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Who Doesn't Hate Jar Jar anymore?

Fans who grew up with the OT-Do any of you actually prefer the PT?

Should darth maul have died?

What plotline, character or scene in the entire Saga irritates you the most?

The misconceptions you had about Star Wars, when you were a kid
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Got your EPI DVD?
What do you like about it, don't you like & what should have been added (except AOTC trailer)


LIKED: The deleted scenes were excellent. DIDN'T LIKE: The Starfighter making of a game extra. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Jar Jar Torture Chamber (by Jedidaniel)

LIKED: The extended pod race scene. DIDN'T LIKE: the fact that i spent 30min. trying how to get the easter eggs and failed to do so for disc one. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: the Obi Swamp scene and all the other deleted scene in the movie it self also the scene when Qui Gon Fights Darth Maul on Tatooine when Maul jumps on the ramp and gets kicked off by Darth Maul. (by Eric)

LIKED: The whole DVD. DIDN'T LIKE: All the complaining fans who didn't get what they wanted. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More profanity from McCallum in "The Beginning" (by Airhead)

LIKED: the deleted scenes and behind the scenes sections. DIDN'T LIKE: Too many interviews not enough footage. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: All scenes that had been deleted from movie added back INTO THE MOVIE (by jedigolfer)

LIKED: The hilarious outtakes. DIDN'T LIKE: No Macintosh DVD-ROM support!!! SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More Outtakes ; ) (by Darth Schnouts..)

LIKED: Film On Dvd (Able to Skip To The Action!), Addition to Pod Race, consisting of Anakin making up ground (Just Like in the Book), The Gag Reel And Outtakes, Most Documentariess. DIDN'T LIKE: The Grid Additions with seemingly INCOMPLETE completed deleted scenes. Characters that were added just didnt fit in right. It was like the Special Editions all over again, scenes stood out to much as phony. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More deleted scenes. More Bloopers. Better CG for New Additions. THE FULL DUEL! = ) (by SkywalkerG)

LIKED: the deleted scenes. DIDN'T LIKE: still don't like Jar Jar. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: wish more deleted scenes had been put in. (by EvilBear)

LIKED:"The Begining" documentary, it really gave me a new respect for Jake Lloyd's performance and I liked the fan boy comments from Liam and Ewan. I also loved the deleted scene "Farewell to Jira". DIDN'T LIKE: Is that a trick question? SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More deleted scenes (by JediToren)

LIKED: everything about the disc. DIDN'T LIKE: cry babies complaining about it wasn't up to their high standards. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: a longer cut of The Beginning is all I would want from this disc (by BillMulder)

LIKED: Just about everything!!! If you look at the Story Featurette, you get a taste of Ep 4 on DVD! DIDN'T LIKE: the new CG. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: can't think of anything (by Daniel T)


LIKED: Natalie Portman eating a bagel with plain cream cheese. DIDN'T LIKE: Some repeat footage on documentaries. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Exclusive Natalie Portman interview. (by Emuboy)

LIKED: deleted scenes, outtakes. DIDN'T LIKE: waterfall scene explanation. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: option to incorporate all deleted scenes into the movie. (by Mark)

LIKED: The whole thing. DIDN'T LIKE: not having DOTF cut scenes! SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Cut scenes from the end dotf sabre duel (which there were!) (by Dan Ortiz)

LIKED: Everything, in particular, presentation of film on R1 disc. DIDN'T LIKE: R2 disc, bought it expecting a higher resolution PAL transfer and got excessive artefacts and obtrusive layer change. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: BBC Omnibus Documentary, Samuel Jackson hosted ILM doc, more TV spots. (by Paul Holgate)

LIKED: Everything! Deleted scenes, documentaries, the movie, the easter eggs! DIDN'T LIKE: Need more easter eggs! SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More deleted scenes, ie the Obi Wan/wet lightsaber scene! (by Prince of Amber)

LIKED:The Audio Commentary and "The Beginning". DIDN'T LIKE: "Dawn before the Race" deleted scene. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Sound Design Documentary with Ben Burtt (by CountBakufu)

LIKED: "The Beginning" Documentary, Deleted Scenes, Easter Eggs, Menu Graphics and Sound Quality. DIDN'T LIKE The picture (video) quality (film grains can be seen). SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More extras like ones of the EP1 Insider's Guide CD, the other deleted scenes (lightsaber discharging etc.), more pictures of behind the scenes (e.g. wanna see more of that Obi-Wan vs Maul in the desert scene) (by Padawan Learner)

LIKED: More Pod Race and Widescreen Format. DIDN'T LIKE: Jar Jar, taking the swearing out of the documentaries, takes too long to load, stupid small pod race shot as you click on 'play movie.' SHOULD HAVE ADDED: All deleted scenes to main movie, all of Darth Maul cut scenes, a longer documentary (I'm talking 5 hours, not one hour. I mean, how much footage did they have to do this?) and two seperate commentaries, one for Lucas/Burrt, and the other for the geniouses at ILM. You guys rock! (by David Kimber)

