately for Baajik, Cypher Bos could not let him live whiel he knew the secret of his eggmate. Pretending to be Phoedris, Cypher Bos met with Baajik and shot him dead. (SWG5)

Baal Commune
this was one of the largest Gotal settlements found on Antar 4. (EGP)

Baanu Ghezh
this was one of the many worldships brought to the galaxy by the Yuuzhan Vong. It was used as a base of operations for many Shapers during the aliens' invasion of the New Republic. (FP)

Baanu Kor
this was one of the many Yuuzhan Vong worldships which traveled across the void between galaxies in order to invade the New Republic. (EVC)

Baanu Miir
this Yuuzhan Vong worldship had spent almost a millennium in space, carrying twelve thousand Yuuzhan Vong from their own galaxy to the galaxy of the New Republic. Its antiquated design meant that it achieved a level of artificial gravity, not through the use of dovin basals, but by spinning continually as it moved through space. Because of the differing gravity as one moved outward, the warriors took control of the outer levels, training in the heaviesdt gravity. However, the stress and strain of the journey eventually took its toll on the ship. Its rikyam brain began to die, and was unable to control the basic operate of its maw luur. Shortly after the Battle of Duro, Nen Yim was assigned to help keep the Baanu Miir alive. She struggled mightily, trying to locate a Shaper protocol that could help her keep the brain alive. When one entire arm of the worldship died because the rikyam lost the ability to control it, Nen Yim was forced to realize that there was nothing she could do to keep the ship alive. (EVR)

Baanu Rass
this was the largest Yuuzhan Vong worldship present in the galaxy, during the aliens' invasion of the New Republic. The Baanu Rass served as the base of operations for the Shapers who developed and bred the voxyn. The Baanu Rass was chosen for this duty because it was dying quickly, its brain unable to continue living after the long, intergalactic trek. It was most abandoned when the Jedi decided to attack it, in an effort to eliminate the voxyn queen. (SBS)

Baarak Kalaim
this Klatooinan was known as absent-minded and unkempt, but was nonetheless an excellent mechanic and technician. He joined The Shield after being recruited by Peert Ginzork, and served them for many years during the Galactic Civil War. (CRO)

Baas, Krestin
this ancient man was renowed for his skill in dejarik. Many modern dejarik boards came equipped with a hologram of Master Baas, which played with his incredible style and speed. (GFT)

Baas-class Space Station
this space station was an Imperial design, measuring 900 meters in height and capable of containing a million metric tons of cargo. The design allowed for a crew of 300, which included a small security forces, and up to 100 visitors. (IA)

Baath Brothers
this group of brothers controlled the Outlander Club during the last decades of the Old Republic. They were considered some of Coruscant's most dangerous - and most successful - crimelords, and built the Outlander Club from a small establishment into a thriving entertainment facility. Note that this contradicts Coruscant and the Core Worlds, which indicates that Volven Roxe owned the Outlander Club. (IWE2)

this Imperial Navy Admiral was in command of the Imperial forces stationed on Byblos, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ14)

Babalabbet Swoont
this Sullustan was a highly respected cybernetic engineer in his home system. A promising career took a bad turn when Swoont ate some contaminated food and suffered slight damage to his brain. His work began to result in deviant behavior in droids, and a mining accident caused by one his droids resulted in his incarceration in a criminal asylum. The noted droid abolitionist Xalto Sneerzick recognized Swoont's ability with droids, and arranged to free Swoont from prison. Despite his insanity, Swoont became fiercely loyal to Sneerzick, and became an integral part of the Droid Abolitionist Movement. When Sneerzick decided to start raiding Cosmohaul Shipping, Swoont devotely followed him. They posed as a transport crew, and were given the task of transporting 100 R5 units to Sullust on the Argent Lady. Xalto's programming of the R5 droids caused them to rebel against even the abolitionists, and Sneerzick's entire team was shot and killed by the rebellious droids. Swoont perished along with them. (SWJ9)

this tropical planet was the site of an Obroan Institute research base, headed by Kroddok Stopa before he was killed on Brath Qella. (SOL)

