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General Info

Basic Controls {?} Force Powers {?} Weapons {?} Lightsaber {?} Items {?} Pickups {?} Characters

Basic Controls

NOTE: All controls mentioned are from the default layout. You can change them to whatever you wish.

Walking & Running

Movement in Jedi Outcast is handled through running forward and back using the W and S keys, strafing, or run left and right, with buttons A and D and turning through the use of the mouse.
The default movement is always run. By holding down Shift you can choose to walk instead of run.


You move your "eyes" with the mouse. You can toggle between first and third person with P. The first person increase your precision in firing, and third person gives you better mobility and greater periphial vision (especially when using the lightsaber).
You can toggle the Mouse look by pressing the \ button.
You can center the view by pressing the END button.

Jump, Roll, Sidestep & Crouch

You jump by holding the space bar. When you advance in force levels, you will be able to force jump higher.
You roll by pressing the C button and the direction you want to roll. You only roll when you are holding the lightsaber. Otherwise, you will crouch and waddle in that direction.
You are able to sidestep by pressing the V button (always useful in battles).

Weapons & Attack

The most important of all (of course). The left mouse button handles every weapons first attack style. Secondary functions/attacks can be used through the right mouse button.
You can change the weapon in your hand by using either the number keys (1-9) or the mouse wheel (if your mouse has such a device).

Force Powers

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Force Jump
Increases your vertical leap

Level 1: Jump is twice as high as normal
Level 2: Jump is four times as high as normal
Level 3: Jump is eight times as high as normal

Force Push
Push enemies and world objects away from you. Additionally, activate some buttons, grates, and sliders.

Level 1: Knocks down enemies.
Level 2: Pushes target back.
Level 3: Pushes multiple targets. Lets you Force Push out of lightsaber locks.

Force Pull
Pull enemies, enemies' weapons, and world objects.

Level 1: Pull one enemy or levers.
Level 2: (In addition to Level 1) Pull the weapon from an enemy if he is facing you.
Level 3: Pull multiple enemies and their weapons.

Force Speed
Slows down the world around you, allowing you to move much faster than your enemies.

Level 1: World slowed to 75% of normal speed for 5 seconds.
Level 2: World slowed to 50% of normal speed for 5 seconds.
Level 3: World slowed to 25% of normal speed for 5 seconds.

Force Heal
Increases your health by a maximum of 25 points.

Level 1: You must stop and meditate. Stops when you move or fire.
Level 2: You can move, but healing stops when you attack or are attacked.
Level 3: You can move and attack when healing. Process is much faster.

Force Grip
Allows you to choke a person.

Level 1: Target, and when activated, the victum is stunned, but not hurt for a few moments when you can move away.
Level 2: You can raise a person into the air to harm him. Looking away stops the grip.
Level 3: You can move and look around when gripping. the enemy moves with you while being choked.

Force Lightning
Shoots an electric attack at an enemy.

Level 1: A quick burst.
Level 2: A continuous stream (until force runs out).
Level 3: A continuous arc allowing you to hit multiple targets (until force runs out).

Jedi Mind Trick
Once you target and activate it, the character in question will ignore you. Aggresive actions and loud noises will alert the enemy. Will not work on all enemies, if it does, you will hear a confirmation sound and a twinkling icon will appear above their heads.

Level 1: One targeted enemy will be tricked for 5 seconds.
Level 2: 10 seconds of distraction that affects all enemies in the area.
Level 3: In addition to Level 2 abilities, you can choose one enemy to be your ally for a period of time. (Direct your recticle where you want the distraction, or target an enemy).

Lightsaber Throw
The secondary attack for the lightsaber, your saber will fly forward (as long as you have force power to maintain it) and boomerang around to you. It is possible to have it knocked out of your control when it's in flight. Hit your primary Attack button to bring it back. If you cannot find it after a long while, it will automatically return.

Level 1: Saber flies out straight forward for a short range.
Level 2: Saber flies out with you aiming it by changing the direction you face. Flies out over a longer range and spins faster.
Level 3: Saber spins faster and intelligently finds enemies to hit.

