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Yummy Star Wars

Posted By Mike on February 8, 2009

Our buddy Eric G. had tasty dessert treats on the mind and naturally thought of us. Click on the links below to check out some sweet Star Wars cakes.

Max Rebo

Thanks Eric.

UPDATE: Friend of TFN, Tony J., sent us some pics of a Darth Maul brithday cake that a colleague who works with his wife made for his 4 years old son, Matthew. Needless to say, his son was pleased. Check it out and a big Happy Birthday to Matthew!

UPDATE #2: How about a Gingerbread Tie Fighter for the holidays? Click here to check one out.

UPDATE #3: Continuing the gingerbread theme, click here to check out a gingerbread Star Destroyer. Thanks to Eric G. for the link. No word yet if the tie fighter from Update #2 is equipped to fit in the docking bay.

UPDATE #4: Our friend Wayne H., from the UK, sent in a picture of his 40th birthday cake made by his friends Jen and Sue. Happy birthday Wayne! Thanks for sharing.

UPDATE #5: Hot on the heels of the Darth Maul cake above, Nic sent in some pics of her groom's lightsaber cake. They were married in November of 2006. Thanks Nic!

UPDATE #6: How about an R2 cake? Click here!

UPDATE #7: It's either all of this talk of food or the fact that as I update the post it's lunch time, but man am I hungry. Let's see what additions to our Star Wars food related post we have today...

First, Roly with our friends at starwars-bolivia.com sent over these pics of their Star Wars anniversary cake.

Next, our friend Oki from Japan sent over a link to some more of his Star Wars inspired veggie carvings. Click here and then click on the links on the left column to see the pics.

Thanks to Roly and Oki for sharing.

UPDATE #8: Today does not bring us a tasty fan made treat to check out and make our mouths water. Instead we point you TriCities.com who have highlighted and reviewed "The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes" by Robin Davis. This was originally puclished in 1998 so I'm certainly not bringing you any new news. On the other hand, click here if you're unfamiliar and would like to check out the article.

UPDATE #9: Got a few reader submissions today showing off their versions of "Yummy Star Wars." Some cake would go great with some green beer today right? Happy St. Patrick's Day!

David sent in some pics of the Yoda cake a friend had made for him this past October.

Art ("Jedi Master Duke") sent in a pic of the Vader cupcakes that his friend Miki of West Hollywood made.

Craig M. sent in the following pics of a couple of cakes his wife has made for their kids.

Thanks to David, Craig and Art!

UPDATE #10: Our friend Tony J. sent in some pics of his eldest son Adam's fantastic Star Wars birthday cake. Adam turns 8 today and we wish him a very happy birthday! (You might remember Tony from the very first "Yummy Star Wars" update with his 4 year old son's sweet Darth Maul birthday cake) The kids apprently have some fun parents. Thanks Tony!

UPDATE #11: Steve Sansweet (from Star Wars Insider #87) talks about an experience he had with Star Wars inspired Sushi over at the main site. Click here.

UPDATE #12: Want to create your own yummy Star Wars inspired cake? Then click here to visit our friends over at the Official Starwars.com Blog for "HOW TO: Bake a Yoda Cake."

UPDATE #13: Well, we were due for a "Yummy Star Wars" update, so here you go...Click here for an awesome looking R2-D2 wedding cake over at Gizmodo. No word yet if Dustin Roberts was seen fleeing the wedding with the cake to add to his collection :)

Thanks to our friend Seth for the link!

UPDATE #14: Another R2-D2 cake to get your mouth watering today. This one is sent to us from Mathew of automaticcomics.co.uk. "Lord Manley" created the cake for him for his 30th birthday by using blueprints he found online.

Thanks Mathew!

UPDATE #15: Got a couple of "Yummy Star Wars" additions from over at the Official Starwars.com Blog:

"Dark Lord of the Dessert" (Cupcake creations from Kati Peck)
"Star Wars Mixology 101" (Tasty beverages from the Mos Eisley Cantina)

UPDATE #16: Memorial Day weekend reminds us of the sacrifices made by great men and women for our country. How do we best celebrate it, with good food, friends and family. Well, let's face it food is always on our minds, hence this post. See the links below to some more Star Wars inspired cakes at greatwhitesnark.com.

New R2-D2 cake
"Hoth scene" cake
Death Star cake
Star Wars wedding cake
Jango Fett helmet cake

Make sure to check out he archives at greatwhitesnark.com for even more...with more to come in the future!

Thanks to Mike for the links!

UPDATE #17: Click here to check out a sweet (get it? sweet?) R2-D1 cake at greatwhitesnark.com. (Thanks again Mike!)

UPDATE #18: From friend of TFN, Mark:

"I thought you guys would like to see this. My wife and I got married a couple of weeks ago. We decided early on that we wanted the folks at Charm City Cakes to do our wedding cake. While sitting with Duff trying to figure out what we wanted, my then wife-to-be mentioned her idea of having us fighting with lightsabers on top of the cake. Unfortunately, that clashed with our elegant cake design that we had been working on. So Duff suggested a groom's cake for the "fun cake", and this is what came out of it.

