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Episode II - Deleted Scenes Depository

Anakin Hits Dooku
The fightscene between Dooku and Anakin. There is a part when Anakin gets angry and finally manages to hurt Dooku is also cut. (Darth Silent)

Padme is a Force User
Yoda telling Padme that the force is strong with her, in Palpatine's office. (Steve)

Must Have Been Dreaming
Anakin having the "bad dream" while aboard the Freighter with Padme. She sees him having one there first. That's why she tells him on Naboo that he had "another" one. (Steve)

Anakin Gets Tossed
In one of the making ofs in starwars.com you see Anakin fighting with his lightsaber all dressed up with the coat and hood, then gets pulled back violently. That's not in the movie either. (JD)

Just Another Day at the Office
In the arena, just before Anakin asks Obi-Wan "What About Padme?" (which Obi responds "she seems to be on top of things"). Obi-Wan tells Anakin "Take the one on the right. I'll take the one on the left."....I love that one-liner. It just demonstates how even the arena is just another day in the office for a jedi knight. (LordGersh)

1 to 100
There is an extended scene with Count Dooku and Mace Windu. After Mace says this party's over and signals for the Jedi to come out, Dooku says brave, but stupid, my old Jedi friend. You're impossibly outnumbered. Mace responds, I don't think so. One Jedi has to be worth a hundred Geonosians. Then dooku says it wasn't the Geonosians I was thinking about. How well do you think one Jedi will hold up against a thousand battle droids? Thats when he signals for all the battle droids to start coming in. (Briguy)

Ackward Kiss
After Anakin and Padme roll around in the meadow they share a kiss and she pulls away. They both sit up but face opposite directions. Finally Anakin rises and offers his hand, and the two ride away on Naboo creature Anakin was teasing. (Carol)

Bail Organa's Role Cut
Bail's "We must stop them before their ready." line to Palpatine that appears in the "Clone War" trailer is missing from the final movie. (Robb)

Mace and Yoda Chat
In the screenplay (art of AOTC book) it lists scene 014 and 015, which were missing from the film (015 was a select image) Mace and Yoda in the Jedi temple corridor at night. Mace asks Yoda why they could not detect the attack on Amidala. They talk about how the dark side is growing in power and the prophecy coming true. (Rockboy)

Tatooine Scenes Cut
Scene 107, 108 and 109 were also cut. 107 is a night shot of vaporators lights blinking in the night sky on Tatooine. 108 Padme in the lars courtyard. She hears a nearby howling noise, shivers and goes in to the garage. 109. Padme and 3PO in the garage. 3PO asks if Padme is alright. She tells him she's worried about Anakin. 3PO reasures her by telling her "He can take care of himself. Even in this awful place". (Rockboy)

The End for You
Durning the final battle between Yoda and Dooku, originally yoda was to knock his lightsaber out of his hands, to stand on his head, and to say:The end for you, Count, this is. He aims the lightsaber above his head, preparing to stab, when dooku knocks him aside, and then lets the crane fall on Obi Wan and Annie. Originally, yoda was set to get under the crane, pushing it up from underneath, but that was later changed. (Lando)

I'm a Jedi
There is a line that Anakin says during the 'Mystery' trailer. He says "I'm a Jedi!". Now I'm not sure if its in the final cut of the movie, but I don't seem to recall it. (Jedi Andy)

The or This
In the 'Clone War' trailer, Yoda says near the end "Begun, this clone war has." In the movie, correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard him say the three times I saw it "Begun, the clone war has." (Louis)

Acklay Attack
On Geonosis, I'm pretty sure I remember a scene where the Nexu tries to attack the Acklay. On Geonosis, Obi-wan was supposed to use electro-binoculars to view the progress of the battle droids. (Bariss Coffee)

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