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What do you think of the deleted scenes chosen by LFL for the AOTC DVD?


Why did the O.S. even mention the droidship raid if they weren't gonna put it on the dvd. The other scenes will be good, sure, but man... (by Joe)

I think the number 1 scene everyone wants to see is the Tusken Raider slaughter. (by JEDIFIOOL)

I wanted the extended dooku -two saber fight; And the control ship, it was what I was really looking forward too... (by Ben)

I want the Dooku/ Yoda extended fight and the droid control ship raid. More Jedi and Sith action please!!!!! (by carrol adams)

I was very pleased with the list, sure I wanted those other scenes, (Lost 20, Droid control ship raid) but you can't always have everything you want. (by Dinvader)

I couldn't be more pleased with the selection. As long as the scenes shed some light on the story. I was really surprised to find out that the scene with Padme addressing the Senate had been cut. Really, after watching the film I can see why it had to go. There was really no reason for it since everything is explained nicely in the next scene in Palpatine's office. I'm glad that the scenes with Padme being interrogated and the "kagaroo court" trial scene with Dooku are being included. (by David R. Flores)

There should have been some action sequences either extended or included as extras. The current extras are fine but I don't think as interesting as even the TPM stuff. (by Razorback)

No Plo Koon and Ki Adi scene? Noooooooo! (by Lonepadawan)

Where is the extras of the ending lightsaber battle? (by Joey Esposito)

No raid on droid control ship? Arrgh! I knew that wasn't going to happen...maybe he's saving that for his Ultimate Edition comes. (by darthblarth)


I like the Padme scenes, but I wanted to see more action stuff in the deleted secton. Us women like action too you know, all this lovy-duvy stuff sucks after a while (by Susan)

The Qui Gon scene should have been added. He was the only thing missing from Ep2 (by Steve L.)

I am excited about the scenes. I think they chose great ones. There is only 1 scene I am really upset they didn't put in, the rest of the Meadow Scene!! There was sooooo much cut from that in the Movie!!! The scenes with Dooku fighting with 2 lightsabers would've been cool, and the Droid Control Ship cause I really like Plo-Koon and wanted to hear him speak. But you know I am satisfied, I'm just mainly upset about that Meadow Scene!!! (by JediJenofAAHA)

Very disappointed. No background on Dooku or the Lost 20? It seems this would be relevant considering Padme blurts out Dooku's name almost immediately, but we have no idea who he is until the end of the film. At least now I can be certain that I'll have to wait until Ep3 to find out about the lost 20 and hope Lucas doesn't ignore this vital info. again. (by osfa75)

I would have liked to have seen Plo Koon/Ki-Adi-Mundi... but then again can I ever really get enough Padme? No, I can't. :) (by Michael Walter)

What about that Plo Koon & Ki Adi Mundi scene? (by batturtle)

Good choices, but I wanted the Jedi attack scene. I just remember the Sansweet presentation with the Jedi going postal - Why do you keep that from us, George? (by JediJeff)

The deleted scenes were the thing I most wanted to see on the dvd. Yet I have no desire to see one of the scenes on there. (by DarthWeenie)

Great selection, but what happened to the Ki-Adi-Mundi/Aayla/Plo Koon scene that was confirmed before? (by Sean Walsh)

There's no action scenes and they add nothing to the plot. I wish someone would have consulted the fans before they decided to go with this useless filler material. (by giberwitz)


Not happy!!!!!!! Where is dooku and his two sabers? The lost 20? Come on!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like will have to wait until 2006!?! (by Mark N Montgomery)

Plo-Koons attack on the Droid Control Ship (by Darth_Lunchbox)

I'm very disappointed that there is no Dooku-Yoda scene, it would of been awesome to see that duel. (by blahb)

I feel somewhat let down by the scenes Mr. Lucas chose to include, or better yet by the one's he chose not to include. But hey, it's his movie, we're just lucky enough to get to watch them. More Jedi action is what everyone but Mr. Lucas would like to see.. (by Greg Perdue)

Where's Ki Adi and Plo's mission? (by Converter Of Power)

Ah well - at least we get some deleted scenes. It's not a complete disaster.... (by Master Adams)

I'm actually really happy with the Padme scenes being included. I've recently re-read the scenes with Padme and her family, and I really think they add an emotional depth to AOTC. (by Derth Nader)

The Plo Koon/Ki-Adi-Mundi scene as well as the extended (or alternate) version of the Dooku/Yoda fight would have been most welcome in the additional materials section of disc two, or even better, they would have been welcome added back into the actual movie. (by George Megenney)

I wanted the control ship raid and dooku with 2 lightsabers.. i also wanted more jango fighting.. extended arrival on naboo a waste (by disappointed)

No light sabers?? Bedroom what?? When's the Ultimate edition 2005? I'll wait... (by Travis Barker)


Disappointed there's no action, I want to hear voice of Plo Koon (by Jose Beltran)

I was hoping for the droid control ship raid, a bit disspaointed. I think the scene's will only carry dialogue (by Othera)

I like the scenes chosen, but there are several more that should have been too... basically ALL deleted scenes should be included, at least the extended fight scenes. (by Thesabresmith)

good gah...a bedroom scene with anakin and padme? pre or post-marriage?????? (by Jonnie)

I am slightly dissappointed that the extended dooku and yoda fight was not included. (by Ricky Chavda)

I want the space scene with the Jedi Starfighters which they cut out right? Or did i get that wrong? Anyway the Plo Koon and Ki Adi Mundi fight would also rule as well as Dooku with two sabers :(. (by Robbert)

It's a really lackluster selection of deleted scenes, all I wanted was the Ki-Adi-Mundi and Plo Koon raid. (by Zak Morales)

I think that the scenes chosen would have been a whole lot better if they threw in the droid control ship raid and the rest of Yoda and Dooku fighting. (by Thejedikiller)

Probably good deleted scenes, but we all wanted to see the Jedi Commando Raid on the Trade Federation. I'm glad at least one scene with Dooku is being put in. (by Ryan )

Great, but you should be able to incorporate them into the film to watch with all deleted scenes. (by Tim Sansford)


Where is the Plo Koon/Ki-Adi commando raid; the discussion of the lost twenty or the Dooku with two sabers scene? Or are these being held back for various super special ultimate release director's cut platinum Force edition(s)? (by rc)

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