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Jedi Power Battles

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Level 1: Trade Federation Battleship
Point Levels
Points Earned Bonus Level
Walk through the corridors decimating the droids, then when you get to the control room, destroy all the computer panels to get the points required for the point levels. In the room before the conveyor belt, pick up the health on the left hand side. Jump the gaps on the conveyor belt by running and double jumping. Take care, if you get shot in the air, you're done for.
8,000 Combo Bonus
16,000 Energy Bonus
24,000 Extra Life Bonus
the Loader Droid can only be hit when it's doing the Swipe attacks, otherwise just run away. Use your /\ (triangle) attacks to get in the good hits.

Jump from catwalk to catwalk, and when you get to the room with the red floor, stop. Jump to the side, on top of the electrodes all the way across. The floor hurts.

Jump across on the tops of the pictons, and time your jumps carefully. When you get to the semi-circular platforms, go down to the bottom, and carefully pick up the powerups on the small extensions.

For the stafighter droid, you have to avoid the droids and shots until it starts hovering. Once you hit it enough times, it will transform into hover mode, and then strafe by slowly. Reflect these shots and then it'll blow up.

Level 2: Swamps of Naboo
Point Levels
Points Earned Bonus Level
Walk through the level until you get to the stampede. When you do, stay away from the animals, and run as fast as you. Jumping may help. When you get to the tree that you climb up, avoid killing the Nunas, they detract from your points. In the jumping area, time your jumps to avoid being hit in air, it will spell your doom.
7,000 Combo Bonus
14,000 Energy Bonus
21,000 Force Bonus: X
When you get to the camp, grab the saber power-up and hack away. In the mushroom forest, you can skip a lot of the fighting by hopping along on the top of the mushrooms, but be careful not to go to fast, there's a sudden drop-off.

In the cave, be creful at the chasms, they're bottomless. Except of course, for the one that isn't. Look carfeully and after the Y-shaped chasm, you'll find the first of the game's 3 Gungan Artifacts. Drop down carefully and pick it up.

For the Giant worm, avoid the poison breath, and attack it when it rears up between & after crushings. A better strategy is to wait until after it tries the tail swipe. Execute a strong runnign attack. After the worm retrests to it's cave, it will again try to poison you. A good strategy to avoid this is to run up the ramp behind it and jump out over it. After the poison look the the rear-up that gives you an opportunity to attack. Kill those annoying Kreetles, and look for a second opening to defeat it. Repeat.

Level 3: City of Theed
Point Levels
Points Earned Bonus Level
In this level you have to rescue 7 Handmaidens. Go through the level until you come to a point where you must drop down. Do a double jump on the way down to avoid being hurt. Kill the droids and run up to the handmaiden to "rescue" her.
10,500 Energy Bonus
21,000 Combo Bonus
31,500 Attack Bonus
At the stairs, jump up onto the narrow ledge, and run around to the side of the building to rescue another handmaiden. Dash around the big building with the columns, pick up the saber power-up, and rescue another handmaiden. When you get to the street, you have a choice to make. You can take the low road, with it's more points but more destroyer droids; or the high road with it's precarious jumps & rocket droids.

If you take the low road, jump up at the end to get a handmaiden you missed. Before you climb the stairs, run to the front of the screen and free another handmaiden, you should be up to 5 by now. Kill the three pilot droids, hop in the AAT, and reak havoc! When you get to the courtyard, hop out and run up there to rescue another handmaiden and grab some power-ups.

Drive around, kill all the tanks, then goto the upper left area of the city, park yours and continue. Get the handmaiden near the fountain, and the powerup on the far left. Go up to the water, and pick up the extra life. After the water, goto the front of the screen and rescue another handmaiden on the platform, this should be your seventh, and last. Move up the walkway, getting the powerups behind the trees and in the bushes. Move up the stairs and get ready for the boss.

Run around the droid and when it's sheild drops, move in for the kill. Avoid the thermal detonators, and keep up until you blow off one of it's arms. Attack when it uses it's eye laser beam.

