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What do you think of the deleted scenes chosen by LFL for the AOTC DVD?


Hopefully battle scenes will be recut into finished DVD version. (by Eric)

I wanted more Jedis, lightsabers, and Jango/ObiWan fight, but I'm hoping those are worked into the movie (by Jules_Winfeild)

Gimme the Plo Koon/Ki-Adi scene!!!!!!!! (by Lucas)

Perfect! Deleted scenes that focus on character and storyline; there's no lack of action in AOTC anyway, so this is a very good choice. (by Thessa)

Very disappointed....I was hoping for action packed deleted scenes. They are the type you will watch over and over. (by mattskywalker1)

The scenes are going to be great. I just wish we had more Jedi action. (by Dante Ky)

What happened to Obi being attacked by the flying monsters? What about Plo and Ki's raid? What about Dooku with 2 lightsabers? All we have is more of the bad dialogue from episode 2! *sarcastically claps at Lucas* (by Slyuss)

The fact they are not including the droid control ship raid is beyond stupid. (by Cahones Jones)

I really wanted to see the Ki Adi Mundi and Plo Koon droid control ship fight along with the extended Jango Fett fights. I am happy they brought the scene's with Padme's family in but I wish they had put in the extended Yoda/Dooku fight. (by Jedi Lorano)

There is a reason the Dooku fight scene, the boba fett scene and the lost 20 scene are not in the DVD. Lucasfilm is saving them for the special edition and will be inserted back into the movie to help the developing plot. (by MarkMan777)


I wanted a longer version of Anakin's confession scene with Padme. I think that scene would've made people sympathetic to Anakin as opposed to the film which makes him cold and callous. (by Stephanie Williams)

Very good news about the Dooku interrogation scene. Too bad that more wasn't shot between him and Anakin during their lightsabre fight. It's also a relief that we're going to see more of Anakin and Padme's relationship develop. It was unrealistically quick in the theatrical release. (by JPG68)

What about the secret mission scene with the two jedi masters on the control ship!!!!!!! (by ekr1701)

Lucas should have had more than 8 deleted scenes from the start! Padme scenes are lovely, but I can't believe 1 Naboo scene is separated into 3 deleted scenes. And, as others said, where are the action scenes? (by JediMaster22)

What! No Padme going shopping or Padme visiting uncle Bernie for the weekend scene! I just wanted to say these deleted scenes are action packed!!! (by Bryant)

The eight deleted scenes are soooo cool (by Fede)

You'd assume that the deleted scenes on the DVD were for the fans, i.e. us. (by Garth Maul)

It's your fault I'm disappointed. I would have never been if not for this sites specs... (by OpticNerve)

I so wanted the Aayla Secura/Ki-Adi Munid/Plo Koon raid on the Droid Control ship to be included. I am very disappointed now that it won't be, a real downer. (by AnotherAgentSmith)

I'm not that fussed really, as we all know that when episode 3 is released there will be an ultimate boxset with all 6 films, all with loads more deleted stuff put back in the films - well I hope so (by Ian benneyworth)


I wanted the Plo Koon/Ki-Adi-Mundi scene!!!!! (by Denniska)

More Dooku, more control ship raid, more Jango, less Padme = what we want... (by jole larzand)

I wanted to see Anakin massacre more of the Tusken Raiders. Plus all the action footage. Why can't they just include all the deleted scenes in the DVD, rather than only a select 8? Probably because they are going to rerelease the DVD sometime with more deleted scenes. (by Adrian B)

Why add so much scenes with Padm?? Almost all 8 deleted scenes are extra Padm? footage?! I would have picked at least 2 of the deleted scenes to be more Jedi and Jedi action (more Aayla Secura!) which was cut too short in AOTC as it is! (by AnotherAgentSmith)

I thought the extended YODA/DOOKU fight was on the DVD?? Plus the Plo Koon/Mundi Scene too!!!! Now, it just makes the DVD not as good as it would have been. I thought this DVD would be the one movie that would have a good selection of deleted scenes (fight scenes and diaglogue, etc) (by Eddie)

I want the droid control ship raid!!! (by Froderik Nordwand)

