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Dark Horse Founder, Star Wars Editor Talk GFFA

Posted By Eric on April 8, 2013

Entertainment Weekly has posted a great interview with Dark Horse Comics founder Mike Richardson and Star Wars editor Randy Stradley, in which the two discuss the comic adaptation of George Lucas' original Star Wars script and the future of the Star Wars comics license.

Here are a few interesting tidbits from the interview:
As storytellers, do you find the sprawl of all the Star Wars mythology appealing or does it get a bit numbing and off-putting?

Richardson: At one point we actually tried to add alternate dimensions too and we got shot down. So we were even trying to expand it further, and they didn?t [think] that it was necessary.

Alternate dimensions in the Star Wars Expanded Universe? Evidently Lucasfilm was not okay with that. Then there's this tidbit about the company's license with Lucasfilm and how the Disney deal might affect it.
The licensing landscape is shifting after Disney?s purchase of Lucasfilm and must be a source of intrigue to you. Disney owns Marvel so is there a good reason to suspect the comics will be returning to their portfolio?

Stradley: Well, we?re, waiting for the other shoe to drop. What we?ve been told is we?ll hear something about the future of the license sometime this year.

Check out EW's full interview with Stradley and Richardson right here.

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