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Fans who grew up with the OT-Do any of you actually prefer the PT?

Should darth maul have died?

What plotline, character or scene in the entire Saga irritates you the most?

The misconceptions you had about Star Wars, when you were a kid
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Got your EPI DVD?
What do you like about it, don't you like & what should have been added (except AOTC trailer)


LIKED: The integration of some of the deleted scenes. DIDN'T LIKE: The fact that some of the deleted scenes weren't integrated (but thank goodness the Greedo scene wasn't). SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More outtakes :) (by DataDroid)

LIKED: Everything. DIDN'T LIKE: hehe ... Still not enough ... More! More! More! SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More artwork covered (by L. Mangue)

LIKED: Everything. DIDN'T LIKE: not been able to chose the original theatrical edition as well as new edition through seamless branching. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Isolated music track, more deleted scenes, more documentary footage which is on official website, Insiders Guide video shorts, Bluescreen version of film, more tv spots, early drafts of Script, more out-takes. (by jasonjedi)

LIKED: I loved the menus, the quality, the deleted scenes... well, I could go on forever. DIDN'T LIKE: Even though there is TONS of stuff on this thing, they stuck it in compact places with oter things all over, so it seemed like it didn't have much. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: I think they should have the frying Obi's saber, and more outakes with less of the jar jar speacial made ones. (by Ricky Teel)

LIKED: The overall widescreen presentation of the movie. The deleted scenes. The Beggining was amazing. Featurettes and T.V spots, trailers, "making of" sections, the air taxi and lap 2 of the pod race being included in the movie. DIDN'T LIKE: The build up to the pod race being included in the movie, the photo section SHOULD HAVE ADDED: "The Beggining" should have been longer (I could have watched that all day), more cast interviews (where was Anthony Daniels and Ian McDairmid) (by theWhill)

LIKED: "The Beginning", commentary (w/ captions), deleted scenes. DIDN'T LIKE: Exclusive website PC only! Printed insert kind of skimpy. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: An admission that Jar-Jar was a bad idea. (by baron crimson)

LIKED: Behind the scenes documentary (learning what went into making the movie makes me appreciate the movie more) and the out-takes. DIDN'T LIKE: No Macintosh support for special starwars.com link. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Ability pick and choose which deleted scenes to add to movie for personal preference. (by ZioGio)

LIKED: All. DIDN'T LIKE: Too many people (i.e. Copala) explaining why directors delete scenes - I get it already! SHOULD HAVE ADDED: The FULL desert fight seen with Maul on the ship's ramp & Obi-wan's wet lightsaber. (by Jedi-Jurist)

LIKED: Fantastically edited features, Lucas commentary, web documentaries, fully constructed deleted scenes, and creative, simple menus. DIDN'T LIKE: only one commentary, "The Beginning" only one hour. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: more "Beginning" footage, more commentaries, more DVD-ROM content at inception (by Sean Goldberg)

LIKED: Quantity of bonus material. DIDN'T LIKE:The 6 screens of copyright warnings we have to sit through on disc 2 before the first menu (Euro edition). The very distracting flicker of partial picture in the lower black part of my TV (not widescreen) which betrays that the movie could have been 1:85:1 aspect ratio. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Seemless re-integration of the deleted scenes into the movie.It's OK,someone will do that with editing software, ignoring all those copyright pages! (by Darth Erniegar)


LIKED: everything there was except. DIDN'T LIKE: "Exclusive DVD-ROM link". SHOULD HAVE ADDED: all remaining Starwars.Com featurettes and Insider's Guide CD-Rom behind the scenes on Disc 2 and gone with original idea for a three hour doc version of "The Beginning" on a 3rd disc. (by wedge 45)

LIKED: The menu's, documentaries, deleted scenes, and the awesome Dolby 5.1 EX sound. DIDN'T LIKE: Grainy picture quality during Tatooine scenes. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Lucasarts game demos, John Williams' soundtrack, cast and crew bios, and some Episode II footage for the people without DVD-ROM drives. (by darthB)