Babasta Beast
the flesh of this creature was consdiered a delicacy when boiled. (WSV)

this was a diminutive, alien race. (JQ3)

this colony world was visted by Star Morning, as it traveled from Darepp to Motexx. (SOL)

an alien race. (SOL)

Babbnod Luroon
this Twi'lek pirate served under Captain Naz Felyood during the height of the New Order. She worked as Felyood's second-in-command aboard the Jynni's Virtue, and was instrumental in helping the crew pinpoint their location over Korriban, after they fled an Imperial patrol and were shot down by unknown forces upon exiting hyperspace. After crashlanding on Korriban, Babb tried to keep the crew together while Felyood tried to scout their location. Howeer, Felyood was possessed by the spirit of Dathka Graush, and the Kooriabn Zombies eventually killed much of the ship's crew. In an effort to keep the zombies from taking the ship, Babb set off the self-destruct mechanism of the Jynni's Virtue, killing herself and the remaining crew, as well as any zombies in the vicinity. (PH)

Babel Senjorg
this Bith merchant was an associate of Ort Hoogra-D'En, and was wanted by the Empire for supplying the Ho'Din with plant material used to manufacture his spore bombs. He was killed when he booked passage to Celanon aboard the Chalcedony on Pallaxides, when the crew fell victims to the spores used by Hoogra-D'En in his bombs. One of the bombs was accidentally set off by a bumbling Rodian, killing the pilot of the Chalcedony and others aboard. The pilot managed to get the ship to Celanon, but expired before he could land it. The ship crashed, killing those aboard who were not already dead from the spores. Babel was listed among the dead. (ND)

this was a character from the mythology of the planet Vjun. The Baby was one of the many symbolic characters recognized by the fortune tellers of the planet, representing the heir to a family's fortune or inheritance. (YDR)

this gas giant was the fifth planet in the Dathomir System. It was orbited by eight moons. (GORW)

this was one of the many clone commanders who served the Grand Army of the Republic during the height of the Clone Wars. Bacara was unusual in that he found it difficult to speak to his fellow clones in the Mando'a language, a result of his training under Cort Davin. Thus, Bacara's speech was peppered with the dialect of Concord Dawn, which tended to isolate him from other clones. Nevertheless, he was an outspoken and independent individual. These traits led to Bacara becoming one of the first clone troopers to be trained by Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi, and he later became the leader of the 21st Nova Corps and the Galactic Marines. As such, Bacara participated in the Battle of New Bornalex, testing out a new trooper suit that ultimately failed during battle. Bacara and his troopers used sheer muscle power to defeat their Separatist foes, earning the Marines a ferocious reputation. In the wake of the First Battle of Coruscant, Bacara - officially known as Commander 1138 - was dispatched to Mygeeto, where he served under Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi. However, when Darth Sidious revealed his true nature and killed Mace Windu, he sent out communications to the various clone commanders to execute Order 66. Upon hearing the order, Bacara ordered his troops to open fire on Ki-Adi-Mundi, utterly destroying the defenseless Jedi Master. (SWI81, IS3, SWDB, SWI84)

Bacara's Marines
see 21st Nova Corps (SWI84)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the suffix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "ally" or "friend". It could be attached to a prefix by itself, or combined with other suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

this ancient Wookiee was hunting in the Shadowlands of his homeworld of Kashyyyk, many millennia before the Battle of Yavin, when an alien starship crashlanded in the jungle. Although the crew was killed, Bacca recognized that their technology was still capable of causing great damage to the forest and his people. He took debris from the downed starship and fashioned a great sword, that later became known as Bacca's Ceremonial Blade, as a reminder to his people and future generations that trust must be given cautiously, and only to those who have earned it. (KOTOR)