LIKED: I love just about everything about the DVD! The featurettes, documentaries, cutscenes, everything! DIDN'T LIKE: I honestly can't think of anything on the DVD that I don't like. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: As for what I wish was on it, I wish there was an option where you could play the entire movie with ALL the cutscenes added in, and you could also select that NONE of the cutscenes were in. I think that'd be very convenient. (by Benjamin)

LIKED: "Outtakes" DIDN'T LIKE: Repetitive content. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More original content. Plus infamous cut scenes, such as R2 falling saber cutting out. (by Jhett)


LIKED: well there was very little I didn't like, the beginning doc was great, something like this on the classic trilogy DVDs will be amazing. DIDN'T LIKE: the fact that a lot of cool deleted scenes were not included as extras. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: more commentaries, one for Lucas and McCallum, and for ILM and one for the cast. (by ohms)

LIKED: Anamorphic throughout & sound. DIDN'T LIKE: nothing. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: more delted scenes; ie: R2-D2's rockets, Obi-Wan & Qui-Gon on Naboo, there's more. (by Jesse)

LIKED: finally having the DVD. DIDN'T LIKE: not having a dvd player. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: a dvd player. (by hossie)

LIKED: The behind the scenes doco's, very interesting. DIDN'T LIKE: I think it's almost perfect. The best DVD package around. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: An in depth doco about the Music and Sound effects aquisition. Two very, very strong points in the Star Wars films. (by Micky.J)

LIKED: Dolby 5.1 EX sound - it's how every movie should sound, behind the scenes of the lightsaber fights-very cool. DIDN'T LIKE: DVD-ROM material because I can't get to it! (no DVD-Rom). SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Lightsaber battle on the ramp of the Queen's ship. (We got to see Park practicing falling down the ramp in the documentary, though) (by Magnum)

LIKED: Finally having it. DIDN'T LIKE: Far too much talk and not enough action in documentaries. Blatant promo for Starfighter in weak documentary, Dull poster section "Look its in a different language, wow thats well worth watching", Animatics - Multi-view didn't work properly, Tacked on bargain basement DVD player program that uses up space. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: The choice to view the full-length complete film with every cut scene shown & not shown included. (by Alekin Pumford)

LIKED: Watching Williams compose the soundtrack. The man's a genius. DIDN'T LIKE: The final three choices for Anakin. I mean, these were the best 3 out of 3,000? SHOULD HAVE ADDED: A still of all of the Flannel One's flannels. (by jedai_nite)

LIKED: Blooper/gag reels (Sandcrawler in the podrace!) DIDN'T LIKE: Too much computer graphics information/Stupid Kaadu farting!! SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Obi-Wan swamp scene/Queen Amidala swimsuit gallay :) (by Jango Fett Jr.)

LIKED: The movie quality is astonishing! The documentary "The Beginning" is very cool! The menus are beautiful. DIDN'T LIKE: Hmm .. nothing . SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More to "The Beginning" (by Enzo Matrix)

LIKED: Every deleted scene. DIDN'T LIKE: The lack of more deleted scenes. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: The scene in which Obi-Wan rises out of the swamp, the scene in which Qui-Gon scolds Obi-Wan for leaving his lightsaber on too long, and more parts of the lightsaber duel and the attack on the droid control ship. (by Prince of Aldera)


LIKED: The fact it just exists. DIDN'T LIKE: I am having to wait for a night where my girlfriend goes out before I can watch it. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Free tickets for my girlfriend to go somewhere for the night (by Ian Wilson)

LIKED: The few scenes added into the movies proper. DIDN'T LIKE: The extended fart joke in the Pod Race grid deleted scene. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: The farewell to jira scene into the actual movie!!! (by Gregory Harbin)

LIKED: The overall presentation of the DVD is amazing. The menus and organization of the selection screens are truly exciting and fun. The easter eggs and attention to detail help to set an overall tone for the entire DVD which feels very much Star Wars. Simply breathtaking. DIDN'T LIKE: Shameless and totally boring Starfighter plug. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: All the deleted scenes. The scene with Qui-gon and the sith probe droid should have been added back into the film. This must be done!! (by jason stinson)

LIKED: Most of the extras, especially deleted scenes. Great audio guality on the film, nice meus. DIDN'T LIKE: n/a. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Documentary about making of all those different sounds and voices for the film. I remember seeing this in the Art of Star Wars exhibition, and it was quite fun. Why was it left out from the dvd while other documentaries are there? (by mot67)