LIKED: The honesty of the beginnings video, such as the whole crew being pretty disappointed after watching an early cut of the film. DIDN'T LIKE: I can't think of anything! SHOULD HAVE ADDED: they should have at least kept the probe droid scene where Qui-Gon destroys it. They didn't need Jira, but the rest was awesome and it shows why they were running! (by Greg)

LIKED: "The Beginning," the outtake reel, the sound mix on the DVD, most of the deleted scenes, Lucas' defensiveness on the commentary. DIDN'T LIKE: The Greedo scene, whiny fans' abuse of Jake Lloyd (after seeing the other two kids up for the part, he wasn't THAT bad). SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More of the documentary footage. I love how it makes Ewen sound like he's lovin' it all the time, when he's said since that he had a pretty bad time for much of it. (by Gorf)

LIKED: the deleted scenes and gag reel. DIDN'T LIKE: the documentary focused more on effects than story (much like the movie). SHOULD HAVE ADDED: a seamless Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon vs. Maul scene added as a bonus (by Amp236)

LIKED: all extras, especially 'The Beginning. DIDN'T LIKE: deleted scenes being incorporated into film. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Episode II select pics, Special Star Wars THX trailer (by Randall Z)

LIKED: digital transfer from film. DIDN'T LIKE: Mac users are left out in the cold despite the fact that the AOTC trailer will be in Quicktime. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: the online material on the DVD so people without PCs can appreciate the extra stuff too. (by mcclint)

LIKED: The well designed menus and extra footage. DIDN'T LIKE: That I still cannot bring myself to like Jar Jar. SHOULD HAVE ADD: Obi-wan, obi-wan and obi-wan. More outtakes, cut scenes. Just more stuff with Ewan in general. (by Darth_Silliness)

LIKED: Docus, menus, deleted scenes, outtakes, new cut of film, sound, ability to go back and check things. DIDN'T LIKE Quality of deleted scenes (esp. dawn before podrace), not possible to watch full podrace in one go (ie new beginning, lap 1, extended lap 2, lap 3), repeated documentary stuff, not enough photos, web link not fully furnished yet, interactual player (jolty) SHOULD HAVE ADDED: actor commentary, more scenes, more maul (esp on tatooine), mac support (i was gonna buy one till now) (by Darth Fiscious)

LIKED: Everything! DIDN'T LIKE: Making of Starfighter game featurette (didn't need it). SHOULD HAVE ADDED: a music-only audio track, the four featurettes on starwars.com (Sound, Watto, Depth, Podracing), the other three tone poems on the website, and the other tv spots on the website; more deleted footage,like during the jedi vs. sith duel, which is shown briefly in a documentary; and more stills (just like in my Star Wars Trilogy Definitive Collection Laserdisc collection. (by JEDHEAD)


LIKED: The deleted scenes. I also got a kick out of Obi-Wan cursing in "The Beginning" documentary. DIDN'T LIKE: How only a few of the deleted scenes were integrated back into the film, should have been all of them. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More Darth Maul scenes. He was one of their largest marketed characters and he deserves more time on screen. Changed all the backwards/flip-flopped shots (Obi-Wan's braid on the wrong side, Maul's earring on the wrong side, R2's holo-projector on the wrong side-I hope they do this for the Trilogy, too. Finally, I wish they would've put Sam Jackson's face on top of his double's at the end of the film.(by Lord Jedi)

LIKED: the beggining and the completed deleted scenes: DIDNT LIKE: not enough deleted scenes,the anakin greedo scene should have been longer where we got to see greedo and anakin speak before anakin jumped on him. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: On disc one you should be able to watch the entire movie as an anamatic or storyboard and drop the starfighter preview and added more tv spots,but im just being picky. (by Redfive)

