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CV: TFN Party, Pre-Ordering Ends Tomorrow!

Posted By Dajuan on August 6, 2010

Less than a week to go!

Tickets are going fast!
Don't forget that your last chance to pre-order tickets will be tomorrow night at midnight Pacific time. (Though if you get in just over the wire I will let you slide). After tomorrow night tickets will only be available at the door and they raise to $35 for adults and $30 for kids. Dual tickets to TFN's and the Fans of the ForceCast party will not be available at the door. They are only available for pre-register. Remember PayPal me (Dajuan Kinney, jedidajuan@gmail.com) $30 per adult ticket and $25 per child ticket. Dual tickets are $50 each and they are going fast! We only have a limited amount of those left.

Raffle items
The raffle thread on the Jedi Council Forums has been updated. We have a lot of really awesome one of a kind stuff listed. That is in addition to our 4 pair of tickets to Endor. Be sure to check out the thread!

Celeb Guests
We have quite a few new celeb guests added to our list. Newly added celebrities are bold. We will try to keep this list up to date as we get more celeb confirmations. We owe a big thank you to everyone who has helped connect us with various Star Wars celebs.

Fandom Celebs
We have a couple people who are on borderline between serious Star Wars fan and Star Wars celeb. For lack of a better term I decided to call them Fandom Celebs. They have all been so kind to us that I want to promote them here and now:

*Cris Macht the director of The Force Among Us. Cris will be at the party showing some of his movie and will have DVDs available.

*Keith Kappel and Ryan Brooks founders of Fandom Comics a site for Star Wars Fan Comics and RPG material.

Exclusive Party Pins
Our exclusive party pins will be available at the door to paying party guests on a first come first serve basis. Since our ticket sales are higher that we anticipated we may run out of pins before all guests have arrived and received one. This is bittersweet for us. We are ecstatic that we have so many guests, but are sad that we may not have enough pins to go around. So come early for your best chance at a pin. Pins will only be available at the door.

Questions and/or Comments
Please email any party related questions to me at jedidajuan@gmail.com. I try to answer emails within hours (sometimes minutes) of receiving them, but after Sunday night I might be a little slower. I love to answer questions and hear feedback.

Thanks everyone! As the event gets closer I will try to update daily. See you all very soon!

[FanForce Asia & Africa - News Archives]
Art Auction for "Princess Leah" Goes Live
Posted By Mike on March 27, 2012:
Supporting the ailing daughter of the Esquenazi family

The Forums Are Moving!
Posted By Ben on March 21, 2012:
The upgrade of TFN's Jedi Council Forums has begun.

Carrie Fisher & Jake Lloyd Head To Japan
Posted By Mike on February 25, 2012:
For three appearances in March!

Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars Day 2012
Posted By Mike on December 16, 2011:
Updated! Wear and share today!!! (Dec. 16)

2nd Annual SW Prequel Appreciation Day
Posted By Mike on May 10, 2011:
From Jango to Jar Jar, spread the PT love!

Star Wars Fans Raising Funds For Japan
Posted By Mike on April 11, 2011:
Announcing the "We Are Jedi" Project

Official Pix Gold Pins for Auction!
Posted By Dajuan on October 12, 2010:
TFN's CV after-party charity auction!

TFN's CV Party Write Up
Posted By Dajuan on August 18, 2010:
We're calling this one a success!

TFN's Party Is Tonight!
Posted By Dajuan on August 12, 2010:
Just hours to go!

CV: TFN Party Update 8/10/10
Posted By Dajuan on August 10, 2010:
Transportation news!

Final Day to Pre-Order TFN Party Tickets!
Posted By Dajuan on August 7, 2010:
Tickets are $30 today and $35 at the door.

CV: TFN Party, Pre-Ordering Ends Tomorrow!
Posted By Dajuan on August 6, 2010:
Buy your tickets before the prices go up!

TFN's CV Party Complete List Of Celebs To Date
Posted By Dajuan on August 5, 2010:
We have some big names this update!

TFN's CV Party- More Celeb Guests Announced
Posted By Dajuan on August 4, 2010:
More Authors and Artists!

TFN's CV Party, 4 Days Left to Pre-Order
Posted By Dajuan on August 4, 2010:
More Celebs have confirmed!

TFN's CV Party Updates!
Posted By Dajuan on August 2, 2010:
Guests, activities, and prizes!

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