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Draw Their Fire/First Strike

(Introduced in Special Edition)
by Adam Nelson

Let's look at it from the top:

Destiny 4- not great, but still not a bad draw

"Whenever a battle is initiated, player initiating battle retrieves one Force and defender loses one Force"- Two Force swing for one force, just for initiating a battle. In addition, you get one card back to reuse, which can be very helpful.

"Also, during a battle you initiate, each time opponent plays an interrupt, opponent must first use one Force."- Possibilities with this are nearly endless, even by itself. Make Hyper Escapes, Narrow Escapes, Collisions, and Friendly Fires, as well as Gravity Shadows and Overloads more difficult if your opponent doesn't save enough force to pay extra for getting those cards out. This will limit their options for dealing with damage.

"(Immune to Alter.)"- It can't be canceled, so your opponent has to deal with it the rest of the game. Also, since it deploys free, you can start it with Combat Response/ Heading for the Medical Frigate. Some people don't like doing this, but it is a good way to make sure it is out when you can use it most effectively.

I have discovered ten effective combos to use with one or either of these cards that can affect the battle, or even the whole course of the game if used right.

1. Draw Their Fire + Hit and Run- Hit your opponent's overwhelmingly powerful force , then slip away before the power segment, so that you reduce their force, while taking little, if any damage yourself.

2. Draw Their Fire + Frozen Assets- Use this well-known combo to prevent your opponent from playing any interrupts in battle by isolating their force pile.

3. Draw Their Fire + Beggar- Use up their Force to deploy your battle group, then use their last force to initiate the battle. This frees up your force pile for weapons, denies them the ability to interrupt or shoot, and allows you to recover one Force for free.

4. Either + Rebel Leadership/ Imperial Command- Eliminate your opponent's multiple battle destinies or add an extra yourself to not only defeat them, but crush them

5. Either + evenly matched ships without weapons- Use one Force for a simple two Force swing, no damage or attrition for either side. Main risks: Rapid Fire/ Heavy Fire Zone from your opponent could make this a lot worse for you.

6. Either + Locations that reduce deploy costs- Get your forces out faster to take on your opponent before they are entirely set up.

7. Either + weapons + Pride of the Empire/ Legendary Starfighter- This one is fairly obvious. Initiate a battle you are certain to win, hit an enemy ship, then, after the battle, slap Pride or Legendary on a participating fighter, preferably Red 5, Falcon, or a TIE/ln. This way, your opponent will keep trying to make you lose that ship, bringing more of their ships to you to battle and lose Force every turn to the fighter.

8. First Strike + Gravity Shadow- Cancel pesky attempts at Hyper Escapes or even cause the battle to be canceled by having your opponent's ship ram a planet.

9. First Strike + Scum and Villainy- Retrieve an extra two Force and gain more power just for using only aliens and independent starships, if you control Jabba's Audience Chamber.

10. First Strike + Projective Telepathy- Initiate a battle but refuse to pay the two extra Force to keep it going. You still recover the Force, and your opponent loses it, but you don't risk weapon fire or battle damage

I hope you enjoyed this article, and keep these cards in mind for your future decks.

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