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This page contains all the latest DVD artwork, news articles, release dates and pre-order prices from around the world.

If you have any further info that should be included on this page, please send an email to

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Digital Bits Full Scan

French Scan from DvDFR.com

Benelux Scan from Dutch SW Fan Club

The Episode I DVD Commercial comes free with the French magazine Les Ann?es Laser, which can be ordered from PresseFrance.

  • Download - You can download three versions of the commercial by clicking here
  • Snapshots - You can see 38 snapshots of the commercial in the Multimedia Section

United Kingdom - October 15th

Belgium - October 16th
Canada - October 16th
Denmark - October 16th
Finland - October 16th
Luxemborg - October 16th
Mexico - October 16th
Netherlands - October 16th
Norway - October 16th
Sweden - October 16th
United States - October 16th

Argentina - October 17th
Australia - October 17th
Brazil - October 17th
France - October 17th
New Zealand - October 17th

Austria - October 25th
Germany - October 25th
Switzerland - October 25th

Italy - November 8th
Japan - November 8th
Korea - November 8th
Spain - November 8th
Taiwan - November 8th

United Kingdom (Region 2)
- Play247.com - ?15.99 free p+p (R1)
- Future Entertainment - ?15.99 free p+p (R1)
- Play247.com - ?16.99 free p+p
- Jungle.com - ?17.99 plus ?1.64 p+p
- Bensons World - ?19.99 free p+p
- Armchair Entertainment - ?20.98 free p+p
- DVDstreet - ?19.99 plus ?1.00 p+p
- Black Star - ?19.99 plus ?1.40 p+p
- Amazon.co.uk - ?19.99 plus ?1.48 p+p

Canada (Region 1)
- Thunder DVD - $25.99 plus $4.00 p+p (Canadian)
- Entertainme.ca - $28.99 plus $2.50 p+p (Canadian)
- Future Shop - $26.99 plus $4.99 p+p (Canadian)
- Direct Video - $30.10 plus $4.95 p+p (Canadian)

United States (Region 1)
- Deep Discount DVD - $21.39 free p+p
- Entertainme.com - $18.99 plus $2.50 p+p
- Buy.com - $19.99 plus $1.95 p+p
- DVD Empire - $20.99 plus $1.30 p+p
- Direct Video - $19.77 plus $2.95 p+p
- 800.com - $19.94 plus $3.90 p+p
- Amazon.com - $22.95 plus $1.98 p+p
- CDNow - $20.98 plus $4.48 p+p
- BestBuy.com - $22.95 plus $2.98 p+p

Hungary (Region 2)
- Xpress.hu 9000 Ft

Hungary (Region 4)
- Xpress.hu 9000 Ft

Australia (Region 4)
- The DVD Stop Online $36.95 (Australian) plus $1.30 p+p
- The Video Shift $38.25 (Australian) free p+p
- EzyDVD $39.95 (Australian) free p+p

New Zealand (Region 4)
- FlyingPig.co.nz $42.95 (New Zealand) plus $4.95 p+p

Sweden (Region 2)
- Discshop.se - 259,00 kr
- dvdsverige.com - 245,00 kr
- dvdnorden.com - 259,00 kr
- Movium - 259,00 kr

France (Region 2)
- DVDScore.com 192.2 FF plus 24 FF p+p
- Cinestore 199 FF plus 35 FF p+p

Netherlands (Region 2)
- DiViDence f 79.95 plus f 4.95 p+p
- dvd-megastore.net f 74.95 plus f 12 p+p

Germany (Region 2)
- Amazon.de 59.99 DM plus 5 DM p+p

Brazil (Region 4)
- DVD World R$48,90

Design a teaser poster for the DVD and win a much sought after TFN T-Shirt. Your poster must use the original DVD artwork, which we have obtained without any text on it.

600x820 800x1094
600 x 820       800 x 1094
(Click on a size to enlarge)

Posters should be in jpg format and less than 500kb and the best ones will be displayed on the site.

Entries MUST be sent to pics@theforce.net. The closing date is August 26th (midnight PST) and the winner will be announced on August 28th. Good Luck!

And the winners are ...

It took a little longer than anticipated, but we (Britany & Carter) finally decided on joint winners for the DVD Teaser Contest.

Joint Winners

TFN T-Shirts are on their way to Byron Vogel (above left) & Obi-Juan (above right). You can check out all the entries in the Fan Art Museum by clicking here. Thanks to everyone who took part.


Thu, Oct 8, 01
Australian Collectors EPI DVD Cover
Getting the DVD Early
TFN Reviews Episode I DVD...Again!

