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Force Powers {?} Weapons {?} Items {?} Movement

Force Powers

Push will only work if a person is in a "distracted" state. Firing a gun (not charging a gun although push will disrupt the charging), executing a saber attack, in air, or using force speed, lightning, or grip all constitute "distracted". Otherwise the person will do the pull back/recoil-ish maneuver and be distracted, and not move.
Push works in excelent conjuction with grip, lift your opponent into the air, then release and push them as they fall down.
You can use push to push projectiles. Projectiles include missiles, bowcaster bolts, and Imperial Heavy Rifle concussion blasts (secondary fire). You can also push termal detonators and Fletchette mines (secondary fire) if they are still in air, once they land you cannot push them.
A seeming "bug" is that it is possible to push blaster bolts. This may be corrected in a future patch.

Pull, like push, will only work if a person is in a "distracted" state. Firing a gun (not charging a gun although push will disrupt the charging), executing a saber attack, in air, or using force speed, lightning, or grip all constitute "distracted". Otherwise the person will do the pull back/recoil-ish maneuver and be distracted, and not move.
You can pull all weapons out of another's hands except the standard Blaster and the Lightsaber (or Stun Baton). It works best when you are somewhat near the opponent, you will not be able to pull a weapon at range. A person need not be "distracted" for weapon pull to work.
Pull works as a good counter to grip, if you find yourself being held over a chasm. Chances are you will fall as well, but a well timed pull can yank your enemy out into the abyss as well.
The most effective way to kill someone when using fast stance is to pull the person, then quickly turn around and back stab them when they are getting up from the ground.
The most effective way to kill someone when using strong stance is to pull the person, then quickly spin and slash when they are getting up from the ground.

Be aware that when using Force Speed you are highly vulnerable to force push and pull. Thus on levels like Nar Shadda, it is best used with extreme caution.

Force Sight is often one of the underrated force powers. It is very useful to snipers, as you can see when a person is coming around a corner, and snap off a beautiful kill.
When on Level 3, sight gives you the ability to dodge sniper shots. This applies to both regular shots from the sniper gun, as well as secondary, charged fire. Be aware this is not 100% effective. You can and will be hit. It does work; however, and I found it most effective when I am moving into close combat with the sniper.

I always have jump maxed, I couldn't get around without it.

The greatest advantage of Force Absorb is on the Nar Shadda levels, when you can stop a dark sider from gripping you.

Grip is only usefull on Level 3, when you can move people around, and drop them into chasms.
Grip has a 3 second "after-effect" when you stop gripping them. They can move, however they cannot block attacks with their lightsaber. A good tactic is to grip, then drop and blast away with a fast repeating weapon, which you can select while you are still gripping them.
Grip is deactivated when you are pushed or pulled by the person you are affecting. Therefore it is beneficial to use grip, then hold a person around a corner, through the wall if you will. That way, you cannot be pushed or pulled.
A person can still attack when they are gripped, and this leaves you open to a counterattack. Use the above method to minimize your damages. Additionally, if you are gripped, grip them back. They will be lifted into the air, both of you will be floating. Generally the first grip wins out after a second or two, but if you maneuvered them over a chasm in that second, you ultimately win.
Push works in excelent conjuction with grip, lift your opponent into the air, then release and push them as they fall down.
Grip works when you jump or are falling. It is unlikely and hard, but I have executed a fall from a great height into an abyss, then grabbing someone off a ledge on the way down and killing them too.


