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2013 Jedi Assembly Patch

Posted By Dustin on March 15, 2013

The Jedi Assembly is calling for new members with the incentive of a 4.5" round patch for the purpose of fundraising for the Vascuiltis Foundation. The patch was designed by artist Eric Siebeneck (http://siebo7.deviantart.com), who recently worked on the R2-KT/Doctor Who patch for Albin Johnson.

If you have a quality Jedi costume, you can become a member by submitting a photo of you in costume (full-length, no outer robe and no black pieces) at www.thejediassembly.com/joinus.php.

Once approved you will be able to purchase the patch through the TJA message boards or through their Facebook page. Cost for the patch is $9 which includes all shipping costs in the US. International orders may cost a little more.

These patches can NOT be fabricated until funds are collected. Once sales stop they will be manufactured.

The Vasculitis Foundation supports and empowers our community through education, awareness and research. The Mission of The Vasculitis Foundation is to support and empower the Vasculitis community through education, awareness and research. You can find more information at www.vasculitisfoundation.org. The Jedi Assembly has worked with The Vasculitis Foundation in the past with fundraisers at Celebrations 3, 5 and 6. CO Carol Gilbert's husband has suffered from a rare form of Vasculitis, called Wegener's Granulomatosis, for over 16 years.

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Official Pix Needs Volunteers!
Posted By Dustin on April 13, 2013:
Assist in Autograph Hall at Star Wars Celebration Europe II

The Dark Empire At C2E2
Posted By Dustin on March 24, 2013:
Costuming group at Chicago show

2013 Jedi Assembly Patch
Posted By Dustin on March 15, 2013:
4.5" patch available to members

501st Legion Rose Parade LEGO Diorama Project
Posted By Dustin on January 15, 2013:
You can't spell "Legion" without "LEGO"

501st North Pole Mission Patches
Posted By Dustin on December 17, 2012:
The Empire checks in on Santa's elves

Bantha Pug
Posted By Dustin on November 8, 2012:
First Wampa Pug, Now Bantha Pug!

Star Wars In Pop Culture: Halloween Edition
Posted By Jay on October 29, 2012:
From The Big Bang Theory.

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