Looks like a poor selection. Where is the Plo Koon/Ki-Adi-Mundi scene which is probally the scene everybody wanted to see. (by paul haynes)

I wanted the DCS raid, Yoda/Dooku fight and the completion of C3PO (by Martin)

I'd have to agree that the raid on the control ship and the Dooku vs Yoda deleted bits should've been included. The more lightsaber scenes the better is what I think most fans want... (by The Dawg)

They all look way too dull! There's no action scenes. What about more of Jango and Mace or the Plo Koon/Ki-Adi Mundi mission! (by Darth Dozzie)


I want more insights, more politics, more depth and action, not more Padme. And I really wanted the Plo Koon Scene. (by Arnoud)

Very disapointed. I was looking forward to seeing the Jedi commando raid on the droid control ship, and the extended battle between Yoda and Dooku, with 2 lightsabers. The Padme scenes would have held the least of my interest. (by Jonathan Beeston)

These deleted scenes pretty disappointing, but I believe the reason for not including the Dooku/Yoda fight and the Plo Koon/Ki-adi-Mundi scene is that Lucas can use them for a later special edition of AOTC, which would be cool, so I am still hoping to see them (by Dark-side)

I was looking forward to more action sequences. Oh well. (by James)

Poor. No droid control ship raid nor extended Dooku fight scene. (by Poopy)

What happened to the Ki-Adi and Plo Koon scene? Instead, there's a ton of footage of Padme talking. (by Ben McKee)

Um... What happened to the supposed extended Geonosis battle shots, extended Dooku/Yoda fight? Why come out with a deluxe toy of a clonetrooper on a speeder bike when you aren't even going to show it in any extended battle sequence on the DVD?! There was also a big gap between where Dooku and Anakin were dueling? Sounds way too saturated in Padme stuff. :( Better be good! :) (by Ryan Czaplinski)

Where are all the action scenes? Surely the Clone War at the end must have had some major scenes cut. (by Djphilla)

I like the scene with Padm?'s family, I hope to see Dooku with 2 Sabers and the raid on the Federation Starship as hidden scenes on the VHS of AOTC (by Sompeetalay)

Where's the Plo Koon/ Ki-Adi-Mundi mission, the extended Kamino fight, and the extended Dooku fight? (by Topher_Droid _Fighter)


I need more Jedi background (by ossus)

Where are the fight scenes (by Leko)

Too many dull scenes at the expense of action. Whatever happened to the extended duels with Jango, and why not incorporate the scenes into the film like the extended LOTR DVD? (by Starahelm)

Most of them will be pretty good, but, Padme's bedroom? She better be naked, or else. The droid controls ship raid was a must, and something to do with lightsabres. I am just hoping there will be the final cut dvd's available after Ep 3 is done. (by Obi-Dru RIzzoli)

I'm a bit disapointed. Like most people, I would have much prefered the droid control ship boarding. It seems we have dialogue orientated scenes instead of those focusing on action.... my hopes aren't high. GL ought to showcase what he does well rather than rolling out yet more cringe inducing moments. (by Iyidin Kyeimo)

Many weak scenes, and they don't include the raid on the droid control ship... the only scene that certainly had to be on the dvd!! (by menicus)

These scenes sound like a joke! I think lucas is saving the best stuff for a future release. The luca$ money machinery clicks into action, so fans will end up buying another version of the film and the coffers will get bigger (by darren)

Where's the Ki-Adi/Plo scene? Where's the bit with Dooku fighting with two Sabers? This is an outrage!!! (by Mike Sarantos)

I am very disappointed, everyone was hoping for the two best and exciting deleted scenes with Plo Koon and Mundi and the extended duel with Tyranus using 2 sabers. There were so many better things to include like more of the Arena battle and Jango vs. Mace, the Jocasta Nu scenes, and Bail Organa's deleted scenes or anything else cut involving the Palpatine and the Senate. (by Tom)

As usual, despite all the blather from McCallum, we're left short changed. Everyone wanted to see the deleted scenes from the Geonosis battle and the extended Yoda/Dooku fight. (by Dan)

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