Fast Stance
The most powerful attack in the fast stance is the back stab. It works only when the opponent is behind you and within a few steps. It almost always an instant-kill. If not, you can be assured that the person is hurting badly.
The most effective way to kill someone when using fast stance is to pull the person, then quickly turn around and back stab them when they are getting up from the ground.
Another special fast attack is the lunging uppercut. It is not anywhere near insta-kill area, but it is a powerful move. When crouched, press forward and primary attack. You will lunge forward, raking your saber in an uppercut. It does however, leave you with a second and a half window where you recover from the attack. Because of your stunned status afterwards, only use this attack when you can be assured you will hit (and therefore stun) your opponent. Because it is a vertical slash, it can be hard to aim it.
An advantage of fast stance is the ability to link together a long string of attacks.
Medium Stance
One of the special attacks of medium style is a jumping slash executed in air. It is nigh-near unblockable and medium powered but leaves you vulnerable when you are in air. To execute it, press jump, forward, and primary attack at once.
Heavy Stance
The counterpart to the back stab is the spin and slash. To use it, press Backwards + Attack. It is almost always an instant kill. If not, you can be assured that the person is hurting badly.
The most effective way to kill someone when using heavy stance is to pull the person, then quickly spin and slash them when they are getting up from the ground.
The lightsaber throw is not used often because of the paradox it presents. When thrown at someone with a lightsaber, it is blocked and does no harm. When thrown at someone with a different weapon, it leaves you dangerously open to counter attack. It is powerful however, and works well when you are gripped, or the person doesn't know you're there.

Bryar Blaster Pistol
Secondary Attack - Charged Bolt
This weapon is accurate, deadly accurate, even and esspecially over large distances. Because of this fact, it is one of the sniper's worst enemy. If you suspect a sniper around a corner, charge the gun, then round the corner and do a fast scan. If you do happen to see one, run in an erratic zip-zagging line, and line up your shot. It is rare that you kill the sniper with one bolt, but charge up again, and if you hit them again, chances are they'll reconsider staying put, if they aren't dead already.

StormTrooper Rifle
Secondary Attack - Rapid Fire Mode
Perhaps I'm just stubborn, but given a choice between an Imperial Heavy Repeater and a Stormtropper rifle, I'd rather spray a room with the stormtrooper rifle than the Repeater.

Disruptor Rifle
Secondary Attack - Sniping
When sniping you are highly vulnerable to attacks from the sides and behind you. Not only can't you block anything they throw at you, you can't see them, and disengaging from sniper mode often takes a half-second that punishes.
A good place to snipe is a high place, because you can see everything beneath you. A corner is always good because you can see who approaches. Having a walkway beneath you (or just ground) is excellent for making a fast getaway. Crouch down, because if you are in a high place, you present a smaller figure to be outlined aginst the sky. Finally, the key to choosing a good sniper post is pick one where people don't expect you to be. Everyone expects the sniper to be in the center on the high platform in Nar Shadda CTF. Instead move to the sloping } shaped protrusions on the sides of the building.
Should you find yourself in a snipe-off with another player, move back from the lip of the platform to where you can't see anything when crouched. Then pop up, fire a shot and crouch back down. You can crouch and stand up when in snipe mode, use it to your advantage.
Should you be attacked when you are sniping, at close range, not a long bolt, disengage, turn on the saber, and roll down onto the ground or walkway. Do Not Jump. There are three good reasons you should not jump. 1) Whoever is attacking you has had time to prepare. Will you gamble that they don't have push or pull ready? 2) Roll moves you faster than jump does, they will have less time to react. 3) Roll moves you down. When you jump, you present a beautiful high target for a force attack. Rolling drops you, and if you're on a walkway or overhang, you'll put a small amount of ground between you, and by the time they run forward, you may already be on the ground.
Use force sight. Not only may it save your life should you you be counter-sniped, but you can see when people are rounding corners.
Do Not Zoom All The Way In. Zooming in may let you be assured you're hitting him, but the way the person's name pops up when you're targeting him already tells you that. Zooming in may let you do a beautiful head shot (which is fine if you're willing to die 20 times for a cool screenshot), but a kill's a kill. Zooming in narrows your view. If you use third person perspective, you will feel crowded especially. Even if you always use first person, zooming in greatly reduces the area you can see at once. Enemies will find it simplistic to sneak by if you're zoomed all the way in. Instead of zooming, just tap the secondary fire and start charging your shot.
Consider moving after firing. Because of the long leangth of a sniper bolt, it's easy to see where it comes from, even though it moves so fast. Once you fire, consider moving to a different spot, especially if he is readying a Bryar bolt or bowcaster.