Lightsaber Defense
Controls your speed and effectiveness when blocking incoming shots and lightsabers.

Lightsaber Offense
Provides more lightsaber stances, and allows you to push harder in lightsaber locks..

Level 1: Medium stance, and you get your lightsaber.
Level 2: Light Stance.
Level 3: Strong Stance.


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Stun Baton
Used to subdue unruly prisoners, the stun baton is weilded in melee combat where permanently disabling your opponent is not the required outcome. Once Kyle obtains a lightsaber, it replaces the stun baton as the first weapon.

Bryar Blaster Pistol
Kyle's Weapon of choice. Slow to fire but incredibly powerful against foes.

Primary Attack: A slow single shot
Secondary Attack: Hold down the alternate attack button to charge the blaster. Release the button to unleash a more powerful shot. Note that this uses up more ammunition.
Ammo Type: Blaster Pack

E-11 Blaster Rifle
The primary weapon for imperial forces, this is a sturdy rifle that packs a powerful punch, although it is not the most accurate of weapons.
Primary Attack: Slow, highly damaging shot
Secondary Attack: Rapid Fire burst shots
Ammo Type: Blaster Pack

Tenloss Disruptor Rifle
Affecting matter at the molecular level, this rifle rips apart living material with ease and speed. It is outlawed across the galaxy and only used by some outlaws and gangsters.
Primary Attack: Single, fast moving shot with a slow rate of fire
Secondary Attack: Press the alternate attack to activate the scope. The longer you hold the button, the further the scope zooms in. Hold down the primary attack button to prepare a shot. The charge Indicator on the bottom of the scope lets you know when the weapon is powered to disintigration level, which is usually lethal to a target. Release the Primary attack button to unleash a shot. Press the alternate button to turn off the scope.
Ammo Type: Power cell

Wookiee Bowcaster
It might look archaic, but this weapon fires powerful bolts of metal enveloped in energy pockets. A self-cocking attachment allows creatues weaker than wookiees to fire them.
Primary Attack: One press fires a single accurate shot. Hold down to power up the weapon to unleash up to five bolts at once.
Secondary Attack: Unleash a reflective shot that bounces off surfaces.
Ammo Type: Power Cell

Imperial Heavy Repeater (with Concussion Launcher)
A deadly and destructive projectile weapon that fires a rapid stream of metal bullets, this gun is capable of covering an entire area with deadly suppression fire. It also features a unique Alternate attack mode.
Primary Attack: Hold down trigger to fire a rapid sucession of bolts
Secondary Attack: This weapon launches an energy based explosive from an undermounted barrel.
Ammo Type: Metallic Bolts

Destructive Electromagnetic Pulse 2 (DEMP 2) Gun
This gun fires high-powered ion bursts that wipe out electrical systems. It is very effective against droids and electrical devices, although the latest version can also cause damage to living tissue.
Primary Attack:A single shot that stuns humans and damages droids
Secondary Attack:This charged energy attack creates an expanding shell of electromagnetic energy on impact that damages humanoids, droids and turrets.
Ammo Type:Power Cell

Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette Weapon
Firing shards of metal in a shotgunlike spread, this weapon is the favorite of the Corporate Sector Authority's police squads. It is capable of hitting multiple targets in close proximity. Make sure that the shards don't bounce off surfaces and hit you.
Primary Attack:Fire a spread of shots.
Secondary Attack:Launch two mines that bounce off surfaces. It will explode after a certain duration of time.
Ammo Type:Metallic Bolts

Merr-Sonn PLX-2M Portable Missile System
A dangerous weapon, this missile launcher fires Arakyd 3T3 missiles. The player can take damage from this weapon.
Primary Attack:Fires single missiles that streak straight ahead and detonate.
Secondary Attack:Target seeking missile. Press and hold down this button when an enemy is in your tageting recticle. After a short period, the missile system will lock onto the target, indicated by a full red circle. Release to fire the missile.
Ammo Type:Rockets

Thermal Detonator
Famous throughout the galaxy, a thermal detonator releases a barrage of energy and heat that destroys everything around it. Hold down the attack button in either mode to throw the detonator further.
Primary Attack:Throws the time-delayed grenade over a short distance. It bounces and then explodes after four seconds.
Secondary Attack:This thorws the gernade, which explodes on impact.

