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By Jeff Yankey

"Set to hit the streets on November 12, the Episode II DVD is worthy to hold to the Star Wars name."


The menus are laid out in a very familiar format; Van Ling also produced Episode I DVD. The menu scenes are based on one of the three planets seen in Episode II (Coruscant, Kamino, or Geonosis; selected randomly on startup). The selections are integrated into a familiar location with very cool effects.

You can select images through the fireballs of the war on Geonosis, the clone tubes and water of Kamino; the neon billboards of Coruscant or even the droid factory press machine (watch out, you might get squished). The Kamino Options menu and Geonosis Chapter selection are the best on disk 1. The Documentaries menu on disk 2 is the best of both disks. Our favorite easter egg from the Episode I DVD also makes a return appearance.

"Disk 1 has one purpose, the movie."

Picture Quality

The DVD transfer from the digital master is flawless. I immediately noticed the vivid colors in the background of the Coruscant night that I had missed in the theater release. The movie is broken down in 50 chapters to make selecting your favorite scenes easy. I immediately jumped to the Arena arrival of the Clones and then the duel between Yoda and Count Dooku.


And of course, you cannot discuss a Star Wars film without a including the sound. We got to sample the DVD on a THX setup at the press release. If you do not have a surround sound stereo, get one. You really are missing 50% of the experience. Also, make sure to listen to the commentaries (turned on in the Options menu). George Lucas, Rick McCallum, and other crew provide terrific insights into the creation of Episode II.

"Disk 2 has the extra items that fans now expect from DVDs."

The special features include 8 deleted scenes, 3 documentaries, "Across The Star" music video, unreleased still shots, the R2D2: Beneath the Dome trailer, and more.

Deleted Scenes

If the Episode II DVD has one disappointing spot, it is the deleted scenes. The scenes included are not that interesting unless you want to know the procedures of the Republic Senate and a Geonosis trial. I had hoped it would include scenes from the Geonosis invasion (like the Jedi fighters attacking the Trade Federation Control Ships) or the footage with Count Dooku holding the double sabers.


Where the DVD disappoints in deleted scenes, it makes up in the documentaries. Two of them are located in the documentary section, the last in Dexter's Kitchen. "From Pixels to Puppets" is a must see for anyone interested in CGI and all Yoda fans. George finally reveals who Yoda's parents really are! (and the image is not pretty) If you missed it at the Celebration II, make sure you also check out the Episode II Visual Effects Breakdown Montage.


Whether you are a fan that enjoyed the movie once in the theater or a hard core fan that runs a large internet site dedicated to Star Wars, this DVD definitely has more for you than just the movie.

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