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Dark Horse On Sale This Week

Leia vs. Vader in a perilous showdown!

Dark Horse Founder, Star Wars Editor Talk GFFA

Entertainment Weekly has posted a great interview with Dark Horse Comics founder Mike Richardson and Star Wars editor Randy Stradley, in which the two discuss the comic adaptation of George Lucas' original Star Wars script and the future of the Star Wars comics license.

Dark Horse On Sale This Week

While it may look like a run-of-the mill issue of Dark Times long time Star Wars comic fans know the truth!

J.W. Rinzler Talks About New The Star Wars Comic

Christian Blauvelt over at wrote an analysis post breaking down the announcement of a new Dark Horse miniseries that will adapt George Lucas' original Star Wars screenplay. Blauvelt also got some exclusive comments from Lucasfilm executive editor J.W. Rinzler, who is editing the miniseries.

Jedi Journals: April 2013

Star Wars comics kick into overdrive as Jay and Chris cover the latest Dark Horse news from Wondercon. Listen in as they talk to THE MAN Randy Stradley about the future of Star Wars comics, the success of Star Wars #1, get the inside scoop on a brand new series based on George Lucasí original screen play and so much more. Also listen as they dissect some interesting book news and discuss the questionable future of The Clone Wars magazine. Itís all here on the April episode of Jedi Journals! Click here to listen.

Dark Horse to Adapt The Star Wars

UPDATE: Yup, you heard that right! Dark Horse Comics is planning on an 8-issue adaptation of the original screenplay of George Lucas' The Star Wars. Get the full details after the jump!

Dark Horse On Sale This Week

Today see's the release of the penultimate issue of Prisoner of Bogan with Je'daii vs Je'daii!

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