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Phantom Edit Humored on The Daily Show

Posted By Thomas on June 15, 2001

Jared B. chimes in:

I just watched the Daily Show on Comedy Central and they had a 2 minute piece on the "Phantom Edit". Not much was said about it, I just thought it was interesting to see the story on television, let alone Comedy Central.

At the opening of the story Jon Stewart tried a mock Force mind trick saying "This is not the copyright infringement suit you are looking for....Luke?" they even ended by mentioning the editors (this is presumably false) plans to re-edit Howard The Duck, but taking out all of the elements of the character, Howard The Duck. It was fairly amusing.

Update - Chips adds this:

Just thought I'd add to Jared B.'s report of the Phantom Edit on The Daily Show last night.

The background image to the story was a shot of Amidala and Jar-Jar from the "Yousa sayin' people gonna die?" scene on Coruscant, with J-J "cut-out" and partially removed from the picture. Stewart mentioned primarily the absence of J-J and repetitive dialogue in the "new cut", as a few scenes were played.

When he finished his story, Stewart got a smirk on his face and said "I tell you, as a member of the Rebel Alliance, I've not been this overjoyed since we lost that bounty hunter back on Ord Mantell." Cut to a couple of uber-geeks in the audience wearing a "Thor" and "Green Lantern" t-shirt, unwashed hair, and horn-rimmed glasses, guffawing at Stewart's "joke". When they cut back to JS, he could barely keep from breaking up himself.

I don't think the piece was very flattering to us Star Wars fans. I mean, those guys were more Trekkies than anything!!! :-)

Chip, now that you mention it Stewart could pass for a Vulcan. ;) Thanks for the update.

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