The Unofficial NJO Homepage went up on July 8, 1999, at njo.freeservers.com. A few months later, I grew sick of the huge banner, and made the move to members.xoom.com/unjoh, which (at the time) only added a small silver bar to the top of the page. While there I "acquired" Mr. Nicholas Hess and his fantastic guide to the Yuuzhan Vong. Xoom was a decent home until the following Summer (2000), when my wonderful aunt & uncle agreed to set me up at www.unjoh.com, as a high school graduation present. Things went on like that for a while; we were even TheForce.net's Cool Site for March 2001. In June of '02, TFN's own Scott Chitwood approached us with an offer to join his team. He also said he would host UNJOH for us, and here we are! In addition to maintaining UNJOH as a repository for NJO info, Nick and I now contribute to the Books and Comics pages on TFN proper.


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Mike "Coopra" Cooper - Webmaster Extraordinaire, Supreme Overlord, etc.

Nick Hess - Yuuzhan Vong Database Author