LIKED: deleted scenes, picture/sound quality, menu layout. DIDN'T LIKE: Having to wait 1.5 years after VHS release. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Extra commentary tracks and more documentary info... what was there was great, but there was so much more I wanted to know! (by bboisvert)

LIKED: Extended podrace lap 2. DIDN'T LIKE: McCallum's frequent use of the F-word. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Weird Al's parody. (by Artie-Deco)

LIKED: "The Beginning" documentary, deleted scenes - DIDN'T LIKE: "Starfighter" featurette - I wish we had even more footage! - SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Additional deleted scenes, imput from John Williams, and additional commentaries. (by Thomas Flemming)

LIKED: Loved the additional lap 2 podrace footage and the bloopers. DIDN'T LIKE: The repetition of some documentary footage. There was over 600 hours of footage to choose from for 'The Beginning' documentary so I thought some of it should have been different from the other documentary stuff. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: R2 falling off landing pad and using rocket packs to recover. (by Kerry Lockhart)

LIKED: The movie is clear as opposed to the VHS. All around, great DVD with cool extras that will keep you busy for hours. DIDN'T LIKE: There is nothing I can find to complain about. I'm just happy to have a Star Wars film on DVD. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: I think a lot of the deleted scenes should and could have been recut back into the film. (by Brad Matthews)

LIKED: The Sandcrawler going at pod race speed. Ben Burtt and Doug Chiang were great. DIDN'T LIKE: Rick McCallum. Doesn't come across as a particularly nice individual. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More of the actor's opinions and how George Lucas reacted to the criticism of TPM after its release. (by Antaine Mac)


LIKED: That some deleted scenes were _not_ added back into the movie. Adding back the opening grid would've made it unbelievably tedious. DIDN'T LIKE: Too many people on the commentary track talking about too many aspects of the movie at once. Should've had multi-commentary tracks. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Documentary sequences highlighting John Williams and scoring process, more about sound effects, and casting process. (by Barry)

LIKED: The quaility and the new documentary! WOW! Could McCallum cuss just a little more? :-). DIDN'T LIKE: On the commentary, it should have had more with Lucas and the story and plot points, and less about the sound and Jar Jar. Yeah we get it, you guys are proud of the CGI!. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Extended Maul/Jinn fight scene on Tatooine. (by EmptyG)

LIKED: the whole thing, behind the scenes, anything to do with lightsabers. DIDN'T LIKE: Nothing really. (haven't watched everything yet). SHOULD HAVE ADDED: deleted scenes inserted in the actual film. The whole lightsaber scene uncut. (by GlennF)

LIKED: Over all disc set. DIDN'T LIKE: No preview for EPII! Even the trilogy re-release had some scenes!!! DVD-Rom only link. Sucks! SHOULD HAVE ADDED: The COMPLETE lightsaber duels! C'mon GEORGE!!! Give us what we crave!!! (by New Jedi Order)

LIKED: Nearly everything (one real unexpected treat was the several additional seconds of the 3-way lightsaber fight at the end of the deleted scenes documentary. DIDN'T LIKE: long wait when inserting disc for FBI warnings. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Isolated Music Track (could've removed Dolby 2.0 track for this - who needs that?). More commentary tracks, theme based (i.e. one for story points, one for tech points or something) could've gone mono to get the space. (by ObiWan KenHomme)

LIKED: disc 2. DIDN'T LIKE: Only had the widescreen version. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: option to watch with or without added material, option to add all cut scenes into movie (by Master_Beerstalker)

LIKED: 1) No irrelavant trailers and 2) well done menus on both discs. DIDN'T LIKE: other deleted scenes (e.g. Obi-Wan's waterlogged lightsaber) still MIA. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: isolated Williams score on disc 1. (by Jedi Xon)

LIKED: The reintroduced scenes that we were told weren't going to be reintroduced. DIDN'T LIKE: The Director of 'Julia' talking about that lame movie (This was TPM DVD, not PBS Director's chat!!!). SHOULD HAVE ADDED: AOTC Trailer on the disc or a live webcam link to Skywalker Ranch or ILM on the dvd.starwars.com website. (by Sith_Hunter)

LIKED: "The Beginning". DIDN"T LIKE: The fact that the commentary tracks weren't seperate. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: more footage to "The Beginning", and some response to negitive criticism from Lucas and the rest. (by Clint Walker)

LIKED: Extended, less boring podrace scene; creepy look on Anakin's face just before air-taxi scene. DIDN'T LIKE: *American* DVD also has McCallum's swearing censored out; 2-disc packaging clumsy compared to other 2-disc sets; waterfall scene effects looked sub-par; weblink restricted to DVD-ROM owners; arrived from Amazon 2 days late. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More commentary from Lucas on evolution of story, less talk from ILM explaining why they should've won the technical Oscar. (by BYOB Kenobi)

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