Trip Mines
Best places on walls, these trip mines come in triangular-shaped explosive casings. A laser beam is emitted from the casing and extends to the nearest parallel surface. If the beam is broken ot the explosive casing is fired upon, the mine detonates and damages anything in clsoe proximity.
Primary Attack:Place the mine and activate the laser beam
Secondary Attack:Fires a proximity device that auto-detonates when an enemy gets close to it.

Detonation Packs
A small explosive pack with a remote activator. You can place multiple det packs and then explode them from a distance. Typically used to ambush enemies or blow open doors that are otherwise sealed.
Primary Attack:Look at the surface where you want to place the det pack. If it can't be placed there, the det pack drops to the ground.
Secondary Attack:Detonate all dropped packs with a remote trigger.

The elegant and deadly weapon of the Jedi, it is dangerous to all near it, especially the user if the user is unskilled in it use. But in the hands of a skilled swordsman, it is deadly as both a defensive and an offensive weapon.
Primary Attack:Different slashing and swinging attacks depend on player movement. See the Lightsaber section for additional information
Secondary Attack:If there is force energy available, the player can perform a lightsaber throw. See the lightsaber throw in Single Player and MultiPlayer.


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Combat Styles

Medium Lightsaber Combat Style
This is the classic lightsaber combat style. The attacks are of a medium speed and range and do a decent amount of damage. Some of the moves incorporate spins. A Jedi can chain about three to five attacks in a row. This style is best for fighting multiple enemies.

Fast Lightsaber Combat Style
This style is very fast and efficient, though somewhat limited in range. The short, quick motions allow for many repeated attacks and quick follow-ups, but the damage inflicted is low due to the glancing nature of the strikes. These attacks never incorporate fancy moves such as spins and can be chained indefinetly. This style is best used when fighting a lot of enemies who are not using lightsabers.

Strong Lightsaber combat Style
This style uses powerful swings to break through defenses. The attacks have great range and a large windup and follow-through (leaving you open to counterattacks). If they hit, the enemy is rarely able to block the attack and may be knocked down. If an enemy has a lightsaber, it may be knocked aside. It is wise to use the attackswhen fighting a lone lightsaber-wielding enemy.

Lightsaber Locking

When two lightsabers lock, the combatents are stuck pushing against each other. You must push against the other combatent (repeatedly ta your Primary Attack button) in order to win the lock. the higher the combatent's offensive skill, the harder he can push. If you lose the lightsaber lock, hold the jump key to get up quickly.
If you have level three of force push, you can attempt to break a lightsaber lock this way. However, there is no guarentee of sucecss and you may leave yourself open for attack.

Basic Attacks

The strength, speed, and range of these attacks vary depending on which lightsaber Combat Style you are currently using.

Forward Top-Down Hack
Forward + Primary Attack OR Backward + Primary Attack
A fast deadly attack. If it hits, it can inflict a lot of damage. This attack is best for hitting targets above or below you.

Horizontal Swipe Attack
Strafe Left + Primary Attack OR Strafe Right + Primary Attack
A slower attack, this move gives you the best chance of hitting an upright enemy, even if the enemy is moving horizontally. In this move, you will swing from the right while sidestepping to the left, or vice versa. This is useful for hitting an enemy in passing, but not for enemies that are jumping or ducking.

Diagonal Slash Down
Forward + Strafe Left + Primary Attack OR Forward + Strafe Right + Primary Attack
This attack is best for enemies that are somewhat close to you who are not moving. It does not have as much range as the horizontal swipes, but is faster and has a good chance of hitting enemies in close quarters.

