Exhibtions: IT-0 Interrogator Droid

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A medium-range view of the droid's left side. The droid's two hemispheres are essentially the same as the dome of an R2 astromech droid, but with different attachments and painted detailing on the panels. [Martyn Griffiths noticed this equivalence.] The most visible attachments on this side of the droid are a syringe appendage, a clamp/claw and a mysterious bulbous structure on top.

The droid's left side, viewed from slightly above the waistline. The attachment in front of the syringe looks oddly empty. Perhaps this is merely the shoulder mount for an articulated appendage that was removed?

The right side of an IT-0 droid, featuring manipulators shaped like medical intruments. The uppermost appendage on the left side of the picture is a pair of forceps of a kind used in difficult childbirths. Who can imagine how such a device is used during sessions of interrogation or torture? [Thanks to Martyn Griffiths for this identification.]

In intratextual terms, the medical appearance of the limbs of the IT-0 owes something to the origins of this droid in related but more benign models. Galactic Republic troops in the Clone Wars stowed similar-looking IM-6 battlefield medic droids in emergency lockers of vehicles such as the LAAT/i gunship and AT-TE walker [AOTC:ICS]. Another uncorrupt Imperial medical droid appears in The Great Heep.

Details of the droid's upper left side. The appendages include a syringe, and an holding clamp or claw. The bulbous structure near the droid's crown, just in front of the claw, is of unknown function.

The droid's upper left side.

Top of the right side of the interrogation droid.

Under the right side of the interrogation droid. Some of the lower rear panel outlines are visible.

Underneath the droid's right side, looking up towards the forceps and another medical instrument.

Front underside of the interrogator droid. The two dish-like pits contain some obviously important devices. Are they sensors (including photoreceptors) or are they designed to emit beams of something into the subject? The differences between the fittings of the two dishes suggests that they serve different functions, whatever they may be.

Overview of the interrogation droid, seen from the left.

Overview of the interrogation droid, seen from the right.

A blurry attempt at a very high top view from the droid's left side.

Shaky top view from the droid's right side.

View of the droid and its display context, shown from a greater distance for the sake of clarity.

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