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I need to thank a number of people for various things:

  • Geoff Birt, for convincing me (against what I thought was my better judgement) to go and see Star Wars that first time in 1977
  • Randy Simpson, for keeping me interested in all of this through The Empire Strikes Backand Return of the Jedi, and for being a good friend above all else
  • my Mom and Dad, who somehow managed to put up with all of my Star Wars posters and paraphenalia (even though most of it failed to survive my college years), allowing my imagination to grow unabated
  • all the authors and editors who conrtibuted the many additions they've written to the Star Wars universe, especially Aaron Allston, Kevin Anderson, Cory Herndon, Daryl Mallett, Kevin Rubio, Dan Wallace, and Megan Watkins
  • all the folks at West End Games, for taking the small Star Wars universe and expanding it into a role-playing game
  • all the artists who worked on Star Wars projects, for bringing the characters, equipment, and locations to life
  • the Wake and Durham County, NC, Libraries, for providing me access to some of the source materials listed in the bibliography
  • Dan Wallace, for help with the planets, chronology, and Episode I: RACER!
  • Rich Handley, for his Exhaustive Guide to Star Wars Comics and other encyclopedia help
  • Mike Beidler, for his Star Wars Literature Compendium
  • Michael Potts, Christopher McElroy, and James McFadden, for TimeTales and JMM's Chronology, and their help on my chronology
  • David Anderson, John Bartos, and Michael So, for their growing lists of starships
  • Colin Boothe, for finding that last C-3PO Pepsi One can!
  • Nan Galliher, Lady Chiss, mMathab and Jnx, Jim Fisher, Ryan Scheckel, Tomasz Stepien, J. Craig Williams, Mark O'Brien, Megan Watkins, Aaron Snyder, Frederic Geertsen, Adam "ChissDude" Nettina, Michael Potts and Christopher McElroy, Andrew Christiansen, Alex Spade, Tim Grubbs, Robert Treder, Eugene Waara, Michael Mueller, Gabrielle and Bartosz, Piotr Mikolajski, Gwyn Oppel, and Kris Joosten, for the use of their own Star Wars materials
  • Jeff Tomchak and ThunderHud, for the use of their website navigation bar code
  • Sabrina Kofax, Mat Ripley, and the folks at TomeRaider.com, for bringing the encyclopedia to palmtop computers
  • The members of the New Sim Universe (http://nsu.tierranet.com), for their use and promotion of the encyclopedia
  • Dave Settle (Hey You), for reminding me that I needed to finish Rebellion!
  • Megan Watkins, for help with her story, "The Occupation of Rhamalai", and for pointing out that I had actually entered SWAJ 12 and 13, not 13 and 14!
  • Mike Farnham, NarCranr, Robroj, Rafal Ruta, SWKeith, Ben Broad, Theluvr (aka Welden Gann), Thierry Monnereau, Ray Chramega, Lance Worth, and all the folks who have visited the Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia website...keep the comments and questions coming!
  • Matt Jones, for all his help in getting the Source listings correct and pointing out some grammar and spelling errors
  • Ken & Rita Ritchie at Heroes and Villians, Tony Sacarello at Triangle Cards and Comics, and Lance Worth at Star Force Collectibles - for helping me spend all my money!
  • Stan and Matt at MosEisley.com, for all their help in getting the encyclopedia out to the Internet
  • The Wookieepedia, which has helped me validate several entries (however, there are several "wikipedians" who are stealing my entries and using them as their own!)
  • Jenny and Meghan Vitas, Lindsay and Devin Holman, and Keith Mercure, and for letting me borrow their Star Wars books
  • my wife, Jill, who thinks knows I'm weird and loves me all the same
  • and, of course, George Lucas, for creating all of this, and for sharing it all with us




This encyclopedia is dedicated to my kids, Jennifer and Meghan, as a reminder that their imaginations don't have to dwindle just because they grow older.



***** Last updated December 17, 2003 *****
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