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Watch Your Step

(Introduced in Reflections 2: Expanding the Galaxy)
by Adam Nelson

Watch Your Step is the newest Light Side objective. This article will analyze it and provide a sample deck:

There are two good ways of getting around the deploy +6 restriction for certain characters. The most commonly used is using I Know to deploy Leia free as a react. The best Leia to pull this way is in my opinion EPP Leia, so she can cover a site. Another good way to circumvent this restriction is using Nightfall to deploy spies for free and add a destiny to total power. Unfortunately, this works for your opponent too. Spies you can deploy free with Nightfall (that have ability and were not listed above):

Bothan Spies [not too useful for this deck in my opinion]
Leia (Boushh, Leia Organa)
Colonel Cracken
Commander Willard
Corran Horn
Jeron Webb
Lando (Lando w/Axe, Tamtel Skreej)
Leia Organa
Lt. Blount
Momaw Nadon
Rebel Commander
Tanus Spijek
Tycho Celchu
Wyron Serper
This gives you several possibilities of adding more ships and ground troops. Corran is especially useful in this role, as he is power +2 against opposing spies and hunters and allows you to break your opponent's character's covers.

What you should start in a WYS deck:
If you chose to use Heading for the Medical Frigate, I'd recommend starting with Squadron Assignments to get your pilots to their ships more quickly. If you plan to battle, you may want to start Draw Their Fire. Another good starting card is Battle Plan, especially since you will want to control ground and space anyway. If you plan to use weapons, Aim High and Superficial Damage are other good choices. There is no point in starting anything that hurts SAC, such as Do or Do Not, because once you flip, those won't be a factor.

Other cards:
For this deck, I will also use the Nightfall/I Know approach with spies. You might as well include the two systems you can pull as well. It will be space oriented so add matching ships for the smugglers and spies you can. You should also add Corran for his anti-spy and hunter capabilities. Lando with Blaster would work best with this deck, since he would hit the character instead of just excluding it. EPP Luke would also be nice, because space is fairly solid, but to balance out for him, add a couple of Medium Bulk Freighters. They can be used to carry the Talas around too. While you're adding land, Melas is power + 2 in nighttime conditions, so throw him in too. With the limited number of characters and ships you have, you could add Bacta Tank and Docking and Repair Facilities. While you are adding effects, you should throw in a couple of Signals to get them out. Here is what you have now:

With the lost interrupt re-use capabilities of the back side you may want to pick out a few lost or used or lost interrupts. A few that would do nicely are Houjix & Out of Nowhere, which has two good capabilities, so add a couple of it, Collision can be effective if you use it well, throw it in. You are playing using several spies, so Double Agent could help get rid of a pesky Mara or other annoying spy, put it in. You want to be able to get out of impossible battles, so put in a couple of Alternatives to Fighting. With Luke, Blaster Deflection can be helpful too, so put it in.

Your generation is a little weak at 7, so more locations should be added. You are using Luke, so Lars Homestead could be good. That will also give you two battlegrounds, so add a Tatooine Celebration. Smugglers deploy -2 to Kashyyyk, so put it in too. Chewbacca isn't essential, but you can add him for any beatdown grouping in ground or space. The best for this is Protector. Mercenary armor can give some of your permanent weapon crew some immunity. I'd use one each for Luke and Leia, and if they are in battle together much, add Skywalkers.

That gives you 53 cards. You have a few freighters, so you may want CEC, and that also gives you weapons bonuses for Quads, so throw a couple of them in. Weapons are best with Superficial Damage and Aim High, so put them in too. If you are adding weapons, you might as well add Concussion Missiles as well to finish off the deck. Here is the final cardlist.

Starting (8):
D.B. 94
Squadron Assignments
Battle Plan
Draw Their Fire

Characters (14):
Captain Han
Theron Nett
Colonel Cracken
Lt. Blount
Tycho Celchu
EPP Leia (chosen for her weaponry)
Corran Horn
Lando w/Gun
EPP Luke
Chewbacca, Protector

Starships (10):
Milenium Falcon
Pulsar Skate
Red 10
R.S. 1
Tala 1
Tala 2
Green Squad 1
Medium Bulk Freighter x2

Locations (4):
Tatooine: Lars Homestead

Interrupts (11):
I Know
The Signal x2
Houjix & Out of Nowhere x2
Double Agent
Alternatives to Fighting
Blaster Deflection

Effects (7):
Docking and Repair Facilities
Bacta Tank
Tatooine Celebration
Corellian Engineering Corporation
Superficial Damage
Aim High

Devices (2):
Mercenary Armor x2

Weapons (3):
Quad Laser Cannons x2
Concussion Missiles

This is not the only way to play WYS, and may not even be the best way, but it gives you an idea of what you can do with this powerful new objective. Good luck.

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