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Imperial Base: Level 1: Kejim Post

Kill the couple of stormtroopers in front of the shuttle. Move to the upper right, round the corner and continue killing stormies. After Jan tries in vain to open the door, go around to the left side of the building through the open door. Kill the officer and take the elevator up. Turn to the right and move into the overlook. Use the switch to activate perimeter defenses, then go back outside and kill more stormtroopers. Once you've polished them off, go to the stationary gun in front of the building, and use it on the door. Go on inside and take the elevator down.

Kill all the stormtroopers who run at you, then go into the door at the right, the one that's open. Kill all the sotrmtroopers in that room, then shoot out the crates in the slightly-to-the-left center of the room. One of them will explode to reveal a grate that has imploded. Drop down. Walk around, and when you round the corner to a long corridor, where at then end there is a generator. Shoot the generator, but from the end of the corridor. It will explode and start a long shot of flame. Get out of that corridor fast! Once the flame is past, go back down the corridor.

Walk around the remains of the generator, head up the elevator. Shoot the grate on the floor, drop down, and kill the officer. Flip the three switchs in front of the window, grab the pickups, and head back into the corridor. Head towards the door at the end (on your left when you exited the command room). Take out the stormies and officers, then turn left. Once again, take out the stormtroopers, then go to the corner of the room, and down the big circular elevator by ativating the switch by it. Move around, and head towards the door in the upper left hand corner.

Crouch down, walk out into the power room, and eliminate the officers & stormtroopers. Be sure to walk up to the blue code to store it in your datapad. Press the switches to unlock the other sections of the base. Head out the main door, not the one you came in from. Move up the stairs, and then turn left. Move all the way down the corridor, killing the stormies as you go. Turn left into the a huge circular room. This is the main transfer room. Head down to the left into the green section. Shoot out the turrets, and go through the open door. Head right into the door and shoot the officer.

Flip his switch, and the head back out and around. Go all the way down the hallway, but before the stairs, turn left. Go down into that room and remove any opposition. Walk into the control alcove and try activating it, you should be instructed to go get Jan. Head out to right and through the pillars. Up the stairs and to the right down the hallways to backtrack to Jan. You'll find her in the room with the circular elevator (as soon as you enter the blue section, first door on your left). Guide her back to the alcove. She'll show you a door she unlocked, it's to the right (through the pillars), and it's in front of you only slightly to the left.

Hop in, kill the stormies and look on the far wall for the green code. Head back to the main transfer room (the big circular one) and head into the red section. Pretty standard procuedure now, kill the turrets and the officer. Head up the stairs to your left and kill the 2 stormies. Then drop down and through the door ahead of you. Kill the stormies, then activate the transmitter on the far wall 4 times. Head down the hallways and kill the stormies. Listen for "Watch it, Don't shoot, Hold your fire!", then go through the door (be careful there's a stormtrooper on the right) and head down the pipe.

Be sure to kill the stormtrooper in the pipe before you get too close. Then watch the pipe collapse. Opps. Move down and around then shoot out the three probe droids. There are two elevators there. One will take you out the way you need to go, the other will make you take a little detour but get you some thermal detonators. The one behind the glass window is the one you need to take. Do whichever you want, but eventually, you'll get up to the roof of the building. When you do, remove the probe droids. Then, head over to the left side. You'll need to walk along the top of the walkway to get back.

You'll need to take out the stormtrooper just through the crawl hole in the ceiling. Drop on down, and have a lightfight with the group in the next room. Then walk through the other door and take out any opposition. The red code should be on the wall by the door. Be sure to get it, you can't get back here! Once you've got it, go out the door, and to the right. Move around the wall, and back to the room where you before had dropped down into. Head forward, and back up the stairs. Instead of dropping down this time, move to the left and go up the elevator.

Activate the switch in front of you to deactivate the shield around the switch opposite you in the big transfer room. Walk out around the room on the catwalk to hit the switch. Make sure a column from the ceiling comes down to the center of the room. Drop down onto some walkway and then go activate the switches. Pressing TAB will bring up the datapad to remeber the codes. Move around changing the switches to get the right code, then the last side will let you activate them. When you're done, you can move towards the last section, and that's the end of the first level.

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