Diagonal Slash up
Backward + Strafe Left + Primary Attack OR Backward + Strafe Right + Primary Attack
This attack is excellent when surprising an enemy, especially one charging at you. Execute this while running backwards and being chased. It is also good against enemies who are crouching or jumping.

Special Attacks

Stab Backwards
Backwards + Attack
Conditions: Player standing or crouching, and enemy located right behind the player
Combat Style: All
When an enemy is directly behind you, you can execute this attack. It is difficult move to time, but it is a fairly fast and devastating stab that can't be blocked. This attack can only be used when standing or crouching. With the fast lightsaber style, it's a quick back stab. In medium and strong saber styles, you spin 180 degrees and slash.

Forward Lunge
Forward + Attack from crouching
Conditions: Must be crouching and in ready position
Combat Style: Fast Only
A relatively weak attack with little chance of hitting, this attack may, nonetheless, take your opponent by surprise. You will suddenly lunge forward forward with an upward, jabbing motion.

Fkip Forward And Attack Downward
Forward + Attack + Jump
Conditions: Enemy must be directly in front of you
Combat Style: Medium Only
A good evasive maneuver combined with a devastating attack from above. Execute this attack when your enemy is directly in front of you and you are using the medium combat style. You will flip up over your enemy's head and attack downward as you pass over him. It's a good move to use if you're surronded by enemies and want to get out of the middle.

Forward Jump, Downward Hack
Forward + Attack + Jump from standing position
Conditions: Must be standing and in ready position
Combat Style: Strong Only
A very strong, unblockable attack; almost always a finishing move. It is very slow. Press the attack button before you jump forward. This move has only a small chance of hitting.


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Neuro-Saav Model TD2.3 Electrobinoculars
Electrobinoculars are always available to Kyle throughout the game (in Single Player). They can operate in low-light conditions and magnify distant objects. They are powered by normal battery cells and drain power at a minimum rate. Use the Fire and Alternate Attack keys to zoom in and out. Note that you cannot fire weapons as long as the binoculars are in use. The binoculars power down when they run out of battery power.

Biotech Bacta Canister
Portable and disposable packs of bacta ointments are designed for use in the field. When used each bacta container restores a portion of Kyle's health lost due to wounds. Select this item in your inventory and then use it to instantly boost your health. In single player, it restores up to 35 health points and you can carry five. In multiplayer, you can carry 1 and it restores up to 100 health points.

Arakyd Mark VII Inquisitor
Similar to the training drones used by the Jedi to practice lightsaber skills, this seeker hovers over Kyle until an enemy is within range, then it will move in close to the enemy. The seeker operates for a limited amount of time, then self destructs. You can only deply one at a time.

Light Amplification Googles
Once aquired, these light googles always stay in Kyle's inventory (in Single Player). When used, they enhance the overall brightness of the enviroment but cast everything in an orange hue. the googles require batteries to function and will drain power at about the same rate as electrobinoculars. The player can still fire weapons when the googles are activated but you lose much of your periphial vision. The googles power down when battery power is depleted.

Assault Sentry
Roughly the size of a large backpack, this weapon unfurls to become a sentry set to autotarget any enemy threat. Once deployed, the sentry caanot be restored to its original portable position. In Multiplayer, you can only carry one at a time, and you can only have one active at a time.


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Small Personal Shield Generator
This is the smaller of the two belt mounted devices that project a protective field around the wearer. As the shield takes damage, it's protective rating is reduced. Once depleted, it deactivates until it is recharged by a power converter or shield pickup. This shield does not protect against falling or crushing damage. The small version is 25 Shield Points and can only be picked up if your shield is under 100.

Large Personal Shield Generator
The larger version, this pickup adds 100 shield points, and can be picked up at any time as long as your shield is not at 200. If it go above 100, the shield rating will drop steadily until it reaches 100.

Health Pack
Increases your health by 15.

Battery Pack
Pick up Battery Packs throughout levels to power the electrobinouculars and light amplification goggles.