Bacca's Ceremonial Blade
this unique Wookiee weapon was wielded by Zaalbar, during the Great Sith War. It wasfirst created by Bacca, from the debris of the first non-Wookiee starship to ever visit Kashyyyk. The blade passed from generation to generation as a reminder that trust should be given cautiously, until it was believed to have been broken by the Wookiee chieftain Rothrrrawr many years before the Great Sith War. The event occurred when Rothrrawr underestimated a beast in the Shadowlands and lost the blade in the beast's hide. The hilt was then kept as a symbol of leadership, passed from chieftain to chieftain until the blade was found by Zaalbar. Zaalbar then reassembled the entire blade, restoring the Ceremonial Sword to its former state. (SWDB, KOTOR)

this rare plant produced leaves that could be used for a variety of applications. However, there were only a few known specimens alive in the galaxy, in the wake of the Great Sith War. One specimen grew in the Ithorian Vivarium on Citadel Station, in orbit around Telos. (KOTOR2)

this graduate of the Imperial Academy on Raithal served as a warrant officer in the Imperial Navy. He served under Admiral Piett aboard the Executor, acting as the ship's chief helmsman. (CCG4)

BaChorin, Elbren
this immense man was a veteran of the Imperial 865th Regiment. When the regiment was under heavy fire, most of the men fled in fear for their lives. Only BaChorin and Shelby Tribold remained to fight. Tribold was badly wounded, and BaChorin single-handedly rescued him. After retiring from active duty, BaChorin established BaChorin's Spaceways, Unlimited. (HR)

BaChorin's Spaceways, Unlimited
this seedy, rundown transport agency was owned and operated by Elbren BaChorin. (HR)

this was a noted Cragmoloid, who made several trips away from his homeworld of Ankus during the early years of the New Order. (GMR6)

this Lancer-class frigate was part of Warlord Zsinj's third fleet. (SOC)

Backpack Companion
this was another name for the ludos creature which inhabited the forests of Ganlihk. (COG)

a creature native to the planet Vinsoth, the backshin are hunted as a food source by the Chevin. It meat is considered tasty by many other races as well. (MTS, GG12)

a Corellian CR90 corvette captained by Jacob Nive, the Backstab was the only Eyttyrmin Batiiv ship to survive the attack of the Bombard and the Crusader. It resurfaced several years in Elrood Sector, where Nive was approached by Shondra Del with an offer to help the Alliance with Operation Elrood. After the Battle of Endor, the Backstab served as part of the Invid pirate fleet. (GG9, IJ, OE)

this species of streamlined, multi-legged water creature was native to the rivers of the planet Ansion. (APS)

Bacnor Armaments
this specialty weapons manufacturer produced a number of personal-safety weapons, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GFT)

this planet was the site of a strong Alliance cell, which erupted following the Battle of Yavin. The planet was the capital of Brak Sector at the height of the New Order. The Imperial Moff in charge, a man named Lesan Ramier, swiftly quelled the insurrection and place the capital city of Amma under martial law. (SWJ8, FBS)

this yellow star was the central body of the Bacrana System. (FBS)

Bacrana Bay
this inlet of the Seeker Sea bordered on the city of Amma, on the planet Bacrana. (FBS)

Bacrana Educational Institute
this Bacrana-based university was known to have the foremost political science curriculum in all of Brak Sector, at the height of the New Order. (FBS)

Bacrana Shipyards
located in Brak Sector, this independent starship construction facility remained outside Imperial control during the height of the New Order. (FBS)

Bacrana System Defense Force
this was the primary military force which was formed to protect the planet Bacrana. After Moff Ramier routed several thousand protestors in Amma, he discovered that the BSDF was never rounded up and ordered to cease all activities. The Commander of the BSD, Trep Reskan, pulled his forces out and fled to the Tel System. From this remote base, the BSDF launched several actions against Moff Ramier, which attracted the attention of the Alliance. After the Alliance made contact with him, Reskan turned over the BSDF to the Alliance, a move which the entire force had agreed to. (FBS, SWJ7)