Wookiee Bowcaster
Primary Attack - Single Shot
The bowcaster is an excellent weapon, and really has three modes of fire. The single shot is powerful by itself, and useful for testing an enemy's saber defense.
Primary Attack - Multiple Shot
By holding down the primary fire button, you can charge up to five bolts. Use this to your advantage, as you can hit multiple enemies at once.
Be aware: When firing on a lightsaber wielding opponent, they can and will deflect multiple bolts back at you at once.
Be aware: Once the bowcaster is fully charged, you cannot hold it long without firing, it will fire by itself after a few short seconds.
The bowcaster is strong in and of itself, but five bolts is five times the power. A favorite tactic is to use it as a short range weapon, often hitting someone with two bolts. At point blank range, you can easily kill a person with five bolts drilling into their back.
Secondary Attack - Bouncing Bolt
Be aware: The bolt will bounce anywhere from one long distance bounce, to five short distance bounces. It will dissapate after.
Against snipers, this is my favorite weapon. For being so strong, it is surprisingly accurate, even over long distances. As outlined before in the Bryar Blaster Pistol, rounding a corner and unloading a stream of bouncing bolts will often make your enemy sniper reconsider. It is superior to the Bryar; however, in that you can shoot bouncing bolts in quick sucession. Many times, your sniper will be hit three to four times before he can move. I use bouncing bolts, because if you are on level ground, or even slightly below, if you miss it may hit a wall behind him and bounce into him.

Imperial Heavy Repeator
Secondary Attack - Concussion blast
Be aware: This weapon is affected by gravity, the blasts will fall, so aim high if you are shooting at a target at range.

Primary Attack - Energy Bolt
This weapon seems to be an underrated one, for being able to do so much. This fire mode has a surprisingly fast repeat rate, additionally, it cannot be blocked by a lightsaber. An excellent choice for retreat.
Secondary Attack - Charged EMP Blast
The longer you charge the weapon, the wider the blast radius and more powerful the push exerted from it, becomes.
An excellent sniping weapon in the Nar Shadda levels. Once fired, the bolt travels incredibly fast, and cannot be seen. Therefore, they don't know where you're attacking from. Additionally, the blast pushes people. So if you shoot it on the side of a walkway, they may just be pushed off the side. And if that weren't enough, the blast expands in all directions, a ball of energy moving through the walkway to the area beneath.

Flechette Gun
Primary Weapon - Flechette
Basically, the weapon exists only for it's secondary fire mode. The primary fire mode will not be affected by gravity, but it does expand outward as it flies. Therefore, it is rather useless as a long range weapon. As a middle ranged weapon it works decently, although I would be tempted to try the secondary fire. It works best as a close range weapon, but if you are in that close range, you have no buisness using the primary fire, and should switch to the secondary fire.
Secondary Weapon - Mines
The gun releases two gernades that explode on contact with a person, and will explode in a few seconds when on the ground. They are very powerful, and will bounce of walls. It's one of the most powerful weapons.

Rocket Launcher
Primary Weapon - Rocket
Best used when covering a retreat, ousting a sniper, or at middle-close range.
Secondary Weapon - Homing Rocket
It takes a few seconds to get a full flashing circle, and when you release the tripper, make sure you still have it, it's easy to lose it right when you're about to fire.
A very powerful weapon.

Thermal Detonators
Primary Attack - Timed Release
A favorite use of the timed release is when you are being pursued at middle-long distance, throw a couple of these behind you, and even though they won't hit the person, the may go off when he's near, or make him hesitate.
Secondary Attack - Explode on Impact
The best time to use these is when you are being pursued closely. They will hit the ground and explode immediatly.

Trip Mines
Primary Attack - Laser Tripped
The best place to put these are where your opponent won't expect it, and where they're hard to see. Near the ground is an excellent choice. Additionally, if sillouetted against the sky, your opponent may not see it until too late. Placing them where an opponent drops down is another good choice. Once the fall, they'll hit the lasers being projected out from the wall, and get hit.
Another fun thing to do is to place two, or more, in a hidden area where the person will neither see them or hit them. Then place one where the person will trigger it. They'll trigger the one, and all will explode.
Place several down on the ground, then grip, push, or pull your opponent over them.
When you are in a high area, with ground beneath you, drop a cluster, then when someone runs near them on the lower ground, jump out and trigger the lasers from above, where you won't get hurt, but they will.
In capture the flag, place several laying on the ground where your flag is.
Be aware: In a single game there is a limit on how many trip mines are placed at once. If that number is exceeded, the oldest one will simply disappear.
Unlike Detonation Packs, trip mines do not "waste away".
Secondary Attack - Proximity Tripped
I have never had any luck with this, so I suggest using the primary attack.