Ammo Power Convertor
Not a pickup in the sense you cannot carry it with you, these are located throughout levels (although not in Free For All Multiplayer games) the ammo power convertor feeds power directly into energy based weapons. To use it, approach it and then press and hold the USE key. Power Convertors have a fixed amount of energy and can easily be depleted. When all power has been depleted, the station will burn out.

Shield Power Convertor
The shield power convertor feeds power directly to your shield belt. To use it, approach it and then press and hold the USE key. Shield Power Convertors have a fixed amount of energy and can easily be depleted. When all power has been depleted, the station will burn out.


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The New Republic & Allies

Kyle Katarn
Kyle Katarn is a man who as seen all sides of the Force. He has served in the Special Operations division of the Imperial Army, as a Rebel Agent, and also as a Jedi Knight. Born on Sulon, the moon of Sullust, Kyle came from farmer stock. but while training at the Imperial Army, he was dealt a crushing blow: An Imperial notification led him to beleive that his father was killed in a Rebel Ambush. Vowing revenge against the Alliance, Katarn joined the Imperial Army. However, he soon learned the true face of the Empire and his hatred grew for it's underhanded ways. Katarn ended his Imperial Service when he elected to help Jan Ors escape from their clutches.

Freed from his Imperial post, Katarn turned to mercenary-for-hire. Along with Jan Ors, he vowed to help the Alliance fight against the Empire. His cause took on greater importance when he learned the true fate of his father, who was killed by a Dark Jedi named Jerec. This revelation led Kyle on a journey to the hidden Valley of the Jedi, where he learned of his powerful Jedi destiny. Kyle grappled with the rigid duality of the Force and nearly fell to its dark side.

Suspicious of the Force's true power, Kyle decided to give up the force in order to protect himself and others from its Dark Side. He turned over his lightsaber to Luke Skywalker and returned to his old post as a spy and saboteur for the New Republic. Now, Kyle's ability to use the force has weakened to the point of non-existence. Along with Jan, Kyle now travels in the Raven's Claw, a powerful and fast light carrier that replaces his old ship, the Moldy Crow.

Jan Ors
While working as a mole within the Imperial Intelligence Corps, the headstrong Jan Ors' cover was blown and she was imprisoned. The alliance hired Kyle Katarn to save her. He risked his life and helped her escape from the clutches of the Empire.

Now they are inseperable Allies; Ors recomended Katarn to Mon Mothma for the Dark Forces mission. Their bond is known throughout the galaxy. In fact, it is said that Jan is the only person that Kyle cares for more than himself.

Luke Skywalker
Raised on Tatooine by Owen and Beru Lars, Luke Skywalker is the son of Anakin Skywalker. A hero in his own right, Skywalker established the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV after the fall of the Empire. He created the Academy to serve as a learning center to help future Jedi grapple with the power of the force.

Lando Calrissian
A shrewd buisnessman and gambler, Lando Calrissian is a legend in many different cultural circles. He was a general in the Rebellion and befriended Luke Skywalker. Since the fall of the Empire, Lando has taken great care to be taken seriously as a respectable buisnessman.

The Empire

Admiral Galak Fyyar
Once a trusted weapon scientist reporting directly to the Emperor, Chancellor Galak Fyyar was given his honourary title for his dedicated servitude to the Empire. Always mindful of not letting political turmoil interupt his research, the collapse of the Empire did little to change his experiments. His first attempt at melding the Force and technology failed, but he is now hard at work on a new project to aid the Remnant's cause.

Imperial Officers
Clad in the formal uniform of the Empire they once proudly served, these dedicated and dangerous enemies still command legions of forces. They are usually armed with standard-issue blaster pistols and are known for their marksmanship.

These assault soldiers made up the bulk of the Emperor's armed forces. Armed with standard-issue blaster rifles, stormtroopers are fanatically loyal and fight in the face of overwhelming odds. Squad leaders, recognised by a colored shoulder patch, carry the Golan Arms FC-1 weapon.

Swamp Troopers
These heavily armoured troopers are a mottled grey color to blend into their swampy surrondings. Similar in construction to the scout trooper, these soldiers are armed with the Golan Arms FC-1 or repeater gun.

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