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Admirals & Generals
by Adam Nelson

The game text of the Death Star 2 interrupts Imperial Command and Rebel Leadership refer to admirals and generals. These cards are very useful but each can only be used with a handful of characters. This article will examine each of these powerful characters so that you can select the ones that will fit best in your decks.

Light Side Admirals
At this time, the Light Side only has one admiral. That is Ackbar. He is an exclusive rare (or fixed) character from the Death Star 2 expansion.

Power 3 Ability 3 Pilot, Leader
Deploys -2 to Home One. Adds 3 to power of any capital starship he pilots. Your capital starships deploy -1 to same system. Once per game, may take one Mon Calamari character or Admiral's Order into hand from Reserve Deck; reshuffle.
Deploy 4

His deploy is reduced to 2 aboard Home One, which is very nice, since that is where you should probably have him in most decks. He adds 3 to the power of anything, which is useful. Capital ships deploy for one less, which is nice, especially at Dantooine, where they are already deploy -2. This gives the possibility of getting a Corvette out for one Force. Once per game he can pull a Mon Cal or Admiral's Order from the Reserve Deck, which can be very useful in certain situations. Ackbar is great in most Light Side decks. For ground decks, he and Home One can help you manage space.

Light Side Generals
The Light Side fares better with generals, with ten of them. This doesn't count Obi-Wan, since his cards' titles don't identify him as a general. First is General Calrissian, a rare character from the Death Star 2 expansion

Power 4 Ability 3 Pilot, Warrior, Leader, Gambler
Deploy -2 aboard Falcon. Adds 3 to power of anything he pilots. When piloting a freighter, adds 1 to maneuver and draws one battle destiny if not able to otherwise. When he attempts to "blow away" Death Star II, adds 2 to total.
Deploy 4

He is an essential part of the Mini-Falcon combo, along with Nein Nunb and Gold Squadron 1. He also makes it more likely to take out the Death Star 2, if that's what your opponent is playing. This is a great auxiliary Falcon pilot if you need Han for the ground, such as in an RST deck or a Hidden Mains deck using EPP Han, or if Death Star 2 decks are popular in your area.
Mini-Falcon combo: General C. + Nien Nunb + Gold Squadron 1 = 8 power, 6 maneuver, two destiny, immune to attrition< 6

Next is General Carlist Rieekan, a rare2 from the Hoth expansion.

Power 2 Ability 2 Warrior, Leader
Each Rebel present with him at a Hoth site is power +1. May use 1 Force to cancel Death Squadron. While at an Echo site, opponent must occupy an additional Hoth site to cancel Echo Base Operations.
Deploy 3

He is very useful in EBO decks, increasing the locations required to cancel it. He is also great for adding power to other Rebels on Hoth with him. A good trick is to create a five site EBO, since that is the minimum to get it out, and not have another Hoth site, making it impossible for the Dark Side cancel EBO unless your opponent is playing a Walker Garrison deck or a Death Star deck.

Third on my list is General Crix Madine, a rare from Endor.

Power 3 Ability 3 Warrior, Leader
Once during each of your deploy phases, may take one scout of ability < 3 into hand from Reserve Deck, reshuffle. While at your war room or aboard your capital starship, adds 1 to immunity to attrition of all your scouts who have immunity.
Deploy 3

Pulling scouts is enough of a bonus, but he provides several other valuable abilities. If you put him at a war room, he adds to immunity of immune scouts. So that is any main scout, and a scout of ability < 3 or Lieutenant Page at the same or adjacent location to an Endor Scout Trooper on Endor. A common strategy is to put him at Home One: War Room almost immediately to get him pulling scouts. This is especially useful in RST or other scout-oriented decks. Here is a good combo with him:

General Madine @ Home One: War Room +2 Endor Scout Troopers +Lieutenant Page at an Endor site = 7 power, battle destiny, and all characters in battle immune to attrition <3.

The next general is the first Light Side general ever created, General Dodonna, an uncommon1 from the Premiere set.

Power 2 Ability 2 Warrior, Leader
Increases Rebel Planners by 1, doubles if at same site. May use 1 Force to cancel Wrong Turn. Each Rebel present with him at a Yavin 4 site is power +1.
Deploy 3

General Dodonna helps a lot with space decks, despite not being a pilot, because Rebel Planners effectively adds 1 to the power of every ship you have at the same system, and he adds 1 to that just by being on the table. He also adds power in battles at his Yavin 4 site, which can be helpful if your opponent decides to attack you there.

The virtual edition of General Dodonna is a very useful card too.