This is a link to their blog. The blog entry want you to see is dated 06/04/2008. If this link doesn't take you directly to that blog entry, navigate back to it to see the picture of the cake. This cake was not only a huge hit with our wedding guests because of how it looked, but it was also quite delicious. My hat is off to the folks at Charm City Cakes for pulling off such a cool cake!"

Thanks Mark and congrats to you and your new wife!

UPDATE #19: Starwars.com points us over to Whipped Bakeshop's flickr page for a gander at some sweet looking Star Wars cookies (among others) Click here!

UPDATE #20: A few new mouth watering additions this weekend...

First, got 3 new Star Wars related cakes to peruse from greatwhitesnark.com: (Thanks Ethan!)
Death Star Cake with lots of cupcakes
R2 Droid Cake
Millenium Falcon Birthday Cake

Click here for "DIY Master Yoda Cake" at the Official Starwars.com Blog, that also features pics of a Darth Vader cake and a Stormtrooper cake.

UPDATE #21: Is this Millennium Falcon birthday cake from Charm City Cakes of Baltimore the "best birthday cake ever" as proclaimed by Gizmodo? You be the judge!

Thanks to our friend Justin for the link!

UPDATE #22: Well the Millennium Falcon cake from Charm City Cakes in the update above has become a hit around the web. And why wouldn't it? It's detail is fantastic AND it makes me hungry. Click here for some more pics of the cake (with angles you have yet to see) as well as here for the story behind the cake.

Thanks to Steve for the links!

UPDATE #23: Neatorama.com has highlighted a fun Star Wars wedding where it seems as if the groom dressed as Admiral Ackbar. We wish the bride and groom the best of luck and you can check out some of their wedding pictures here. But let's face it, in this post, what really appeals to us is that which makes your mouth water...so behold an AT-AT wedding cake complete with little Ewok cupcakes.

UPDATE #24: Oooooh! Here's a good one! How about a cake of Han Solo frozen in carbonite?

Source: Boxwish.com

UPDATE #25: Got some new links to Star Wars cakes at Greatwhitesnark.com:

Millennium Falcon
Star Destroyer
Death Star with tower of cupcakes

Thanks Mike!

And as a follow up to Update #24 above, Kevan J. sent over the following:

I just wanted to say that the grooms cake you've added of han frozen in carbonite was made for me, a member of the site from texas (LordSyn or DarthSyn I think is my user name) and the cake was made by Michelle. It was a delicious red velvet cake and everyone fell in love with it, especially me!"

Thanks Kevan! Glad you enjoyed the cake!

UPDATE #26: Click here to check out another sweet (pun intended) Death Star birthday cake at GreatWhiteSnark.com. (via ClubJade.net)

UPDATE #27: Got a new Darth Vader cake for you today. This one comes to us from Jonathan who recieved it from his wife Courtney as a grooms cake. They married a couple of years ago in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. Thanks to Jonathan for sharing and thanks to Courtney for giving him the Vader cake!

UPDATE #28: Alberto, of Fan Force Jedi Council Panama, sent over the following picture of their anniversary cake:

Thanks Alberto!

Also, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories offers up some helpful hints on how to create your own Death Star cantaloupe. (via ClubJade.net)

Oh, and check out this life-size Yoda cake at the Official Starwars.com Blog.

UPDATE #29: Another sweet looking birthday cake for you to check out here at About.com.

Thanks Ethan!

Friend of TFN, Nic, also sent over the following pictures of an R2-D2 wedding cake that his wife made for some friends of theirs. The afternoon heat did a bit of a number on the cake and due to time constraints, touch ups were out of the question. All things considered, the cake still turned out great.

Thanks Nic!

UPDATE #30: Our 30th update brings us a link to a detailed Millennium Falcon wedding cake at GreatWhiteSnark.com. Enjoy!

UPDATE #31: Our friend Jedi Justin sent over a picture of a cake that he and his wife made for Halloween. An orange and black C-3PO seems rather fitting :)

Thanks to Justin for sharing and we hope he and his family had a fun Halloween!

UPDATE #32: Head on over to Starwars.com and learn to make Yoda's herb stew from ESB.

UPDATE #33: Well this post has been going for over a year now as is evident by a sweet Captain Rex birthday cake for Mathew who just turned 5 on December 2nd. You can see his Darth Maul cake from his fourth birthday way up top in the very first update. Happy Birthday to Mathew!

Thanks Tony!

UPDATE #34: Learn to make Wookiee Cookies at Starwars.com!

UPDATE #35: "Yummy Yoda Cake" highlighted at the Official Starwars.com Blog.

UPDATE #36: Check out a sweet looking Star Wars mini-golf cake at Great White Snark! (via the Official Starwars.com Blog)

UPDATE #37: Check out the Darth Vader "It's a Girl" baby shower cake from Cake Wrecks! (via ClubJade.net)

UPDATE #38: Friend of TFN, Nathan H., wrote to let us know that Cheff Duff made a Slave 1 cake on Ace of Cakes last night on the Food Network. We'll let you know if we see any clips!

Thanks Nathan!

UPDATE #39: Our friend Marty J. sent in the below pics of a Jabba cake he and his wife made fot their sons' birthdays. Happy Birthday to Lucas and Hayden! (Click on the pics for a larger view)

Thanks Marty!

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