LIKED: the quality of the video, audio, and ex. DIDN'T LIKE: the commentary was too technical and should have added more insight into the movie not just the making of it. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: i was really disapointed there was no dts soundtrack. (by BRENT)

LIKED: The menus (I've never gotten excited about a DVD menu before), sound/picture quality, the Beginning, etc. etc. DIDN'T LIKE: Now that I see the gems they cut out, I'm even more annoyed about the stupid poo-poo jokes. Also, some of the docu stuff was repetitive - like the "Fights" Featurette and one of the 12 web docus were exactly the same. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: I think all the web docus should have been incorporated into "Beginning". More interviews w/actors. Also, MORE OUTTAKES! (by YodaYid)

LIKED: The fact that the deleted "Dawn before the Race" scene never made it to the actual movie - for once, an intelligent cut by Lucas ;-). DIDN'T LIKE: This DVD is so good, any complaint sounds whiny. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More Liam Neeson - we don't see him doing that much on the set besides practicing for the fights. Other than that, viva LFL! (by Saddy1)

LIKED: Quality of the movie on DVD, added scenes, sound. "The Beginning" is absolutely great, and all the materials practically do not intersect, so everything on Disk 2 is interesting to watch! DIDN'T LIKE: In commentary soundtrack, should've probably been less sound information. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: All the deleted scenes included into a movie (by Chronos)

LIKED: All of it. Especially that commentary. Excellent. DIDN'T LIKE: I wanted to see the ENTIRE duel (final and desert). SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More lightsaber footage (sorry, those weapons are just cool.) (by Rjaniz)

LIKED: all the deleted scenes. DIDN'T LIKE: animatics and storyboards. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: senate scene with Bail Antilles (by Darth Becca)

LIKED: I think it takes guts for George Lucas to add scenes to the Phantom Menace when The Phantom Edit was so popular. I liked the Taxi scene because we get to explore couresount in preperation for EpII.DIDN'T LIKE: Not keeping the Tuskin Raiders snipering the Jawa's from the deleted scene. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Long fight scene in the Desert between Maul and Jinn. (by shiftyjedi)

LIKED: "The Beginning". DIDN'T LIKE: Only one Commentary. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Score only audio (a la Superman DVD) (by Mark Matthews)


LIKED: Most of the deleted scenes. DIDN'T LIKE: The extended Pod Race grid sequence with the character intros, 3 stooges reference, and extended fart, the dawn of pod race scene, and some of the Farewell to Jira scene (glad they were all cut). Also, not enough info on why some scenes were created. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: all the cut scenes and more info on the cut scenes. (by Jedi M)

LIKED: Formula One Sandcrawler. DIDN'T LIKE: Dodgy new podrace shots and sound effects - all of a sudden the podrace is really quiet? EWAN's wig still looks bad in pickup shots. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: fight scenes cut back together with deleted shots. (by J)

LIKED: New scenes integrated into podrace and arrival at Coruscant. DIDN'T LIKE: No deleted scene showcasing a longer end lightsaber battle. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Wished they'd integrated Maul's line: "I do not like this, master. The two Jedi may be using the Q (by Darth Gouki)

LIKED: Everything. DIDNT LIKE: Omission of music only track. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: duel footage. (by Chosen One)

LIKED: All the Bonus Features they were awsome! DIDN'T LIKE: The fact that they didn't cut out some of Mr. McCallum's swear words. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: An option to play the cutsceens with the movie. (by Ethan C.)