Detonation Packs
These are extremely powerful, being near one when it goes off is a guarenteed death. Therefore if you spot one, and you know it's not your team's, be sure to shoot it.
In Capture the Flag, drop one by your flag, and lie in wait.
Be aware: after a minute or two, the det pack will go off regardless of whether or not you detonate it. If this happens, it will still appear in your inventory (meaning you can select it as a weapon). Should you detonate it then, nothing will happen and you will appear "out" of that weapon.


The shield is best used when escaping from an enemy base, especially in the corridors, as the enemy will have no way around it and be forced to either wait it out, or blow it up.
A fun tactic when using the shield with an enemy waiting (waiting, not shooting the shield) on the other side is to step up to it, so it goes down, grip them, then step back through so they can't push, pull, or shoot you.
A secretive tactic when using shield is to activate it, then stand on it so people don't know it's there. This will not work for long; however, as it will wear away while you're standing on it.
You can jump over a shield with level 3 jump.
If a shield is not your own, landing on it will force you to do a sort of hop/push-off of it. While not very usefull in many situations, I have found it possible to survive a drop from the high walkways in Nar Shadda into a seeming abyss by landing on a shield that propelled me onto a walkway.

Seeker Droid
A great advantage of the seeker droid, besides the obivous fact that it gives you a few extra blaster shots, is its detection value. It will shoot at an enemy at long range, often alerting you to their presence. Additionally, more than once a person using Mind Trick was uncovered when my Seeker Droid started shooting at a "wall".

In muliplayer mode a single bacta can give you 100% Health.
You can only carry one Bacta at a time, so if you spy another and can't pick it up, use the one you have (if you can, if you are at 100% Health then you won't be able to), and pick up the extra one.

Sentry Gun
A Sentry Gun works as an excellent distractor or lure, especially if you opponent stands still to cut the thing up with his lightsaber. An easy shot for a sniper or homing rocket.
If a sentry gun stops shooting at you, and you are visable to it, it will explode in a second.


If you jump straight up, and hold the jump button, you can maneuver about in air with the directional keys.
A Backflip is an excellent way to get out of range.
In the Nar Shadda levels, create a server and run around jumping about. (Rolling too). It will not only burn the level into memory, it will teach you which jumps you can and cannot make. After a few 15 minute sessions I feel entirely comfortable jumping blindly from the highest platform. Additionally, when pushed from such a platform, I know which way to hold my directional buttons to maximize my chance of falling on solid ground.
You move fastest in air forward. If possible, turn so you can move forward.
When in air you have the greatest chance of being affected by push or pull. Be careful, as if tagged by one of these force powers, you have little chance of surviving.
Long falls hurt. Cushion your fall by holding crouch/roll when you land. Additionally do not attempt jumps you think you will die from. Little is more embaressesing. When you jump from one platform to another, aim your landing at health packs.

You move faster rolling than running.
In the Nar Shadda levels, create a server and run around rolling about. (Jumping too). It will not only burn the level into memory, it will teach you which rolls you can and cannot make. After a few 15 minute sessions I feel entirely comfortable rolling blindly from the highest platform.
You can Force Pull when rolling. Try rolling from a platform to a lower one while pulling an opponent.
A backwards or sideways roll can surprise an opponent.
When moving from a higher platform to a lower one, roll. Not only will it cushion your fall, you'll get down their faster.
Occasionally their will be levels where there are slight ramped inclines. Massassi Temples is a good example, in the center courtyard there are rocks from the ground and small platforms that other rock statues sit on. Start a roll a step in front of them. Often you will launch into the air. Not only is it fun and cool-looking, it's a surprise to your opponent.
You can only roll if you have your lightsaber selected.
If you are fleeing an opponent and moving to a lower overhanged area, roll down into the wall and hold forward, turn around then prepare to push your oppenent back off the ledge.

Practice running backwards, sideways and at a diagnol, it will help you to turn corners better.
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