Level 4: Theed Palace
Point Levels
Points Earned Bonus Level
In this level you have to escort the queen to safety. But don't worry, you'll find her later. Power-ups lie hidden in the windows on the upper teir, and be sure to destroy all the planets and windows to get the nessesary points. When you get to the grapple droids, try not to get both onscreen at once, they're ruthless.
14,000 Energy Bonus
26,000 Combo Bonus
39,000 Defense Bonus
Work your way through the hall, and when you come to the destroyer droids, deflect shots to make it easier. Before you start the jumping sequence, make sure you've grabbed the save point. Then start the jump sequence. When you get to the hallway with the grates in the foreground, past the big room, pause.

You can shoose to go through the middle & get the points if you're confident, or you can cut through the greates and run through without confrontation. When you get to the room with the tomb at the bottom, go first to the bottom of the stairs and pick up the points powerup. Then be careful about dropping down onto the pillars on the sides, and then down onto the tomb. Walk to the top of the tomb and continue. When you find the queen, now you must start protecting her.

Play a defensive game here and deflect shots away from her. When you get to the top, you'll find your first encounter witht he plasma droids. You can't block their attacks, but watch them and use long distance attacks.

Level 5: Tatooine
Point Levels
Points Earned Bonus Level
In this level you have to protect Anakin and retreive your stolen hyperdrive. It's a pretty straightforward level for the most part, but when you get to the yellow sand slope with moisture vaporatores, head down to a deserted dwelling to pick up some supplies.
12,000 Combo Bonus
23,000 Energy Bonus
34,000 Force Power: O
When you get to the jumping area, be sure to take out the probe droids as soon as you can, prefferably before jumping, one hit will make you fall straight down. As you go through, you'll find a platform in the foreground that cuts itself off. It may seem like certain death, but drop off in the back, and you'll find a section with lots of goodies.

In the house, you'll find the second of the game's Gungan Artifacts. When the avalanche starts stay to the back, it'll be easier. When you get to the Sarlaac, you can choose to over the mouth, and avoid soem harder jumps, or to the side, and get an item for your trouble. Either way, don't forget to return to the ledge on the right to get the 1000 point bonus.

Use care when negotiating these jumps up the cliff face. Conserve your energy for the big fight at the top. Defeat the Krakkiss by avoiding it until it roars and attack it then. When you get to the Tuskan Raider Camp, get up on the ledge in the back and travel to the end to get back your hyperdrive. Once you get it back, Anakin will let you pass to your ship.

Except of course, for Darth Maul. The Block button is your best friend, but he can fill the block meter quickly, so don't stand still long. For the point bonus, you'll have to fight an offensive battle. Hold him off for about a minute, getting the powerup on the far right behind the rock, and you're done.

Level 6: Coruscant
Point Levels
Points Earned Bonus Level
Work your way through the level until you come to the first streetcar, where it seems there's no where else to go. Jump on top, and stay on that car until you can safely jump to the yellow one. Be careful of the green boxer thug, his uppercut will send you hurtling to your death.
17,000 Combo Bonus
34,00 Energy Bonus
51,000 Attack Bonus
Hop off at the end, and round the corner. When you get to the point where the walkway bulges out, and there's a ledge to the right, go onto that ledge. stay on the bottom area and walk to the foreground and the right to get a saber powerup, then jump up and reek havoc. Hop down to the next roof, then keep going straight and jump up onto the pyramid shaped roof on the right and continue right. Go to the background and the right a little way until you see another, higher up pyramid shaped roof. Jump onto that to get another item, then go back down and continue into the forground.

Do the taxi dance, then across the taxis and onto the next roof. Climb the side of a bulding and go up a few stairs. Jump off the landing between the flights to a roof to the left to grab a points powerup. Hop back, and take out the advanced probe droids as you come across them. Go down the one flight of stairs, then loof to you left for a big ledge holding a 1UP. Grab that and stop at the sloping roof.

This is one of the hardest part of the level. Jump onto the sloping roof and slide almost to the bottom, and then jump to the right to land on another roof. Run/Jump your way back up the roof if you think you're going to be shot by a probe droid, you'll fall straight down if you get hit in mid-air. Follow these roofs until you get to a point where you see a building that has a giant vent on it, pointing up and tot he right.

That's correct, you're going to try a superman, but more falling than flying. Jump onto the vent, which will shoot you across the way. Continue until you get to the building with no vents. Jump onto the staired platform and continue. Get on the taxi watch out. First comes a sniper, than you get your first look at the boss. His giant limo is going to ram you! But all you have to do is jump onto his car and you'll be fine. Get off onto the platform, hop onto the yellow cab, and then onto the next platform.