LIKED: All of the deleted scenes. DIDN'T LIKE: They weren't incorporated into a cut. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: The wet lightsaber scene, A Virtual Character Glossary, Actor Bio's, More Easter Eggs, Interviews with the Actors (by pr0fessional)

LIKED: A version of the Podrace that played much better and was more of what I imagined from original hype. DIDN'T LIKE: Podrace version 1.5 was put into the film instead of superior version 2.0, and that the key "Farwell to Jira" Probe droid scene was left out too. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: A branching version with the original theatrical cut & then one or two cuts with ALL deleted scenes in it (by mrgojira)

LIKED: The Waterfall Scene documentary and loved "The Beginning". The menus are amazing too!!! DIDN'T LIKE: Why have "Dawn Before the Race" and not "Maul on the Ramp"? And I still don't like Jake Lloyd. At all. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Enough in there for me!!! I'm still exploring. (by Skott Skywalker)

LIKED: It flows very naturally, easy to use. There's a LOT of love put into this DVD. DIDN'T LIKE: The Lynn's Diary Menu is choppy to navigate. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Cut Shmi's "You have given hope to those who have none." Add Palpatine's smile (the shot wss much too brief) and the end the duel on the ships ramp. This is by far my favorite DVD, even if it isn't my favorite movie. But it's stil damned fun. (by M. Padgett)

LIKED: an ep1 dvd that was rushed out of the door to calm popular demand, despite the fact that Lucas wanted to wait until all the movies were made. DIDN'T LIKE: the fact that you'll never satisfied with the ep1 dvd. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: an lesson from Yoda telling all of you crazy fans that "dvd... heh! extra Darth Maul footage... heh! a Jedi craves not these things." (by bitter)


LIKED: I digged the whole damn thing! When it came out on video I barely wanted to watch it, but now i can watch it anytime. DIDN'T LIKE: I can't think of anything i didn't like. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: they could have added a ton, more making of, more maul, more obiwan, but i am glad they did not add episode 2 stuff because as soon as ep 2 is out no one will care if there is ep 2 stuff on the ep 1 dvd. so just deal with it till 2 comes out, if you can! (by Breath)

LIKED: Commentary, Extra Scenes, making of feature. DIDN'T LIKE: a little over technical in some areas. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Actors Commentary. (by Twisted_Mentat)

LIKED: Documentaries, behind the seens footage. Thank the maker! We have another star wars film!! DIDN'T LIKE: All the "fans" griping, and saying Mr. Lucas should apologize for the flaws in the film. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More documentary footage, deleted scenes, and behind the scenes! (by ronin1976)

LIKED: Very outstanding sound mix DIDN'T LIKE: Transfer was good, but i was expecting exceptional from Lucas. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Seperater commentary tracks!!! Deleted scenes added into the movie (by Dr Bezazz)

LIKED: Everything. DIDN'T LIKE: That the Maul Jinn duel scene was left out of the extras. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: A real cool option to watch deleted scenes in the movie or watch the theatrical version........other than that its brilliant!!!!!!!! (by Little_George)

LIKED: Menus. DIDN'T LIKE: the interview with McCallum where he is cussing the whole time. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More Deleted Scenes. (by Tyler Roberts)

LIKED: The gags, the deleted scenes, the docs, the awsome film quality, the menus. DIDN'T LIKE: I know there were SO many more deleted scenes (Obi-Wan and Darth Maul fight on Tatooine, Darth maul and Qui-gon on the ramp, etc etc...) I wish they had put EVERYTHING they left out on the DVD. Even they weren't completed. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Like I said, more cuts, the option to watch the movie with deleted scenes added in would have been really nice and (duh) WAY MORE stuff on Episode II. (by Preventer Fire)

LIKED: Everything that made it on the disc, would have loved many more hours of "the beginning". DIDN'T LIKE: DVD-ROM vs. MACINTOSH issues. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: more deleted scenes, even if not complete (R2 using boosters, OB1 in swamp, Maul on starship ramp) (by John Gomez)

LIKED: all of it, all of it, all of it. The documentary really gave me more of an appreciation of just how much work goes into these works of art . DIDN'T LIKE: n/a. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: a commentary from Lucas saying how much he doesn't give a crap what some of the "fans"/critics say about the movie. (by Zax)

LIKED:deleted scenes. DIDN'T LIKE: No new lightsaber scenes!! SHOULD HAVE ADDED: more lightsaber scenes!!! (by azsith)

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