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Star Wait DVD Out November 1st

Posted By Dustin on October 27, 2005

Star Wait is being released on DVD Nov 1, 2005 with special celebrity commentaries from the original members of Mystery Science Theater, Freaks and Geeks, Amy Allen (Aayla Secura from Episodes II and III) and many many more.

Every time a new Star Wars film comes out, devoted fans from all over the world line up for 6 weeks on a street corner in Hollywood.

Who are these people? How do they deal with passerby making fun of them and most importantly, how do they go to the bathroom?

Star Wait (www.starwait.com) has those answers. Filmed over 6 weeks in the "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones? line and in the vein of reality shows like ?The Real World,? Star Wait peers in on the lives of some of these colorful characters living in front of the famous Grauman?s Chinese Theatre.

Star Wait is being released on DVD November 1, 2005. DVD extras include: deleted scenes, a look at the ?Revenge of the Sith Line? and celebrity guest commentaries including; The original members of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Joel Hodgson, Trace Bellieu, Josh Weinstein), cast members from Freaks and Geeks (Samm Levine and John Daley), Dana Gould (The Simpsons) Paget Brewster (Huff, Friends) Paul F. Tompkins (Mr. Show) and even a commentary from the punkers that got in a fight with the line members.

Star Wait runs 75 minutes and includes scenes like; How does a Christian band get along with Star Wars fans at 2 in the morning? Infighting among line members and with people in the street, and of course the final day leading up to the 12:01am showing of "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of The Clones."

Star Wait has been featured on: CNN, Good Day La, KNBC, KTLA, The Mark and Brian show and many other newspapers, television and radio programs. When it first hit the web, starwait.com was getting over 100,000 hits a week and is still a top destination to Star Wars fans from all over the world.

Star Wait is Produced/Directed by, Michael Rotman and Produced/Edited by Adam Schenck. Michael Rotman is an Emmy Nominated writer for his work on "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher." He has also worked as a writer /producer on shows such as; ?Strip Poker,? The Simple Life? and ?Nanny 911.? Rotman?s directing debut was "The Oz Witch Project" which Filmthreat said, "...deliver's more laughs in 9 minutes than most so-called comedy features." You can see more of his work on his web site: www.hackcomic.com

Order your copy of Star Wait Today!

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Prioritizing Episode VII, LFL Postpones 3D Re-Releases
Posted By Eric on January 28, 2013:
Not an outright cancellation

Cinemax Posts More Videos
Posted By JG on October 23, 2006:
Promoting the HDTV screenings ...

Cinemax Promo #2
Posted By Dustin on October 9, 2006:
New ad for the HD campaign showcases close up shots of Vader's helmet and mask...

Star Wars In High Definition On Cinemax
Posted By Dustin on October 7, 2006:
Updated! All six films!

Attack Of The Clones 4 Year Anniversary
Posted By Dustin on May 17, 2006:
It was May 16th 2002 that we were all Clone Crazy!

Rick McCallum On The Future Of Star Wars
Posted By Dustin on May 3, 2006:
Rick talks animation, Celebration 4, the Star Wars Saga in 3D plus more...

Make The Jump To HYPERSPACE!
Posted By Chris on April 10, 2006:
Join today and help Roberts & R2 in '06!

Natalie Portman's SNL Opening Monologue
Posted By Dustin on March 5, 2006:
Updated! Pokes fun at Star Wars fans...

Clone Wars Volume II
Posted By Dustin on November 22, 2005:
DVD review by Jeremy Beckett . . .

Clone Wars Marathon Airs Saturday
Posted By Dustin on November 21, 2005:
Time to set the TIVO . . .

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