a rejuvenatory fluid that circulates healing bacteria around a wound to speed recovery, bacta was originally created by the Vratix. The fluid contained living organisms that help speed a patient's recovery by latching onto a wound and aiding in the regeneration process. It was first created by the Vratix, on Thyferra, by combining the chemical kavam with the organic lotion alazhi. The small human population on Thyferra was placed in charge of two corporations, Zaltin and Xucphra, and their small human management teams controlled huge populations of Vratix laborers. When Palpatine became Emperor, he decreed that the two corporations would be the sole providers of bacta for the galaxy, giving them a monopoly on its production but indebting them both to the Empire. Because of the monopoly and the prices they could charge, the corporations created an export-quality bacta and a Thyferran version. The Thyferran version was much more potent than its export version, which had lesser healing properties to drive up the demand. During the early years of the New Republic, Ysanne Isard tried to cripple the Republic by restricting the availability of bacta in two ways: first, she let loose the Krytos virus on Coruscant; second, she took control of the planet Thyferra. The Republic began taking great strides to preserve its supply of bacta, including reclaiming any unused bacta from patients who were immersed in a bacta tank. This practice continued for another 15 to 20 years until bacta production could be fully re-established under New Republic auspices. There was a rumor of a band of renegade Twi'lek pirates who would immerse their captives in bacta during interrogation sessions. They would then run electricity through the bacta, torturing their victims to the point of death, and then remove the electricity. They would allow the bacta to heal the victim, then start the electricity again. (ESB, SWJ3, XWN, SOP, BW)

Bacta Bypass
another name for the Shapani Bypass. (PGT)

Bacta Cartel
this is the name first used to describe the monopoly held by the Xucphra and Zaltin corporations on Thyferra, during the height of the New Order. When Ysanne Isard took control of Thyferra and placed the Xucphra faction in charge, the Bacta Cartel became a one-corporation operation with Imperial backing. (BW)

Bacta Company
this group of four clone platoons was part of the Grand Army of the Republic, and was under the command of Captain Tyto during the height of the Clone Wars. Bacta Company was part of Hawkbat Battalion. (SWI84)

Bacta Numb
this form of bacta was used to numb a wounded area, as well as to begin the healing process. Bacta numb was effective in deadening the pain of minor injuries. (SBS)

Bacta Parlor
during the second decade of the New Republic, especially in the wake of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, bacta parlors sprang up on a multitude of worlds. Each parlor provided patrons with the ability to obtain a quick bacta treatment, without having to register with a hospital or other medical facility. This allowed refugees and independent spacers to continue to travel away from the warzones, while still being able to receive treatment for their injuries. (REC)

Bacta Patch
this special bandage has a small amount of bacta impregnated into its gauzy material. When applied to a flesh wound, such as a blaster graze, it helps heal the wound quickly. (IF)

Bacta Purge
a medical procedure in which a person's entire body is flooded with bacta internally. While a bacta tank allows external access to the bacta agents, a bacta purge givens them direct access to lungs and other vital organs. It is a last-resort treatment, since it can do more harm than good if improperly administered. (TB)

Bacta Run
another name for the Shapani Bypass. (PGT)

Bacta Squad
this group of soldiers was part of the Galactic Alliance's primary infiltration force, dispatched to the surface of the planet Coruscant during the final battle against the Yuuzhan Vong. Bacta Squad was one of many such infiltration groups to make contact with the massed Shamed Ones, combining their forces against the military might of Supreme Overlord Shimrra. (UF)

Bacta Tank
a cylindrical tank into which a person can be submerged for extensive exposure to the healing properties of bacta. (ESB)

Bacta Team
this was the name given to one of the teams of clone troopers and Old Republic Intelligence officers who led the search for Darth Sidious on Coruscant, during the final days of the Clone Wars. Bacta Team was led by Jedi Master Shaak Ti, and was supported by Aurek Team during the search. (LEV)

Bacta Tray
this repulsor-equipped rectangular box was filled with a thin layer of bacta. The bacta level inside the tray was maintained by a low-level tractor beam generator, preventing spillage. A wounded being could be transported in the tray to a proper medial facility, all the time receiving healing benefits from the bacta. This device, developed during the Galactic Civil War, allowed field medics to save more lives by getting them into bacta as soon as possible. (LOE)

