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J.W. Rinzler Talks About New The Star Wars Comic

Posted By Eric on April 3, 2013

Christian Blauvelt over at wrote an analysis post breaking down the announcement of a new Dark Horse miniseries that will adapt George Lucas' original Star Wars screenplay. "What's particularly striking," Blauvelt writes, "is how it sets up elements in A New Hope and The Phantom Menace in almost equal measure." For his story, Blauvelt also got some exclusive comments from Lucasfilm executive editor J.W. Rinzler, who is editing the miniseries. Here's some of what Rinzler said:
"I'm having a blast adapting George Lucas' prototypical ideas into sequential storytelling," Rinzler tells exclusively. "It's a dream task to help bring to life Annikin Starkiller, General Luke Skywalker, the first Sith Knights, a Space Fortress (that's attacked twice), Imperial troopers on dune birds, the very first Princess Leia (from the planet Aquilae)? And there's so much more in The Star Wars."

Check out the full story over at Thanks to Christian Blauvelt for sending over the link!

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