Kill the probe droids as you go along, they can shoot you down when you're jumping here. Continue in the level until you find that next slope. Slide down, hop to the next one, and slide down some more, taking care not to get shot in air. Continue on, but when you find the three Ishi Tibs (the green guys who uppercut you) attacking you on the narrow platform, unleash your items and force, with three of them, it's easy to get uppercutted off. Continue on until you get to the fans.

You used to love them, now you hate them. Walk carefully across the top "tightrope" reflecting shots as you go. If you get ocer a fan, you're a dead man. (In case you're wondering, yes it is possible to slide down the center, no-fan area onto the ledge and walk to and fro on it, then run/jumping up the center area, but it doesn't accomplish you anything.) Kill all the enemies at the end, and your taxi will arrive. Be careful thoguh, you have snipers trying to make you miss this tricky jump.

Go on to the right, where you see the string of taxis coming along. It's possible to make this jump without help, but we recommend doing a quick taxi hop. Continue around, and make sure you kill all the enemies on the '?' shaped platform so you don't get shot. Do a double jump into the foregroun onto the rooftop, and continue onward, taking care not to be shot by probe droids. When you get to the white square, hop on. Guess what? You're halfway done!

Continue to the right to the fans, but don't hop on just yet, make sure that the boss's limo is there by sliding down the center, then jumping on the fans. Onto that platform, go into the background, and jump up onto the rooftop and further back to get a points powerup. Continue back, go halfway up the stairs, then jump into the foreground to snag an extra life. Continue on along the taxi route, then watch out for this. You'll find a taxi that stops because another taxi is in front of it full of baddies. Go kill the baddies, then hop back onto the original one. The second one is going to be blown up, and you can continue.

When you get to the platform with taxis pass underneath, go to the left and hop up on the roof for a power-up. Then be careful about dropping down. Go to the back, and wait for a taxi, then run forward and drop down. Be sure to jump up onto the ledge on the right at the end of the ride. You can't go under the overpass. Go up and then back to the background-left to grab some power-ups. Continue on along the course of the level, until you get to the boss. Now you're almost done.

He's goign to teleport and thorw thermal detonators a lot, so run around and use distance attacks when possible. When he starts shotting some, he's more vulnerable. In the last stage, he'll go hand to hand near a ledge. If you blast him off, you won't get points though.

Level 7: Ruins
Point Levels
Points Earned Bonus Level
It's a straightforward level, and when you have to drop down into the camp, be sure to get the saber powerup on the left, and the points powerup in the background on the right behind some crates. Take out the Plasma droids before crossing the bridge.
20,000 Energy Bonus
25,000 Combo Bonus
30,000 Defense Bonus
Once you reach the ruins, it's pretty straightforward in the jumps. Take the high road if there is one, and judge carefully. When you get to the trees, avoid them, you can't kill them. And practice against the kreetles using up/down hacks and locking on. Continue on, take the top road if it's there to get points, then continue to the low route if you face a deadend.

When you come to the ?| shaped ruin platform, you may be able to jump up onto a nook above you. If you can make it, go backwards a bit to grab an extra life. When you come to the dirt ledge with a drop on it, jump earlier than you normally would, it's slippery.

Walk along until the ground texture changes, and stay away, there's lots of kreetles in there, cause it's a pit. Walk along until you see a small drop. It's an ordinary drop, but walk to the background, behind the tree you'll find the last of the gungan artifacts. Keep going, teach the gungans a lesson and beat their warrior by running around when he throws his energy balls, and dishing it out when he tries to hit you.

Level 8: Streets of Theed
Point Levels
Points Earned Bonus Level
It's a straightforward level. So here's a straightforward plan: Duck low under the second overpass. Pull up when you reach the bridge. Climb onto the right or left staircase. When you see a gate, shoot it! When you see a door, shoot it twice and shoot it fast! Stay on the left or right paths in the water area.
2,550 Extra Life
5,100 Combo Bonus
7,650 Energy Bonus

Level 9: Palace Cliffs
Point Levels
Points Earned Bonus Level
You have 200 seconds to rescue five pilots. The basic premise of the level is to hop down the cliffs, hop up the cliffs, and rescue five guys. The crumbling ledges you see when you start are present all the way down. Run, don't fight.
5,000 Extra Life
9,000 Energy Bonus
14,000 Combo Bonus
When you come down to the Naboo platforms, the second circular platform lets you run into the forground to get an extra life. It's up to you. climb up and to the right, and when you come to a spot where there are ledges to the upper right and left you have a descision. To the left there's a points powerup and an extra life. But it's a deadend.