Power 2 Ability 2 Warrior, Leader
While at a Rebel Base during your control phase, may use 1 Force: take one Rebel pilot of ability < 3, Gospic, or Admiral's Order into hand from Reserve Deck; reshuffle.
Deploy 3

This game text makes him useful in many space-heavy decks, because, when combined with Squadron Assignments, he allows you to look for a pilot who you can use to deploy a matching starship with Squadron Assignments or its Episode 1 equivalent.

Speaking of Episode 1, our next general, General Jar Jar, is an Episode 1 rare from the Theed Palace expansion.

Power 4 Ability 3 Warrior
Once per game, may take Brisky Morning Munchen into hand from Reserve Deck; reshuffle. Once per battle, may use 1 Force to target an opponent's droid present. Both players draw destiny. If your destiny +1 > opponent's destiny, target lost.
Deploy 2

Brisky Morning Munchen is Jar Jar's personal bacta tank, so allowing him to pull it gives him longevity despite his lack of immunity to attrition. It can also pull him from the Reserve Deck, so you will rarely have a situation where you have one of these cards without the other. His droid killing ability is a major threat to battle droid decks, but can also allow him to take out powerful droids that are in more decks, such as the unique destroyer droids, Guri, and the bounty hunter droids.

Next we'll look at General McQuarrie, a rare Special Edition general.

Power 2 Ability 2 Warrior
While McQuarrie is on Hoth, your Hoth Sentry is not unique (*), is doubled, deploys free, applies all three of its modifiers and is immune to Alter. Power -1 when not on Hoth.
Deploy 2

McQuarrie is almost exclusively useful for EBO style decks, because of his improvement of Hoth Sentry and his power -1 restriction. He is tied for the lowest base deploy cost of any LS general.

Our second-to-last general is General Solo, a rare from the Endor expansion. He is easy to get, even with his rare status, because he is in the Death Star 2 preconstructed starter deck.

Power 4 Ability 3 Pilot, Warrior, Leader, Scout
Deploys -2 on Falcon, Tydirium or Endor. Adds 3 to power of anything he pilots. When in battle with Chewie (or another of your scouts at an exterior site), may use 2 Force to cancel one opponent's battle destiny just drawn. Immune to attrition < 3.
Deploy 6

A good pilot and warrior, General Solo is extremely good with RST and other scout or ground decks because of his destiny cancellation with Chewie or another scout. Also fair immunity, though it becomes better with Madine at a war room. Also deploys cheaper to the main places you'd want to deploy him, Endor and the Falcon. I could write a whole article about him, but I should move on.

The next general is an uncommon from the Death Star 2 expansion, General Walex Blissex.

Power 1 Ability 2 Pilot
Deploys -2 aboard your Star Cruiser or to same location as your Admiral. Adds 1 to the power of anything he pilots. Adds 1 to the power and forfeit of each of your A-wings at same and related locations.
Deploy 2

In the circumstances you would want to deploy him in, he deploys free, making him the cheapest overall general. His usefulness is limited, however, because his only real benefit is the A-wing boost, which is useful only in A-wing swarm decks.

The final general is the only non-unique general in the game, the Gungan General from Theed Palace.

Power 2 Ability 2 Warrior, Leader
Deploys -1 to Naboo. Your Gungans at same site are forfeit +2. While in a battle, if you just drew a Gungan for battle destiny you may take that card into hand.
Deploy 2

This general is best for Episode 1 closed environment tournaments, because a Gungan swarm is more viable in the closed environment. He serves as the Gungan equivalent of Insurrection by boosting the forfeit of your Gungans at the same location. You can also use him to pull any Gungan that you draw for destiny, allowing him to "recruit" reinforcements, even unique Gungans such as Jar Jar or Boss Nass.

Dark Side Admirals:

The dark side fares better with admirals, having five of them. The first is a rare from the Death Star 2 expansion, Admiral Chiraneau.

Power 2 Ability 2 Pilot, Warrior
Adds 3 to power of anything he pilots. When piloting a Star Destroyer at a battleground system, adds 1 to your Force drains here and at each other battleground system controlled by a Star Destroyer within 2 parsecs of Chiraneau.
Deploy 3

Chirneau is a good pilot, but his best asset is his drain enhancement within a four-parsec area. This is only useless against training decks, where all of your drain modifiers will soon be canceled. When combined with the virtual Fear Will Keep Them In Line in flipping SYCFA decks, this will cause massive damage to your opponent through both drains and direct damage.

The original Dark Side admiral, Admiral Motti, is a rare2 from the premiere set.

Power 3 Ability 3 Pilot, Warrior, Leader
Deploy -2 if at least two Imperial starships on table. Rebel pilots at same system with Motti have forfeit -1. Adds 2 to power of any starship he pilots.
Deploy 3

A weaker pilot than most, Motti partly makes up for it with his forfeit reduction. He is virtually unseen in most tournaments today because of his relative uselessness.