Thu, Oct 7, 01
Australian Collectors EPI DVD Box
Scans of EPI DVD Discs

Thu, Oct 6, 01
TPM DVD Review Roundup

Thu, Oct 4, 01
TPM DVD: Easter Eggs Galore

Wed, Oct 3, 01
French EPI DVD Posters & Stands

Tue, Oct 2, 01
UK Episode I DVD Edits Swearing
George Lucas Talks DVD

Mon, Oct 1, 01
EPI DVD Leads Mummy Returns DVD
George Lucas Talks DVD


Sun, Sep 30, 01
EPII Content Via DVD-Rom Link

Fri, Sep 28, 01
Episode I UK DVD Ad
DVD Producer Talks EPI DVD Menus

Thu, Sep 27, 01
EPI DVD Display and Standee
Episode I DVD Promo Buttons

Mon, Sep 24, 01
Episode I DVD Nominated For Five Awards

Sun, Sep 23, 01
EPI DVD Weblink Accessibilty - Part 2

Thu, Sep 20, 01
The Amazing THX Sound on the DVD
What Should be Accessible via EPI DVD Weblink?

Wed, Sep 19, 01
Early Episode I DVD
Tight Security On The DVD

Tue, Sep 18, 01
TPM DVD Footage from E! News
E! News Features TPM DVD

Mon, Sep 15, 01
Australian DVD Ad

Mon, Sep 12, 01
TPM: Going Gold In More Ways Than One
Official Site DVD Update

Mon, Sep 11, 01
ASK TFN- So Where & When Can "I" Get the DVD?
EPI DVD: Hilarious DVD Outtakes
EPI DVD: Complete Specs
EPI DVD: Chapter Listing
EPI DVD: Training the Jedi
EPI DVD: Midichlorians Were There From the Beginning
EPI DVD: Clues to Episode II
EPI DVD: The Phantom Menace: Special Edition

Mon, Sep 3, 01
NZ Video Ezy Episode I DVD Ad
TPM DVD Footage on Access Hollywood
TPM DVD Cutscenes
Blockbuster Episode I DVD Ad
The Very First Episode I DVD Review

Sat, Sep 1, 01
TPM DVD Retail Promotional Poster


Fri, Aug 31, 01
Lucas Comments on TPM DVD

Wed, Aug 29, 01
DVD Review Talks Easter Eggs
DVD Teaser Contest Results

Wed, Aug 22, 01
UK EPI DVD Release 'IS' October 15th

Tue, Aug 21, 01
Some People Have Seen the DVD
October's Insider Talks DVD

Mon, Aug 20, 01
EPI DVD Release Date Changes
Episode I DVD vs. Star Trek I DVD

Sun, Aug 19, 01
Episode I DVD-ROM Features

JULY 2001

Mon, Jul 23, 01
SPY REPORT: New Outtakes for Episode I DVD?

Fri, Jul 20, 01
Episode I DVD Discussed at Comic Con
Episode I DVD Cover for Benelux

Fri, Jul 13, 01
Spanish DVD Ad
Get EPI DVD Commercial On DVD

Wed, Jul 11, 01
Episode I DVD Commercial Online

Mon, Jul 9, 01
Snapshots From EPI DVD Commercial
EPI DVD Commercial On French Magazine

Fri, Jul 6, 01
High Quality EPI DVD & Menu Scans

JUNE 2001

Fri, Jun 29, 01
La Menace Fantome on DVD
Episode I DVD Revealed!
Foreign TPM DVD PreOrders
McCallum Talks Episode 1 DVD

Thu, Jun 28, 01
Notes from Episode I DVD Images

Tue, Jun 26, 01
Petitions Raised Awareness for EPI DVD

Sat, Jun 23, 01
Can't Wait For EPI DVD?
Episode I DVD MIA?
Pre-Ordering Episode I DVD In The UK

Fri, Jun 22, 01
Lowest Episode I DVD Pre-Order Price
List of DVD Extras
Amazon Taking TPM DVD Pre-Orders

Thu, Jun 21, 01
A Clue to Future Star Wars DVDs?
DVDReview Interviews Jim Ward

Wed, Jun 20, 01
EPI DVD Worldwide Releases at Official Site
TPM DVD #1 @ Amazon
Toronto Star comments on Edits and DVD
New Episode I DVD Specs Info
EPI DVD Released October 17th In Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg & Australia
Full DVD Package Design At DigitalBits
UK EPI DVD Release Confirmed As October 15th
EPI DVD Released October 25th In Germany, Austria & Switzerland
Episode I DVD Back Cover Art
More TPM DVD Talk

Tue, Jun 19, 01
The Saga of the Episode I DVD
LFL's Jim Ward Talks TPM DVD
Episode I DVD Pricing Info
Fox DVD Press Release
Official Site Posts DVD Cover Art
Official TPM DVD Announced!

Fri, Jun 15, 01
TPM DVD Specs at DigitalBits

Thu, Jun 14, 01
DigitalBits Reports on TPM DVD Announcement

Tue, Jun 12, 01
To DVD or Not To DVD

Mon, Jun 11, 01
TPM DVD Rumors From Italy

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