When you get to the rooms, you can choose five, or six if you have time. They're arranged three by two. The upper left room has the Melee Destroyer Droids, it's the hardest room of all. The upper middle room has destroyer droids. The upper right room has rifle droids. the lower left room has flame droids. The lower middle room has grapple droids. And the lower left room has security droids.

Level 10: Final Battle
Point Levels
Points Earned Bonus Level
Here's the final battle! Watch him in your first few encounters, and learn his combos. Force him through the door into the energy core. It's easier said that done, but practice, and you'll get it. Once you're into the energy core, go straight to grab some powerups, then head to the background to the catwalks. You'll attack him next on an energy bridge.
4,000 Combo Bonus
8,000 Energy Bonus
12,000 Attack Bonus
Don't worry, the energy bridge won't cut out on you, but Maul can sail you over the edge. Head down the rings by walkign to the forground, walking off, then turnign around and moving back into the background in air. You should grab on and pull yourself up. Be sure to grab the powerups. Line yourself up on the walkway so if you get hit by Maul you won't fly over the edge.

Head to the left to grab powerups, then to the right. Make your way past the droids. Grab the health, then up the elevator. The energy beams hurt, so take your time to time your jumps. The next droids can known you off, so be careful. Here's the hardest non-Maul part of the level. Move forward and smash the consoles. Then jump using force jump down to the ledge on the left. You must use the force-jump on the way down so get used to it. Additionally, you must smash every middle console before hopping down, and each console can explode twice, so keep hitting it if you feel you need those points. Repeat the process.

When you're all the way down, go to the right to grab the points powerup. Then go through the door to the left. You'll enter a laser maze. The solution is this, starting at the first square: 2 left, 1 up. 2 right, 2 down, 1 left, 1 up, 1 down, 1 right, 2 up, 1 left, 2 down, 2 left, 1 up, and out. In the next corridor there are horizontal lasers that suck health faster than anything else.

Grab the save, and beat Maul. He'll use force powers, so be wary. After that, chase him down and kill him! Congrats!

Level 11: Droidekas
Beat the game as Plo Koon
/\ Wide Range Blaster Fire
[?] Hand to Hand Attack
X Short Laser Burst
L1 Block
R2 Roll

Roll through the level, taking out 18 pilots as a drestroyer droid, and then kill two Jedi. It's payback time!
Level 12: Kaadu Race
Beat the game as Adi Gallia
[?] Run (alternate with circle)
O Run (alternate with square)

Pound square and circle alternativly to run, and beat the other guy! The Kaadu steers by itself so just pound!
Level 13: Gungan Roundup
Find all 3 Gungan Artifacts in Jedi Mode
/\ Downward Hack
[?] Poke
O Jump
L1 Block
R1 Lock On
R2 Run

Smack Jar Jar around toward the goal, it's that simple.
If you score three goals in the "Gungan Roundup" you unlock the concept art gallery. Access the art from the title screen.
Level 14: Survival Challenge
Beat the Game with Mace Windu
Defeat ten of each type of enemy to get Ultimate Saber mode, everything dies in one hit!
The enemies are, in order: pilot droid, battle droid, security droid, rifle droid, flame droid, destroyer droid, commander droid, tuskan raiders, thugs, grapple droid. 100 enemies.
Queen Amidala
Beat the Game with Obi-Wan Press Select over Obi-Wan
/\ 3 Shot Burst
X Single Blast

She has no force, but she can block blaster bolts and double jump.
Captain Panaka
Beat the Game with Obi-Wan Press Select over Plo Koon
/\ Pistol Whip
X Single Blast

He has no force, but he can block blaster bolts and double jump.
Darth Maul
Beat the Game with Qui-Gon Press Select over Qui-Gon
L2 + /\ Force Disruption
L2 + O Force Sphere
L2 + X Force Lightning

The master of evil is yours to command! You have all his combos and force powers to start with, but you won't be able to gain energy, so you'll go through the game partially crippled.
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