Bacta War
this was the name given to the events leading up to, and including, the Battle of Thyferra. It was during this time that the fledgling New Republic realized that the galaxy needed a steady supply of bacta in order to operate, until a truce could be reached with the Imperial remnants. Historians trace the start of the Bacta War to the point at which Rogue Squadron resigned its commission from the New Republic, following the liberation of Coruscant from Ysanne Isard. The Rogues then began to raid bacta shipments and production facilities, stealing the rejuvenating fluid for use on Coruscant and other credit-poor worlds which required it. Isard retailiated by destroying worlds that accepted the bacta, then murdering the Vratix workers who created it. As the Rogues struck from their base on a space station in orbit around Yag'Dhul, Isard took more losses. The stakes were raised when Isard learned that the Rogues passed through the Alderaan system, ostensibly to through off pursuit, but actually to meet with Talon Kaarde. Isard then leased the Aggregator in hopes of catching them. This tactic resulted in the loss of the Corrupter, and the Aggregator was badly damaged, as the Rogues proved to be more than a match for her tactics. The battle was influenced on both sides by the information of Melina Carniss, who had been acting as a double agent under Talon Kaarde. The Rogues took the next step, persuading Captain Sair Yonka to defect and bring the Avarice into the New Republic's fleet. Isard retaliated, and sent the Lusankya and the Virulence to destroy the Rogues' base at Yag'Dhul. Once again, the Rogues had enough warning to prepare a defense, and Booster Terrik's planning paid off. False weapons placements throughout the Rogues' location led the Lusankya to believe she was under attack from an immense force, and she fled when the Virulence interposed itself between the station and the Super-class Star Destroyer. The Virulence was captured by Terrik, renamed the Freedom, and turned over to Yonka to command at the Battle of Thyferra. That battle marked the end of the Bacta War. (BW)

this was a form of bandage that was impregnated with bacta. In this way, it could be applied directly to a wound to help speed the healing process. (ROD)

this was a drinkable form of bacta, developed during the early years of the New Republic. Despite its obvious healing benefits, bactade looked like muddy water and tasted like chalk. (TG)

Bactriasan Scarab
this creature's bodily fluilds were used in the creation of high-strength glues and cements. (GFT)

Bad Water Pull
the exact name of this period during the year on Ergeshui is unpronounceable in Basic, but it referred to the time when the planet's moons exerted their strongest gravitational pull on the planet. The tides were exceptionally intense, and the native Ergesh went into a form of temporary psychosis. (AE)

Badeleg, Cho
this man was one of the human members of the ExGal-4 outpost on Belkadan, when the Yuuzhan Vong began their invasion. The ExGal-4 team saw the Yuuzhan Vong's advance warship land on Helska, but they believed it to be a simple asteroid. Danni Quee led an expedition to Helska to see what had happened, and Badeleg was part of the team. Their Spacecaster shuttle was quickly intercepted by Yuuzhan Vong coralskippers and disabled. Badeleg was killed on the shuttle during the assault, and never made it to Helska. (VP)

this man worked as an independent spacer from a base in the Roche Asteroid Belt, and used a number of J9 worker drones in his business. (FTD)

an Alliance cargo ferry group stationed at DS-5, it was destroyed when Darth Vader intercepted Admiral Harkov at the station. (TIE)

Badi Dea
this was one of the multitude of Imperial-class Star Destroyers which made up the Imperial Navy fleet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

this race of Kamarians made their homes deserts of Kamar's Badlands. They were smaller than other races of Kamarians, and had lighter colored exoskeletons and thinner chitin that allowed them to better survive the desert heat. (HSR)

this was one of the most remote areas of the desert found on the planet Ord Cestus. Those X'Ting and other Cestians who were outcast or banished from their tribes were often exiled to the Badlands. (TCD)

this Imperial CR90 corvette was part of a convoy that was ambushed and destroyed by the Alliance, shortly before the Battle of Endor. (XWA)

Badlands of N'G'Zi
this vast, empty plain was located on the planet Geonosis, and marked the western edge of the E'Y-Akh Desert. During the months leading up to the Battle of Geonosis, Count Dooku maintained a secret hangar in the Badlands, well away from the prying eyes of the Geonosians. (IWE2)

Bado Karpa
this male Aqualish was a pirate of some renown during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. He worked briefly with Meeko Ghintee before the Muttani was arrested, and later worked with Quallung Tula, Grillo Zaman, Sabo Leeda, and Tuba Acho to steal fuel cells from the Outland Transit Station during Ghintee's escape from Oovo IV. However, a bounty was placed on all their heads by Rozatta, and Bado Karpa was captured by Jango Fett shortly afterward. (BH)

this was one of the two moons which orbited the planet Kuat. (CCW)

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