The virtual version of Motti, however is can be very useful.

Power 3 Ability 3 Pilot, Warrior, Leader
Adds 2 to the power of anything he pilots. Your Imperial class Star Destroyers are deploy -2 to same system.
Deploy 3

Though he still only adds two to the power of anything he pilots, this Motti can compensate for that weakness by reducing the deploy of star destroyers. This is very useful when he is piloting a unique Star Destroyer, because a player deploys the virtual Imperial-Class Star Destroyer to the same system for 3 Force.

Next is the cheapest admiral ever created, Admiral Ozzel. He is a rare1 from the Hoth expansion.

Power 3 Ability 2 Pilot, Leader
Your capital starships deploy -1 to same system. Adds 2 to power of any starship he pilots. Immediately lost if Vader is on table and opponent ' reacts' to same location as Ozzel.
Deploy 0

He is a weak pilot with a large downside from the react loss, so in many decks you must choose whether to play Ozzel or Vader, a choice which almost always goes to Vader. A possibility which would allow you to play both would be using react prevention characters such as DS-181-3 at his location. His capitals deploy -1 is now a common ability, leaving him less than useful.

The next admiral is Admiral Piett, a fixed character from the Death Star 2 expansion.

Power 3 Ability 3 Pilot, Warrior, Leader
Deploys -2 to Executor. Adds 2 to power of anything he pilots (3 if a Star Destroyer). Your capital starships deploy -1 to same system. Once per game, you may take one Admiral's Order or any commander into hand from Reserve Deck; reshuffle.
Deploy 4

His 2/3 power addition is nothing to worry about since most of the time, you will have him on a Star Destroyer of some kind anyway. He also can pull many useful cards. Two good combinations involving this characteristic are using him to pull Commander Merrejk, who pulls systems, or pulling the virtual Commander Praji, who can pull Imperial pilots who have ability <3.

The final DS admiral is Grand Admiral Thrawn, a premium card from Reflections 2.

Power 2 Ability 4 Pilot, Warrior, Leader
Adds 3 to power of any starship he pilots. When piloting a star destroyer in battle, adds one battle destiny. While no other admiral and no star cruiser on table, your Admiral's Order just placed in Used Pile from table, may be taken into hand instead.
Deploy 4

It can honestly be said that in most decks, Thrawn is the only admiral you will need. His destiny addition on any Star Destroyer guarantees usefulness in any deck involving those ships, and causing an Admiral's Orders to return to your hand allows you to replace your opponent's Admiral's Order on your next turn. He is also an essential part of the Super Chimaera combo, along with Captain Pellaeon. His only real drawback is his deploy cost.
Super Chimaera combo: Chimaera + G.A. Thrawn + Capt. Gilad Pellaeon = power 14, armor 8, hyperspeed 5, two destiny, immune to attrition< 6

Dark Side Generals

The Dark Side makes up for its number of admirals by only having three generals, however each of these generals is very strong and useful. General Tagge is a rare2 character from Premiere.

Power 3 Ability 3 Warrior, Leader
Tagge's forfeit +1 for each Imperial trooper, of any kind, present with him at a site.
Deploy 3

Tagge is mainly used in trooper decks, such as some forms of RalOps, as a supporting character and battle damage/attrition absorber.

General Tagge is also featured on a virtual card.

Power 3 Ability 3 Warrior, Leader
Once during your control phase, may use 1 Force to take any Imperial trooper without armor into hand from Reserve Deck; reshuffle. Once per game, may place all your effects that are not immune to Alter into your used pile.
Deploy 3

This version of General Tagge is also best for trooper-oriented decks. He permits you to pull troopers, even unique ones, from your Reserve Deck every turn, which is very helpful when you are trying to swarm your opponent's characters. His second characteristic also allows you to boost your differential by placing cards back into your deck before the end of the game. This can also allow you to last a little longer if you are losing, but have several effects out.

The final Dark Side general is General Veers, a rare1 from the Hoth expansion.

Power 3 Ability 3 Pilot, Warrior, Leader
Power +1 when at same site as Admiral Ozzel. Imperials at same Hoth site are power +1. Adds 3 to power of any combat vehicle he pilots. On Blizzard 1, also adds 1 to armor and draws one battle destiny if not able to otherwise.
Deploy 3

Veers has many capabilities, the best of which are his power boost to Imperials on Hoth and his matching pilot abilities with Blizzard 1. He is power +1 with Ozzel, but you probably won't use that capability much. He is a critical inclusion in walker decks.

Thank you for taking a look at this article. You now know the pros and cons of the characters you can use with Rebel Leadership and Imperial Command. If you have any suggestions for future card review articles, you can E-mail me at corran_horn22@hotmail.com. I hope you find this information useful in your future play.

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